Yet More Occultism and Occult Symbolism in High Places

Article contents: Michele Obama's occult signaling...The Call...Monster Energy Drink...Volkswagen...President Gerald Ford...Derek Webb of Caedmon's Call...Taco Bell

May 2, 2012

I offer the usual forewarning here: If you haven't done preparatory reading of some of my other articles, the following information may seem rather mind boggling. Specifically, I would recommend Ch.1, Ch.2, and Ch.11 from my other blog, Wolves In Sheep's Clothing.

Just a couple of months ago, this is what appeared on the cover of Reader's Digest: Blatant occult signaling from Michelle Obama. This was the January 2012 issue.

I still find this kind of brazen signaling to be startling and disturbing. The sheer arrogance of openly signaling secret allegiances to a secret god and to a secret cabal which operates under the noses and behind the backs of the American people and against our interests.

Where do these people get off at...with their sneaky, creepy allegiances? They make a mockery of the public trust, of the Constitution, and of our system of government.

It reminds of what another of these 'ruling class' elitists, David Rockefeller, once wrote:

"Some...believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—-one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." (from his autobiography "Memoirs", Random House, 2002).

Make no mistake--these New World Order cabalists, whether George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kissinger, Rockefeller (on and on)...are "proud" to be trampling on the American people and, as Rockefeller brags, on the "best interests" of the American people.

Students of Bible prophecy need to wake up and smell the coffee--the long-prophesied 'one world government' is well on its way...and it is being perpetrated by individuals and coming from angles...that are very difficult for mainstream media consumers (people who rely on Fox News, CNN, ABC, et al) to understand. Time to take the Red Pill and head down the rabbit hole.

Here we have another of these New World Order cabalists, German chancellor Angela Merkel, flashing the same satanic/Masonic hand gesture as Michelle Obama:

Many folks had previously pointed out suspected signaling from Ms. Obama:

By the way, for further reference, here we have Demi Moore, a publicly declared occultist/kabbalist, also engaging in what appears to be sly occult signaling...with the "devil horns". She has previously engaged in this kind of veiled signaling:


Notice above the rune of Tyr (the 'arrow' inside the circle). If you've read through my chapter one, you'll know Tyr is used by luciferians as an alias for the Devil himself. So here we see the sign of Satan smack in the middle of this poster...and a rather obvious occult date for this advertised event (11.11.11).  Occultists are very obsessed with this kind of date-setting and others have done studies on this aspect.

If that isn't enough, they also present this obscene 'flipping the bird' phallic, satanic depiction by means of the skyline in the background.

I have discussed this in a previous article about Toby Mac whose published materials also utilize this bizarre obscenity. Again, this visual 'slight-of-hand' is rather overused. See the Hollywood movie poster below for another example:

Some folks might ask what might be the alleged satanic agenda of a Christian (Christian front?) operation like The Call. make a long story short (I discuss this throughout my two blogs):

The triumphalist idea of "turning the nation back to God" (look at the wording on their above poster) comes straight out of Dominionism. There is some very subtle, diabolical deception and linkage involved with this idea, in my view . First of all, "America" can't turn back to God...if it never was with God to begin with!

I know this can be a very difficult thing to accept but...contrary to the false, counter-biblical claims of American Exceptionalism...America has never been 'God's country'...has never been a "Christian nation"...nor has it been a "nation founded on Christian principles"...and I'll tell you why:

The Bible makes it very clear that all the kingdoms of this world have been raised up by "the spirit of this world"...the Devil himself. During Christ's temptation in the desert, Satan told Him--"all the kingdoms of this world are mine to give". He didn't add..."except for the United States of America".

There are no exceptions here. American Exceptionalism is incorrect. It is literally counter-biblical. 1John 5:19 states "the whole world lies within the grasp and the control of the evil one".

All the kingdoms of this world have been devised, designed, and are controlled, owned and operated by the Devil himself. Certainly, there are many Jesus-followers to be found within the borders of this land...but the system of order, i.e. the "cosmos" (a term used in the original language of the New Testament which means "world order")...the control grid...the control matrix which has been imposed upon the American community is solely of satanic is every other kingdom in this world.

And so...back to this idea of 'linkage'--in calling for a "return to God", how does that inevitably translate into real-world action? Haven't we all seen how this ends up? It ends up with millions of otherwise biblically-oriented Christians heartily cheering on the idea of shoving Christianity down the throats of the American community. Imposing a "Christian" agenda on the entire array of social issues.

If there's anything the Devil loves more than shoving Christianity down people's throats...I wouldn't know what it is. How better to create a gag reflex and a rejection of Christianity than to forcibly impose it?

Jesus-followers have not been called to shove anything down anyone's throat. We have been called to live peaceable, quiet lives which are distinguished by a charitable, gracious neighborliness, and which has the potential of winning people over to a biblical world view.

The Devil has successfully lured conservative Bible believers into ugly street fights with 'Gays', Muslims, "liberals", poor people, women's libbers, evolutionists, on and on.

The satanic ingenuity here is that the Devil has millions of duped Christian conservatives constantly running, hat in hand, to the feet of a satanically devised government/kingdom (recall the scriptural basis for this description, just a few paragraphs ago)...begging it to impose more and more governmental controls...for supposed protection from 'evil terrorists' around the world, and supposed protection from evil elements within our own borders, etc.

It's asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Resisting evil is one thing. The assembling of a world-government/police-state in the name of resisting said have 'enlightened' Bible believers come to be so duped?

And the Devil couldn't be happier:

'You want worldwide militarization? What a coincidence--so do I. I'm trying to take over the world by means of global warfare ["wars and rumors of wars"] and place my Antichrist in power.

You want a veritable police state imposed on the American community so that you can (as you Christians like to say) bring the nation back to God? Wow--again, what a coincidence. I also want a police state in America.' answer the question regarding a potential satanic agenda behind The Call...the tragic irony here is that mainstream conservative Christians in America have been manipulated into becoming the very backbone of support for the Antichrist totalitarian movement.


Moving along to other apparent findings...I recently noticed the Monster Energy Drink logo and have begun to suspect it has occult significance. Some folks might chuckle and wonder why there would be a presentation of secret satanic symbolism on an energy drink.

To the uninitiated who aren't aware of the massive worldwide prevalence of covert/coded occult symbol display among corporate logos (and many, many other places)...this will all seem hard to swallow. Again, I recommend browsing through other articles here...and reading through chapters 1, 2, and 11 of my other blog/book, Wolves.

The three 'slash' marks on the logo look very much like nails used for crucifixions by the Romans in antiquity. The heads of these nails tended to be a bit one-sided. You can search Google images for any number of other examples.

If I understand luciferians correctly...they want us to perceive their depictions and references to the crucifixion and the nails of the crucifixion as a mocking of Christ's death. Apparently, they are wanting to suggest to themselves and to the Christian world...that Jesus' death was a great moment for the forces of Lucifer...when, in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Additionally, the word "monster" is big in occult circles. The Antichrist cabal has, for years, been fascinated with the idea of bringing forth their ultimate, world-conquering monster. The concept of "Frankenstein's Monster", so popular in books and movies for over a century...has been, in my opinion (and in the opinion of others), a veiled heralding of such a creature.

I have read somewhere that this literary concept was first introduced by a granddaughter of Jacob Frank, one of history's most notorious satanists/kabbalists.

As Bible students we know the Devil and his followers have been trying to cook up this ultimate humanoid creature...the so-called "beast" (otherwise known as the "Antichrist") who is somehow brought back from apparent death...a feat which (among many other astounding feats, according to scriptural prediction) will leave the entire world in shock and awe.

