Toby Mac--Part Two: A Strange, Obstinate Refusal To "Avoid Appearance of Evil"

July 31, 2012

Recommended preparatory reading for this article -- Chapter One and Chapter Eleven of my e-book, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

Apparently a couple of days ago, in response to Toby Mac's controversial (to say the least) new CD ("Eye On It") someone linked my previous Toby Mac article...right onto Toby Mac's own Facebook page. A small storm of controversy ensued. Maybe I should say "huge" comparison to my little pip-squeak blog here, with its mere 100 page views per day. Hundreds of people chimed in with about 15,000 onlookers, if I am understanding the numbers correctly.

Very, very interesting and enlightening exchanges. I was certainly encouraged that almost 1 out of 10 comments expressed actual concern about Mac's "Eye On It" CD with the satanic symbolism! These were concerns being expressed directly to Toby Mac right on his own Facebook page. Awesome! In my almost ten years of looking into this phenomenon of occult infiltration in the Evangelical world...this is the first time I've seen direct communication with one of the 'suspects' .

Contrastingly, among the Toby Mac defenders who weighed in, I found it very revealing and quite sad...the "party on, Wayne! on, Garth!" sloppy, reckless, utterly glib typical of many of today's mainstream Evangelicals. Folks who were making deliberately inane wisecracks about how the "eye" was merely an "avocado"...and other such comments.

There's a mentality out there in the Evangelical community these days which views the world almost as if its all one gigantic Disneyland. Meanwhile, the enemy is closing in for the Big Kill.

Jesus has carefully and explicitly forewarned of this phenomenon, more aptly termed "the Great Apostasy" which the majority (vast majority?) of erstwhile 'believers', the bulk of the "conservative church" crowd, ends up splitting the gates of Hell wide open. It's all stated explicitly in the Bible.

Almost no one among believers today has any awareness...because the Olivet Discourse (wherein these warnings and descriptions are contained) has been systematically and diabolically obscured.


For whatever reason, Mac felt compelled or motivated to make two brief Facebook comments about the controversy. Here was his first comment:

"I've been asked what is the meaning of the eye on the new album. Running the race, eye on the goal of keeping the faith. My calling."

The very first person to respond to his remark hit the nail on the head--"the explanation is very vague". Exactly.

It seems to me...if the controversy, to begin with, was about potential indications of luciferian allegiance...why didn't Toby Mac simply offer a repudiation of Lucifer/Satan, in some form or fashion? That would've been the easiest way to deflate a lot of the controversy. dice. Why the opaqueness? Why the vagueness?

One of the arguments made repeatedly by his supporting fans...was that the "eye" alone doesn't constitute a satanic symbol. Absolute baloney. The "Eye of Ra" goes back fully five thousand years...all the way to the Egyptian pharaohs. Come on now.

And in the modern day, the stand-alone "eye" symbolism crops up in a thousand different places. The assertion that a "triangle" is required...utter nonsense. Yes, the eye/triangle combo IS a popular presentation among occultists. But there is no "rule" forbidding a stand-alone "eye" presentation. How many examples do you want?

Here is the logo for Time Warner...a lone "eye" presentation with no triangle:

 Contrastingly, here's the logo for America Online...with both an eye (modified) and a triangle:

Here's the logo for CBS...again, a stand-alone "eye"--no triangle:

This logo also has at least a dual satanic a phallus/yoni depiction. The 'football' shape being the female counterpart to the phallic 'circle' inside the "yoni".

One of the many Christian (or should I add on quotation marks -- "Christian"?) luminaries who have this bizarre penchant for satanic "all-seeing eye" symbolism--popular lecturer and author, Kay Arthur:

Note the ominous attempt at visual misdirection, whereby the "running man" (depicted twice on this book cover) is all most people would ever notice. But in fact...the uplifted arms constitute the bottom half of this stand-alone "eye". In this case, the triangle aspect is added through these modified triangular-shaped 'eyelashes'...if you'll notice. So, in this instance we have an eye/triangle combo.

Same with Michael W. Smith. Below: His "I2(EYE)" record album from 1988:

Notice the triangle in the background behind his photo. Then notice the dubious, conspicuous titling of his album (in red lettering at the one corner of the triangle): I2(EYE)

Another one from Smith--his 1986 album "The Big Picture:

Notice how one of the child's eyes has been obscured in the shadows (reminiscent of a number of Toby Mac photos), and how the remaining eye has been positioned into one of the corners of the picture frame. So there it is--the eye and triangle, in a modified fashion. After a while, you'll begin to see hundreds of 'creative' modifications of the eye/triangle symbolism.

Here's Joel Osteen's logo. Notice the obvious "eye" comprised of the two crescents and the "o" in "Joel".  Pretty blatant stuff. After all, what other purpose would these 'crescents' serve...than to create the 'eye' depiction?  In fact, the crescents themselves are occult symbols which crop up all over the place...including the AOL logo above.

Not to mention...the apparent "eye" presentation right inside the auditorium of his church (seen below)...which seems to be accomplished by the center stage 'arch' and the globe seemingly providing the 'pupil' for the eye. This actually is a rather over-used technique. "American Idol" stage designs have repeatedly utilized this approach.

(Click on the photo for a larger image. Then click on the "X" to return.)

So apparently...this guy isn't just a 'bad preacher' with heretical "prosperity gospel" doctrines. No, he is giving indication of being an out-and-out wolf in sheep's clothing, or so it would seem.

Just how many Christian luminaries must bring this symbolic "eye" thing into play before people begin to concede this isn't a mere coincidence? Time to wake up!

You certainly could argue that Kay Arthur, MW Smith, and Joel Osteen are unaware of the symbols inserted into their publications...but the evidence emerging from the "Eye On It" fiasco would seem to indicate these people are indeed quite aware of the symbols. 

And in any case, after you've run across the first couple dozen of these Christian luminaries and Christian musicians with their occult symbolism...the idea that there is a worldwide conspiracy of luciferian graphic artists (?) working behind the backs of all these "Christian" a little thin, it seems to me.

Plainly stated--Jesus has prophesied that in the last days a very large number of satanic Christian leaders would emerge who are extraordinarily deceptive. Is this or is this not evidence we are looking at?  As I've said many times...if you don't like my particular line-up of suspected "false prophets" then just where ARE these wolves of which Jesus foretold?? Have you spotted a single one of them so far?

Below is another satanic "eye" symbol without a triangle. This, from the televison production company, Endemol...the name, by the way, making for an ominous, sneering reference to the Antichrist globalists' murderous de-population agenda. "End them all"--get it? Jesus states in the Olivet Discourse--"were those days [the regime of the Antichrist] not shortened, no flesh would have survived; but for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened".

Yet another stand-alone "eye":

To read more about the Taco Bell logo, go to this page and scroll down a little past a third of the way.

And another one:

Notice how they present the "eye" two-dimensionally (front view) and three-dimensionally (top down view). Occultists love this stuff. Symbolism is the language of satanists.

After a while, you can barely find a major corporate logo that doesn't have an occult aspect. For Bible students, this should be a 'no-brainer'--the Devil is the designer, owner and operator of this world system. He wants his stamp of ownership seen everywhere. If you want to make it to the higher levels of business, politics, entertainment, or any other of the larger'll very, very seldom get away with not pledging allegiance to the "spirit of this world", i.e. the Devil.


After a few hundred comments were made in response to Mac's first comment, which included about a couple dozen remarks which were critical of the wording of his CD title and critical of the "eye" symbolism, Mac decided to make another comment:

"Come on ya'll :) My EYE remains on our Lord Jesus and the calling He has placed on my life. To build His Kingdom through my life and music. "Eye on it" is simply a phrase used to mean "stay focused on what really matters." To me, my relationship with Christ and the calling He has placed on my life is what matters to me and what I am trying to keep my eye on! In Love, Tmac"

Again, where is there a simple, clear and direct refutation of any and all occult/satanic significance? This would have been the perfect opportunity. So while Toby makes some syrupy 'Christian-ish' comments here, he just can't bring himself to directly and pointedly refute and reject all things luciferian and pointedly deny any occult significance to his symbolism.

Seemingly then, under very rare circumstances and in a veritable 'emergency' situation like this, where a couple dozen people have complained about his satanic symbolism on his own Facebook page...Toby will finally, at long last...use the word "Jesus".

Scour the Internet for any Toby Mac references to "Jesus". Scour Youtube. Scour his lyrics. If you check through his various public comments, he uses the dual-purpose word "God" almost exclusively. By 'dual purpose' I mean that for occultists, "God" refers to a different individual than for Jesus-followers.  But even in his lyrics, "God" is only very rarely used, from what I can see.

For what it's worth in this particular discussion, Luciferians routinely refer to their dark lord as..."God".  I think the question we're trying to answer is--which God/god is Toby Mac actually  referring to?

In the context of a massive presence of occult symbolism in previous Toby Mac publications (web sites, CD covers, publicity photos, etc.)...I will forgive myself for theorizing as to how his above  statement may actually NOT be a reflection of genuine faith in the Lord Jesus.

Again though, I would carefully draw up short of any dogmatic conclusion regarding Mac's potential occult allegiances.

Nevertheless...from his previous dozens of occult symbol presentations, he has richly earned the very, very deep concerns, and yes, even suspicions...of careful, watchful believers:

For openers, the idea that Toby would take an established 5000-year old occult symbol and then, on a moment's notice, breezily presume to re-define it to have something other than satanic significance...'absurd' is the only way to describe it.


Even more absurd is that he then has the audacity to lecture his concerned fans ("Come on ya'll") as if they're the ones who have fumbled the ball. I would say that's absurd to the point of obnoxiousness. Seriously.

It's as though Mac is counting on occult-symbol illiteracy among his conservative Christian fans...and unfortunately, the odds are in his favor. Could he have, for example, gotten away with depicting a Nazi "swastika" on his CD cover and breezily claim to have given it a different meaning? Not hardly. And the swastika is only about 80 years old, compared to the 5000-year old all-seeing-eye.

So...looking more closely at the specific aspects of this statement...we certainly don't know ALL the secrets of occultists and as to what they may mean with all their slippery statements and secret symbols and signalings...and I am not yet declaring Mac to be an occultist, BUT...

...for openers, the word "EYE" in all caps is conspicuous. It's a little odd, in itself. And a lot odd, in the context of all his previous indicators.

As many of those who were commenting have asked...why not refer to both "eyes" (plural, and with no caps) being focused on Jesus??

Why not take a step away from the potentially (or should I say obvious and blatantly) satanic single-eye remark...particularly after numerous pointed complaints ABOUT the stand-alone "eye" depiction and reference? That's a rather obstinate insistence on maintaining an anti-biblical "appearance of evil", is it not?

If you think about it---this is very, very troubling:  A point-blank rejection of the biblical principle to avoid all appearance of evil. These many commenters on Toby's Facebook were not argumentative troublemakers. They were sincerely puzzled and troubled.

I noticed another notorious occult signaler, Michael W. Smith, who did the same thing with the title of his I2(EYE) album--the word "EYE" in all capital letters. It's conspicuous. It's strange. It's unexplained, by Smith or anyone else.

What does "I2(EYE)" mean? "I go to the Devil"?  "I'm related or committed to the Devil"?

If we can deduce anything from all of Smith's hundreds of presentations of occult symbols and signalings over a period of three decades (not to mention the utterly blatant satanic goings-on at his youth club "Rocketown" in Nashville)...therefore, his reference to "EYE" would then be a reference to the Devil. I'm theorizing the 'all caps' thing is an occultist's way of showing reverence...something akin to the way we capitalize the word "God"...only the satanists are apparently hoping to one-up us with 'all caps'? I'm impressed...(not).

Yes, in context, I find it quite dubious that Toby Mac uses all caps. If the 'all caps' signifies the Devil, a kind of grammatically tortured way (similar to Smith's awkward "I2EYE"), he is saying that his lord Lucifer is dominant over the Lord Jesus.  Sort of like when the linebacker taunts the offensive halfback before the game -- "I'm going to be 'on' you like white on rice!".

The luciferian folks (and their heavily manipulated captives, of which Toby Mac may be one, very tragically) have a very arrogant outlook on the Lord Jesus. If you look more closely at their actual doctrines (much of it provided by ex-occultists, if you know where to look on the Web)...they literally believe Jesus to be merely the "brother" of Lucifer...the inferior "99-pound weakling" brother, no less.

Luciferians see themselves as spectacularly dominant over Jesus-followers. Their confusion is understandable: The Devil has arranged for his earthly followers to have all the high positions in this world. Thus, Satan's followers are deceived into thinking they are on the winning side.

Look at all the occultists who are world leaders, captains-of-industry, top-rated entertainers and musicians, etc. By contrast, look at that Jesus-follower driving around in a banged-up '99 Chevy.

Oh, the surprise that awaits these folks someday very soon.

[By the way...some might say--"What about George W. Bush? He was a US president and a devout Christian."  Hmmm. Read through chapters 6, 7, and 8 of my e-book...then see how you feel about that. may need to look through chapters 3, 4, and 5 to understand what led up to chapter 6. Sorry about all the 'reading assignments'!]


It is interesting to me that he didn't say "my" Lord Jesus. Given the context of his previous innumerable occult symbol displays, I dare to wonder if this is a way of staying one step removed from a point-blank personal pledge of allegiance to Jesus?

A satanic "double agent" would probably have a similar philosophy to any other kind of double agent. For example, an anti-Nazi German citizen during WW2 who was secretly enlisted by the Allies for espionage...would probably produce a "Sieg Heil" Nazi salute if absolutely necessary...but if you were to observe closely over time...the signs of his true allegiances would accumulate.

Keep in mind, Luciferians will lie. That's right there in the Bible! But I can imagine, as a point of pride, they like to get as 'cheeky' and coy as they can possibly get away with. Recall the occult-originated (and rather silly) idea of someone 'crossing their fingers' behind their back when telling a lie. If you've read my e-book and some of the articles on this blog, you'll know this is the kind of stuff I've been seeing all across the evangelical landscape from these infiltrating wolves.

I can tell you from 10 years of researching Luciferian culture...there seems very much to be a kind of 'bragging rights' competition among occultists, to see who can be the most blatant in the occult allegiance signalings...and get the closest to the edge of being revealed.

If Toby Mac is indeed a member of the Illuminati (i.e. the Antichrist cabal) as his "ILL-M-I" song claims...then I would imagine his latest "Eye On It" CD along with a rather significant degree of public making him some very nice brownie points with the upper echelons.


If I am theorizing, for the moment at least, that Mac may be a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing or a captive of the "Cabal" would certainly explain the odd mutedness...the way he keeps drawing up short of clear, point-blank comments...even though dozens of folks on his Facebook page were all but crying out for him to make things crystal clear.

I would imagine that elsewhere in his music career, he may have very well made references to "my" Lord. But in the current context of an official introduction and presentation of his new CD to the world, with the blatant satanic symbolism...he just can't seem to (or isn't allowed to?) come out publicly and clearly against occultism and/or the so-called "Illuminati" (as a number of commenters complained) order to eliminate the concerns and suspicions in direct fashion.

There's something strangely conspicuous in the way he seems to have missed hitting the proverbial nail on the head at every opportunity in this scenario.  First with the wishy-washy opening comment...and then with this second comment. Is this by design?

Mac has about 10% of his Facebook fans here...just waiting for him to knock it out of the park: A resounding pledge of allegiance "to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ"...and a direct repudiation of ALL things well as a direct repudiation of Lucifer...a direct repudiation of occultism/luciferianism/satanism in all its forms. can do.

One could easily theorize that, if he is indeed a captive of the Antichrist cabal (or "Illuminati" or whatever else they like to be called)...then he is under some kind of 'obligation'.

It's OK apparently, according to his "Illuminati" overlords, to 'blabber' about Jesus during random comments made in interviews or concerts...but in the immediate context of having introduced his latest CD where he has been made to present satanic symbolism yet one more time...his behind-the-scenes controllers (and who doesn't yet realize the music industry is a totalitarian regime?) want this statement of occult allegiance to be set apart. Thus, an explanation for the bizarre reticence from Toby Mac?

I have to say though...this reticence seems to permeate throughout Mac's songs. I have now read through about thirty of Toby Mac's lyrics...and have not found a single solitary reference to "my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ" and/or "who won the victory at the cross"...and/or "Lucifer's going down for the count"...or anything such thing. (I did see one song referencing "the Devil" but proper Luciferians utterly reject any "devil" designation for their lord Lucifer.)

If Toby's having trouble with the rhymes, I'm willing to step in with some offerings, bad grammar and all:

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...
Be returnin' to earth to have Lucifer iced
Me and my homies are pullin' a bank heist.

Or something like that.

So far, I have found nothing even close to a Gospel presentation among Toby Mac's lyrics.

Personally, I would love to see one short Youtube video..with Toby Mac making a number of clear-cut statements..something like "I completely reject and repudiate Lucifer, the biggest loser in the universe. My Lord and Savior, Jesus has utterly defeated Lucifer/Satan at the cross of Calvary, and Lucifer is now headed for the fires of Hell where he rightly belongs."

Some people might think that's a little 'corny' but...firstly, I find it very sad that folks today think a recitation of powerful biblical truth is hokey...and secondly, after presenting innumerable satanic symbols and signalings in so many of his publications, Toby Mac really needs to step up to the plate in a big, big way.

Not just an industrial stength 'pledge of allegiance' but...explanations for all his symbols and signalings. Toby--what were you thinking when you did these things?  What about the blatant "Lion's Paw" salute?

And the numerous stand-alone "eye" presentations...along with eye/triangle after the other, after the other, after the other, on and on?

This photo (immediately above) even looks like they went to the trouble of "photoshopping", darkening the shadows over the right eye in order to create yet another 'one-eye' presentation, for the umpteennth time.

By the way, if TobyMac is creating a deliberate "eye" presentation in the above photos and he is understood to be signaling occult allegiance...what is the significance of the Disney castle? Disney is absolutely notorious among MK Ultra and occult survivors.  Think about it: What other individual in modern American history has done MORE to popularize the occult and popularize witchcraft…than Walt Disney?

Have you noticed the programming line-up on the Disney Channel, for example? I would challenge you to find a program or movie that doesn't have some sort of occult theme. The Disney people have presented occultism and witchcraft in a ‘cute-and-cuddly’ context for decades on end. It's time for Christian folks to use some discernment.

Meanwhile, sadly...I do see Mac seemingly boasting of "the Illuminati comin' through". In that same ILL-M-I song, he goes on to say--

“One day, I’m'a make the whole world pay” and “...if I miss with my missles you’re still gonna sizzle.  ‘Cause I frizzle fry radiation style worldwide”.

