Update--Satanism at Michael W. Smith's "Rocketown" Continues Unabated:


December 8, 2009

(Recommended background reading for this article: Chapter One --particularly the second half which pertains to Michael W. Smith's indications of occult allegiances.)

The undercover occultists at Rocketown, whoever they are exactly (would this include presumably, founder and current member of the Board of Directors-Michael W. Smith himself?) are nothing if not persistent:

Even with a rising tide of open controversy regarding the satanic bands which Rocketown's leadership continues to allow to perform at this supposed "Christian ministry" club, these guys...just...keep...booking these bands. Pretty brazen to attempt such a thing, all the while keeping a straight face in denying any allegiance to satanism.

This is really an amazing situation: The "Christians" who are running the show at Rocketown have been asked directly about these satanic bands...and they get away with mumbling a few inconsistent comments...and continuing to book the bands.

KEEP IN MIND--the Rocketown leadership has had the audacity to appeal for donations from area churches based on their bizarre and fraudulent claim that this is a "Christian ministry"! A Christian ministry that books satanic bands??

This gives you an idea of the sleepiness in the church world. Where is there an uproar among a quickly assembled activist group of area or regional pastors and Christian leaders?

Christian parents, if they're taking the word of the Rocketown staff and board members (again--including Michael Smith) are, to this very day, unknowingly sending their children to these Rocketown 'concert nights'.

Thankfully, there is finally beginning to be a ripple of publicity in the Christian media, regarding this unbelievable fiasco:

Christian club Rocketown Plays Host to Night of 'Satanic' Rock

The article describes an October 27 concert (there has been at least one other night of satanic bands since then) which featured "Black Dahlia Murder" and
"SkeletonWitch". Below is the official Rocketown poster advertising the event:

One of the bands appearing that evening, Toxic Holocaust, had a song entitled "Nuke the Cross".

A sampling of the lyrics from headliner band, Black Dahlia--

"Join us! Black valor's on our side / Striking with satanic force we'll crush their fabled Christ ... We march upon the enemy with hate, with hate / On this day of victory christian blood will soak these battlefields"

Did I mention, Michael W. Smith is the founder and on the board of directors? And that he and the others in Rocketown leadership are falsely selling this to the church world as a "Christian ministry"?

In yet another
article regarding the satanism controversy at Rocketown, the lead vocalist for the Black Dahlia band, Trevor Strnad, had these lovely comments:

"On the behalf of my mates in The Black Dahlia Murder, we are f___ing pumped to hit the road with Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust, and Trap Them."

"We have forged this alliance in the name of Satan, hand picking the best bands possible to bring you the most stage dive worthy tour of the fall. Circle up!"
[Satanists like to form 'circles' in performing their rituals]

I can barely believe this travesty is continuing on in broad daylight. The problem is...Christian people have great difficulty getting themselves to accept the reality of satanic wolves who have deliberately and systematically infiltrated conservative church culture in America.

One of the few voices of Christian common sense discernment comes from Keith Mohr, founder of Indieheaven.com, a resource for Christian "indie" musicians:

"I was shocked and appalled to see Rocketown booking hard core satanic bands for shows....I thought their mission was to be a positive influence for youth? Opening their doors to groups who are blatantly against Christ and His church in my opinion, condones their message. Yes, we are to be in the world, but bringing in wolves to feed sheep to isn't exactly what that scripture meant."

Why hasn't there been a significant array of top Evangelical leaders rebuking Michael, and his board of directors and staff? Where is Chuck Swindoll? Bill Hybels? James Dobson? How come we don't hear from folks like this? It's not like Smith is 'small fries'. He's the top celebrity in Christian pop music today. I don't get it.

There is yet another evening of satanic bands at Rocketown, coming up on December 16, 2009...just a week from now. Here is a very ugly, nasty-looking Rocketown poster which is advertising the event:

Here is a place to leave an
email message for Michael W. Smith.
I can be emailed at matttwofour@yahoo.com.



  1. Shame on Michael w Smith...

  2. Yes, I certainly see no excuse for him not coming forward to aggressively denounce the ongoing satanism at Rocketown. Seems just another among dozens of indicators regarding Michael Smith...that he may have Luciferian allegiances. Indeed, the Bible (specifically, the Olivet Discourse) prophecies that a large number of satanic 'Christian' leaders will emrge in the last days. Smith refuses to answer any direct questions about his possible satanic allegiances.

  3. I noticed a month or so ago that M. W. Smith was going to be on focus on the family...I e-mailed them expressing my concerns and warning them of his occult symbolism on album covers and even said if they continue to book him on the show they are complicit and apostate. Never heard from them. He was on the show.

    1. I noticed just yesterday that even my hero Marvin Rosenthal has now put my emails on a block. Welcome to the getting-snubbed-by-a-Christian-leader club.

      Good grief, I only sent him one email. He couldn't accept the idea of covert satanists among the top ranks of Evangelicalism. Hey, it's right there in the Olivet Discourse!