In fact, the word "beast" used in the Book of Revelation, can indeed be translated as "monster" from the original language. The Bible's very choice of terminology suggests this being is indeed 'cooked up'...somehow manufactured or devised through diabolical genetic manipulation. Anyway...that's my personal understanding...given the Bible's conspicuous terminology, and the evidence indicating psychopathic, diabolical genetic experimentation currently ongoing.

The Antichrist is the Devil's monster. The luciferian crowd is very familiar with all the biblical terminologies and concepts...and will pointedly reference such, you may be surpised to know. Thus we have the "Monster" energy drink logo.

Additionally significant is the Monster catch phrase "unleash the beast" (see below). An amazing and chillingly explicit reference to the biblical term. That can't be an accident:

As another example, as I have pointed out is a very popular thing with occultists to reference the number "666".  I have a whole section on this specific topic in my previously linked Chapter 11 (scroll down a bit beyond two thirds of the chapter). Apparently, the more they feel they can throw biblical terms back in the face of the Christian community, the more they like it.

I believe we have here an example:


Take a look at this chart of  Hebrew numerals:

Notice how the number "6" is a dead ringer for the "claw" slashes on the Monster logo. Kabbalist/satanists have secret alternative meanings for Hebrew letters and numerals and frequently employ these for their occult purposes. After seeing this short Youtube video, I strongly suspect the logo is meant to have a dual significance, as a 6-6-6 presentation.

In passing, yet another "666" example--the Audi corporate logo...

Yes, there is the cover story of how Audi was a unification of four car companies. Nevertheless, note the hidden 6's in their logo:

You would need to have previously studied up on triquetra symbolism to get a better understanding of Audi's symbolism. There is no end to occult symbolism in corporate logo designs. Read through my previously recommended materials.

With condolences and all due respect to Catholics...I believe that is why the Crucifixion is the premier Catholic symbol: The Devil has overseen the establishing of Catholicism (just as he has overseen the establishing and/or heavy manipulation of virtually all other organized religions in the world). The relentlessly dreary and endless depictions of the Crucifixion are meant by him as a mocking, not an honoring.

Getting back to the kabbalist uses of Hebrew letters and numerals--there is very likely occult significance in the Volkwagen corporate logo:


The letter "V" in the Hebrew language can also be translated "nail" and is said to have secret kabbalic/satanic significance. Therefore, I somewhat suspect the VW logo to be yet another "three nails of the cross" presentation.

This logo was devised under the Hitler regime. Hitler and all of his people were hugely into occultism. He was a devout luciferian of the Thule variety. The entire Nazi regime was explicitly satanic, as its various symbols make abundantly clear. Virtually every single Nazi symbol was a previously established satanic occult symbol.

(As is so often the case, there may well be a dual significance with this "VW" symbolism: In the Hebrew alphabet, the letter  "V" is the sixth letter. Thus, the logo may be intended as yet another "666" presentation.)


It took me a while to spot the veiled occult signaling in this portrait of U.S. president Gerald Ford. Throughout history, a great many official portraits of US presidents (and other government leaders) have depicted veiled signalings of satanic allegiance.  In my Chapter 16 (scroll down half way) I provide numerous examples.

A number of ex-occultist whistleblowers who survived Gerald Ford (yes, "survive" is a very apt term for this guy) testify to his extreme evil.

In the above portrait, notice how Ford's thumbs and index fingers form a triangular shape...and how his pipe creates an approximation of an eye...therefore, a modified/disguised eye/triangle presentation, variations of which are seen all over the occult world:

You can google for more information about this "eye of Ra" satanic symbolism, utilized by Time Warner (above).

Above: Popular Christian (or should we say "Christian"?) pop artist, Derek Webb, formerly of Caedmon's Call, with an eye/triangle pose. Read more here.

This is rather disappointing for me, having so much enjoyed their Rich Mullins song Hope To Carry now see the above photo and read about Webb's rejection of biblical Christianity in recent years, especially in light of their endorsement and support from the late Rich Mullins.

Not that every CCM artist who displays occult signals (out of ignorance or otherwise) is automatically to be considered luciferian. Caedmon's Call members have been known to flash the so-called "devil horns" from the stage during concerts. But..."devil horns" are admittedly somewhat common place. Many kids at Christian concerts will flash the horns, presumably out of ignorance.

The above signaling, however...that's another thing. That's getting in pretty deep. Why in the world would he do such a thing?  Very, very pointed in-your-face occult signaling. He's that unaware and uninformed??

And then beyond that...if you provide explicit support and endorsement of the "Christian" gay movement as Derek Webb does, and if you make a point of touring with a 'gay Christian' musician (former CCM mainstreamer Jennifer Knapp)...along with the occult signaling, expect the alarm bells to go off among Bible believers!


Why oh why does the well-known Christian band "Skillet" signal allegiance to Satan on their CD cover here? Have they not received word? -- The Devil was defeated at the cross of Calvary and is headed for fiery doom. You guys picked the wrong symbolism.

Sadly, it is quite fair to say the world of CCM (contemporary Christian music) these a satanic jungle.  Parents, warn your children. Pastors, warn your flocks.


Even Taco Bell?! Well...notice the triangular shape on this food carton...and then notice carefully how the bottom part of the 'bell' is a very sinister mean-looking all-seeing eye.

Below is a close-up look so you can better recognize this"eye" within the logo. Also (and I can't take credit for this), others have pointed out the apparent 6-6-6 hidden within the "eye" portion of this depiction. Notice the two swirls that form the base of this 'bell'. 

The one swirl is hot pink and forms one of the 6's. The outer and broader swirl (deep blue) forms yet another 6. Then the "clapper" (that yellow thingy peering out of the bottom of the bell)...appears very much to be a "6" on its back. There you go--three 6's. 6-6-6.

Someone has gone to the trouble of illustrating (see above) where each of the 6's are located within the logo by highlighting each part in red...and I'm posting it here. (Couldn't find whom to credit.)

Like I've said--one can barely find a major corporate logo that doesn't have a satanic occult element. According to Scripture (1John 5:19) this is the Devil's world system within which we live...and as a rather consistent rule of thumb, anyone who wishes to operate on a high level in that system needs to salute the god of this world.

Another menacing "all-seeing eye" presentation from the corporate world. I comment on Endemol in my Chapter11.

Below: Madonna and Jay-Z

And many more examples:

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  1. Hi,

    So glad to see you posts again.
    I have just come to accept that it is everywhere.
    When will the people/masses see all these signs?

    Thanks for you work,

    1. Thank you, Lina! I'm staying busy living life, I guess. Yes, I wish the general public would wake up to these wolves...or at least if church-going folks could become more aware. That's why I try to structure these blog articles with all the links and that Red Pill'ers like you and I can simply point people to them. (There seems to be heightened interest in my Toby Mac article, by the way.)

      Still...people who want to remain in denial and remain within their Ken-and-Barbie 'happy-happy-bubble' comfort zone...are going to do so, regardless.

      What IS interesting and rather encouraging is, at least in the Internet world, just how many people are out there now trying to hunt down these creepy corporate logos and symbols:

      I had noticed this Taco Bell 'evil eye' thing almost a year ago but had put off writing about it. Then when I finally sat down to write this article and began looking around the Internet for more links...oh my goodness--there must be at least ten people out there who have also noticed the symbolism...and then the one guy had recognized the 6-6-6 thing. A lot more people out there are becoming savvy to this stuff.

    2. Wow, never knew it was so open in public view. I read a while back that Walt Disney was also a 33rd degree Free Mason and his satanic subliminal messages are scattered throughout Disney movies and Disney World, havn't read your other stuff but just wondering how the whole Mason - New World Order thing fits into the government systems? Any info would be awesome

    3. You could read through chapter 11 of my e-book "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing". The link to the book is at the top of this page. Lots of stuff about Disney in that chapter. I think the whole chapter is good for people wanting to become familiarized with this whole topic.