My, how heart-warming. He's right though. The Antichrist cabal (the Illuminati) is going to make the whole world "pay" in a manner of speaking. And if they don't get everybody with brute military force...there's always HAARP and all the other creepy EM technologies they're going to implement...exactly as TobyMac seems to be boasting.

These kind of lyrics make me wonder if Toby is merely a captive...or if he is an enthusiastic supporter of Antichrist globalism. I imagine he could easily be compelled to write such lyrics.

I'm sure this is mind boggling to Toby Mac fans but...quite clearly the lyrics are suggesting he is looking forward to becoming a hands-on mass murderer:  "I frizzle fry...worldwide".

I suppose if he was confronted directly in an interview about this (not likely in the discernment-free world of contemporary Christian music)...he would claim poetic license. So..."frizzle fry" simply means he loves his fans so much, he wants to buy them all an order of fries?

Toby, Toby, Toby. Do you dream and fantasize about mass murder? Or are they forcing you to say these things?


Many of Mac's defenders at the Facebook discussion were claiming he presents the Gospel. Where? How? When? If he is preaching the Gospel somewhere out there in cyberspace, it's harder to find than a six-leaf clover--I'll tell you that. I'm not saying he hasn't. But...the overwhelming trend throughout contemporary Christian music (CCM):  Shallow, shallow, shallow..glib, glib, glib. All surface, all facade, little substance. I've watched a number of his interviews...and the discussions revolve around his shoes, his pants, his hair, his hat, etc. You'd think it was The View.

Go to his official web site. Is there at least a "Gospel" link?  A corner of his web site you can go to, to get a summarized Gospel presentation?  Zip-zilch. Why in the world would a top CCM artist NOT have a Gospel link, at a bare minimum?  Much less is there any hope of finding a "doctrinal statement" page...on Toby Mac's site or ANY of today's top CCM artists. Are you kidding me? Easier finding hen's teeth.


One more observation...about Mac's "building the kingdom" comment: Proud luciferians literally DO believe they are building the kingdom of their enemy. But they see themselves as building something...only to then knock it down.

If you look'll notice there are super-churches all around the country (and through much of the Western world, for that matter) which are filling up with huge numbers of pseudo-followers. In that sense, luciferians lay claim to building up and filling up the church world.

They are so confident and arrogant, they are packing out the big churches with erstwhile Jesus-praising and (temporary though it might be) Jesus-loving  'fair weather' followers.

But Jesus has already foretold of the tragic cessation of this temporary "love". He states "the love of most will grow cold...and only he who stands firm to the end will be saved".

Meanwhile, satanists would proudly claim they are indeed packing out super-churches around the globe. At a peak moment, they plan to then trot out their ultimate 'boogeyman', the which time they will implement this foretold "Great Apostasy" plot...and the entirety of pop Evangelicalism will then collapse, according to Jesus' Olivet Discourse descriptions. Only the 'Gideon few' will continue to hold to the faith.

Hopefully the "few" would include many or most of those who have simply read through a few blog articles here. That's my hope and prayer, anyway. The Devil has a huge and critical reliance upon darkness. Only a very little light can remove a great amount of that darkness.  I believe that by simply becoming aware of these deception strategies, it will bring someone 90plus% of the way to successful avoidance of the Devil's pitfalls.

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  1. about completely twisting everything so you can suit your "drive fear into people" drivel. I find it interesting that in your pursuit of knocking a Christian man, you do not once refer to the Bible. NOT ONE TIME. Kind of concerning you'd spend so much time blasting Christian men about supposed symbols...yet never point anyone to Scripture. One might call that misleading. One might call you a false leader for doing exactly that. You know why? Because Satan's goal is to look like a good leader intended to distract people from the truth. In other words, you put on a good show...but you're distracting people from the truth. You're so concerned about this one eye nonsense...have you opened the Bible to see just how many times it refers to the eye in a singular manner? Oh my gosh, now we should call the BIBLE Satanic because it says EYE many times and not EYES! How about the fact that Toby's "eye" displays the cross...can you explain how Satanic it is to have one's eye on the cross? What about the saying "keep your eye on the ball" and other endings to that "keep your eye on..."? Well now, they must all be Satan worshipers. Or how about the fact GOD created the eye and Satan is trying to use God's creation for harm...but we know God intended it for good? Are you trying to dishonor God by handing His creation over to Satan? Hey pornography exists...should we now say that sex is of Satan when it was given to us by God? Guess what? Wearing red used to be associated with prostitution. Hope you don't own anything red. Red hair used to be associated with witchcraft and moral degeneration. Gonna do a post on how all redheads are now evil? You don't ever spend any American cash, right? I hope you don't celebrate any Christian holiday since they ALL have pagan roots. Don't you dare look up at the stars...Satanists use those for symbols also. Doesn't matter that God is the creator of the stars.
    In other words, get over yourself. You are either intentionally twisting things around as a judgmental Pharisee...or you have been so brainwashed into actually believing your nonsense. Stop distracting people from the Word of God. Stop distracting people from the truth. YOU are the type of "leader" the Bible warns about.

    1. I didn't refer to the Bible? I quoted Scripture right in the title of the article. (?) I also point to and link to the foundational Bible passage--Matthew 24.

      Talk about "twisting" things--your comments are so ridiculously argumentative...that they are also a bit creepy, given that you sound fairly intelligent and almost certainly are aware of their sheer nonsense.

      First of all, occultists DO use symbols. The 'eye of ra' (a stand alone eye) has been a satanic symbol for five thousand years.

      When a satanist (whether Toby Mac or not) uses this symbol to secretly (or semi-secretly) indicate occult allegiance...I do NOT have to concede (as you ridiculously claim) that all uses of the word "eye" in the Bible have now become satanic.

      Applying your own illogic consistently, any time a satanist uses the eye as a symbol...therefore all of God's Word and the Lord God Almighty Himself has to surrender any use of the word "eye" or else concede to participation in satanism.

      Even YOU don't believe your own nonsense, fella.

      Satanists DO use the eye symbol. You are ludicrously claiming they CAN'T use it as a satanic symbol because then all other uses of the word "eye" (or depictions) would become satanic. Good grief.

    2. While I am open-minded to the idea that Toby may be a pawn of the illuminati based solely on symbolism I find myself somewhat agreeing with Anon above. Just because one of the symbols is used doesn't ALWAYS mean that the intention behind the use is that of a satanic means. I have researched the illuminati and truly believe that satan has made his way into the music industry, as well as the world in general. And though the "eye" is a very popular satanic symbol it can mean other things as well. I still have to believe that there are artists especially "Christian" artists who have not been influenced by anything other than their Love for Jesus Christ and wanting to be a positive influence on our society. I still have faith that there are "good" people out there. And without really knowing Mr. Mac who are we to judge or slander. For only God "knows the true intentions of his heart."

    3. So if there was a pastor who was preaching sermons while wearing a swastika...and then several church-goers expressed alarm and concern over possible Nazi allegiances and over an "appearance of evil" would then apparently step in with complaints of "slander" against these concerned Christians?? I don't get it. Sorry.

      Toby Mac had used this satanic "all-seeing eye" symbol for a DC Talk album cover twenty years ago (not to mention about a dozen other signalings--read my other Toby Mac article) and there had been a small storm of controversy even THEN.

      NOW he obnoxiously (what other word fits?) trots this same symbol out twenty years later?! At the least, this is a very, very disturbing case of premeditated "appearance of evil".

      You present yourself as a Bible believer and an "Illuminati researcher"...yet breeze coolly and calmly past many eye-popping bits of evidence in my above article. The Smith album with the child's eye moved into a triangular corner...the Kay Arthur book cover...the Osteen logo...Toby's repeated posing for photos with one eye, even including apparent photo-shopping.

      Every other Bible-believing 'end times' aficionado I've ever run into has expressed huge interest, and has been very impacted by such evidence.

      I just find the lack of reaction very odd. I wonder if you missed some of the information and only briefly browsed through the article? I had also written a previous article on Toby Mac. And had suggested some prep reading. I think maybe you need to do a little wider reading on this matter of covert wolves?

      It isn't slander to express concerns about display of satanic symbolism...nor is it "slander" to point out "appearance of evil"

    4. I found this article to be very interesting & informative. It is very very crucial for any true Christ follower to realize & get comfortable with the idea that what we are up against is the ultimate deceiver. He comes to lie steal kill & destroy. He has hated humans since Adam & has studied us tofind out just exactly how we can be duped into blindly following him. He will use the most beautiful of wrapping paper to convince us that something good must be inside. Let us not be fooled by pretty wrappings. Whether they're excellent speakers, amazing vocalists, incredible philanthropists or talented writers. Without Jesus all their works are hollow. Devoid of any good. Liars will lie. Let us be discerning. Let us be open to seeing the truth in all things, no matter how ugly. Thank you. God Bless

    5. wow. this was thought-provoking, insightful, thoroughly researched, and i thank you for providing it for me. i hold fast to being in the remnant, and i'll see you in heaven one day soon, or the new Jerusalem. Shalom! Shalom!

  2. Matt, what do you recommend we DO with this information? I mean... We can't stop it, especially if they don't even care if we know about it. :/ Just sit back and watch now that we know what to look for? That seems pretty hopeless.

    -Tyler Smith

    1. What should ANY child of God do while living in a world of darkness? Jesus' answer: "In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world."

      I go through life, whistling a merry tune...and trying to reach mis-guided Toby Mac fans, one or two at a time. Mac can fill up arenas. I go one-on-one.

      "Broad is the way that leads to destruction; narrow is the way that leads to life eternal."

      And I wouldn't necessarily concede defeat. In history past, movements have been started. The Devil's apple cart has been upset from time to time. If there were some kind of rather sizable awakening among CCM fans regarding all of this occult-allegiance signaling, the bad guys would have to retreat to the shadows.

      Granted, I don't know that this will happen. but I have never expected to fill up arenas with people who agree with me. lol

      It's sort of ironic--all these CCM superstars filling up super arenas...and superstar wolf pastors with their mega church followings. God....has His own kind of "church growth" program. You can read all about it with the story of Gideon.

      There, God started off with an assembly of 32,000...and ended up with 300. Now THAT is a real 'growth program'!

    2. Amen! I think the Christian world has fallen into the worldly mindset that if a whole bunch of 'Christians' are doing it, it must be Godly and the right thing. But that really goes against historical Christianity like Matt said. I love Matt's Gideon example... hit the nail on the head.

  3. HMMMM interesting! I read through some of your articles and at first thought it was a bit far-fetched. I never had an interest in Toby Mac because dc talk just never 'seemed' Christian to me - I grew up with hymns (read through the lyrics of "Mind's Eye" and try not to shudder). I thought about what Scripture says about the god of this world and what he thinks about himself, and it is completely plausible that our enemy would want his 'name' stamped on everything we see. More and more every day we see these symbols EVERYWHERE. Conditioning the world to accept the man when he appears. I rarely listened to Christian radio when it came to our town, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to know that most of their artists/musicians who have gotten somewhere are not Christians.

    I remember as a kid in a Christian school/high school, we would draw eyeballs and pentagrams in the margins of our papers, just doodles. Of course I had very little knowledge of occult symbolism back then, with no internet and an upbringing that focused on churchgoing and living clean. But I did not know the Lord. Do you think that because I was not saved, I was lead to draw those two particular things without even knowing what they meant?

    Also, if you have the time I would be interested in hearing your take on the symbols on this website: . This is the largest developmental service organization in Ontario, Canada, and going worldwide. The main logo (globe coming over the horizon curve, letter 'S' shaped like middle of yin yang) as well as the 'Christian Stewardship' near the bottom of the page with the fish in a triquetra). Initially I became very concerned when I heard that the support workers are now required to accompany residents to a strip club, mosque, etc., wherever the person wants to go, if they want to engage in sin -- because that is their right to do so. Staff are not to 'push' their views on residents. That has not totally happened, but there certainly was a shift where staff recently were told how it would be from that point on. To me it just points to the same things you mention here on your site.

    Anyway, thanks for your articles and the time you put in researching and studying Scripture. It has been very eye opening even just reading through the comments, I like your no-nonsense approach. I'm realizing just how little leaven it takes...

  4. Thank you so much for your exposing CCM. It's amazing how Christians are so accepting of things of the occult. Like Harry Potter - when the Bible tells us to stay away from every form of wizardry, etc. Christians defend 'christian' heavy metal music saying they give glory to Jesus while covering themselves in satanic symbolism. Brian Head Welch even has a big eye tattooed on his right elbow. I believe we are being conditioned to accept the master scorcerer himself when he appears on the scene. Everyone will be so conditioned by our occult culture and occult practices in the church like contemplative prayer and yoga, that the antichrist should have quite an easy transition. I don't like taking my kids to the bookstore anymore. The kids section is filled with books about spellbinding, witches, wizards, dragons, vampires - you name it. We found a little series about animals that looked benign on the cover, but brought it home and as I read it discovered the active 'spirit world' in the story. Sigh. We went to a book fair for her school and one of the teachers read some stories. Every one had witches and/or spells in them.

    When I see the contmplative practices taught in churches and the heavy metal bands brought into churches with thier dark lyrics and dark demeanor, I feel to sad that our kids - and adults - are being so easily lead in. The Bible seems to become more irrelevant each day with man's, or the worlds ways, being more important. It's to strange that I try to point to out to friends and family that a christian band that seeks to bring kids to christ through the use of overtly satanic symbolism and worldy attitudes - there's something seriously wrong with that. But I am the one who is considered the weirdo. I am the one who doesn't get it.

    Although a couple of my non-Christian friends can see that it's contradictory and strange. But tell a Christian their band is questionable and they can be very offended.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. There is always the question as to when we may be interacting too closely with the world...especially for those of us with children. I can relate.

      For me personally, I find myself implementing a kind of protective 'matrix' consisting of my own "preclusions" which can screen out unwanted elements. For example, I saw the movie "American President" on TV some time ago (with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning)...and though the movie had all kinds of "liberal" political blurbs and other unbiblical aspects...I found myself just blocking it out in order to enjoy the charm of the movie.

      With some movies, of course, by the time we would be finished 'blocking out' the bad stuff...with Harry Potter, for example, what would be left? Maybe 4 minutes? Not worth it!

      I've been wrestling with the concept of "Christmas trees" for a long time. Everyone else in my family is having huge difficulty with the idea of getting rid of Christmas. Yes, the trees have druidic, satanic origin and there is even an OT passage which speaks not well of the idea of Christmas trees. Although, in fairness, it seems to be referring to people who did this deliberately as a pagan religious practice. Whereas, we've simply done it as a cultural thing, passed down to us from very long ago. Below is the passage in question:

      Jeremiah 10:3,4--"For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest...4 They adorn it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter."

      Anyway, we live in a world can barely get out of your local grocery store without being laden down with food products which feature occult one example of occultism's pervasiveness.

      I don't think there is a single Disney children's movie that doesn't have some sort of occult mysticism or occult theme...yet my children seemed to derive some sort of enjoyment out of Lion King when they were little, and a few other such movies...and with their parents' guidance, sidestepped the intended occult influences, I hope.

      Don't know if I may have disappointed you with the Lion King reference? I know I haven't been able to implement 100% separation from the world, the way I would have wished to. Then again, the other day we purchased a box of the cereal "Lucky Charms" where the entire concept behind the cereal is occult-themed. I have failed once again. :-) Can't wait for the return of the King!

    2. No. Not disappointed over Lion King. Anything Disney is questionable to me. I see that the Disney owned ABC is going to be showing the supernatural/demonic themed 666 Park Place as a series on TV. The Disney channel shows some pretty weird shows for kids. Gravity Falls, My Babysitter is a Vampire, Pair of Kings (demon possesion shown as comedy, Phineas and Ferb (at first I thought cute, and then it got weird).

      I was just talking to a couple friends about how the movies have gotten so obsessed with possession and ghosts, etc.

      I found out about Christmas trees not too long ago. My family loves Christmas trees, but last year I was looking at it in a whole new way.

      Driving home today I saw a bill board ad for a Kia on the freeway - I think Sorento - with a chipmunk standing there with his hands up - the devil's horns hand sign for the right hand and his left hand was doing the A-OK (666) hand sign. I had to do a double take. I probably wouldn't have noticed, but my daughter said, "Mom, that chipmunk looks weird!"

      Yes, he did.

      Thanks again.

      Yes, can't wait for the return of the King. :-)

    3. I now recall that at the time my children were watching Lion King and a few other Disney movies, I knew nothing about all these matters back then...more than ten years ago. I would probably think twice now.

      I agree about Disney. I don't think the Disney channel has anything BUT occult-themed programming, does it?

      So far, I am leaning in the direction of allowing the Christmas tree. A careful reading of the Jeremiah text seems only to take issue with deliberate pagan worship being involved with the tree..whereas, I think we have merely inherited a "pagan ritual"-free amoral cultural custom. BUT...I'm still working that out a bit!

      Yes, as to the KIA ad...I'm doing that all the time...noticing the signs of occultism. It's all over the place. Another reader here just pointed out they were doing literal satanic rituals at the VMA music awards...and most people had no clue, as they don't know how to recognize satanic signaling and symbolism.

      Thank God for a fellow sojourner. I am always SO encouraged to run into others who are forging their way down the path to heaven. God bless us both as we try to guide our children down the path to life eternal.


  5. I've been observing the comments to this post, checking in from
    time to time. Reading and thinking about the comments made etc.
    The mention of "christmas" got my attention (actually it was the
    "christmas tree"). I myself have no young children at home now
    so the cultural "things", I can easily discard, I know it it not the same for all. Doesn't take but a few hours of good study on
    the subject of "church" history and "christendom" and one will
    find out how things have gotten this way. As we know the Holy
    Scriptures, rightly divided must be the rule. If we take all of the
    Scriptures and let them be applied to all areas of our lives, (I
    know I am sounding preachy here) I do not think there is any
    "wiggle room" for traditions such as christmas or easter etc.
    (I cringe even to type the "e" word.) If someone objects to these
    special days they are thought of as legalistic. The Word mentions
    none of these such things or that a believer should have anything
    to do with them. Most of us have grown up with and live in a place
    where these things are the norm, so we just go along with them.
    I am not try to lay a judgmental trip on anyone, just saying there
    is no Biblical way to justify these things. But, that's easy for me
    to say, I have no young children at home. Reminds me of the verse
    about "keeping himself unspotted from the world" and the verse
    about "even the apearance of evil", we all have to deal with these
    things, some more than others. Is not the problem with the occult
    infiltration, (in places where it should not be) more of a symptom
    of a larger issue of not being separated from this world system. I am stating the obvious. I guess what I am trying to point out is
    to me these so called "special days" are so blatantly godless, yet not to many folks like to point that out. Care to comment?
    Also was wondering your take on the "our gathering together
    unto Him" 2Thes.2:1 and how it fits in the general prophetic scene. I read your intro. and a lot of your book "Wolves". And was
    wondering, if not Pre-Trib, then what is your general take on our
    (or whoever's here) being "snatched out" of this place. Sorry if
    my comment's are off topic or unclear. Going outside the camp.... Heb.13:13

    1. I don't have the final answer on Christmas. I think maybe Romans 14 applies here. If we were all to be come "super extra holy"...I can think of innumerable scenarios that could be viewed as controversial. The world is absolutely filled to the brim with corruption and satanic intrigue.