  4. 1st Baptist of Bossier City, Louisiana has Michal W. Smith every year. Southern Baptists are falling for these musicians and inviting them into their churches. Could it be that the False Prophet will come out of the evangelical church? The wolves are eating up the church and will continue to do so until there may only be a small remnant left when Jesus returns. We must stay faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. There are many other CCM musicians out there with satanic ties. Beware of the Wolves in Sheeps clothing. They are not hard to see IF the sheep have their eyes and ears open. Wake up church wake up!

    1. Thanks for your comments! I somehow didn't notice them before.

  5. Whoops--somebody posted a question here about reading my e-book offline...and I may have somehow accidentally deleted the remarks. Anyway, here are some brief thoughts on this:

    I'm not ultra tech-savvy but...I imagine you could cut and paste each chapter onto a Microsoft Word document.

    If you're trying to keep some kind of privacy...I don't think that's really possible. The fact that you've visited my blog...it's 'game over' as far as any privacy. I'm sure you, I, and everyone are already on all the lists. That's OK though: The Lord God has a list too! Rev.20:12.

    But a Microsoft Word document might do the trick...if you're out of reach of the Internet but want to continue reading.

  6. OK, wait a minute--the guy who posted about the $6 at 6pm on 6th Avenue....that's a pretty sharp eye. I thought you were trying to ridicule everythng so I deleted your post..but maybe you were sincere? If so, sorry 'bout that. Feel free to come back and discuss! I checked what you were saying. The Rocketown poster at the end of the article...there ARE those three 6's. Thanks.

  7. yes it was sincere...just figured since I literally stumbled into your corner of cyberspace acouple days ago (thank GOD), that i would leave just a few simple words (& contemplative pauses) and let you turn on the lights. Just didnt want to leave anything unnecessarily long before the rest of my thoughts and being have caught up with the rest of me. These eyes have been attuned to such things for quite some time...with an utterly odd and indifferent feeling behind them as to what was really before my eyes. and let me tell you....since just finishing my first year long (actual) reading of the Bible, and last weeks anniversary of 9/11................... everything....everythingg...EVERYTHINGGG...all stigmas and childhood conditioning- completely SHATTERED. Lights are turning on at an exponential rate, and pretty much at the 11th hour of whatever you would like to call this thing we are in the middle of.

    Still barely through any of your eBook due to a frantic game of connect the google dots...but I have an eternal cord of insights that has finally found the matching plug. Comments will go in the appropriate threads though, dont worry. Just got a liiitle excited saying Hi....

    1. Well...it's always encouraging to run into a fellow Jesus-follower / Red Pill swallower. Hey, that rhymes quite nicely! :-)

      Yes, that's a pretty sharp eye you have there. I mean...sure maybe it's just coincidental. But not usually, with these type of people. I think THEY think they get an extra blessing from their dark lord every time thay can slip in an extra satanic signaling like that. They won't be flashing too many of their gang signs standing before the Lord God on Judgment day...that's for sure.

      I'm sure I'll be hearing from you. Many blessings!

  8. Hallo, I just read about Michael W Smith from : http://themurkynews.blogspot.be/2008/03/wolves-in-sheeps-clothing-research.html, I like to share in my blog, if you dont mind? Thank you. JBU..

  9. Hello MTF,
    Please do email me!! I did write about MWS also, but in german. Please do email me: info@diewahrheitistnochda.de

    Paul from germany

    1. Hi! I provide a dedicated email address for anyone who feels the need to communicate by email. Here is that address:


      Hey, I grew up in Germany! Went to school in Marktoberdorf.

  10. Its been a revelation. Thanks Matt. I am checking all of them these days

    1. Thanks for the good word. FWIW -- I like Casting Crowns. They probably sign onto the entirety of mainstream Evangelicalism's foibles but...at least they seem sincere and well-intentioned...and I like a lot of their music. Jeremy Camp is another one who seems to be the real deal.

  11. This is someone I have followed since I discovered his music I am hurt and disappointed at the proof that is shown here I am also humbled and reminded as a Christian that "the very elect shall be deceived" and the devil walks around in sheep clothing Without the Word of God as our rudder we as Christians need to test the Spirit because Satan's comes as an angel of light Thank for the vigilance of this Watchman on the wall warning us who trusted blindly God bless you keep up the good work

  12. THANKYOU for this. I had no idea that Michael W. Smith was this bent. I have read articles on his occultic leanings re the album covers etc. But this, this is more than enough to confirm that the so called 'conspiracy theorists' were right about their concerns about this guy. Just how long has he been claiming to be a Christian all the while serving Satan? This also brings further clarification to his connections to Amy Grant. A recent video of hers with her dressed in a red robe, with satanic signs on the palms of her hands, is more proof that what they say and what they do are laughably contradictory. I say laughably, because that's all you can do when so many people are following without recognising that they are all lying to us.

    I also blame the 'christian' bookstores which, especially in Australia, are becoming centres of blasphemy, occultism, heresy and downright deception of the masses. All for a profit!

  13. Heart breaking! Michael W. Smith needs to be SHUT DOWN. Who knows what kind of spirits are being carried through his songs - and what effect Christians are having from listening to his music. :(

  14. Thanks for all the encouraging comments. Somehow I was not getting notification for all these comments and I had moved on to another blog. Here it is (a work in progress):