  2. Matt,
    Curious if you see what I see in the cover art of Greg Laurie's latest New Believer's Bible -- set in red, black and white, w/ black dot, and rune of Tyre (disguised; no circle around it).


  3. Oops -- meant to include a link to the Greg Laurie 'Start' Bible (the new name for his new believers' bible)


    1. Wow--I hadn't paid too much attention to Greg Laurie. Just briefly noticed a few things about him some years back and which I included in chapter 14 of my Wolves In Sheep's Clothing online thesis.

      Thanks for this 'heads up', Lynn!

      Now that I've gone to and typed "Greg Laurie" into their search field...his book covers are a satanic horror show. If people want to theorize he knows nothing about the satanic symbolism on dozens of his publications...feel free. But what is the alternative? That there is a worldwide conspiracy of satanic commercial artists? That's a little thin. Jesus flatly states (in Matthew 24) there will emerge a large number of satanic "Christian" leaders" in the last days.

      After looking over Laurie's book covers on Amazon, he has (in my view) gone from being a "person of interest" being highly suspected.

      Here's a quick list of some of his books...and I think I'd like to do a separate article on Laurie after seeing all this. The following are all Greg Laurie publications:

      "Worldview" with a great big, fat satanic "all-seeing-eye" smack on the cover.

      "Signs of the Times" -- I can barely believe my eyes with this one--a blatantly satanic "Chaos" symbol on the cover (8 outward pointed arrows in a circle).

      "Discipleship: The Road Less taken" -- Yet ANOTHER Tyr rune.

      "Run To Win" -- Yet THREE MORE Tyr runes!

      "Start To Follow" -- This guy can't get enough of these satanic Tyr runes! Wow.

      "How To Find God New Testament" -- A subtle, ingenious 'all-seeing-eye' presentation...with the photo of the water ripples. Disturbing.

      "Living Out Your Faith" -- In context, I would surmise this is an intentional 'upside down cross' depiction...a favorite among occult anti-Christians.

      Then...if you look carefully, several of his book covers depict these distinctive Aleister Crowley "Lucifer rays" (for lack of a better term):

      "The Greatest Stories Ever Told"..."Beyond: A Devotional"..."Better Than Happiness"...etc. I get into more detail about these 'rays' in my Toby Mac article.

      There are a number of other indicators. This deserves a separate treatment. Thanks again, Lynn.

    2. Hi Matt,
      It's G.P. again from the last blog. I trust you have taken at least some of your time to investigate the links I listed on the last blog. It is good to investigate current events and the signs of the times as to how they correlate to bible prophecy, but I think an equal amount of time needs to be dedicated to the prophecies themselves and how to properly interpret them. Otherwise it is possible to draw entirely erroneous interpretations as to how these groups and events relate to the bible.
      I know you pay particular emphasis to Matthew 24, but some parts of the discourse are not as easy to understand or interpret as other parts without an explanation. For instance, would you be able to properly explain just what the abomination of desolation is referring to if you were asked? It's important to know what this is and the signals it gives for believers to respond to, since this is one of the KEY signals to respond to for survival.
      Please review my last posts. God bless--G.P.

  4. I have two chapters left to read in your online book. Couple nights ago watched the Animal Planet special about proof of mermaids. Definately creepy. Seemed like many levels of deception, government agencies working against each other, top secret - yet on TV. Also seemed demonic.

    1. Thanks for reading my thesis! Yes, so many layers of deception. If that isn't enough, there seems to be very ferocious in-fighting amongst these evil people as they compete for preeminence in the global take-over. Very confusing to watch. In any case, too bad for the, that their hey-day will only last a couple or three years before the King of Kings crashes the party. Hallelujah!

      By the way...did you notice the occult aspect to Animal Planet's logo? They turn the "M" in the word "planet" on it's side...and thus create the oh-so-popular occult number "13". The entirety of PC environmentalism (which is the sum total of Animal Planet's agenda) is straight from the pit. PC environmentalism is a fast-track to global totalitarianism. The whole thing is a cynical scam cooked up in the Antichrist laboratories, in my view.

  5. Hey Matt, I linked to this article and commented on it....

    I wondered why that particular symbol was being so stressed....Tell me what you think...

    I wrote that I wondered why Greg Laurie, was always so obessed with using that upright arrow, all over the place....

    1. BB--thanks much for the support. As far as the significance of Tyr...I wrote about that at length in Ch.1 of "Wolves"


      I had the opportunity to correspond with an expert on the occult --in particular, germanic and Norse occultism. She had personal connection to the occult world and had also obtained a degree in anthropology, apparently with an emphasis on occult issues. After looking over Smith's pose on the cover of his "Christmastime" CD she was able to routinely provide some interpretation for these particular runes.

      "In this pose, Smith is making the sign of Tyr (the Sky God), who (according to Norse mythology) sacrificed his hand to the Fenris Wolf in order to save others."

      "He is standing on an M, which is the rune for Mankind. I don't see that as sinister but make of it what you will."

      I wrote back the following comments:

      "Now, when you say his choice of runes signifies the 'sky god' and that this god is being placed above 'mankind'...that is very significant to me as a student of the Bible. The ancient manuscripts which make up the Bible, refer to Lucifer as "the prince and power of the air".

      Furthermore, the Scriptures indicate that for the time being, all of the world is virtually under Lucifer's dominion (although not complete control). It seems to me, a Luciferian would be very interested in depicting Lucifer as reigning supreme over mankind. For Smith to seemingly indicate such a spectacularly and utterly in opposition to his purported 'conservative Christian' philosophy.

  6. Stretching so far it broke... snap... I was appreciating your stuff until I found out how much influence you are under with the lady from gal.4 blog (BB). Then your stretching makes sense because it's what she does and it must be infectious. However, as it is in her case too, it destroys your credibility. This is a subtle undermining of your otherwise great work, and will bring you down.
    The VW,Audi,Taco Bell 6's... stretching... there may be something else but...

    Then again it's nice to know you are human and make mistakes like the rest of us. ;)

    I would suggest a full study of the Gospel. Examine every aspect in full detail as you do your other topics. Do not waste another moment make it a priority! Please! What is the Gospel? Why do you really believe this or that aspect as opposed to other views? Does it make sense as you examine every single bit as it is written. What/who is the Trinity? Is the Gospel in you by faith alone, not intellect alone? Can you present it without copy and pasting someone else's stuff on the net?

    Testing the spirits always begins with the Gospel and when it is a false one, there is no fellowship and we are to stay away from false teachers.

    1. Sorry--I'm not following most of what you're saying. I'm "under the influence" of the Gal.4 lady? What does that mean...and how so? And what's so bad about agreeing with her? You'd need to specify.

      The VW, Audi and Taco Bell 6's are "stretching' it? Could very well be. I'm not dogmatic. The Taco Bell 6's though...sounds like you need to do some wider reading on corporate occult symbolism. It si massively pervasive. You almost CAN'T find a major corporate logo that doesn't have occult aspects. Besides...did you miss the ugly, mean-looking 'all-seeing eye' within the bell design of Taco Bell's logo? Why then would the "666" aspect be a stretch?

      Your "gospel" comments...again, you've lost me. I completely believe in the Gospel. Why would you think I don't? An interesting jabbing/poking aspect to your comments. Wrong side of the bed maybe?

  7. Good work, I've learned about occult symbols and hidden meanings reading your Wolves In Sheep's Clothing and this page. I wasn't aware of this before. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much. I tell you this...while I have found (as you apparently do) all this secretive occult stuff to be quite main goal is to get folks to awaken to the dangers of the upcoming Apostasy Plot. The whole thrust of Jesus' Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 (Mk.13/Lk.21 also).