      For example, I believe the Devil has worked very hard at creating an array of unhealthy, dangerous nutrition, and dangerous, useless, unhealthy medical regimens...and that he has a large number of people in these industries who are dedicated to poisoning, weakening, killing people.

      Should I accept a job at a grocery store when the building is loaded to the ceilings with dangerous unhealthy junk that kills people? All the sodium nitrates, refined sugars, refined carbs, growth hormones in the dairy products, on and on?

      In other words, how far do we go in keeping ourselves separated from the evils of this world? far as possible, I hope. Rom.14 says that each of us must draw our line.

      As to the 2Thess.2 passage--I have an entire chapter on "rapture" related issues. Chapter Ten of my e-book "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing" which is linked at the top of this page. My understanding is the Thessalonians were concerned the "day of the Lord" had already commenced when, in fact, the great falling away (apostasy) must first occur, and the emergence of the Antichrist also. And then only when the "gathering of the elect" has occurred, will God's wrath then come upon the world. This sequence is presented quite clearly in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24.

  6. Hello. Sorry that I have become seemingly inactive... I've been very busy over the past month or so, but have definitely kept your points in consideration. I am contacting you now because I have come across something that has been popping up around where I live: a symbol. I have a picture of it, but I do not know how to show it to you. I am unsure as to whether it has any actual significance, but the circumstances as to its appearance has been somewhat concerning. Please let me know if there is any way you can look into it.

    1. No problem. Nice to hear from you. I have recently begun offering an email address. You can send images that way.


  7. This is really so sad.. I met and even got to sing with Toby way back in the day right before they got picked up with Mylon Lefevre, so I have a real personal interest and sadness in seeing the flag waved to Horus on "Eye On It". With Jay-Z, Beyonce, Gaga, and a slew of others so blatantly supporting and heralding the illuminati Babylonian religion (whether whole heartedly or coerced), and rituals being even carried out publicly at the VMA awards etc. (such as with Pink, Taylor Swift, etc.). If I were still in the music scene I would flee any associations which would even be close to what the world is veering towards. I can't tell you how thankful I am now that I obeyed the Lord in turning away from any music contract back in the early 90's.. I fought we Him for a week over it though. Obedience is a GOOD thing.

    As an artist, former Nuclear Missile Officer, Navy Submariner, Seminary Student, etc. I've had quite a bit of depth and breadth in seeing this ol world and how she ticks. Anyone with an "eye" to see will begin seeing the patterns.. especially when they are so flagrantly flaunted.

    Being above reproach and so aligned with Jesus that we can with everything we have say along with Paul that we consider everything as loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ and Him crucified... and being unashamed of the gospel because it is the power unto salvation and desirous to be seen and known as being crucified with Christ.. identified with Him, not in His glory, but in His utter obedient, humbled, state before both this world and God... To find that His grace is seen and most useful in our weakness (because He is glorified and not ourselves) is such a hard thing to find in this modern Laodicea where everything that is good is being hated as evil and everything which is wicked is being sung as not only good, but preferable.

    I really am grieved.. I went back and watched the "Consumed Me" video and couldn't believe what I was seeing.. there are even 3 sets of 6 people in the ending.. concluding with 3 people on triangle laden bridge watching RA come up. Then I went and started looking at 3rd Day and noticed there first album cover with the old Bus.. if you look at the Bus "face" you'll see one eye covered and the other a sun (albeit cleverly disguised as a Peach from Georgia).

    Sometimes I wish the Lord had not led me on this journey.. I'm not one that goes looking for conspiracies or anything like that, but I am a watchman that prays. "Lord, help all those trapped in the claws of this wickedness.. give them a way of escape! For those who are merely being used and perhaps in their ignorance...wake them up!"

    Brother Chad

    1. Thank God for a fellow Red Pill sojourner. It must be especially painful...having been rather deep into the CCM world? Thanks for the 'heads up' about the "Consumed Me' video and the Third Day symbolism. I'll be interested to check that out.

      By the way, here is an email address available to anyone who vists here-- Yours might be an interesting brain to pick, depending on time constraints.

      I was never looking for diabolical intrigue either. I was a dyed-in-the-wool Reagan Republican Norman-Rockwell fan who held to all the standard FoxNews / Rush Limbaugh viewpoints. It sounds like you may have been more progressive leaning, perhaps? Although...burgeoning rock star mixed with nuclear submariner is a pretty rare hybrid--lol!


    2. Part 1

      I was never really deep into CCM or anything in the "Rock" world, I was just trying to be a faithful steward of my talents and giftings, and you can only see what you can see. Since being saved... and I REALLY was saved (even at a typical country club Christian church), once I met the Lord and the Holy Spirit convicted me and let me hear His voice... I've always tried to follow it. The scary thing is how slick the enemy is at counterfeiting that voice, to my own demise as well.

      I think at times there is a long process for some deciding if they are really going to obey anything the Lord asks or not. Once you choose not to be "crucified with Christ" you fall out of fellowship and begin living in denial which often turns into the Christianity we see today where there is neither love nor spiritual fortitude to fight the enemy.. or even see his ways. Most calling themselves Christians have not yet learned that obedience was the spiritual "food" that Jesus often spoke of with his disciples. "To obey is better than sacrifice".

      The mark of a real Christian I've learned is one who is humble, hates the world (sin), and has the fruit of the spirit. I've had to leave the modern grace movements that say "anything goes"... while trying to say that's not what they are saying. Sin is destroying the church from the inside out, we have to get all the leaven out.. this includes music the world may say is "Christian" or may even have "Christian" lyrics.. if the everything about the music does not hate the world and portray in every way the fruit of God's Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness.. etc.) then it is not entirely of or for God.

      The enemy gets in the door through little degrees of variance. He doesn't come in with the big guns blazing, he comes in and makes it look like you are following Jesus, weans many off the true sound of the Holy Spirit's voice (which is always aligned with God's Word) and like the good book says the end times will be.. "Many will fall away because they did not cultivate a love of the truth".

      I was always baffled in Seminary when bands claiming to be of Christ would come and then not join us in prayer, fellowship, or evangelizing to the kids.. I had the chance to meet and rub shoulders with many A-listers in the CCM scene and my only conclusion was that they may have loved the Lord in some ways but were very married to the world in others.. dangerous place. The saddest thing is watching from afar as they change.. I had the opportunity to hang with Rebecca St. James on a plane flight back from Hawaii about 11 years ago. She read her Bible almost the entire flight, and her family was just lovely.. but the "spirit" of her videos, articles, and even sound in her voice has begun to really change... for the first time in my life I believe that anything mainstream will in some way have to compromise, trade diomands for clay, trade a truth for a lie.

      I don't know where these men and woman really are at with the Lord, only He knows, but we are called to judge or assess to see if those that say they are of God, really are. God could not have be pleased with the church in Revelations that ferreted out the false prophets if that church had followed this movement that says we are not to "judge". We are called to see if wickedness and sin are creeping in... we are called to have hearts that hunger for purity. We are also called to love the world... but the world is not supposed to stay "the world" in the church.. they are to marry Christ and change their names!

      Sorry for such a long discourse, don't know where all that came from.. :)

    3. I wonder if Rebecca St.James has more or less been drawn into Michael Smith's orbit? I agree, there seems to be a creeping influence over the years that draws these musicians in. As a pop culture observer, I've noticed how hard they seem to be working on Carrie Underwood, as one example.

  8. Part 2

    As to political winds... Ron Paul was the last hope our nation had of potentially electing someone who might have followed the Constitution and brought us back to a measure of lawful rule. But as lawlessness increases so will the "itching ears" with a taste for it. I personally think both parties are on the same teams behind closed doors on many of the things that they declare publicly separate them. Media is the same, Fox News is supposedly the conservative voice and yet Fox's movie company produces the most morally decrepit films... of course if someone is discerning "Fair and Balanced" is the mantra of the masonic. Create apposing elements that keep people juggling between the two instead of seeing what is really going on. I have also found that most people who watch or listen to the dogma of any News source really don't go out and change much.. their consciences are alleviated by watching the news or getting caught up in the fervor of whatever that news source is spewing.

    America needs the Lord to send a Jonah, if she has good soil she will repent. If not, may the Lord lead my family out like Lots!

    So anyway, don't know what I would call myself. I love the Lord with all my heart, have a prophetic and pastoral calling, am a musician, artist, father, and husband, but one thing I am and that is a lover of Truth.. which can only be seen through real revelation through God's Grace... Lord pour out your grace to give us eyes to see and hearts to change!

    Brother Chad

    1. Yes, at this point I've signed up for the "Lot" plan. Ron Paul lost me when he refused to expose 9/11. I guess some felt he could never survive politically if he did.

      It sounds like you and me need to get together and start a church! I can barely stand the Ken-and-Barbie pretend church non sense that goes on.

    2. I have been researching and reading so much. I am on a mission to find truth and the right path to lead my family. I have been noticing for years the downgrade of all TV programming and music. Unfortunately, my children are very into all of it. I thought I was leading my children into something good by introducing them to CCM - including Toby Mac. Now my son, 12, is pushing away from me because I'm taking away everything he enjoys. It's hard to know where to go or how to lead them. I am desperately searching for a church to attend in Michigan. I had just started going to a non-denominational church and was touched by service, but after further study and reading many articles, and reading over their message of "unconditional love" and everyone is welcome (which at the time, I thought was beautiful) I've come to realize this is not a church I should be raising my children.

      I really wish I had a group of friends/confidents, such as yourself, Matt TwoFour and Brother Chad. I pray that I find that where I live. Blessings to you and thank you for your research and insight. I will continue to pay attention to these new things.

      Just to add, I had been practicing yoga for the past 4 years. I struggled with whether it was disrespect to God, but I found lots of people who encouraged me by saying, you're just using it as exercise. I went to yoga more than church. I was addicted to it. I'm sure you know how popular it has become. Well, after reading your "wolves in sheep's clothing", I realized I needed to get on the right path and I stopped a few weeks ago. I know, without a doubt that it was the right thing to do, though I miss it. I will not go back. I was lead to your site for a reason. Thank you.

  9. Hi Matt. I just recently came across TobyMac's song that has the verse "Illuminati comin' through" and I was immediately alarmed. In my alarm I Googled whether he was an Illuminati member and I came across your blog. Well, since I found it I have not been able to stop reading. Many of the things you mention I already had an awareness of before but I'm getting a much more in depth understanding of the threats that surround us. Your blog is incredibly interesting and helpful and I am grateful I came across it.

    I do have a question. My knowledge of occult symbols does not go very far, I was wondering if there is any place on the web that you're aware of that has a...lets say "tutorial" of how to identify occult symbols when you see them? Maybe a site that reveals some of the secrets of identifying symbols, how and where they're hidden, things like that?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Certainly, you can google around the net and begin to see information. I have tried to provide a kind of tutorial which serves the particular purpose of identifying these "wolves" in the my e-book "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing". Chapters 1,2 and 11 in particular...with 13,14 for additional reading. There is a link to the e-book at the top of this page. Thanks again.

    2. Thanks for the reply to my comments and questions the other day, on the christmas issue. Romans 14 was a passage I had considered also, that might apply. Each of us will all have to make choices on these matters, I realize on some issues there will be differences. I will go back and re-read chapter 10 of your book about the end-time scenario item. Thanks again!
      There seems to be a few of us who are going "outside the camp" and "within the veil", Looking unto Jesus... A small, but hopefully growing number of the OTC-WTV'rs (outside the camp-within the veil'rs) taking the narrow way as things look like they are gonna get darker and heavier before He comes.
      lets keep on praying and encourage one another as we watch and wait.

  10. Hi - I see occult stuff all around too - clothing with clear focus on death ( skulls, crossbones, demonic stuf). Certain occult messages being sent out via all kinds of organizations - the name of God - I AM - being promoted as a slogan to be repeated, while people are told to believe that we are all gods or part of God. I saw the occult eye on the band skillet's awake album and they were a band that played at Life Light Christian festival in South Dakota. I did try to ask this question on a post but not sure if it went through - on one of your other blog spots you say that you think Lighthouse trails web site is a false discernment site because of issues with Roger Oakland as one who is involved with Chuck Missler. Just wondering why there is no warning about that Lighthouse trail site on your list of links - otherwise people will think that you find that site fairly reliable.

    1. I support LightHouseTrails. That's why I have a link at the top of this page. (?) I don't have any other blog. I have an e-book. It's very possible I don't agree with everything at their site. I do like how they expose the "Emergent Church" and "Contemplative Prayer". I checked their site and they don't seem to believe in "PreTrib"...which I'm hugely opposed to.

      They don't seem to understand the Olivet Discourse very well, by my reckoning: They apparently endorse the usual Evangelical mainstream version of the "eternal security" doctrine...seemingly without factoring in the careful stipulations of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse.

    2. Ok sorry I was confused by another blog where you had written but it was not you who wrote about lighthouse trails. it was "Bible Believer", who believes they are a false discernment site because of their tie to Roger Oakland and his ties to Chuck Missler.
      I do believe Lths is revealing the false teaching of contemplative and emergent stuff. But it is concerning that Lighthouse seems to have some very disguised symbols on their site and a hypnotic animated light to click on to their book selling page. The lighthouse images seem phallic and the beam of the lighthouse does seem to hit a faintly outlined pyramid just cut off at the top by the page. Their books also have They do seem to be pre trib in general in their books but not militantly so.

    3. Personally, I've never viewed lighthouses as 'phallic'. Their design is based purely on utility. Church steeples are another thing. I suspect satanic influence in church architecture throughout history.

      I don't know about the Oakland/Missler connection. If you guys would show areas of doctrinal agreement or show cooperation between the two in ecumenical functions...that would be interesting. I have had very little awareness of Oakland. The Lighthouse website is not his...although I see he is featured prominently. I have never viewed Missler as anything other than hugely duped. I could be wrong though.

  11. I want to say a few things. First according to a couple of people on youtube the lll m i song that toby mac sung was a cover. Apparently he did not write that song. Soul Junk did. Seconf wether Toby is satanic or not he is still mt favorite singer and his music is amazing. If you are willing to over look a few words that are according to the writer of this blog are satanic.All his songs are legit christian songs. Third, I dont think the writer of this blog is being fair. It seems like he is taking any little thing and twisting it to make it look like its satanic. Like a hat that is pulled over an eye or the shape or position of his hands. Its like he goes looking for stuff to call satanic. The "lions paw" thing he was talking how is that a lions paw? It is a hand acroos his belly!How is that satanic?! I bet if i gave him a picture of a tree he would find something satanic about it.

    1. @Anonymous September 28, 2012 12:15 AM:
      "Seconf wether Toby is satanic or not he is still mt favorite singer and his music is amazing...If you are willing to over look a few words that are satanic"
      1. I must shamefully admit that I was a satanist for years(now a fully converted Christian), so I have a bit of hands on knowledge I feel compelled to share: I quoted your comment above to point out that your choice of words are akin to playing with fire. You probably don't realize it but by acknowledging that you would still listen to Tobymac's music even if he IS satanic(I am fairly certain he is, too,btw)you are offering yourself as a host to the dark spirits, and they can readily invoke themselves and utilize you as a willing vessel. .(Non-Occultists would panic if they knew that Demonic possessions are actually highly common, and often go undetected in males). (A great example: The Dark Knight theatre shooter James Holmes-CLEARLY possessed).
      2. The writer of this blog is not being "unfair" or twisting anything to look Satanic at all. He is doing what's righteous: exposing Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. Satanists are the ones that do the deceiving since most of them want to conceal their identities because they acknowledge practicing evil. In fact, the word "Occult" comes from the Latin "Occultus",meaning "hidden".
      3. The covering of one eye (Eye of Horus)IS rooted in ancient Egyptian paganism.. It is also referred to as : Eye of Ra,Third Eye,All-Seeing Eye,Evil Eye. It's generally presented atop a pyramid(like on the back of the Dollar bill). Its purpose is subliminal mind control:intimidation borne of repeated, subtle exposure of the eye to induce a feeling of being "watched". This is the most popular and heavily used symbol.(btw, the dollar bill is fraught w/Masonic/NWO symbolism,ask if you are interested)

      4. The Lion's Paw-the author is correct. This is clearly a presentation of the Masonic Lion's Paw-Masons may join with good intentions but are corrupted at induction. MASONS ARE SATAN WORSHIPPERS, and have MASTERED the presentation of wolves in sheep's clothing through "community service". (Boy Scouts are run by them. The kids involved are NOT led by good people, remove your son at once if he is participating!)

      Why does Toby use all these evil symbols? Simple-
      he does this to covertly communicate (to other Occultists)his allegiance to the Satanic Movement.

      **I do not personally know the author of this blog, but I believe he is providing a valuable public service by exposing these wolves and I commend him for it.**
      "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

      Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
      ~Matthew 7:13-14 (KJV)
      "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
      ~John 3:16 (KJV)

    2. Thanks so much for the supportive comments and insights. Interesting point about there being much more 'demon possession' going on then some realize. With regard to the Dark Knight shooter, I'd heard so much about CIA MK Ultra "mind control" as opposed to "possession". Do you suppose both aspects are playing a role? Did you ever encounter the "split personality" phenomenon when you were among occultists?

    3. Absolutely. Mind control is essentially demonic possession, though there are many levels of it. (The common denominator of all the "Mind Control", "Illuminati", "Mason","NWO" publicity is the satanic movement.) I believe it all to be collectively, the other side of the same coin. Different demons(fallen angels) indeed have different personalities,capabilities,etc., still they are evil. The devil,being the cowardly deceiver he is, distracts using the sleight of hand approach. He preys on those who seek fame and power and riches, because he can give them that, at least for the short, mortal time on earth...but at the price of your soul, literally. It is easy to get lured into the deception that by loyalty to the enemy(satan) one can escape hell or gain rank to avoid the almighty God's eternal judgement. This is a deadly mistake: satan exists in this worldly domain SOLELY for the purpose of dragging as many souls as he can away from Salvation,which is found ONLY through Jesus Christ. satan is simply using his followers, and delights in tormenting them in Hell. I pray that those still blinded by the occult rebuke satan, realize the error of their ways and know that if you humbly come to Jesus Christ with a heart full of SINCERE repentence,and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, ask Him to forgive you and write your name in the book of life.