      I hope you can look through my other article here (The Central Critical Purpose For My Book "Wolves") if you haven't already...or Chapter 10 of "Wolves".

      Again, thanks much for the 'thumbs-up'.

  8. Hi,
    I was reading chap 17 of your book "Wolves..." and couldn't make it past the Nephilim stuff. Seriously, even if you toss out Jesus words about "Angels not given in marriage" (Matt 22:30 Mark 12:25) Can you point to a single shred of evidence that Angels or fallen Angels can procreate? AT all? Even one single verse?

    Can you imagine all the demons in hell procreating and having little spirit demons and they burn in hell and grow up and have their own demon babies in hell and this cycle goes on for eternity. Right?

    There are sooooo many examples of male and female Angels in the Bible... (sarcasm) I can understand why someone might come to this idea. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, it is. This idea that angels procreate amongst themselves is Biblically unsupported, and the idea they can rape humans is repugnant. (demon possession is a different story but human bodies are involved not physical demon bodies)

    Giants, yes. For crying out loud!!!! Some of the people lived up to 900 years, do you think they grew that big at that time as some genetic mistakes were happening with every birth since the fall of Adam.

    In one of the passages you quoted Numbers 13 25-33... if you would have read a few verses earlier, you are given the HUGE SIZE of the GIANT grapes. Were they that giant because of being violated by demons?

    See how silly this is?

    It would be a lot more likely to assume that demons manufacture bodies to inhabit, can't figure out the whole procreation problem and keep mutilating animals and harvesting sexual organs (for example) to try and make something work.

    Which brings up an important topic to remember, God creates life, the devil can only kill steal and destroy what has already been made. Never can he create from nothing.

    Do you suppose God would allow the devil to procreate and get a whole family begotten devils from a devil wife or something? So they can have a bunch of spirit babies and populate planets all over the galaxy? NO! That is what Mormonism teaches, now you know where (or who) they got the idea.

    1. Do you think God would let a supposed demon seed make it through the flood when he was so thorough that he destroyed even all the animals? No. The point being GOD totally cleansed the entire earth of all evil. There wouldn't be a chance to say "the serpent deceived me and I ate"... man rebelled against God again without this excuse.

      Nephilim as depicted with this demon/human hybrid thing is just plain false. Do some of your own research on this, DON'T toss out your Bible.

      You've been given a direct challenge in another comment, "what is the Gospel?" Are you going to answer that?

    2. Who has claimed "angels procreate amongst themselves"? You're setting up convenient straw men.

      Yes, Jesus said the angels don't participate in marriage...but then you have all those 'fallen' angels who are more than happy to break the rules.

      I've yet to see anyone refute the plain and simple passage which describes sexual relations between the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men". There's no wiggle room, in my view.

      But also...I don't quite understand your vehemence. This is only a side issue. Albeit a very interesting one.

      I've spent 500 pages warning of a global Antichrist movement, quoting and linking tons of Scripture, explaining and re-explaining my definitions of the Gospel and of salvation...many comments on these matters in (as only a couple of examples) my Ch.10 and in my Conclusion...

      ...yet you're veritably sneering at me to prove my belief in the Gospel? I don't get it. I don't get the hostility and the suspicion. Very odd. Yes, re-read my Ch.10 and my Conclusion just for openers.

    3. Matt, the point is that Angels CAN'T procreate amongst themselves, neither can they procreate with humans.
      The "straw man" is your demand to prove there were not sexual relations. There is absolutely no evidence it even could happen, I gave you scripture which you have ignored.

      This is not a "side issue", Jesus said YOU ERR in your knowledge of the scripture, if you believe in such nonsense as angels procreating with each other or humans.

      Giving you the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe you just don't know the seriousness of this kind of error, I offered you a different test as I "test the spirits" to see if they are of God. I haven't had a chance to read every single thing you've written, so I ask you directly...

      I asked you to tell me the Gospel.
      You simply won't do it.

      That places you in the spirit of the Antichrist, according to the Bible.

      You won't give a defense for the Hope in you, and you won't confess Christ... 500 pages of stuff and yet you can't offer me, a clear Gospel? When I ask you directly and you still won't? Very odd.

      1Jn4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

      2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

      3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

      It's like a Mormon warning you about a JW. They are both on the same team, satan casting out satan.

    4. You argue vehemently that "that Angels CAN'T procreate amongst themselves". Again, I never said angels procreate amongst themselves. Again, that's a straw man you have erected.

      As far as "sons of God" having sexual relations with the "daughters of men"...that IS a fact because it is stated directly in the Bible. It is what it is.

      And I would say you have a very distorted idea about bible study and human error. We're ALL prone to errors in our perceptions of the included. Bro, not every single error or difference of view is grounds for this huge trumpeting denunciation nonsense you're engaging in here. Good grief.

      The good will, the grace, the graciousness, the gentleness (etc.) has all gone out the window at the drop of dime...the way you're going about things. It is possible to have differences in minor issues without this silly hostility you're projecting. What in the world?

      What if I authorized MYSELF to denounce YOU at the slightest suspicion? After all, the Scriptures are plain and simple:

      The progeny of God ("sons of God") had relations with the progeny of men ("the daughters of men"). Does your rejection of point-blank scripture make YOU an agent of the Antichrist? Eventually, we'd all just be a bunch of hostile snipers triumphantly denouncing each other. How lovely.

      You say you told me to tell you about the Gospel but that I refused and that I therefore have "the spirit of Antichrist". Good grief. First of all, your approach was uncalled for...unneccesarily suspicious and strident. Secondly, I would dare say your claim is a dishonest falsehood:

      I, in fact, gave you directions to Ch.10 and the Conclusion...where you can scrutinize numerous comments of mine in detail. Therefore, the "Antichrist" comment is reckless and very sloppily misdirected. You should use more caution before leveling such ugly indictments. Meanwhile, you have made an error: I have indeed provided you with materials that address the 'question' about Gospel beliefs.

      In any case, this isn't a discussion board. It's primarily a place to leave rather brief comments pro or con. My in-depth comments are still standing Ch.10 and the Conclusion

    5. Matt 22: 29 Jesus answered and said unto them, "Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God." 30 "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven."

      The angels are not equipped to have sexual relations with anyone or anything. The Bible does not say angels or messengers had sexual relations with the daughters of men.

      The verse you continue to misquote (by suggestion) out of context no less is this. Just read it as it is.
      note: Adam was a son of God, Eve was of Adam the man. "Sons of God" (men from Adam of God) Daughters of men are daughters of men. [Count the number of times Men or Man is used] Notice the reason God was grieved at His heart. It doesn't say anything about fallen angels here what-so-ever.

      Gen 6
      1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. 5 ¶And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. * * 6 And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

      The only way you can get angels or fallen angels here is to twist scripture, and the Devil is the one who does that.

      btw I read chapter 10,
      No Gospel.

    6. So...if it turns out you have twisted the Scriptures here with your interpretation...that means you and the Devil are one and the same...even if you simply made an honest mistake? You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

      Good grief--What kind of a hellish experience it must be, to be standing with you in the foyer of your church after a service, having a casual discussion over the Scriptures and discover some minor variances in interpretation between you and the other guy. I hope you at least take it out to the parking lot.

      The mean-spiritedness and the unnecessary roughness is just very odd. Not to mention the absurd presumption of automatically assuming you always have the correct view. Obviously, you are compelled to presume so....because according to you, the only alternative is that you're "of the Devil". Pardon my French but...that is an extremely cultic mind-set.

      And I'm done with this sneering 'Gospel challenge' thing. Where's the justification for the suspicions? If you'd like to explain in courteous and friendly terms why you came to have 'concerns' about my support for the Gospel, maybe I'll address such.

      After all, how do I know YOU know anything about the Gospel? Maybe you have wacky definitions. You certainly seem to have a cultic mind-set, with all due respect. You tell ME how YOU define the Gospel and I'll critique your views. How about that.

      Yes, you quote the passage in Matthew...then immediately proceed to introduce an utterly fabricated interpretation: In no way shape or form does the text say the angels "don't have the equipment". It simply says they don't participate in marriage. Talk about "twisting" the text.

      I don't know if the unfallen "angels" do or don't have the "equipment"...but your claim is an utter fabrication...a complete twist. The Bible here does not say yea or nay. You have made it up out of thin air. (By the way, the Bible does refer to the angels in masculine terms...and masculinity DOES indicate gender...FWIW.)


    7. The fallen angels...that's a different story. They have lost their "first estate". That may very well mean they lost their original physicality...because the Devil himself shows up in the garden in a new a serpent. Later he is described as being a "dragon".

      Elsewhere in Scripture we notice at least some fallen angels having great difficulties, seemingly because of having lost their physicality. Recall the demons who begged Jesus to enter the herd of pigs.

      Whether Lucifer's new physicality and his ability to adopt new physicality explains the 'mechanics' of these "sons of God" (fallen angels, in my view) having relations with the daughters of men...I wouldn't be dogmatic either way. I however DO know the Genesis text is clear about angel/human crossbreeding...and your distorted, strained interp of these plain statements of mind boggling. "Men from Adam of God"?? Hoobey-whatey? It's a plain statement--"sons of God". You literally twisted and altered the text. Is that sulfur I'm smelling? (I jest.)

      The "daughters" are of men...the "sons" are of God. I don't even know how to argue this. It's self-explanatory. The male descendants of Adam are not sons of God...rather they're sons of Adam and/or sons of men. The expression "sons of God" refers ONLY to direct progeny of God. There are only 3 categories that qualify: The angels, the Son of God Himself, and the sons and daughters of God who, through spiritual re-birth, become the direct progeny of God. Born again believers.

      Elsewhere, in Job 1:6, the subject of the "sons of God" comes up. The text says the "sons of God" came to present themselves before God. That's a reference to angels. Only the Son of God, the angels, and those who are born-again children of God can be referred to as direct progeny of God,...because only THEY are progeny of God.

      Not to mention...the interpretation you want to impose upon the Genesis text turns the entire passage into nonsensical gibberish: If the "sons of God" are merely human men...then it makes no sense to say that just NOW human men are going in to the daughters of men! Men had been having relations with women long, long before this. THEREFORE...why would the text be implying this was an unprecedented event? It's nonsense.

      Additionally...applying your interp, what then was the purpose of this "sons-of-God-going-into-the-daughters-of-men" text??? What was the occasion of this announcement? There WAS none. What would the purpose be of, all of a sudden announcing "oh by the way, men went in to be with the daughters of men"?? Huh?? They'd been goin' in for a long time. There was a widespread human population already in existence. Therefore, your interp makes zero sense. Sorry.

      And where did the giants come from? There is a very obvious textual sequence in the passage...this unprecedented sexual union produced these giants. But the text also indicates there were giants even before that. Where did they come from? God did not create any humans other than Adam and Eve. How could these extraordinary beings therefore arise? The answer is simple and obvious and right in front of us in the text:

      They resulted from these crossbreed unions. AND some of the giants existed apart from breeding. I would strongly surmise these may have been fallen angelic beings who had similar abilities to that of Lucifer who was somehow able to adopt and/or create physicality for himself. It could also be that this was their original angelic physicality...albeit in some sort of 'de-glorified' state. We're not told. We ARE told that the progeny of God crossbred with the progeny of man.

      I'll probably put all of this in a seperate blog article, as it apparently deserves it's own treatment...with folks like "Bible Believer" and others who don't agree.

  9. Hello, I stumbled across your other blog. Reading with great interest. How may I contact you privately? Thank you!

    1. OK, to whom it concerns I've finally created a dedicated email account:

      I was a little worried about doing so because I had hundreds of satanists (or apparent satanists, anyway) who were giving me some grief when I first started my blogs. In any case, I would imagine the 'bad guys' can easily find me...or already have. They've got their black lists. I don't think my pip-squeak blogs are under any immediate threat. As I've said elsewhere--I think these cabalists actually enjoy and have 'allowed' a small gallery of onlookers so as to "appreciate" their handiwork. Of course, "appreciate" isn't quite the word I would choose!

      I'll probably post this email address on my home pages shortly.

      Thanks for the interest in my blogs, MiningForDiamonds!

  10. ~Labby

    Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for you; for, behold, your reward is great in heaven; for in like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.
    Luke 6: 22,23

    Take cheer, Matt, those of us that know your heart know that there is a totally legit reason you are pointing these things out and it isn't for your own quality of life and it isn't because you enjoy it, but to be a little like John the Baptist who was a voice crying out to get people prepared. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Labby! I mean...I seem to get more kudos than boos and hisses, so I don't have THAT much to complain about. I will say I have lost many of my friends who don't want to leave their Starbucks happy-happy bubble comfort zone...while I'm telling them they should be preparing for the return of the King. They wander off, never to return.

      The Scripture you quote talks about reward. I believe we're in the middle of this HUGE drama that is unfolding...and we're not even aware of it, half the time.

      Doesn't the Bible say we have a "high calling"? Greatness has been thrust upon every child of God whether he/she wants it or not. We're the stuff of legend across the cosmos, and don't even realize it.

  11. I would be interested in your thoughts on Ryan Reis' 'Christian band' The Whosoevers and their Threat to Formalized Religion poster. It has the inverted pentagram in a circle, the all seeing eye in the triangle, freemason symbol, cresent and star, Hindu symbol,a Buddah, a snake going through one eye of a skull. . . .

    They write "I AM" which makes me think of the new age mantra "I am god". The whole thing is really creepy to me. It doesn't look like they are glorifying God at all.

    The Whosoevers consist of Sonny Sandoval from POD, known for thier occult symbols on album covers. Also, Brian Head Welch from Korn who supposedly converted to being a Christian.

    Thanks for your consideration

    1. Wow. Without even looking at the site, just from your description I'd say "Houston, we have a problem".

      And now that I've looked at their poster--yes, "creepy" is a word we could use..."satanic" also comes to mind.

      I never wanted to believe POD was a "wolf" band. I thought maybe they're just some confused kids who accidentally use satanic symbolism for the band logo, but...

      I mean, can you jam-pack any more satanic symbols into one poster? If I bothered to check out their lyrics, I suppose we see even more troubling indicators. Just from the poster alone, aside from the blatant satanic and Masonic symbolism...there seems possibly to be a subtle suggestion that all the faiths should set aside their differences. A typical "one-world" propaganda plug.

      I'm soured on this whole hardcore-rockers-turning-to-Christ schtick. Wasn't Alice Cooper supposed to have converted? Where's the change in his lifestyle? Where's the testimony at his concerts? Now we have a Korn refugee? I'm not holding my breath.

      Are there any good Christian bands left? That don't sign onto the whole 'one world' propaganda stuff? And that actually have discernible Christian lyrics?

      Yes, from my understanding, that "I AM" thing is a classic mantra from the Freemasons. Probable secret Masons like Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland incorporate "I AM" into their teaching.

      Thanks for the 'heads-up'. I should include this in my next article (if you don't mind)...give it a bit more exposure.

    2. I also notice this Whosevers poster has the letters N-W-O on the 'cross' atop that 'papal staff'.

      Also, the symbol at the bottom to the left just above the "I AM"...the Hindu symbol "Aum" which is a blatant depiction of sexual union, and with an 'all-seeing-eye' in the upper right corner of the symbol. I had found a website at one point, that went into detail about the obscene essence of this symbol but I lost track of it. If anybody has info, let me know.