      "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." ~Revelation 20:15 KJV

      "Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin." ~Romans 4:7-8 KJV

      Okay, I will get

    4. ... off my soapbox. I hope more of what I call: "accidental" occultists, who are blinded and naive, and are occultists mostly by default than will, (as I once was), will find the narrow gate of Salvation.

    5. I think you make some good points. I like the way the way you put it--that the Devil is trying to drag people to Hell. The average church-goer thinks there's no chance of this. I certainly believe "once saved, always saved"...but who determines if any given individual was saved TO BEGIN WITH?? That's the $64,000 trick question. Only God knows whose childhood prayer or crusade prayer (or whichever prayer) will turn out to have been the real deal.

      99% of conservative church-goers think that because they said a prayer at Vacation Bible School when they were six...that they're a shoo-in for the Pearly Gates. But Jesus has warned "only those who stand fast for the faith UNTIL THE END will be saved" (Matthew 24:13). I've heard a lot of comments about departed loved ones over the years, along these lines:

      "Do you think Bob made it to heaven? After all, he was a member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club and did a ton of dope-dealing during his last few decades. Oh but wait--he prayed a prayer at a crusade when he was 12. I'm sure he's playing a harp right now."

      Don't count on it. Lots of spiritually lazy "Christians" out there, swearing a blue streak all week long at work...laughing at all the dirty jokes...a handful of semi-'road rage' incidents per week...lots of lust, anger and bitterness...and they all just assume heaven is a foregone conclusion.

      The Book of James declares that a true and 'saving' faith produces a change...produces sanctified behavior. Whoops--now it's my turn to get off the soapbox!

    6. I completely agree. I also worry about the Christians who misinterpret the 6th Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill". The Constitution reciting Christians that stock up on ammo to avoid the Mark of the Beast. I find this to be flawed judgement. We are NOT to interpret the Commandments, we are only to honor them. I do not think we should lay down and give up, of course we should try to survive but if push comes to shove, I refuse to take the life of those that seek to harm me, even if it leads to freedom. They can take my belongings,my freedom, even my life, but they can NEVER take my soul. I prefer to lay down my life for Jesus Christ than stand judgement before God with blood on my hands.

    7.'re opening up an interesting can of worms. A whole tangent unto itself. I'm not 100% sure what my position is there.

      I'll say this: If I'm walking down a sidewalk with my daughter and an assailant comes at us with a baseball bat all of a sudden...and in the ensuing death struggle, I bring the assailant down, he cracks his head on the sidewalk and dies...or even if my defensive blows cause a deadly head injury...have I done wrong in defending life and limb and my daughter?

      God ordained many deadly military actions (for the Israelites) long after stipulating the sixth commandment, and while I believe no one in the modern day can claim God has directly "sanctioned" any particular instance of defensive violence, I wonder if simple Bible-based common sense would allow for (truly legitimate) self defense? Don't know that I have the complete answer for that. Like I said--it's an entire tangent unto itself!

    8. It's funny you mention that, my sister calls me Tangent Queen!

      Back to Wolves in Sheep's clothing, I'd like to get your opinion on a CCM group that I heard that seems full of of the Holy Spirit, but when I checked them out online(their album cover) I felt my heart drop. The song is called "Where I Belong", the Group is Building 429. I identify with the song and enjoy it, but I am also aware of how tricky the Apostate movement is. My ears hear the song and approve, but upon examining the album cover art and the eyes of the band member, discernment strikes. Just wanted to get another opinion, it seems you have excellent discernment.

    9. Hey, I don't mind tangents. If you have more thoughts on the matter, feel free!

      The Building 429 song you point out has a pretty clear Christian message ("Take this world and give me Jesus. This is not where I belong.")

      I read through 14 or 15 of their songs. Most of their songs follow the current trend of 'edgy' abstractness, where there is no mention of Jesus or other clear-cut references...BUT there were a few that had a rather explicit Gospel message:

      ALL YOU ASK OF ME -- "There on Calvary You took the nail and thought of me. You bore the shame of fallen man. There on Calvary You paid my debt and set me free. And now I'm free to live again

      CRYING OUT -- "...well one thing You came and died, And one thing that we can't deny, That Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life"

      Honorable mention for "Fearless" lyrics...pretty clear Gospel message, but again, no actual mention of Jesus.

      Yes, there seem to be some at least inadvertent occult shapes...but I don't know. There CERTAINLY are any number of Christian bands who don't realize the significance of their CD cover designs or website design...OR that there may be bad guys in the CCM world who arrange for these designs and symbols to be placed on CD covers.

      When Building 429 is explicitly standing up for the Gospel message, that's a good sign. But for people like you and me who have taken the proverbial Red Pill (a Matrix movie reference)...they probably come up short in terms of their discernment of the apostasy trends and end times scenarios. Nobody in the top tier of mainstream Evangelicalism seems to have a clue about the occultism behind "contemplative prayer"...nor about any of the geopolitical trends that have the fingerprints of the Antichrist (or Antichrist movement, more exactly) all over them...nor any awareness of the Great Apostasy plot described by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse.

    10. Yes, I am certainly a red pill-er. I have been called "paranoid" by many fellow Christians, including my best friend--whose favorite singer is ,ironically, Tobymac-I STILL cannot get her to let go of Tobymac, even after showing her my Facebook post where I asked him what his favorite Bible verse is and he responded..'So many......Matthew 6:22-23 are pretty high up'...I opened my KJV Holy Bible and looked up those verses and nearly fell out of my chair! It reads:
      22 "The light of the body is the eye:if therefore thine eye be single,thy whole body shall be full of light.
      23 But if thine eye be evil,thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great IS that darkness!" (Note: "IS" is lowercase and italicized in my Bible, the caps I added).

      I may be fairly young at 32 yrs. old, but I wasn't born yesterday. There's no way to misinterpret that. Toby mac is all wolf.

    11. He seems to be pretty much bragging about the darkness. Chilling.

    12. That's pretty much what I interpreted from Toby's comment too, as it actually DID give me goosebumps after I first looked up those verses!

      Matt would you be willing to do a write up on Scott Stapp of the band Creed? He just released a book called "Sinner's Creed". I believe he truly wanted to release music as a Christian rock band (which is impossible to do under the big record labels) especially after reading his lyrics from songs like, "My Own Prison","Six Feet from the Edge", and others, but was influenced to sell out(sell his soul in exchange for a music contract) for fame. He seems to regret it and that's probably why he allegedly attempted suicide recently but was "saved" by his "guardian angel": rapper T.I. I'd really appreciate your opinion on this. (By the way my name is Elise, figured I'd let you know so you'd know it was the same "Anonymous" in case I post elsewhere on your blog.)Thanks!

    13. Didn't quite know what you meant by "write up". I see no clear-cut symbolism on his CD covers. I don't really look for these covert wolves too much any more...unless one plops on my lap. The other day, a reader sent some very interesting info about TV actor, Kirk Cameron and his sidekick, Ray Comfort...which I'll probably add to my next blog article.

      Stapp was a little disappointing for me. He hadn't been famous for five minutes...when he divorced his young wife. This was a few years back. I lost interest at that far as his Christian leadership potential. Now you tell me there's been a recent suicide attempt. I don't think Christian people should be looking to Stapp for leadership or role modeling. Whether or not they like his music is a separate issue.

    14. Thanks for the insight on Stapp. I wasn't aware that he was so lackadaisical about marriage. I enjoyed his music when I was younger and I always wondered if he was Christian. Oh well.

      Interesting that you bring up Kirk Cameron, he has been on the back burner of my thoughts since I saw his documentary: "Monumental". When I bought that DVD I was hoping it would help answer some questions that plagued me about our forefathers and the Pilgrims and what The U.S. really stood for when it was created, rather than accepting the distorted half-truths presented as American History in public school. I am still in search of the truth. For me, "Monumental" had an overall positive message,which was initially uplifting, but overall it only served to confuse me even more because the monument they left us(which was explained to be their 'formula' or 'map' of creating this free and prosperous nation that we could use to get back on track if we were corrupted or fell under tyranny) is fraught with symbolism that is blatantly ambiguous. Have you seen this movie? ~Elise

  12. trolling for the win... the writer of this blog gets several little blurbs like this... And he states over and over again that he is not always dogmatic... he works on principales of coincidences. when satanic things happen over and over again, it makes more sense that there is a reason behind it in most cases than just ignorant advertising. if you look around his blog and his book long enough, it makes alot more sense than just reading one article on a performer and screaming hoax. try to back up your arguments with evidence instead of opinion. he seems to like that. lol.

  13. Quoting "Anonymous" above (September 28, 2012 12:15 AM):

    "...wether Toby is satanic or not he is still mt favorite singer..."

    We certainly live in sad times, don't we? I suppose it is to be expected, as I believe we are very near to the return of the King.

    But can anyone imagine in a million years that someone back in the old days would have said “whether Keith Green is satanic or not, he is still my favorite singer” or “whether Rich Mullins is satanic or not, he is still my favorite singer” or “whether 2nd Chapter of Acts is satanic or not, they’re still my favorite singers” ?? This is the umpteenth quasi-satanic Toby Mac fan to visit my little blog. I've had to delete a number of them.

    Let’s be clear—Toby Mac fans…are a product of Toby Mac. When the lyrics from all your songs are utterly amoral and pointless...absolutely Gospel-less and Bible-less...when you have zero doctrinal positions…no distinctly biblical beliefs for which you take a stand...a sloppy all-inclusive pro-“diversity” (code for the New World Order) philosophy that says “lay aside your beliefs and just sing KumBaYah along with Toby”….THIS is what you end up with: “Fans” who don’t care if your satanic.

    1. I am not quite following you and I have no idea who all those people are.

    2. The feigning of ignorance is a little silly, I think. You could 'google' for these CCM artists of years past, in 32 seconds.

      And "don't quite follow" me--lol? You said you don't care if Christian artists are satanic. Maybe you're "not quite following" yourself, perhaps?

      And to the other "anonymous" with the comment about "trolling"...thanks for the supportive remarks!

  14. Do you not know what that means? It means I do not understand your comeback. And what do you mean by feigning ignorance? And yes I do care if artists are satanic. I was shocked to read your blog post I was tossing and turning at night for the lasat week because the thought of my favorite artist being satanic. Thats all I would think about at school for the last week. I was saying wether he is satanic or not I still love his music. Oh and I am only 13 so al lot of those comeb acks you said I did not understand.

    1. I guess I don't understand you then. NOW you are saying you are "shocked" by my research information. But in your first comments you were rejecting and ridiculing my information. If you reject my info and find it worthy of could you be "shocked" by it? Makes no sense.

      I do get a lot of "trolls" (terrible word which I hate to use) visiting here so..whether you're 13 or not, I don't know. Personally, if I suspected someone of being "satanic" I wouldn't be listening to their music. I used to like some of Michael W. Smith's music...but don't want to hear one single note of his music after seeing all his indications of satanic allegiance.

      I have a strong allegiance to the Lord Jesus who I believe died for me. If there's a "wolf" out there (presumably Toby Mac) who is trying to lure young people to Hell...for me, that makes his music stink to the high heavens.

    2. If you're actually 13 and have some sincere questions...let me know. I'd be happy to discuss anything. You just initially came across as ridiculing...making a comment about how I could see something satanic in the picture of a tree.

  15. HAV U Even listned to any of his music? listen to "forgiveness" or "steal my show" "speaklife" " lose my soul" "city on our knees". some of the best music ive ever heard in my short life. Even "Jesus freak" and " made for me" "made to love". If you dont like those songs I think your ears are broken.

    1. And why would I fake being 13? It snot like it makes me smarter and if anything it would make me sound less smart.

    2. Why would you fake being 13, you ask? I give up. Why would you? Including your recent comments, you've now made a couple of mocking and sneering remarks. Mocking and lying are close cousins, truth be told.

      I've long since read all the lyrics of the songs you mention, along with dozens of other Mac songs, and including every song on his latest CD.

      To be blunt, the songs are completely useless in terms of the Gospel. His lyrics are Gospel-less. There isn't the slightest chance anyone will ever come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus from any of Mac's songs. Not a chance.

      And then there are all the satanic symbols and signals coming from Mac...on his CD covers and published photos and websites.

      You have to understand the "apostasy plot" as described by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) order to understand how all these wolves can act "Christian" and use all kinds of Christian lingo in their sermons and songs. Toby's lyrics are nothing BUT "Christian-ese"...Christian insider lingo.

    3. It seems the only thing you do is read the lyrics. Listen to the songs!they are awsome! It seems like you are only concerned in being able to turn people to god. What do you know about that?

    4. Where do you get the idea I haven't listened to his music? I've listened to his music. I don't like his songs at all. We don't all like the same style of music. That's just the way it is!

      And you ask about "turning people to God". Yes, I'm funny that way. And...what do I know about it, you ask further?

      John 3:16--"For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life".

      Two choices-- 1) everlasting life or 2) everlasting "perishing"...a continual state of utter ruination caused by God's fiery judgment.

  16. "Very, very interesting and enlightening exchanges. I was certainly encouraged that almost 1 out of 10 comments expressed actual concern about Mac's "Eye On It" CD with the satanic symbolism! These were concerns being expressed directly to Toby Mac right on his own Facebook page. Awesome!" Are you happy that people are calling him satanic? Are you happy that there is a possibility that he is satanic?

    1. No, I was "encouraged" that a number of people were recognizing the satanic symbolism, and I was encouraged that they were able to confront Toby Mac about this satanic symbolism right there on his own Facebook page.

      How could a Christian be "happy" that someone is satanic? Christians want people to become Christian...not satanic. I can barely believe that is a serious question. Seems more like deliberate unpleasantness, verging on dishonest and false accusation, quite frankly.

  17. Toby looks like some metrosexual hipster anyway. Just like all of those emergent church types. Too cool for school. It is best just to avoid all of these idiots. CCM is full of the occult and homosexuals. It all connects back to worldly music anyway. And yes, it would not surprise me if the lot of them are filthy satanists. They have most certainly infiltrated the church.

  18. You really need an email.

    Since I have to post in comments. I will say that one should be careful of Alex Jones. He could possibly be a disinformation agent. Google it. Also, look for the relationship with Jones and Bill Cooper.

    2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    1. FYI -- That "wayoflife" website you link to is PreTrib...which is a HUGE and tragic error in my view. Anyway...yes, the theories about Alex Jones have been around for a long time. In the meantime, he provides a lot of good information. But as I've said before, maybe he WILL turn out to be a disinfo agent ultimately:

      When the Antichrist explodes onto the world scene, Jones may be one of those who encourages folks to surrender and accept the mark of the beast ("hey we did the best we could--time to cut our losses" or something like that)...instead of holding fast to the faith until the return of the King.

      But the specific claims I've seen around the Web regarding Jones' possible "disinfo agent" status are woefully lacking in corroborative evidence and very long on mere assertions. Nevertheless, I'm 'all ears' if someone were to come along with any interesting evidence.

      Folks have pointed out his own media platform has been provided by card-carrying members of the "powers that be" cabal. Yes, that IS interesting. But the Cabal seemingly enjoys having a small sliver of us who recognize and closely observe their comings and goings. They like having a small "appreciative" gallery...and Jones' websites, news programs and videos provide that gallery.

    2. "FYI -- That "wayoflife" website you link to is PreTrib...which is a HUGE and tragic error in my view."

      So? Do you have to agree with everything a website says in order to get good information from them? I am pretrib and yet I read your stuff. That website has a lot of good info.

      As far as Jones, everybody can make up their own mind, but I don't bother with him.

    3. You ask if I have to agree with everything a website says in order to get good information from them? Answer: No...and that's why I utilize Alex Jones websites...disinfo agent or not.

      I don't believe one has to "agree with everything" on a particular website. That's precisely what I don't do.

      But that's why I mentioned that website's PreTrib position: You seemed to hold the opposite position...that even if Jones has some good info, you're nevertheless rejecting the whole website.

      I just found it a bit interesting that you were citing a website with (what I consider to be) HUGE error...yet recommending the rejection of Jones' sites. But I didn't know you were PreTrib. Whoops.

      I must say...not many people read through my thesis and remain PreTrib. Did you see all the info in my Ch.14, on the world's #1 PreTrib promoter, Tim LaHaye, as one example? I don't know how anyone can fail to realize PreTrib has been a major windfall for the Illuminati. All the top suspected wolves are PreTrib. Every single one.

    4. By the way, feel free to point to any web sites about Alex Jones. Thanks.

    5. Hi Matt-
      This christian radio station in my area continues to promote an upcoming eye on it toby mack sickens me when I hear it...even giving out free CD's.....I have thought about informing them about him...what do you think I should say and do you think it is a good idea? appreciate your input

    6. Best bet is to find the email address of a specific individual at the radio station, maybe a step or two down the ladder...a short email with images of his "Eye On It" CD cover...and maybe also an image of the previous 'eye' CD cover with DC Talk (from about ten years ago). Explain that these are satanic symbols and link them maybe to Ch.1 of my "Wolves" e-book...and to my original blog article about Toby, entitled "Toby Mac and Third Day".

      Emphasize that they should do some preparatory reading such as I suggest at the opening of that Toby Mac article.

      Problem is...there aren't many folks left like you and me who sit down and actually take the time to carefully read through and study a given topic. The world (i.e. the Devil) has conditioned people into dependency on 'sound bytes'. It's like a nationwide epidemic of ADD. It keeps people very nicely uninformed..."fat, dumb, and happy".

      If you manage to find a younger, more idealistic person at the station and one who takes the time to read and research, you might break through. Otherwise, the odds are slim.

      If you get no response, you can also work your way up the chain of command, sending additional emails to folks like the asst. manager and the manager.

      What Gideon-like followers such as yourself are up against is what I would call "Gideon's math". Gideon had an original following of 32,000 but only 300 had the spiritual wakefulness to endure to the end. That's less than 1%.

    7. You want a explanation?
      Well frankly, there is none.
      The presence of an eye is not itself an satanic symbol, nor is the presence of a triangle or pyramid. Put them together, then yes. But there is no evidence, of this.

      Secondly, I believe that a person's faith is not the same as their music.

      Thirdly, I've looked at other sites, that just simply attack other people, renowned Christians of them being associated with the occult. It is just pointless.

      Fourthly, it is hypocritical of referring to the symbolism pointing to Jesus' return. When clearly there is none. (a lot of Jayson Evans comments too.)

      Fifthly, it is disappointing, that we as Christians have to tear up other people. Because, this is what this blog has turned into.

      6. Have you examined the other evidence? i.e. interviews, lyrics of all their songs.

      7. There is a thing called bias.

      8. There is also a thing called misuse of scripture.

      9. Also, you still haven't answered my question above...
      "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Matthew 7:3

      If you are not right with Jesus, as this blog doesn't help to prove, then it is not your right to being telling off.