  12. Thanks for your input. Yes, please include in your next article for more exposure. My Christian friends and family think I'm weird, not with it, that kids need to be reached on their level, etc., but I don't buy it. That's not what the Bible says. Jesus tells us to not be of the world. I believe the Whosoevers part of the ecumenical movment to bring all religions together. I told one of my Christian friends that I saw at least 5 symbols that related to satan on the Whosoevers poster and she blew it off saying that they give credit to Jesus. I believe that the symbolism they are showing tells us the true story. I think it was Foster Bailey, Alice Bailey's (Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer Trust) husband, who said that symbols are the language of the occult with the potential for incredible power behind them.

    And thanks for your comments on the NOTW sticker. I always thought it looked kind of sinister with with letters that looked like barb wire.

    Alice Cooper didn't seem to have any outward sign of conversion. Brian Head Welsh doesn't look any different, either. The guy from Megadeth supposedly became a Christian, too, but I don't know. I used to listen to heavy metal and attend heavy metal concerts. But that music has no appeal to me anymore. :-)

    Thanks for checking into the poster.

  13. Thanks Mr.Matt for the "enlightenment". I have plenty of Billy Graham, Kay Arthur audio sermons on my computer only to find out their working for Illuminati! Just one thing I need to be clarified, you said in chapter two of your book wolves that the Devil can afford to allow a whole lot of "Bible teaching" to go on...and doesn't care if you "follow" those long as it's 'temporary'.

    The Devil's motto: Follow Jesus' and the Bible's teachings throughout your life...just don't follow Him to the end.
    Does it mean what they are teaching about the bible is true, but they don't want you to stick to it? coz I have a tendency to junk all my Billy G's, Kay Arthur audio sermons. Do I still have to listen to them although their credibility as evangelists ruined by their ties to Illuminati?
    Thanks, I will pray for your safety and strength to exposed all their plans to the public.

    1. Personally, it's hard for me to listen to ANY of these guys. I never got into Kay Arthur, first of all. All of Graham's teachings are leading towards a bad place eventually, in my view. I would theorize some of these people whom I strongly suspect of being 'bad guys' such as Arthur or Greg Laurie...may be incorporating subtle subliminal poisons into their message. (Recall Laurie's hypnotic televisions screens emnbedded in the front of his pulpit, in my Ch.13).

      Even somebody like John MacArthur who at least is speaking against the so-called "Emergent Church" and teaching against Contemplative a PreTribber. To me, everything he teaches is colored by this "raptured-before-anything-bad-happens" false doctrine. There is a missing urgency. No intensity and/or encouragement to prepare for a time of great tribulaton.

      In general, I think there has developed a very unhealthy trend...where American Bible-believers in particular depend heavily on their favorite 'pied pipers'. There is this well-developed system of Evangelical 'superstars'...and if James Dobson didn't say it, or Bill Hybels didn't say it, or Chuck Swindoll didn't say must not be true!

      "Heaping teachers to themselves, having itching ears" (2Tim.4:3). Who among Christian leaders is, for example, warning of 9/11's fraud and the obvious Antichrist globalism implications? Virtually none. They don't even believe it is 'appropriate' to speak of such things, having bought into the government's stipulations about restricting 'freedom of speech' on political matters in church services.

      Yes, this is a very lonely time for faithful, Gideon-like followers of Jesus. I suppose if you listen to a solid anti-"Contemplative Prayer" preacher even with a preTrib view...if he's preaching through a particular passage you're interested might get something out of it. should be the case ANY time you're listening to someone's need to be alert and listening for ANY mis-steps. I do that every single time I sit in a church listening to a sermon.

      In fact, last Sunday there was a guest speaker at a church I was visiting...and he had a tremendously inspiring testimony of how God faithfully brought him through huge trials over many years.

      Especially for folks like you and me who have taken the proverbial Red Pill...listening to sermons and/or Christian radio programs (etc.) is like picking berries from a thorn bush. Dodge the thorns and get the berries!

      By the way, thanks for the good words.

  14. Sorry, I couldn't find an appropriate post to put my comment so I'll just leave it here.
    Reading your book. Interesting read, though I wouldn't take some of the things too seriously. For example, all the V's you find remind me of a film "23". But I don't want to criticize or argue as I respect your work behind the book and you're entitled to the opinion you present. Few remarks though:

    "And wouldn't you know...the name "Chertoff" in Russian means "son of Satan"." - actually chertof (with one "f") means "belongs to the devil/satan". Doesn't ruin the idea though.

    "In a million years, the Soviets could never have actually competed economically (and therefore militarily) with the US. They HAD no economy (to speak of). Back in those days, people living behind the Iron Curtain would get on a three-year waiting list just to buy a refrigerator, for example."

    Oh, but we could. Militarily. Because all of our economy was focused on military research and production. As for refrigerators we didn't need to wait for them because we got them (and ovens!) installed for free with the new apartments. At least in the Hruschev/Brezhnev era.

    1. Hmmm. I'm a bit puzzled as to what the purpose is of your comments. The two issues regarding waiting lists during the "Soviet bloc" years and the correct translation of "Chertoff" are rather tangential.

      But thanks anyway, to the extent you may be correct. I know for a fact though, there were 'waiting periods' for innumerable products in the Communist bloc nations, back in the day. Sounds like you happened to have had a fortunate experience with regard to refrigerators. Count your blessings, I guess!

      But then...the opening comment about me seeing V's the maniacal guy in the movie "23". Okey-dokey then (lol).

      I guess I'm wondering which fork in the road do you and I part ways? Just curious. Do you question theism...or Bible belief...or are you, though Christian, simply not convincd regarding cataclysmic developments in 'end times'?

      And thanks, by the way, for your pleasant tone. But touché on this suggestion that my imagination has got the best of me. :-)

      The fact is, you almost cannot find a corporate logo (for example) that DOESN'T incorporate occult signaling. The entire world system is designed, built, controlled, owned and operated by the "spirit of this world"...the Devil himself. It's certainly no wonder to me that we therefore see his signs of ownership stamped all over the globe.

    2. Oh and...about the financing for the Soviet military:

      If America, the wealthiest nation on earth (at least during the Cold War years) couldn't fund their military without massive counterfeiting (i.e. 'funny money' from the big-bankers' pet monster -- the so-called "the Federal Reserve Bank")...then there certainly is no way on earth the Soviets ever funded their military with real money.

      I would argue you need to read up more on the international reach of the Western super-bankers. Big money bankers created the Soviet Union (by funding the Bolsheviks)...and when they were through with the "Soviet Union" scenario, they shut it down in 1989.

      Professor Carrol Quigley (and many other Fed/super-banker watchers) stated in his book "Tragedy and Hope":

      "The powers of financial capitalism [have] had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole."

      "This system was to be the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."

      "I know of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years in the early 1960s to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown..."

  15. No particular purpose to my comments - I had something to say and I did it. :)
    I had no intention to call you maniacal. Sorry if you had such a feeling. All I wanted to say is that sometimes if you look for something for too long you start finding things everywhere even if they are not there. For example, if I play along I could point out that occult symbolism penetrated the fashion - just look at how the butterfly tie looks like the eternity sign or how the suit and a regular neck tie can be traced to resemble the Square and Compass.

    About corporate logos - problem is, that too many symbols and logos use basic geometry figures at their base hence so many intersecting lines, triangles and circles (what looks like pyramids, eyes, etc).

    Now don't get me wrong - I do not reject the idea that there might be a global organization pulling the strings. It's just that you might be hitting the wrong guys sometimes (because it's hard to miss the innocents if you're blindly shooting at the crowd with suspects). Though some of your findings are obviously no coincidents (the cross through the crown images for example).

    About the waiting periods - they were indeed. For cars for example. I just find it funny that you denied us the possession of basic things hence my comment.