      If you are, then you wasting your time. There is no gospel message in this. Is this what God called you to do? To tear down other people (regardless whether they are Christians or not)

      just wait running out of space...

  19. continued...
    10. - you should watch it.
    11. Also, I have listened to a lot more tobyMac songs then you have. So I would able to know if there was such problem.
    12. I first looked at your site, it raised alarm bells, but then I examined the non-Biblical evidence you have provided, and it doesn't seem to correspond.
    13. I believe the intended messages of such songs are warped by character due to pride. For tobyMac, Third Day and the others mentioned the problem is pride, not satanism.
    14. I will explain what I meant in point no. 8 above.

    A lot of people, false teachers included, sometimes unintentionally misuse scripture for their own personal gain. For example Matthew 6:22-23 you quoted earlier, was rather manipulated into a verse to attack the credentials of these artists.

    15. Quoting someone from earlier:
    " about completely twisting everything so you can suit your "drive fear into people" drivel. I find it interesting that in your pursuit of knocking a Christian man, you do not once refer to the Bible. NOT ONE TIME. Kind of concerning you'd spend so much time blasting Christian men about supposed symbols...yet never point anyone to Scripture, [and even if you did, Scripture can be manipulated to suit one's objective]"

    May I also add I edited it with []
    15. Yes the link above, was probably the testimony referenced to by someone else earlier, but I think you need to watch it again.

    still running out of space, please wait...

    1. To "Anonymous" above (Oct. 20,2012 11:43pm):

      You wrote:
      "A lot of people, false teachers included, sometimes unintentionally misuse scripture for their own personal gain. For example Matthew 6:22-23 you quoted earlier, was rather manipulated into a verse to attack the credentials of these artists."

      Matt TwoFour never quoted Matthew 6:22-23...I did-- on Oct. 9,2012 @ 6:23a.m.. If you read my post it explains that I asked Toby via Facebook what his favorite Bible verse is and his reply.
      Please read through the comments and you'll see that Matt did not even bring up those verses to begin with; I did. -Elise.

  20. 16. continued...
    Compare the image of the Eye of Horus with an eye, it is not the same.
    17. The eye on the cover on your most noted example, and most controversial on the Eye On It cover is:
    a. part of the marketing of the music
    b. represents the eye in numerous passages, which you have misquoted. But most important it represents the two eyes which we run the race with, and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus with (Heb 12.1-2)
    18. May I recommend terminating this blog.

  21. My friend...if it is wrong to "attack" other Christians, then why are you attacking other Christians (ME, in this case)??

    You make this erroneous assertion that a stand-alone "eye" is not an occult symbol...when, in fact, I provided numerous examples in the blog article directly above. Did you not read the article??

    Your assertions are without citation or support. By contrast, my report of the "eye" as a stand-alone occult symbol is backed by point-blank evidence in the article above. (?)

    You say things which make no sense to me-- "a person's faith is not the same as their music". I have NO idea what that means. (?)

    You say there is "a thing called bias" and "a thing called misuse of scripture". OK...and what does that have to do with me? By the way, every single person on the face of the earth has a "bias". We all start off with "presuppositions". It's unavoidable.

    You say I haven't answered your question about specks and logs. How about you answer it first? YOU're the one pointing out the speck in my eye. No hard feelings here---just the way I'm seeing it.

    You say you hate to see people "tearing up" other people. That's good. So then, stop tearing up other people. Follow your own advice, no?

    Meanwhile, my message is simple: Toby has been presenting satanic symbols and signals over a period of decades. At the least, he is aware of the controversy and knows it is an "appearance of evil" to present 5000 year old satanic symbols. He will NOT cease from these appearances of satanic allegiance. And so I tell others to be careful.

    There ARE wolves in the flock according to the warnings of Scripture. When you "tear apart" those who seek to warn regarding potential "tear apart" the Scriptures themselves.

    If you don't like the names on my "suspect list"...have YOU spotted any of these wolves?? What?! Not a single one?!

    If a famous CCM artist flashing occult symbols is not enough to justify my warnings and I have therefore committed grievous wrong...just what IS proper basis for concern and alarm?? Should we wait until a CCM artist performs actual satanic rituals onstage, sacrificing a goat during a concert, or something?

    1. Yes, I've seen Mac's "testimony". I've never said a satanist (if that's what Toby is) can't mention "Jesus". Many "wolves" cough up quite explicit "Christian testimonies". Yes, Toby mentions Jesus on the rarest of occasions.

      But the whole "hey, Toby mentions Jesus every 250 years, so he MUST be Christian" argument is so bizarre to me. It's like a guy who has flashed a Nazi "Sieg Heil" salute over and over but then somebody says "but hey, he CLAIMS he's anti-Nazi". Uh, does that mean he's Nazi or anti-Nazi? To me the act of saluting Hitler (or Satan, in Toby's case) speaks louder than mere words, mere lip service.

      Would a genuine Christian flash signals of satanic allegiance? Answer: Absolutely not.

      Would a genuine satanist make false claims of Christian faith if it served their deceptive purposes? Answer: Of course they would.

      Therefore, I'm not understanding the lack of common sense from people like yourself.

      FWIW, I couldn't help but notice that the meeting (shown on this YouTube) was strangely obscure...came across like some sort of weird "private" secret meeting with only a small group of invitees. Why can't I find a concert video (even a home-made one) where Toby is clearly announcing his allegiance to "my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ"?? He's got 800 billion other YouTube videos out there, yet you absolutely see no other examples of "testimony" from Mac, anywhere,at any time.

      In light of all his various satanic symbol presentations (not just the "eye" thing--did you read my other Toby Mac article?) he really needs to plainly announce Jesus as his Lord, Savior and King on one of his YouTube vids...and he needs to directly repudiate Lucifer and declare him condemned to Hell, certainly if he wants my attention.

      By the way, you report that I "misquote" Bible passages. What are you referring to?

  22. Hi Matt-
    You get all kinds of responses and reactions..lets only hope and pray that these same people willing to defend T.M. will someday be able to defend their faith and Jesus Christ when persecution gets more intense. If God wants these people to know the truth then He will make sure they know it. (It may take severe testing) We just need to be praying and speaking the truth no matter what...I contacted the radio station and they did acknowledge they received my e-mail but they continue to play T.M. I prayed for them and felt peace that I had obeyed my Lord..that is all he wants us to do..."If you love me, you will obey me" It is not my responsibility beyond that point..just prayer. When I hear those songs..I turn the radio off..and pray.

    1. Hey, at least you made the effort. The old Bible verse: "Be not weary in well-doing, for in due time you will reap...". My experience is...maybe 1 out of a 100 who respond. The rest want to remain in their "comfort zone" bubble. God bless you in your life and in your efforts!

  23. You asked for info on Alex Jones, look here:

    That website has a lot of good information, but I disagree with him about certain Bible doctrines. I strongly know that eternal security is true. He is against it for some reason.

    1. Ok, I'll check it out. But I believe I've looked at this site before. Not sure.

      It depends how you define "eternal security", by the way. I, technically, believe in "eternal security" but most who say they believe in this doctrine are actually holding to what I would call "salvation presumption-ism".

      In other words...yes, "once saved, always saved"...but who is to say which of us was "saved" to begin with? Most conservative church-goers in America simply PRESUME they have salvation and that is that. They think that because they prayed a little prayer at Vacation Bible School when they were six...they are now a 'lock' for heaven's gate.

      It doesn't work that way. According to the Bible, we simply do NOT get to presume to have salvation in this absolute and finalized sense, in my understanding. We must strive to "become more sure" of our calling...we must "work out our salvation with fear and trembling"...we must "examine ourselves as to whether we are of the faith".

      This "salvation presumption-ism" is EXACTLY what Jesus is addressing in the Olivet Discourse...Matthew 24 and 25.

      The point is...only God knows which of the six-year-olds (to refer back to my example) who prayed for salvation was the "real deal". One boy prays the prayer and then stays the course. Another boy prays a prayer but falls by the way side somewhere down the line. As Jesus states in the Olivet Discourse "only he who stands firm until the end will be saved".

      I believe this is Jesus way of saying that one person's "prayer" and "faith" was not genuine, TO BEGIN WITH...while another person's faith WILL turn out to be genuine.

      Certainly, anyone who is living a faithful life, anyone who believes they can be counted among "the faithful in Christ Jesus"...ought to have a strong sense of assurance of salvation. Folks who are faithful DESERVE to have a sense of assurance. But we don't get to have ABSOLUTE assurance. That then has become presumption. Very, very dangerous.

      And (as the Bible says) that assurance ought to grow over time, as we demonstrate weeks, months and years of consistent faithfulness.

      But we do NOT get to presume -- "oh, I'm shoo-in for's a done deal". We don't know that 100%. Only God knows that.

      This "salvation presumption-ism" is precisely what the Devil plays on during the execution of the Great Apostasy plot: Millions of Christ-followers, when confronted with the choice between the mark of the beast or the deepest dungeons (or worse)...will say to themselves "hey, I have eternal security -- what's the worst that can happen here -- I can't abandon my children and family to dungeons and starvation, etc."

      And, as Jesus clearly describes in the Olivet Discourse, there'll be an army of well-known Christian leaders who are actually satanic, egging on these believers:

      "That's right--take the mark--it's not really the mark of the beast--it's a government mandated RFID chip to help them govern us--after all, Romans 13 says to obey those in authority."

    2. I am sure of salvation because John 3:16 says to be sure, based on Jesus and what He has done. Not based on me. You'll never be sure based on you, because works can't save (Romans 4:5).

    3. That's right -- works cannot save. But it is also true that "faith without works is dead". Faith without works is a non-saving faith.

      When John 3:16 says "whosoever believeth" must be a GENUINE belief in order to be a saving belief. A genuine belief is a belief that produces works...because that is what the Book of James teaches -- "faith without works...".

      How can each of us as individuals know whether ours is a genuine and saving faith? Well...if we are "faithful in Christ Jesus" we ought to have a significant sense of assurance of salvation...but NOT "absolute" assurance. Only God has 'absolute' knowledge of any matter.

      Theoretically, it is a simple matter to have assurance. In real life, we will stumble into failure and sin. We can certainly invoke 1John 1:9. But during the time we have allowed ourselves to fall into failure...things can become vague and uncertain...and SHOULD become uncertain...because sin is a kind of spiritual insanity, as a matter of fact.

      After all, how long of a failure phase can one go through before doubting or wondering about their assurance? For example, in my youth we had a dynamic church leader (an elder), popular with young people, sought after for counseling, looked to as a 'pillar'. He was an ex-Marine, among other things.

      One day, after more than a decade of faithful service, he left his wife and children, ran off with his secretary from work, and as far as we know, has never repented. During that whole failure long before he should no longer have assurance of faith?

      From all appearances, we now surmise his "faith" was not genuine to begin with. The lesson here: We ALL have to work out our salvation "with fear and trembling" over the course of a lifetime. Certainly, those of us who are faithful can and should experience a significant degree of assurance of salvation.

      But I quote (for a second time) Jesus' plain words, that we do NOT have absolute and 100% automatic assurance: "Only those who endure to the end will be saved".

      That ex-Marine church leader from my church did not "endure".

    4. Why on earth did Jesus not tell this to Nicodemus? Why didn't Paul tell this to the Philippian jailer?

      You have such a heavy-handed view of the lordship salvation error, you have no reason to believe that you are saved. All your assurance is on your works. You didn't even mention the cross. You sound like the Pharisee in the Pharisee vs. the Publican story that Jesus told.

      The Publican said, "have mercy on me, a sinner". The Pharisee talked about all his works.

      Faith without works is dead is not for God's benefit (Romans 4:2-5, which repudiates all you said). Faith without works is dead is to help others, and to have others see our faith (they can't see faith without works). You have salvation and growth, mixed up together.

      By your wrong understanding of the Gospel, you have no reason to believe that you are saved. You might think your works "prove" your faith, but what if you're deceived? Maybe you're not saved.

    5. P.S. "Endure to the end to be saved", is physically saved from antichrist in the context. It doesn't mean saved from hell. It isn't saved from hell just like women saved through childbearing is not saved from hell (1 Timothy 2:15). The word saved doesn't always mean "saved from hell".

    6. It is precisely because OF the context that your interpretation is completely erroneous.

      It states (v.9) that "many of you will be put to death"..and then clearly, because of the ongoing martyrdom, the text immediately follows with "at THAT time [the time of death and martryrdom] many will turn from the faith".

      It is the FAITHFUL who are dying and being martyred...and it is the APOSTATES (those who are abandoning their faith) who are avoiding death at the hands of the Antichrist by striking a deal with the Devil, accepting the mark...but then later going to their doom. Only the faithful "will be saved".

      Talk about missing the context!

      So again...if you look at the context, the apostates are the ones who are saving their hides from the Antichrist...and it is the righteous who stand for the faith, many or most of whom lose their lives.

      In fact, Jesus states clearly at the outset -- it will only be the righteous who are suffering death and persecution. Those who abandon the faith do so precisely to avoid death at the hand of the bad guys.

      I believe you have it exactly backwards. Those who stand for Christ are not destined to AVOID death and persecution...rather they are destined to be RECIPIENTS of persecution.

      2Timothy 3:12 -- "All those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution."

    7. So since I happen live in a place where I'm not persecuted (aside from passing negative remarks and mockings), then I have to seek to be persecuted to death in order to prove to you that I'm saved? Like, shall I move to Iran?

      I'm saved. John 3:16. I have nothing to prove to you.

    8. You're getting a little nonsensical at this point. Jesus says only those who stand fast until the end "will be saved". Your argument is with Jesus.

      Those who abandon the faith are those whose faith was not genuine to begin with. Each of us has to "work out his salvation with fear and trembling"...seeing to it that we are faithful to stay the course, lest it become evident our faith wasn't genuine..wasn't a "saving" faith.

      Again, I don't know what argument you think you are making by simply referring to John 3:16 -- "...whosoever believeth shall be saved...". That's exactly right BUT the 'believing' has to be a genuine believing. It has to be a "believing" that endures to the end.

      Jesus warns many will cease their "believing" and will thus demonstrate theirs was not a genuine faith...NO MATTER how many Sunday School lessons they taught over the matter how many choirs they sang in...etc.

    9. Matthew 24:13 is saving the life against antichrist, not saving the soul. Just like 1 Timothy 2:15 is saving the life, not the soul. John 3:16 is saving the soul. Sozo is used depending on context, in all cases of all these Scriptures. You don't understand context, apparently.

      If you think you need a "special" kind of faith to be in heaven and not hell, a "special" faith that is never defined in Scripture, then you have no reason to believe that you are saved. None at all. Your faith is based on you. My faith is based on Jesus' finished work.

    10. Your interpretation is nonsensical. Jesus had just got through saying that many or most of His followers would suffer persecution and death. Then you claim that 4 or 5 seconds later, He flatly contradicts Himself, saying that His followers WON'T suffer death. does this work? The followers of Jesus who cease following Him are the ones who lose their life JUST AFTER agreeing to cooperate and take the mark of the Beast? Makes no sense. And then the faithful followers ALSO escape death even though they refuse the mark and remain faithful?

      So..every faithful Jesus-follower will escape death (according to your mis-interpretation of Matt.24:13) even though, 5 seconds ago, Jesus had just got through saying His followers WOULD suffer death and persecution? Again, nonsensical.

      To the person who would say "you need to work out your salvation with fear and trembling" would respond with "your faith is based on you". Problem is, the Person who said that was the Living God on the divinely inspired pages of Scripture. Your argument is with the Author of that scripture...not with me.

      Adding works to our faith as the Book of James instructs us to do (and which you are rejecting apparently) is not "salvation by works". Works merely demonstrate that our faith (belief) is genuine.

    11. My interpretation is correct. Yours contradicts Romans 4:2-5.

      But for the sake of argument, answer just one question: How many works will "demonstrate that your faith is genuine"? Since, Abraham was saved back in Genesis 15:6, but didn't do any work until tons of decades later, when he offered up Isaac. But that was in the eyes of man, not God (Romans 4:2).

      So please answer this one question: How many works will "demonstrate that your faith is genuine"? You have no reason to believe that you are saved, since maybe you are deceived about your works. Maybe you are unsaved. You have to consider that possibility, based on your doctrine.

      And "work out your salvation with fear and trembling" isn't working FOR salvation. It is working the possession of salvation into the details of life, because as the next verse says, GOD works in you both to will and do (you conveniently left that verse out, cutting it to try and make your invalid point).

      So please answer that one question: What amount of works will "prove your faith valid"?

    12. My beliefs do NOT contradict I do NOT believe in salvation by works. Your misconstruing of my beliefs is getting a bit obnoxious at this point, no? I believe simply that faith without works is dead. Faith that does not produce works is not a genuine faith.

      Frankly, your technique seems to be to not directly touch on my arguments with so much as a ten foot pole! I just laid out in the simplest terms how your assertions about the Olivet Discourse (that faithful Jesus-followers won't suffer death) is a point-blank contradiction to Jesus' plain words in that text, that many of His followers WILL suffer death...therefore, Jesus' statement five seconds later regarding those who remain faithful (that they will thus be "saved") is a reference to eternal salvation, not a temporal, physical salvation. You've hugely misinterpreted the passage. But again, you're avoiding direct contact with my the plague. Come on now!

      In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus states plainly that most Jesus-followers in the end times will CEASE following Jesus...and it will thus become evident that they weren't the "real deal" to begin with. Consequently, they will split the gates of Hell wide open. It is NOT that they lost their salvation. It's that their faith will turn out not to have been truly genuine.

      I answer your thrice-repeated question by asking another question: How much sinful behavior can you engage in and still call yourself "faithful"? There is no precise answer. That's why we need to work it out with "fear and trembling". If I can be deceived into thinking I'm saved (as hundreds of millions are) then I want to undergo regular self-examination...even, on occasion, with fear and trembling.

      You see, it is (again) a question of whose faith will turn out in the end to have been genuine. In other words (to again counter your question), if somebody prays for salvation at age 6 and seems to follow the Christian path for a couple of decades...then falls away into a life of long before he/we should surmise that his faith wasn't genuine...and wasn't a saving faith?

      I want to be evaluated as "faithful". What is or isn't "faithful" is something that, many times, I have to "work out" in my own heart "with fear and trembling".

      Your explanation for that scripture makes no sense, by the way. There would be no need for literal "fear and trembling" if it only meant that the salvation status of any given individual is a foregone conclusion and they're merely sorting out the "details" of salvation.

      No, that passage is an echoing of that other scripture which says many of us may, at times, need to examine ourselves whether we are actually saved (2Cor.2:15). So, there is in that passage yet again, the presentation of this BIBLICAL truth...that believers never get to have 100% assurance. A strong sense of assurance, certainly......IF they are walking faithfully.

      But if anyone falls into sin and a pattern of sin...after a while they certainly need to question whether theirs has ever been a genuine and saving faith. That's why it says "examine yourselves...".

      I guess I'm not sure, at this point, what it is that you're not understanding about salvation presumption-ism versus salvation assurance.

      Your view of salvation absolutism and/or salvation presumption-ism flatly contradicts the Bible's assertion ("examine yourselves...") that any given believer may at any given point need to question their salvation status.

      Didn't know what you meant about "cutting out" scripture. Not cutting anything. (?) I believe God works in the believer. Have no problem with it.

    13. 1 John 5:13 says to know that you're saved. It doesn't say to check and see if you're saved based on works. "Examine yourselves" is in the context of getting crowns/rewards. It isn't about salvation.

      You have rewards mixed with salvation mixed with tribulation issues (Matt 24/25), but what you don't have, is just simple John 3:16 faith.

      You refuse to answer my one simple question, personalize this: What amount of works will prove your faith "valid"? Since you base your salvation on your works proving something, answer that question.

      I don't have to answer it. I'm already saved, John 3:16 (and the hundreds and hundreds of verses like it). Jesus died for me, indeed it is finished.

    14. I'm not sure what is going on here. I indeed DID answer your question. I said "there is no precise answer". Are you brushing past my comments too quickly or something?

      In any case, since your question is obviously meant to expose the alleged "error" of my views, you have thus put yourself in an incredibly awkward position in opposing point-blank biblical concepts.

      In other words, by all rights you should confront the Book of James with that same 'rebuking' question: "If our faith is proven by works, Mr. James, just how many works must we do before we can view our faith as valid?"

      Problem is...your 'confrontative' question is coming directly against the Scripture...directly against the teaching of the Book of James...and directly against the Author of all Scripture. Good luck.

      I must gently complain...the twisty-ness in your recent phrasing is getting to be quite dubious and though you're trying to get away with misrepresenting my beliefs -- "...rewards mixed with salvation mixed with tribulation issues...". Uh, say what? I do not believe in salvation by works, no matter how many times you misrepresent it.

      And 1John 5:13? Did you look closely at that verse? To whom does it apply? "I write these things TO YOU WHO BELIEVE...that you may know that you have eternal life."

      The belief referred to in that verse HAS to be a biblically defined "belief"...i.e. a belief that produces works. Belief without works is a non-saving belief.

      The statement applies only to the folks with GENUINE belief. Those who are "faithful in Christ Jesus" have the assurance of their salvation.

      You like 1John? Look at 1John 1:6 -- "If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth."

      In other words, if we PROFESS belief yet do not walk the walk...we are not saved, and never WERE to begin with. John is saying there are those who CLAIM belief but are not saved. That directly contradicts your ASSERTION that...simply because you claim belief, and claim belief in John's all a "done deal".

      And again, you are left in an incredibly awkward position as you should by all rights now confront the author (and Inspirer) of 1John. You should confront him with this same rebuking/admonishing question: "Excuse me, sir...PRECISELY how far should anyone walk in the darkness before they must conclude they do not have salvation?"

      Again, you put yourself in a position of admonishingly confronting the very Scriptures themselves!

      And your claim that "examine yourselves" has merely to do with "crowns/rewards"...what in the world?! Read the text:

      "Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test?"

      It's a point-blank statement, for heaven's sake! -- If you "fail the test" means that Christ is NOT in you. Come on now.

    15. James never says that his salvation is proven by his works. He only asserts that faith ought to lead to works. But then he says the works in question that are lead by faith, are things like sacrificing Isaac and hiding Jewish spies that have come to wipe out the people.

      What I'm saying is, that you assert James to be saying something that he is not saying. And you contradict Romans 4:2-5 in the process.

      2 Corinthians 13:5 is like 1 Corinthians 9:27. It's about rewards at the Bema. Paul is addressing the coming Bema seat. Paul spent two whole Books of the Bible calling them brethren. Now suddenly they're not brethren perhaps? That doesn't even make sense. You're cherrypicking and avoiding context.

      So you supposedly answered my one question you say, and yes I have been reading your answers, but they are not stating clearly an answer to my question, which is why I have kept asking. I still don't have a clear answer.

      I'll give you my answer: Jesus died for me, I believe in Him, I'm going to heaven (John 6:47).

    16. I think at this point you're playing some rather disingenuous word games, quite frankly. You claim James never indicates salvation is "proven" by works.

      OK...he says "faith without works is dead". That means faith that DOES produce works shows or demonstrates or PROVES the faith to be authentic. The hair-splitting is getting down right silly at this point.

      Therefore, your claim that I "assert James to be saying something he is not" is a falsehood. That's pretty unfortunate. Are the wheels coming off or something? That's a blatantly false claim. (?)

      And you're now doing the same thing with 2Cor. 13:5 that you did with the Olivet Discourse: You're distancing yourself from detailed discussion and from the actual passage...and instead resorting to vague generalized claims and assertions. 1Cor. 13:5 states point-blank that the "examination" has to do with whether or not "Christ is in you" and as to whether you might have failed the test...and you are now putting distance between yourself and the actual details of that text, with broad and incorrect assertions.

      You say that Paul repeatedly refers to folks as "brethren"...and you therefore scoff at the idea that he would elsewhere question whether they ARE brethren. But actually, that is EXACTLY what he does...and right there in your favorite verse, 2Cor. 13:5 --

      "[Brethren] examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you — unless, of course, you fail the test [and thus are NOT brethren]"?

      You'll notice, of course the interpretive brackets I've added!

      To say I haven't answered your question is another strangely falsified claim. You asked "what amount of works will prove your faith valid?". I answered "there is no precise answer". The falsehoods are getting pretty unpleasant, I must say. :(

    17. You wrote in the brackets, what you wanted. The Bible doesn't have it there, so, that is only your interpretation. You apply it to salvation. I apply it to their rewards or lack thereof, at the Bema. They are believers. They might or might not get rewards based on whether they are walking in the faith or not.

      But you apply it to salvation. That's the classic "lordship salvation" error. Making every verse in the Bible apply to heaven and hell. But that's not a right understanding of Scripture.

      So you have no precise answer to my question. That is your answer. Then you have no security at all.

      I have perfect security. Jesus died for me. It is paid for me. I will be in heaven.

      Thank you for the discussion. I have said all I wanted to say about this. Return to your normal TobyMac expose (he should be exposed as a fake).

    18. My thing is...I need to remain faithful to the Olivet Discourse text. Salvation presumption-ism (as I call it) is the key and central factor to the Devil's success with the Great Apostasy.

      When millions of PreTribbers are blindsided with the explosive emergence of the Antichrist onto the world scene, they will be panicstricken and will be persuaded by all the satanic "false prophets" (of which Jesus warns) to take the mark...because "after all, what's the worst that could happen? I'm saved. My family's saved. I can't let them take my children and my family to the death dungeons".

      The false prophets (people like Michael W. Smith?...or Toby Mac, Pat Robertson, Kay Arthur, Rick Warren, Joe Osteen, Rick Warren, on and on?) will be cooing:

      "Hey, it's not the 'mark'. It's a government mandate. The Bible says to follow every ordinance of man. You can't lose your salvation. Go with the program."

      I believe you're overlooking a basic reality -- many, many people MISTAKENLY believe they're saved. It happens every day of the week. You've never seen some of the Hollywood actors and pop star musicians claiming Jesus and salvation? Meanwhile they're participating in evil up to their necks. They're all saved, simply because they say they "believe" in Jesus?

      I've seen all kinds of wildly evil people claiming they're "saved" and "Christian".

      "Many will say to me on that day "Lord, Lord..." (Matt.7:22) People can be mistaken about their claims to salvation. But according to you, that's not possible. And yet the evidence to the contrary is absolutely vast. Not to mention, the Bible itself (in the above verse I just quoted) points out the phenomenon of mistaken belief in salvation.

      You might argue "but those people are crazily evil". That's exactly right. And if you yourself walk the narrow way, you should have strong assurance of salvation and you need not worry about being categorized as a "false claimant". BUT...only if you remain faithful.

      If per chance you were to NOT remain faithful and were to abandon the faith (as has happened million and millions of times) we would reasonably surmise (as I do with Britney Spears, Alice Cooper, and any number of other crazy claimants) you weren't ever genuinely saved TO BEGIN WITH!

      I don't say anyone can lose their salvation. But there are those who will turn out to have not had genuine faith to begin with.

      To be frank, you've been running away from all the verses and passages. You dropped 1John 5:13 like a hot potato....backed away from the Olivet Discourse when your arguments weren't working there...and have an amazingly nonsensical interp of this very simply stated 2Cor. 13:5. Don't know how to help you.

      Using simple logic -- if it is possible many people mistakenly claim salvation and that many, many DO mistakenly claim salvation...then that possibility applies to all. You're advocating a nonsensical absolutism...and a nonsensical exceptionalism.

      Certainly, enjoy your assurance of salvation...but if you (for example) leave your wife and children, hook up with a new girlfriend, join the Hell's Angels, start smuggling dope, engaging in immorality, murder, etc....don't expect me to believe you ever had a genuine faith anymore than I would expect YOU to believe Lady Gaga (who has also made "Christian" claims at various times) is a believer.

    19. Hey matt, different anon to the one above.

      I had a quick question on this subject thats been bugging me for some time. basically, I am a believer in the sense that I have repented of my sins, turned to Christ for forgiveness, and live out my life in a way that would be pleasing to God. however, there is a perticular sin that i keep falling into, and no matter how much a fight it, i keep stumbling. i make progress in almost every other area of my life, except for this one, and like you said, a follower of Christ shouldnt walk in darkness. what does this mean for me?

    20. 1John 1:8 says that everyone will be have imperfections throughout their earthly life. Whether one person engages in a colorful variety of sins...versus someone who has mainly one sin...I don't see where the "variety" guy would have some sort of inside track.

      But that's where the "working out your salvation with fear and trembling" comes in to play. You can invoke 1John 1:9 ("If we confess our sin...") each time but we would want to be careful it doesn't become an insincere "vain repetition".

      Also, if some one virtually resigns to continued defeat as a foregone conclusion (hey, that's just the way I am.")...that could be a danger sign.

      Where does one draw the line between "practicing sin" and the repeated confessions and repentance of a sincere believer? Obviously, there is no precise mathematical answer. I think the key is to get as far away as possible from having to consider that question!

    21. Acts 10:43, the believer in Jesus is forgiven all sins. All means all.

    22. Yes but in our little discussion here, it has become a question of just who IS a genuine "believer". Those who "practice" sin...that is to say, those who don't genuinely repent and don't invoke 1John 1:9 with sincerity...ought to have concerns.

    23. All means all in Acts 10:43. If you want to add works for yourself to do, you contradict Romans 4:5. 1 John 1:9 is in the context of fellowship with the Lord (the topic of the first chapter), not about salvation itself. Salvation cannot include any works. It is a free gift, paid for in full by Jesus. So believe in Jesus and go to heaven (John 6:47). Jesus is the only way, and it is that easy.

    24. Somehow you're getting the discussion mixed up. I never made any claim about 1John 1:9 being "about salvation". You've made a false claim.

      And I'm not sure what you exactly mean by "salvation cannot include works". Potentially, you are correct (depending on how you define the various terms you are using) that does not produce works is not a saving/genuine faith...therefore anyone who wants to lay claim to having a 'saving faith' yet has produced no works in his life...needs to question whether he has truly been saved. THAT is the basic topic we're discussing here. Not whether one needs to add works to faith for salvation. You've gone off-topic somehow!

    25. Faith that does not "produce works", is still faith that saves. Faith is not a force as if you live in Star Wars. Faith is trusting in what Jesus has done. If it doesn't produce works, then it's the guy in 1 Cor 3 that has only wood, hay, and stubble, but he himself is still saved. You seem fixated on working for salvation, but you will be in hell if you work for salvation.

    26. I Cor. 3 does NOT give license to life-long sin. Oy vey. You've pushed the analogy too far and read something into it that isn't there. You've now left even your "free grace" cohorts (such as Ryrie and others) in the rear view mirror.

      Yours is an absolute and total contradiction to plain Scripture: "Faith without works is dead." Really rather inexcusable.

      1Cor.6:9,10 -- "Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers [etc.]...will inherit the kingdom of God."

      There are a hundred and a thousand other places in the NT where Paul and others warn of the possibility of becoming "deceived" about their salvation status...and mis-identifying themselves as "saved".

      "Many will say 'Lord, Lord...'. People misidentify themselves as "saved" all day long. That reality is stated very clearly in the Bible.

      Your position ends up in an utterly nonsensical conclusion: Anyone who THINKS they're saved...IS saved. All the wildly evil, wicked people in the world who happened to say a prayer at Vacation Bible school when they were six...but now live a life of sin, degradation, etc...they're ALL "saved"? Another flat contradiction of the Scriptures. You've never read the Parable of the Sower? --

      Matthew 13:20,21 -- "The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. But since they have no root, they last only a short time."

      And your interestingly hostile suggestion that I might be headed for Hell...again, nonsensical: If I believe in Jesus yet mistakenly think I need to add my own works in order to save myself...oh well, just another sin...and since it doesn't matter to you how much I sin...yipeee, you and me are both goin' to heaven!

      This is like the tenth time in our two conversations where you deliberately (and at this point now, dishonestly) misrepresent me as believing in salvation by works. I merely repeat the plain statements of the Bible...that genuine faith will PRODUCE works.

      In comparison to the entire thrust of the New Testament...your response to the above questioner...that someone can simply claim Jesus as Savior, then continue to live a life of sin, shacking up with their girlfriend (boyfriend) doing dope, lying, cheating, stealing their way through life, again, an absolute and flat contradiction to plain Scriptures...1Cor.6:9,10 being one of hundreds of examples.

      Read 1Cor.6:9,10 for a second time, if you need. You are literally guiding the above questioner to the gates of Hell. Unbelievable.

      I thought you were "done" with this discussion, by the way. (?)

    27. You teach salvation by works, then get offended when told that you teach salvation by works. I was "done" with the discussion until I saw that there was someone asking you about the issue, and you misled the person. You'll answer to Jesus for that.

    28. So if I warn the above questioner to not be deceived into thinking he is saved if he is practicing sin, if he is sexually immoral, if he habitually and unrepentantly engages in theft and swindling, etc...that means I'm teaching salvation by works? Hmmm--that's quite interesting because 1Cor.6:9,10 says exactly that -- that we shouldn't be deceived into thinking we're saved if we practice sin...if we're sin practitioners. Which is exactly what I originally said to the questioner. So now, according to you, even the Bible is unbiblical?!

      You triumphantly announce that I'll be "answering to Jesus". I'm envisioning this future conversation:

      Jesus: "Did you invoke 1Cor.6:9,10 in telling that questioner he shouldn't be deceived into thinking he's saved if he is practicing sin?"

      Matt: "Uh, yes I did."

      Jesus: "OK, thanks."

    29. I'm a different blogger. I have to say that works may not save us but our faith is shown by works. The more we delight in Jesus Christ then the more we allow His Holy Spirit to beautify our ways. Our works alone does not create saving faith but when we look to Jesus as the Author and Finisher of our faith and allow Him to guide our heart thru His strength and not our own strength, it is His power that saves us. We must abide in Him and therefore He will abide in us. He is mighty to keep us if we want to be kept.

      When we confess our sins and repent and believe Jesus Christ died and rose again and ascended back to heaven to be with the Father, that is an act of works because of the faith God gave us that we finally chose to use. God will then save us because us acting on our faith gives Him the platform to work His power and give us life and the right spirit.

      We can't have genuine faith without genuine works and we can't have genuine works without genuine faith. They both go hand in hand. We do works because we come to a place of trusting God, rather because He was our last resort or rather we sensed He was our best choice. His grace brought us to Himself.

      For the sweetheart that is or was struggling with a particular sin even though you have overcome others I encourage you to stay close to Jesus with all of your heart and ask Him to help you with the root of the problem. Just because you struggle doesn't mean you are not God's child. No body is perfect but only Jesus and that is why we need to seek Him with all of our hearts. He is faithful to restore you from that struggle...His Word heals...His Word makes free. Don't condemn yourself also at the same time don't accept what you are doing. Those types of issues are always a soul issue and Jesus is the best expert at healing the soul because He created the soul. My personal testimony...I use to have a sin struggle with lust and cried out to the Lord to deliver me from it. For me personally, He didn't address the lust but addressed my low self image and how I didn't accept myself, comparing myself to others belittling myself. Because of that I would deceive myself lusting after people and experiences I "thought" I needed. Once I really understood how special I was to Jesus Christ and as a person period because of the great God that created me, my soul began it's healing process. My mind was renewed according to what God's Word said about me and understanding more about my Heavenly Father, my feelings of insecurity began to dwindle and I started to respect myself as a person. Then I realized lust wasn't a problem anymore. Lust was the surface sin from a deeper sin that I was ignorant of. PRAISE JESUS!!! He opened my eyes to the demonic attacks I had. Because I leaned on the Strength of Jesus and not my own He was loving and faithful to deliver me. To this day I'm growing to have so much reverence for Jesus that I don't want to do things in my self-centered works but God-centered works. I'm in love with the Lord. How strong and beautiful is He that He's faithful to save, deliver and keep me delivered. My mind and heart is getting more consumed in Him. He's so pure and so beautiful I don't want to leave Him and want to sin less to the point of no sin. Is that a big goal? Yes and the journey is worth it because with Jesus Christ all things are possible. You stay encouraged sweety. You are God's and God is yours. Be patient with yourself and let God continue to clean you in areas that you need to be cleaned thru His loving Son Jesus Christ. Stay with Him and keep a humble heart as you overcome. Jesus will assure you that Heaven is your home.

  24. Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

    If Toby just replied with this verse, it would end the finger pointing.

    But since he didn't. From what I can tell is that his label artist and manager could be masons trying to get everyone to except their symbols without the knowledge of what the symbols actually mean. In which this type of activity is in itself a form of ritual.

    Check out

    1. He'd have to do far more than simply quote a disembodied Bible verse...if you're asking me! He needs to go on Youtube and repudiate Lucifer/Tyr and he needs to clearly declare Jesus of Nazareth as his Lord, Savior and King. Then he needs to get rid of all the satanic symbolism on his CDs, or at least repent and/or distance himself from these published symbols. He needs to stop posing with occult signalings. There's a whole to-do list.

  25. matt, do you have any info on Rick Warren?

    1. Chapter 14 of my e-book, Wolves In Sheep's Clothing (linked at the top of this page). Scroll down about 4/5 of the way. I have a whole section on Rick warren.