    I do not deny that the revolution and creation of Soviet Union was funded from outside (oh, by the way, google for some Lenin and Stalin photos, you'll find a lot of "lion paws"). No argue here.

    As for the military funding - you just don't understand how things worked by us back then. You see, USSR government didn't need that much money. The trick is that you don't need to pay to people you own. They had those camps you might heard about under the name gulag full of brilliant scientists and engineers accused of being traitors and spys and whatever. You just pull someone out, offer him amnesty (and maybe a house) and there you go - you just had your rocket propulsion research project started. Pull another and you're ready for the nuclear tests.

    Read something on Stalin, for example. On his possessions. He was a very modest man in terms of private things. Because he didn't need anything - he had the whole country.

    How do you think we financed our space programs, for example, with our economy (which was... well, not the best economy you can imagine)? We didn't. :) We had a communism which presumes that all people must work together for the benefit of all and for a better future. And those asking "that all bright future thing is nice, but what about me?" didn't pay attention at their communism class and were going to labor camps (or to the psychiatry clinics during Brezhnev era).

    We financed just about every country where there was any sort of conflict brewing. Cuba, Vietnam, Angola, Korea to name a few.

    Just look at our military parades during those times. That wasn't decoration - that was just a small fraction of the military might we possessed (and those parades were huge). And we had to be military competitive with the rest of the world, because we were surrounded by "enemies" and there were still so many people outside in need of being "liberated" from the "horrors" of "capitalism".


    P.S. sorry for my english.
    P.P.S. And it's actually "chertov" with "v", but it sounds like "f" - my mistake :)

  16. A funny thought just came up to me which you might find worthwhile to think about.

    What if the Grand Deceit is not in that some occult organization already has it's claws in everything surrounding us, but in that we're starting to loose trust in each other and seeing malice where it is not. Divide and conquer...


    1. I guess you would need to point out a specific example of where you think I have "seen" a satanic symbol where there is none. I have heard this all many times before--"Oh, it's just a coincidence...lots of random geometric shapes...nothing to worry about".

      Tell me which "wrong guys" you think I may be hitting. I'm always interested in perspectives.

      And come on now...with the "parades" thing! Parades aren't proof of a large military. Rather...they are proof the Soviets wanted the world to THINK they had a large military. The old Shakespear-ian saying: "Me thinks thou dost protest too much". To the Soviets one might say--"Me thinks thou dost parade too much." :)

      And their ability to force scientists to work for them doesn't explain how they could afford the vast infrastructure of a million-man military...all the alleged tanks, ships, jets, military bases, the nuclear arsenal, the guns, the bullets, the feeding, clothing and housing, on and on...explained by the Soviets' forcing scientists to do research? No way.

      Like I said...if even the US military has relied on funny money provided by their banker overlords...then much more so did the Soviets rely on such, in my view.

      And since the US Dollar was the 'reserve currency' for the entire world throughout those years...any government counterfeiting of currency was ultinmately under the control and auspices of Western bankers.

      The Soviets were under economic control in the beginning, at the end, and all through the the very same way the bankers control the US economy. It's all a great big fake-Vaudeville-act Hegelian Dialectic set-up.

      I think (as I suggested before) you and I have taken different turns at a fork in the road in our basic world views. I have a Bible-based world view which says (1John 5:19) the entire world system is controlled top to bottom by "the evil one". He has manipulated geopolitics precisely to his liking.

      And to "seeing malice where there is none" would need to point out where I may have done such.

      And I guess I don't understand your comment about the "Grand Deceit" being about 'people losing their trust in one another'. What does that have to do with the Bible's prophecy of a satanic globalist conspiracy? That's the basic theme of my blogs!

  17. ~Labby

    To the 6/19 commenter, yes, LOL, sometimes I've told myself that but ultimately I realize this stuff is happening and it is a reality that is too sinister to really mentally grasp, especially if you are basically a nice person. A mental break from all of it is healthy, but then you can't help but realize after a while that it is all too real. Once you know you can't unknow. :(

  18. Thanks for your excellent work along with vigilantcitizen and many others. Christians do need to understand the magnitude of the evil around us and expose it for what it is- satanic infiltration of our society, government, and churches. One quick note- on the rocketown website (MW Smith) the Tyr rune continues to appear. It was repeated three times in a poster consisting of three spade-shaped figures just this week. The rollcall of satanic bands continues at rocketown; how could a Christian possibly condone the presentation of such music to youth? The answer is that a Christian would not.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I'll have to check out the Tyr rune at their site. That rune seems to be getting more prominent. Someone pointed out Greg Laurie is using it like there's no tomorrow. On numerous of his publications and book covers. I have tentative plans to write an article about that. Mac put a Tyr rune presentation on the back of his CD, I believe.

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

  19. You've probably seen this all ready: Beyonce in her baphomet outfit. Pretty disturbing.

  20. The monster drink is now complicit with the deaths of teenagers. Sick society.

  21. The toyota symbol actually symbolizes the mark of the beast RFID chip on the head inside of a human! This car company is so satanic just look at the prius hybrid do the discerning yourself..

  22. See... I'm 100% fine with being around Christians and any religions, but it gets to a point where some people seem o be digging a 1000 foot hole to grasp onto something that would otherwise be considered as nothing out of the ordinary... if all you are doing is grasping a straw then i only makes you look foolish as the metaphorical grave is getting dug deeper and deeper... or it could obviously be the Monster Energy Drink nails digging it...

    1. There ARE occultists in the world. And they DO display occult symbols...many times in a secretive, veiled fashion. Not sure how it is you're not up to speed on such a routine reality.

    2. First of all I agree with the other Atheist. Many of the symbols on here are BS and 99% of the information is wrong.

      First of all the majority of Satanists don't believe in Satan or god or even Jesus, they are actually atheists, Satanism is merely a philosophy to them... though every group has a few nutters.

      Second, the majority of the symbols linked to the "Illuminati" and Satanism predate Christianity and the "Illuminati", which actually broke up in 1785. Not saying their aren't secret societies, just saying if that's who you are searching for you are aren't going to find them.

      Thirdly - Symbols mean a lot of different things depending on where you are in the word and what culture you belong to, we have used and relied on symbols since the dawn of man. You would have to go back to the original use to find any "real" meaning of them, which as I stated earlier, most predate any of the groups listed.

      Search for ANYTHING long enough and you will start seeing it everywhere.

      Which gets dangerous when you are a theist..

      Jesus was a mushroom

    3. Who was the other "atheist"? I see no one referring to themselves as such.

      You seem to be caught up in this whole "pre-dating" issue. The Swastika symbol "predated" the Nazis by thousands of years. That didn't stop the Nazis from conferring horrible, evil, murderous significance upon the symbol. Your argument makes no sense. And who cares which occult symbols pre-date Christianity? Where's the argument?

      And where are you getting your information about Satanists all being "atheists"? You're making a lot of disembodied assertions. You're also retreating to a number of conveniently vague assertions -- "symbols mean a lot of different things" Uh...OK. (?)

      And I provide a number of highly interesting examples of apparent coded/secretive occult symbol display...about which you don't utter a peep. (?)

      I say again, there ARE evil Satanists in the world. Human-sacrificing, baby-sacrificing, monstrously perverted psychopaths. Every kind of imaginable evil exists in the world. Who would deny such basic reality? One would wonder what kind of a strangely (pardon my French) pollyannish world view you have that precludes these obvious realities? We're not living on Planet Ken-and-Barbie. Nor are we living in Pleasantville.

      If you literally believe there are no practicing satanists in the world...that's just amazing.

      Part of the problem here is you're looking at one single blog article and ignoring the huge context of evidence I present all through my blogs. Try reading through chapters 6,7,8 (etc.) of my e-book (linked at the top of this page)..about the Bush family and their occult practices. The Clintons, the Reagans, on and on...all practicing occultists. There is a huge occult movement at high levels.

  23. Lol at people who think they know what the doctrines of satanism actually are based on what satanists actually say & teach. (atheism, ect...)
    What they believe and follow is not necessarily what they profess openly to their minions. They use the new-age movement as an entry-level recruiting pool, and weave what they acknowledge is a bunch of BS into it in order to generate a new culture that will 'normalize' satanism without empowering the unfortunate new-age dupes.
    They may actually believe in God, in right and wrong; and in truth and falseness themselves and yet teach that there are no such things (moral relativism), because it works to thier advantage.
    They are not there to empower others, but to maintain their own exalted status as a predator, and they probably view their followers as their prey along with everyone else.
    Their semantics are also often inverted. Good means bad, God is the devil, the devil is God, so their verbage cannot be viewed as much besides jibberish. look at their actions instead. Taking their word at face value is laughable foolishness.
    Anton LaVey heleralded the 20th century as the century of satan, and said that satanism would become mainstream, which seems to have been accurate so far.
    The obvious symbolism in corporate logos is a good example of this.
    corporatism is fascism, and fascists have historically been into the occult and satanism.
    to give mussolini credit though, he did deport Aleistar Crowley from italy because his depravities were too much for even the infamous dictator himself to put up with.

    1. Couldn't quite tell if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me. I think you're basically agreeing, right? I think I agree with the thrust of your comments. Satanists are so vile...that a psychopath like Mussolini couldn't stomach them. Good point. I didn't know about Crowley getting kicked out of Italy. Interesting.

    2. From what i can tell, unfortunately i have to agree.
      The thing that most people have a problem accepting, at no fault of their own, is that there really is such a thing as organized group psychopathy, which as good as a description for 'satanism', 'black magic', or whatever, as i can come up with.
      Individuals have certainly been capable of the most heinous acts, and the disregard of any semblance of ethics, or care or concern for others.
      The Manson family Tate murders in a way shocked the public w/ the realization that people could actually co-operate in such behavior together shamelessly; and there was a definite occult under-pinning there, not to mention mind-control obviously going on. (watch 'Rosemarys Baby' which was Polanski getting loose with the lifestyle of the 'elite').
      The truth is that the average human is too good natured and well meaning to even fathom that such evil is going on around them, and especially at the highest levels.
      Whats even harder to accept is that this is a generational problem, that it is kept in bloodlines, and is passed on through ritual sexual abuse, and trauma based mind control. How legit the 'satanism' part of it is on it's own is debate-able as far as if these people even believe in it? It may just be about the scary imagery because it's effective as a means of mind control?
      check out the 1980's military document by Gen. Michael Aquino: 'Mindwar';
      It describes the use of the media world-wide as an all-out super-psy-op attack on the mind of every human in every nation. the use of terror.
      He was US army, Joint Cheifs of Staff, and also priest in Lavays' church of satan, and his own Temple of Set. Investigation into widespread sexual ritual abuse of children at military bases in the 80's started what the media called the 'satanic panic' which is an example of 'Mindwar' conducted by the media in action. these people do run the media along with everything else. (remember it's now a weapon, which your post illustrates).
      it's a kind of 'gas-lighting'; getting you to think that youre crazy. or panicked if youre concerned about countless little children being abused horribly in rituals in order to create compartmentalized memories and monarch mind-control slaves. the message is that youre imagining it, the children are imagining it, that 'false memory syndrome' is a real thing (although it's a crock.)
      Pretty much the general public has been under satanist mind-attack and gas-lighting, and had the normalization of satanism presented to them for so long that they are under a lighter form of mass trauma based mind-control at this point.
      To be honest, i'm not sure how the historical Illumanati from Bavaria, ie. Adam Weishaupt fits into all this.
      Everything occult isn't inherently evil necessarily. Some of our good values can be traced to the historical Illumanati of the 1770s; the american revolution, individualism, self-governance, liberty, and the rejection of a King to rule over you. we take these positives for granted now.
      It seems to me that occulted knowledge, which is really the science of the human mind and how it works, can be used 2 ways:
      1] to exploit, deceive, and enslave, or...
      2] to teach people how to protect themselves from #1, because once you know whats going on, it won't work on you.

      If people really doubt this kind of thing is real, just go watch youtube vids of Michael Aquino, Anton LaVey, his daughter Zeena LaVey who acted as damage control on TV during the 'satanic panic', and her husband Nicholas Shreck.
      of course, they will lie to the camera without blinking, but you still get a picture of whats going on.

    3. Yes I can see we have broad agreement but...I don't think I would say that we get anything "good" out of occultism. For example, I see all the 'good' associated with the founding of America as nothing more than a diabolical project to create a cash cow to finance world domination. That's what America really is, in my understanding. -- a designated cash cow. Yes, a bit of freedom had to be allowed in order to create market incentives and a certain degree of prosperity. But America's prosperity has then been siphoned off into the coffers of satanic globalists.

      As the Bible indicates, ALL the kingdoms of this world have been raised up by the 'spirit of this world'...i.e. the Devil. He raised up America for his own purposes. God has no kingdoms in this world. That's why the Lord's Prayer says "may Thy kingdom come to earth [eventually] as it is in heaven". The Devil controls the world system (i.e. the "cosmos", the term used in the original biblical language) to bottom, in my understanding. See 1John 5:19!

      Yes, I've read much about Aquino. A very scary guy.

  24. pathetic, not scary, as long as you don't hand children over to him IMO.

  25. I appreciate your online book and blog. I think you are onto something real, and it's important for Christians to educate themselves. The problem I'm currently having is that people I've relied upon for information on this topic are actually disinfo agents. It is hard to know who to trust, because the elite WANT to reveal certain things.
    There are real things that are now being revealed, but there is often an agenda to why and how and when it's being revealed. The overall corruption level in all fields right now is very high: entertainment, government, corporations, and church and ministries themselves. Thanks again for the work you've done and I think Christians need to take this seriously. It appears that infiltrating the Christian church was one of the original goals of the occult organization started by Helena Blovsky (sorry spelling). They planned, not to get rid of churches, but to infiltrate and take them over. We end up with a false Jesus and a
    false spirit and a false gospel, along with a false revival which is actually a huge apostasy.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comments. Somehow I was not getting notification for all these comments and I had moved on to this other blog. Here it is (a work in progress):

  26. Many people would be shocked and even angry with me to know this, but Rich Mullins was not who he appeared to be either and later began to preach a false gospel after he started following the evil teaching of Brennen Manning. I am also pretty sure Rich was gay as well because of someone I was talking to who knew him and many other obvious clues. Also, he was going to convert to Catholic religion before he died. I believe he was an illuminati sacrifice for Micheal W. Smith who is clearly a Satanist. Also, a picture of Rich can be found on just one of his albums where he has his hand in his coat on his chest, showing his loyalty to the Freemasons.

  27. You can find a black and white picture of Rich Mullins on Google where he is showing loyalty to the Freemasons by putting his hand inside of his jacket while pretending to rest his head on his arm. The picture is a flipped mirror image, (which is often used in occultism and is considered the highest form of deception in occult symbolism) so originally it would have been on the other side, easily giving Rich's true identity in them.

    1. Don't know about Rich Mullins. For me, it is MUCH more important to recognize false teaching as opposed to false prophets (wolves). With some of these guys, we may never figure out exactly whether they're good or bad guys. But discerning false THAT is vital. If Rich Mullins was duped into supporting Brennan Manning...that is deadly stuff. I try to cover a lot of this in my new blog.

      Thanks for the encouraging comments. Somehow I was not getting notification for all these comments and I had moved on to this other blog. Here it is (a work in progress):