      In the years since I wrote that chapter, he has really come out of the closet in support of the occult practices of Contemplative Prayer. He has had occult practitioners speaking at his church, has Rob Bell.

      He is the biggest proponent of de facto Dominionism...which tries to argue that Christianity is destined to become ever more politically prominent until it basically takes over the world. Utter anti-biblical foolishness.

      He completely and pointedly dismisses any discussion of biblical prophecy and/or the timing of the rapture. Says it's all a waste of time.

      He has been reported to be a member of the Council On Foreign Relations...which is nothing short of a satanic Antichrist outfit, dedicated to one world government. Michele Obama is also a member and an officer.

  26. Toby could be a victim of mind control...did you ever address this. If he is singing lyrics about the illuminati, then that could be a clue he is under mind control..another clue could be the picture of Disney...of course we know the darkside of Disney and how successful they have been at creating pop sensations who are under mind control...just another thought

    1. They're ALL mind-controlled (assuming Mac is part of this). According to ex-occultists who have survived satanism and the so-called Illuminati, they are all subjected to some kind of dissociation/multiple-personality-disorder procedures...i.e. satanic ritual abuse. That's why infiltrating wolves can seem so genuine--they suffer from 'split personality' and their 'presentation persona' (also have heard it referred to as "daytime persona") is perfectly sincere.

      Does that absolve Toby Mac? I have already theorized he may have been forcibly procured in some form or fashion...and has now suffered a kind of Stockholm Syndrome collapse...which is what results from satanic ritual abuse.

      I don't have the answer as to how God will judge these people. 2Timothy 2:26 talks about how believers can be taken captive to do the Devil's will. Toby Mac seems to be pretty obnoxiously pro-Satan even in his daytime persona, so....I don't know how it all plays out on Judgment Day.

      I go into much greater detail about all of this mind control stuff in chapter 8 of my e-book (linked at the top of this page), mostly towards the second half of the chapter.

    2. The only "mind-controlled" individuals I have any sympathy for are children with the tragic misfortune of having been born into a satanic family. They are truly "victims" of psychological mind-control against their will or beyond their control.

      These kids are introduced to satanism from birth and FORCED to participate.

      Mind Control and satanic ritual abuse are not exactly the same thing. One can be under mind control without being satanically, ritually abused, but one cannot be satanically, ritually abused without eventually becoming mind-controlled.

      Mind control is used to control a person by destroying individuality, will, determination and identity in order to insert a completely different cognitive process, which is chosen and implanted by the controller. It can effectively change the victim's will, personality, inhibitions, desires and beliefs. A familiar example would be Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and others in the Disney empire's Mickey Mouse Club, which featured young victims of mind control and eventually, satanic ritual abuse.

      Satanic Ritual abuse is more accurately described as performing black magick rituals in order to increase one's power and ability granted demonically. It also prepares the person for undergoing demonic possession, and increasing the capacity, tolerance and duration of sustaining a state of possession. These "possessions" are necessary and responsible for the "talent" and abilities seen by rock stars in performance, and explains why some movie stars have incredible, Oscar-winning acting ability.

  27. could you explain what you mean by Stockholm Syndrome collapse? I had a client who had multiple personalities and one of her alters threatened my life..and other alters were more endearing to interact with. I always felt like I was entering the twilight zone when I met with her. It was something I always had difficulties wrapping my mind around but I experienced it for 10 years and I NEVER got use to it.

    1. can certainly google for "Stockholm Syndrome" if you want to study at length. This syndrome can occur when one's captivity seems so irreversible and irrevocable...that the captive person experiences a kind of inner collapse where he then sides with his captor...adopts their entire viewpoint, values, and agenda.

      Yes, it can be a disturbing thing to witness MPD. I think there are many folks out there suffering from undiagnosed MPD of varying degrees. Many unrecognized victims of satanic abuse and sexual abuse.

  28. do you have any info on Jack Deere?

    1. I don't know anything about him other than what I glanced at during a quick googling just now. Apparently he is both charismatic AND PreTrib? I have fundamental disagreement with both those teachings.

  29. would you surmise that Franklin Graham is "one of them" also since he seems to have deep connections with TBN...In my opinion, anyone connected with Trinity Broadcasting Network is false to put it mildly...and of course, we know all about his father .who was handpicked by the elite NWO to deceive the masses. The more I "see" the more I want to get off this mystery train called life. I can't seem to convince others or they act disinterested.

    1. You know...I never get dogmatic as to who is "one of them" but...I have a whole section on Franklin Graham in the final portion of my article (linked above) "The Problem With Billy Graham--PART TWO"

  30. hey can you get some info on "christian" bands like skillet and switchfoot.their lyrics are very vague and don't even mention god.not to mention the supposedly occultic symbols on skillet's album covers.
    please do post something about that.
    thanks! :)

    1. Yes, I've noticed all the occult symbolism in connection with Skillet and Switchfoot. Don't know if I'll work it into an article or not. But hey, we're covering the subject right now!

      My goal is not to endlessly expose myriads of wolf bands but get people generally aware of the "infiltrating wolf" concept. Then they can begin looking out for these themselves. Mainly, I want people to understand the role these wolves play in the upcoming Great Apostasy plot.

      I agree with you though: Bands that never mention Jesus in any meaningful way and who NEVER present the Gospel in their lyrics...they're like the Laodiceans of the Book of Revelation...neither hot nor cold. In fact, that seems to be the objective of all these "Christian-ish" bands with their Jesus-less lyrics:

      They're TRYING to be lukewarm. Their top priority is to be absolutely vague. Completely bizarre. Where is the spiritual 'manhood' of all these young guys? Stand up for what you believe in...if you actually believe in something. Good grief!

      Thanks for the heads-up.

    2. Matt & asquare:)....I think one of the reasons that apostasy in the music industry is so prevalent is because the vehicle to fame is oftentimes the Devil. The record labels, Hollywood, and most of corporate is indeed Satanic. In every sense...meaning, the record label a talented musician/band may approach to make an album, get radio play and publicity, etc., quite literally requires a blood contract from the band. In a nutshell, fame has a price. It is your soul. Anyone can actually sell thier own soul to Satan for a number of things: to become a major pop "idol", a red carpet actress, politician, etc. This is how "overnight success" occurs. It truly has little to nothing to do w/talent. This is why celebrities are so attractive and remain so youthful in appearance. Child sacrifice is required to maintain beauty, status and fame on high levels for an extended period of time. (Think Madonna, Oprah, Pope etc.) Rituals, induction of others(gaining more souls for the Enemy) and unspeakable acts of sexual defilement and horrendous torture are involved in maintaining celebrity status. There is a dark, dark, sinister side of this world that is part of the average day for some very evil individuals.

    3. Have you been a part of some of those things in your past...or are these things you've read about and researched? Svali talks a lot about such matters. And I've heard some whistleblower testimonies from inside the music industry that describe similar scenarios.

    4. No, I've never taken part personally. It was common knowledge (regarding my past)but you can also research it. Some sources are not credible or only give half-truths, though, so keep that in mind if you search the web.

      As a youth I more or less raised myself, and the lack of supervision and guidance led to poor decision-making. As a result, I got wrapped up w/the wrong people, began using drugs and hesitantly joined the occult as a teen. I was friends w/a girl for a year and we became close friends then she admitted she was a High Priestess of the local coven. I was shocked since I never would have suspected such; she was nice, caring, and certainly didn't fit my stereotypical view of an occultist at all. I initially joined because I was interested in practicing "white" magick.

      Once in, I quickly learned that there's no difference between so-called "white" or black magick. Anyone that claims there is and that they are only practicing "white" or clean magick is either: a hobbyist dabbling in the 'art' of studying spells from white magick books and not part of a coven (aka ignorant to what they are talking about, these types are usually teens,goth-dressed Wiccans trying to fit the image), or they are flat out lying. I have witnessed supernatural things that most would not believe. Looking back, I was young, naive, & I didn't realize what I was getting into or how real it was. I gained a few minor "powers" which made me worry I was going nuts. Once I had them I didn't want them anymore and the little feeling I had all along that was telling me "This isn't who I am, how did I get wrapped up in this?" could no longer be silenced.

      In my heart, I KNEW I couldn't keep up the facade much longer. My coven was becoming noticeably suspicious of my sincerity(or lack thereof) as well, as I began to distance myself from them and stopped attending black mass altogether. I confided in my friend, the priestess that I needed out but was afraid of the group's reaction. Thankfully she suspected as much and absolved me w/assurance of safety from the other members. I never saw her again.
      I could never bring myself to harm another and wouldn't even consider it.
      I don't think the average person who's never been in the occult really has any clue how widespread it is. It is terrifying because most of the Satanists(especially the really hardcore ones) are the people you would NEVER suspect...from all professions: lawyers, teachers, doctors, judges, swim coaches, mailmen, etc. They have permeated every corner of society. The worst of it is most churches are infiltrated. Nearly all, probably about 97%.
      And the bigger, fancier ones that have lots of money and a large congregation almost ALWAYS are. If you want a truly Christ-centered, God fearing church, look for one that is a little run down, small, w/only a modest congregation and you might find a legitimate one.
      Just to be safe though, I suggest re-establishing the practice of meeting with like-minded Christians for group worship at home because it is the only safe way these days.

  31. I didn't become a Christian immediately after my experience w/the occult. For several years following my departure of that lifestyle I went through what I call "spiritual warfare" with the Enemy. I was tormented and terrorized for turning my back on him. Essentially I was lost. I knew I could never go back to the occult because everything about it insulted my very soul. I knew that God did exist and that Jesus died on the Cross for me(ironically, I actually discovered this to be true in the occult)but Satan was pounding it into me that God considered me an outcast and I had ruined my chances of being forgiven. So for years I led a lonely, painful life. Then my little brother was brutally murdered at 20 and turned my world upside down. I knew the people who did it, some acquaintances of his and witnesses that verified it. After the shock wore off I was furious with God for allowing this. I remember clearly one night a couple months after his funeral I was fuming about the murder, the fact that those evil people had NO RIGHT to take his life and stuff him in his car for his body to be discovered almost 24 hours later. They purposely destroyed a good person, and knowing his life was STOLEN from him, that he was violated in such a malicious way brought on an unfamiliar, potent mix of emotions in me so strong I wanted to go to their (the offenders)house and seek revenge immediately.
    I heard the words, "But then you will have become just like them". I heard these words as clearly as I can see the text I'm typing. I am not sure if it was God or an angel, but I know it was Holy. As soon as I heard the words, my anger was suddenly gone and I had a wave of peace and understanding wash over me. I felt the presence of God for the first time in my life after yearning for Him for so long, too ashamed and afraid to approach Him thinking He wouldn't forgive me for my many horrible sins. But He did forgive me...I could feel it. Just like I knew He could feel how heavy my heart was with regret and remorse. But He removed that weight and for the first time ever I felt and received His love. It wrapped around me like a warm blanket and nourished my soul. It was then that I truly understood why Christ died for our sins. He truly wants all of us to receive that Godly love that is so omnipotent and's indescribable. From that day forward I have the blessed assurance of salvation. That is why I don't worry about persevering to the end. I simply must and I WILL because I cannot bear to be eternally separated from God. It's not so much the fire and brimstone that scares me as much as the thought of the sheer torture of not being in His presence or able to feel that love...that would truly be Hell in my opinion.

    Matthew 4:4, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

  32. hey elise that was so touching as in it is very similar 2 what i went close friend was involved in occult and i too was apparently lured into started out as a basically growing up,self exploration kind of thing but it could have turned deadly as i had a guardian who spoke to me and guided me in the occultic path.i learnt how to make symbols to represent people involved in it and was about to go on to the next level to learn how to cast spells.but god graciously intervened and i was saved from the awful and dreadful path that i was on....
    and thanks matt...for clarifying the issue about skillet.

  33. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to offend you or anything, but lets get something straight. We all know that Joe Osteen tells a bunch of lies as we can all see by his "many paths to Jesus thing." so your argument is invalid about that. Second, as someone said in the above comments, there is nothing in the Bible that says that the eye is evil. I know you may think its cannot be a coincidence, but then you could say "needtobreathes "Keep you eyes open" and me in motions "eye of the hurricane" and that would be plain right wrong if you would add in Open the eyes of my heart. See there are a lot of songs and things with eyes. I think that you saying that the eye is a symbol of the devil is just like the pharisees who say that we must follow the traditions over what Jesus said. God said that when someone believes that Jesus is the savior and accepts him in his heart and prays for forgiveness then he is saved. The all seeing eye is just something that is made up, what is wrong with getting rid of it. You sound like you support it, the eye is the devils doing and we are trying to neutralize it. Before attacking someone like this, you really should give him a chance. If someone random asked you to prove you believed in God after he slapped you,you probably would give a vague answer.

    Its basically hip-hop on the art tip. The lyrics of the song are almost whimsical, like word pictures all throughout. The real thought behind the song is its sort of poking at the Pharisees, poking at those who "have it all together." Of course, its basically ILL M I, and you, Illuminati shining through you. Illuminati, people are confused by what that means, but one of the dictionary definitions is 'a person or persons claiming superior spiritual enlightenment.' So, that to me is a Pharisee anyone who claims to be an all-knowing spiritual person. So, it's sort of saying, "Ill am I. I'm all ill down here, and you, Illuminati, shining through."

    1. Well, wait a minute. There IS such a thing as an occult symbol. The thrust of what you are saying is that there is no such thing as displaying an occult symbol. That's illogical. Makes no sense. There are occultists all over the world.

      Not only that -- they like to hide and disguise themselves. The very world "occult" means 'hidden' or 'secret'. The conservative church world is a very convenient place to hide and infiltrate.

      I'm not sure how you know what the "real" meaning is behind various lyrics. In the song "ILL-M-I" Toby Mac envisions personal participation in mass murder. I don't know why I wouldn't take his words at face value, especially if he uses occult symbols ALONG WITH this declaration of allegiance to the Illuminati in the form of a song. (?)

      I'm not sure why you tend to be strongly dismissive of the idea of hidden satanists in high places in the church world. Jesus explicitly and directly foretold of this the Olivet Discourse. But thanks for your civility and courtesy. If you've got some more thoughts or away!

    2. @ Samir Nasri:

      Let me clarify a few things, because frankly, I'm fed up with how successful the disinformation movement has blinded the masses. . 1.) The plural, eyes, is not evil. HOWEVER, whenever you see 1 eye, it is a symbol of the occult, used by supporters of the occult to convey acceptance and/or participation in the Satanic agenda. .
      Sometimes it is so subliminal that many non-occultists never notice them, even if they are staring them in the face. A PERFECT example is the $1 bill. On the back of the note you will find a picture of an unfinished pyramid, and the satanic "all-seeing eye" as the unattached capstone. We are being systematically desensitized to it for a reason, through frequent exposure. The one eye symbol is from ancient Egyptian mysticism, it is the eye of Horus. (Or Satan, as worshiped by the early Egyptians.Google it if you are unsure). And the most subliminal are nearly ALWAYS from those claiming to be Christians that work in the evangelical industry. These "Christians" are wolves in sheep's clothing, and BY FAR the MOST evil and sinister satanists are the ones infiltrating the Christian church. You need to understand that satanists use symbols because of the power attached to them, and as an inconspicuous way to communicate w/other satanists without using words(you didn't think they'd blow their cover by shouting, "Hey! We want to create a unified religion where every knee bows to the dark adversary or dies!", did you?) They know if they attempted this there would surely be an uprising. So they do it subtly, and in doses, so we can adapt to their agenda.This esoteric knowledge is not publicized because that is precisely how they expect to gain control: slowly conditioning the public to accept what they will establish as the new universal religion. Satan worship. THINK about it! Do you think Hitler convinced the world to accept the killing of Jews in the Holocaust overnight? NO! It was gradually spoon-fed to them. 2.) Back to music industry...TM, along w/many other CCM musicians signed w/a major label are slaves in the sense that they must promote and perform as they are told. This does not make them innocent though, because they agreed to it in exchange for fortune fame and riches.The occult principle "Your liberty ends where my free will begins" applies here. Most are still in denial that the CCM is corrupted, because it did happen fairly quickly, starting from Amy Grant and it has been gaining momentum since. The worst thing is to hear a song BEFORE reading the lyrics. If you read the lyrics FIRST, you can usually decipher the message conveyed and prevent being drawn into the song via the diabolic musical manipulation that is attached onto a song prior to public release. The enemy knows music and was given charge over music prior to falling, so why would anyone even be surprised that it would be a major tool used to deceive and destroy???

  34. I have been reading this all with interest. I have listened to and yes praised Jesus Christ the son the almighty God to d.c talk in my earlier days. I saw them in concert several times and they were very adament about their alliegence to Jesus Christ. Anyway, they parted ways and Toby Mac has went on with huge success. All of your article has been very eye opening! I came across your article while searching the web trying to find if the christian musicians truly lead a godly moral lifestyle. I truly did not want to believe what was said about Toby Mac not because I am a fan of hip hop but because so many teens look up to him. I went to his website to see some things for myself instead of taking your word for it ( no offense) and what I found only fed the suspicions I had gleaned from reading your article. Not one time does he say anything about Jesus Christ being his savior or anything letting you know of his salvation. Basically its just about selling his products with a few links to other organizations. With that said there are a few things I must say about the EYE. First the eye dates back at least 5,000 years. The EYE of Horus was said to have magical powers to the one who held it. In the story Horus had an eye poked out during a battle. He gained another eye for himself from his sister the sun goddess and gave it to his mother to keep safe. It was believed that anyone commanding the power of that eye could cast spells on their enemies and what not. As this myth spread throughout the Greek and Roman empires the idea came about that the eye could do evil to persons it was used against,hence where the proverbial "evil eye" came from which is still often feared in some Eastern European areas today. Second the "All Seeing Eye" is used by freemasons. It was placed on the back of the one dollar bill by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934 Roosevelt just hapoened to be a 32 degree mason. It is a masonic representation of the Great Architect of the Universe. I will not go into everything the Freemason's are linked to but I will say that to Freemasons who are ranked higher than 29 degrees are privvy to the secret that the God of freemasons is Lucifer. They believe Lucifer is different than Satan because Lucifer is mentioned by name repeatedly through different religions. There are also other EYE symbols that have their origins and meanings associated with different religions however time does not permit me to go any further into the background and origin of them. Needless to say the EYE is represents pagan religions and therefore is Satan worship. Needless to say some other symbols that are of importance because CCM is run and owned by seclular conglomerates that have their background in Satan worship. The second symbol is the obelisk. The obelisk has a background of a perverse sexual nature. Osiris is a god credited by the egyptians with agriculture,crafts,and spiritual rituals and the process of embalming and mummification. He was put in a chest by his brother Seth and thrown into a river where he drifted until his sister Isis (who was also his wife by the way) found him. Seth took the coffin from her and cut him into 14 pieces and spread those pieces throughout Egypt. Isis diligently located the pieces and resurrected Osiris. There was one small problem however, his penis was consumed by fish and coukd not be recovered so Isis (his sister and wife) constructed the Obleisk as a replacement. One of the worlds largest obelisks can be found right in iur nations capitol! A nation founded by freemasons on "biblical" principals! It is my belief that the government is corrupt and also has ties to if not owns the music industry and yes even CCM! So all of this eveidence is intriguing against not only Toby Mac but also a lot of so called "christian" artists and yes even pastors of churches!

  35. I find it interesting that various folks say they've heard Mac express some kind of allegiance to Jesus while making comments at his concerts...but then does NOT put that in writing in any of his lyrics, or comments in interviews, nor (as you said) is there any indication of allegiance or statement of faith on his various websites. In fact, with the presentation of satanic symbols/signals in his various publications..there is the OPPOSITE statement, in effect.

    Number one -- I would certainly love to see any of these alleged statements on Youtube (amateur videos of his concerts). Number two -- wolves will say ANYTHING that aids in their deception tactics (assuming Mac may be a wolf). There are lots of "wolf" preachers and pastors who preach a standard 'salvation message' that's nothing unusual. The weird thing about Mac (besides his monstrously evil symbolisms and signalings) is that he very carefully refuses to pledge allegiance to Jesus and refute Lucifer, in writing. Yet apparently he'll say certain impromptu things at his concerts.

    These wolves have no problenm with people "praying for salvation" as long as they're confident all these fair weather followers will collapse and capitulate at the time their Apostasy Deception Plot is unveiled. It's all there in Matthew 24!

    1. Matt:

      I keep coming back to your blog, maybe because you strike me as the only real Christian on the net exposing Wolves in sheep's clothing. I have yet to find another that is not an imposter and I find that very sad.(Please do not take offense, as I mean no disrespect. It's nothing against you, personally, just the fact that so few Christians exist online at a time when it is desperately needed most). I have thought long and hard about the opposition you receive here and I think I may understand why many of the readers that comment on here seem irritated with your findings. It is likely because they are avid listeners of his music. Let me explain about the industry...In the studio, when an album is recorded and the final record is cut, a coven(group of 13 witches/warlocks) comes together and performs a ritual in which an evil entity is attached to the master record, and every subsequent copy produced from it. It is conjured to influence the listener, and thus blinds them from the spiritual harm afflicted upon them. That is why modern CCM is wildly popular. It lures listeners into a false sense of security that listening to CCM is equitable to reading the Bible or repenting of sins. This is dangerous to fall into, because it leads listeners away from a personal meaningful relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ...whom we must rely on for guidance in these dark and exponentially evil times. I cannot stress enough the importance of immersing yourself in the true Word of God, which I consider to be the King James Holy Bible. Nothing can substitute for the precious words he has graciously left us and we must never take it for granted.
      Matt sheds light on some very real truth on this blog that many will dismiss. The Apostasy is real, and it is far more organized and deceiving than we can comprehend. Our ONLY hope to keep from falling into that trap as Christians is to seek first God, through His blessed gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.

    2. Thanks a million for the encouraging words. How did you come by the info about witches performing rituals over the music releases? Pretty sinister stuff. I notice Taylor Swift, for example, being very careful to release her music on occult dates. She's even referred to it openly. Creepy.

    3. The majority of is from experiences from the occult. Surely there must be more info out there from other ex-occult members that are born again Christians as well. I will seek out some sources online as I cannot possibly be the only one to rebuke that Hell-bound lifestyle. It would also be interesting to see if others in my predicament feel compelled to inform others of things to come. It is burdensome at times to have knowledge of some of these things, but I also know that the average born and raised Christian is not likely to know many of these things, yet it is valuable to know what one is up against.
      Taylor Swift was initiated during one of the awards ceremonies she performed in. I didn't watch it, and I'm careful not to watch those live performances as they are rituals, but I saw pics of it and the occult symbolism is ridiculously evident just by a few photos. I'm afraid we'll see more of the same this year among artists.

    4. I'm not saying Elise hasn't had genuine experiences of her own, and knows personally about the things she's talking about with the music industry and more specifically the rituals performed with the "master copy", but her description is almost verbatim to John Todd's description of the whole thing. (see quote and link below). I don't doubt this information is true, but it just seems strange that Elise is presenting info as if it is her own and even saying "I will seek out some sources online as I cannot possibly be the only one to rebuke that Hell-bound lifestyle." when it seems likely she already has sources. But again, it could just be coincidence, and if it is, I apologize if this comes across as a false accusation.

      “Rock music is not just a song; it is supernatural music that witches carefully design by their spirit guides – familiar spirits – in the form of spells... they conjure demons into the master (copy).... after it’s been recorded, – this is why it’s recorded about a month before it’s released - it’s taken into a temple room on the full moon.... the main reason for rock music is to place spells on people that couldn’t be reached otherwise... much of the songs are written in what we call 'witch language'..... when you’re in the first or second witch’s level, you have to learn over 2,000 (code) words (placed into the songs) that if said by anybody else, wouldn’t mean what you mean when you say them.... Elton John said he’s never written or sung a song that wasn’t in witch language....

    5. I'm not sure why you think it is strange that a person once in the occult would know about what goes on in the occult? I don't know why you think I am "presenting info as if it is her own".....I was merely sharing what I knew from my past experiences. I am certain I am not the only one that knows these things. If you share John 3:16 (for example) with a Buddhist that never heard of Christ, that doesn't mean you are passing off the verse as if it were yours, does it? No, you are only sharing what you know, and have learned to be true within Christianity. For Christians, the message of John 3:16 is a "universal" truth, but non-Christians may not have heard that message before. Does that make sense?

      I was sharing what I knew from witchcraft as it pertains to music, but I do not claim to have the monopoly on any of the info. Anyone else who practiced in the craft would know the same things. As far as my quote you mentioned, it was a remark about how more or less ex-occultists know how nearly everything in this world is tied to satanism, and a lot of people wouldn't really know that unless from that background. It is a heavy burden to bear, because almost everything of this world is satanic, but when you are aware of HOW it is tied in it can be a bit overwhelming when you renounce that lifestyle, because it feels like the odds are against you in this world, as far as fighting it. It becomes apparent that most people have no idea how entrenched the satanic agenda is in this world, and sometimes, I wish I was one of those people. Everything you thought you knew about the world you discover is a lie, and it can feel lonely at times.

      In comparing notes, the John Todd description is spot on...and accurate from what I understand from my experiences with sorcery.

    6. Elise, I'm sorry that I offended you. You understand where I'm coming from though right? Because your description was almost exactly like the one John Todd gave, it isn't unreasonable to be suspicious that his words were just being repeated as your own. A lot of people enjoy going on the internet and pretending they are someone they are not... (i.e. Catfish)and I don't know you personally, so I approached your words with an equal amount of suspicion as anyone else I read in a comments section of a website. And I do NOT think it is strange someone who was into the occult would share things that happen in the occult... I'm very glad people like you do share your experiences... there may not be many, but there are people who will hear your words and it will either save them or someone they know who may just be dabbling in it.
      That being said, I'm super glad you got out of that life. I love hearing about people who were that far away from God and by His grace were saved. Keep sharing what you know!

    7. Steve: No worries....I completely understand. I don't blame you, either. It is imperative that we are cautious and test all spirits because Christ warns of wolves in sheep's clothing of all kinds, and we must always be on the lookout. I thank God for delivering me from that lifestyle...I never enjoyed it and always felt like a fraud and I wasn't meant to be in it. Since my parents were atheists, I grew up atheist by default so I thought magick was a joke, & casting spells were just child's play. Boy, was I wrong.

      I always wondered if I would meet someone w/a similar history, in order to support/strengthen each other as Christians but I cannot really find anyone currently locally or online that was in the occult AND has now COMPLETELY turned away from it permanently & accepted Christ as I have. It will be extra-challenging because I REFUSE to associate with anyone w/a similar past who is not truly born-again in Christ. Christ baptized me,renewed my spirit & gave me a new life, a purpose & hope...backsliding is NOT an option so I am extremely cautious of who I associate with now.

      It humbles me to think of how forgiving God is. As a youth I always heard He was "vengeful" and "wrathful and angry", but I just don't see that. What I know of God is that He is JUST, forgiving, amazingly patient, and so divinely merciful I can't even wrap my brain around it no matter how hard I try. Because of Him, I genuinely know what love is, because when He came among us through His Son, Jesus Christ, He, in all His greatness and glory, embodied a simpe that we could know Him in the flesh. And He fought the same temptations as we do, yet He STILL did NOT sin! That is simply extraordinary! Then, He actually DIED for OUR sins, so we could live eternally WITH Him forever. God even PROVED He keeps His promise because He raised Christ up after 3 days & it is even a historical fact. That is LOVE beyond our own understanding. WHY would anyone reject that?! If non-believers truly understood what Christ did for us(and we didn't even DESERVE it!), they would fall to His feet and KNOW He is God! The Gospel of Christ is what keeps me enduring,sane and comforted in such a tragic world, because it is the answer to the age-old question of "Why are we here?" It is exciting to share this glorious Gospel with others, and it is my duty, but more than that, it is an honor that I am grateful to have everyday.

  36. Well, thanks for the insights, Elise. One thing I've always wanted to know a little more about is...the inside scoop on Franklin, TN. I know a lot of big-time (apparent) satanists in the country music biz make that their home. I mean...the town is even named after Jacob Frank, if i'm not mistaken. One of the biggest satanists in history.

    1. AMAZING! Most that haven't ever practiced witchcraft(paganism/satanism/Luciferianism/occultism, etc., different names for many "religions", but the same evil entity is worshipped) have not a clue of Jacob Frank-by far one of the world's MOST evil kabbalists(a satanic Talmudic religion borne of Jewish mysticism that he was appointed to promote). He is a Polish Ottoman jew claiming to be the re-incarnate of Sabbatai Tzvi and the founder of Illuminati. Many believe Adam Weishaupt was the founder, but he was not. He was appointed to APPEAR to be the founder in order to claim he created it based on a benevolent quest for knowledge, when in reality, he was part of the plan to spread Frankism worldwide.

      Regarding TN, You are very close: Franklin, TN is an affluent, wealthy satanic hotspot with generations of territorial demonic entities. Sort of the Memphite necropolis of the city Memphis(Memphis is named after an ancient Egyptian city).
      It was named after Ben Franklin, who is the same bloodline as Jacob Frank, and one of the first American Illuminati members.

    2. I currently reside in Franklin TN and can attest to this FACT. Most, if not all of my neighbors are lucifarians, currently. Sad, but rtue.

  37. All I can say is, who would put so much meaning in something almost trivial. Your worried about an the old ways of symbolism. 5000 years? Do we sacrifice sheep to still? Move on and find the meaning as its intended. Not as you wish to see it.

    1. I'm not following your "logic". There ARE such things as satanists. They DO utilize satanic symbolism. And they DO infiltrate the church world. This is stated clearly in the Bible.

  38. this is just ridiculous. Can't believe I wasted time reading this. TobyMac is a graduate of Liberty University. I know what biblical training he has. You are just looking for occult symbolism. The eye is about focus in the context of his song.
    "This is the race of my life..."
    "I got my eye the prize"
    "I gotta new passenger to help me navigate the way"
    You do not have to look on the internet for his testimony. Just go to his show, and hear him speak. He leads worship to Jesus Christ. He talks about Forgiveness, and giving honor to the King. Look at his song "Steal my Show" and "Forgiveness"

    1. OK so...Mac would have to be a graduate of Satan University before you'd entertain the possibility he's a secret occult practitioner?? You have to understand, occultists hide. They infiltrate. The old familiar biblical concept of...wolves in sheep's clothing. Are you denying that biblical scenario? Every single person who goes to a Bible college and/or attends a Bible church absolutely can NOT be a satanist?? You actually believe that?

      I would say you need to do a wider reading. Did you read my first article here about Toby Mac? Did you read through chapter one of my e-book?

      I think you're not understanding the concept of satanic double-talk. Nowhere do I dogmatically conclude regarding Mac's occult allegiances but...notice the potential double talk just in the few lyric samples you provided:

      "This is the race of my life" -- exactly WHAT is he racing for? The "prize"?? Exactly what prize is he talking about? He has a new "passenger"? Does he provide the name of this "passenger".

      Wolves preach the Gospel all day long and twice on Sunday. You're not understanding how they work. They'll give lip service all day long. Mac, however, seems to take particular pride in having zero Gospel in his lyrics. Zero-point-zero. There isn't the slightest chance anyone will EVER hear the Gospel through his lyrics because a Gospel presentation is absolutely non-existent in ALL of his lyrics. I would invite you to prove me wrong.

      There is also no meaningful reference to Jesus in any of his lyrics. There are some opaque, and seemingly meaningless (or possibly worse) references...and only on the rarest occasion. If my memory serves...I found one single flib, glib meaningless use of the word "Jesus" in about 50 of his lyrics that I read through.

      Interesting...the 3 or 4 folks who claim to have heard a Gospel presentation at his concerts. Again, wolves will preach the Gospel (as long as they know there is an apostasy strategy in place -- read the Olivet Discourse - Matt.24!)...but if the lyric samples you provided above are your idea of "Christian lyrics" then (all due respect) I have grave doubts about how you would define a "Gospel presentation". Sorry. No hard feelings.

      On top of everything else...the utterly chilling examples of disguised occultism all over the landscape such as I provided examples in the above article. How in the world can any serious Bible student walk away scoffing?? You ARE aware there is a worldwide satanic conspiracy to take over the globe just before the return of the King? Satan's army of darkness has spanned the world...infiltrating and controlling ALL facets of civilization, including (as is plainly stated in the Bible) the church world.

    2. Another interesting aspect of this Matt... It jumped out at me when I read it.
      "This is the race of my life..."
      "I got my eye the prize"
      "I gotta new passenger to help me navigate the way"
      Um... passenger? Hmm... if as a Christian I'm to put Jesus Christ in CONTROL of my life, wouldn't that then make him my driver? Wouldn't He be driving my life, and not just along for the ride? When I think passenger, my mind immediately goes to demonic possession i.e. spirit guide. Just like all the "greats" have been quoted as saying "something else takes over" when they are writing or performing their music. Jimmi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Ozzy Osbourne, and plenty of modern stars as well. Also, "navigate the way"? Jesus Christ IS the way... no navigation necessary if He is in your life... you've already arrived AT the way.

    3. I think the "passenger" they refer to is the spirit guide(demon protector) and that is who creates the material.

  39. Absolutely!! I knew there was something weird about the world in general especially the more I read God's word. I was undecided if what I thought was going on was true but thanks to you I understand. I have a couple questions. What can I do? is there anything I can do about it? Anytime I try explaining it to other people they respond with scoffing, anger, or deniel. What can I do to make people around me understand? thanks for the help!

    1. Maybe try linking them to a couple of my articles which attempt to explain a lot of this? "Chapter One" in my e-book (linked at the top of this page) as an example. I don't know how anyone can read through the Michael W. Smith portion of that chapter...and just walk away. But people love their blissful ignorance. It's the difference between Gideon's original 32,000 followers and his final 300 followers.

  40. It is not a Gospel presentation... It is just a fun song about focus.
    When he told his story of "Steal My Show" last week, he talked about Jesus taking away the show from him. Then he led a chorus of "Bless the Lord, O my Soul" at WinterJam. He also discussed the meaning of forgiveness in his song with help of another rapper named Lecrae

    "And I don't know if I can hear I'm sorry being spoken
    But those forgiven much , should be quicker to give it
    And God forgave me for it all, Jesus bled forgiveness
    So when the stones fly and they aimed at you
    Just say forgive them, father, they know not that they do"

    Then, there is the song Lose My Soul which makes reference to Jesus' words.

    1. Uh...I never made an argument about any one individual song. I said Mac's songs, every last one of them, are totally Gospel-less. And I'm sorry to say, you're pretty much confirming my concerns about your ultra-fuzzy ideas about what constitutes a "Gospel presentation" when the best you can come up with is your report about Mac commenting that "Jesus took the show away from him". That's not a Gospel presentation.

      Now now, Brandon. Mac "discussed" nothing in the song "Forgiveness". Those were Lecrae's words. Mac carefully keeps himself one step removed from Jesus' blood. Not to mention...Lecrae's lyrics are way too vague for anyone to derive instructions about a path to salvation. If we search through all 200 (or however many there are) of Mac's songs and that's all we can find...I rest my case.

      Like I said..I'm flabbergasted when anyone (you, for example) can read through my above blog article and walk away scoffing. Did you not see all the shocking evidence of hidden satanic infiltration in our world and in the CCM world? There IS such a thing as a "wolf in sheep's clothing". It's in the Bible, my brother.

      If you don't like some of the 'suspects' I present in my about YOU provide some? Name one single Christian leader today that everyone thinks of as "Christian" but who is actually satanic behind the scenes. I'm standing by. :-)

  41. Hi. I didn't read all of the comments. Just wanted to add my two cents. The one pic of Toby with b/w checkered (flannel or whatever) is reminiscent of the Masonic floor tiles (b/w checkered, symbolizes evil mixed with good). This is significant because the high level bad guys believe that as long as they tempt good people to do evil, they will be safe from judgment. Just a theory of mine anyway. In the KJV, Jesus said that if He hadn't come to preach and die, then "they" would've had a cloak of darkness, and no sin. Now, their sin is revealed in plain day, even though they try to mix in with us. The world has turned away from the light of salvation, even though it came to help all people, since it was not going to allow evil to be called good anymore. If someone truly relies on God for his salvation, then good for him, he has nothing to worry about in being persecuted or criticized. God will defend him.

    The scarf in that same picture reminds me of the "cable tow" that Masons are bound with in their first, initiatory, oath-giving ceremony (becoming an entered apprentice requires quite a hefty oath at an altar). I think hats are also sometimes involved in various ways, but the guy would really be obvious if he were wearing an apron (Masons wear aprons, just like the ones Adam and Eve made when they realized they were naked, and full of sin).

    Lastly, I just want to remind everyone who partakes in the paranoid bread, which I am very guilty of indeed, that we may learn and warn people, but we shouldn't be taken with or spread fear: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV). No accusations, just edification for those who love the truth. If anyone ever finds themselves succumbing to fear or hate, remember that the blood of Jesus heals all wounds. Spend some time reading the Bible and calling out to God, because He allows us to get carried away in our own crazy ideas sometimes. God hates evil, but that's because He is righteous and holy. We aren't, except that He has sanctified those who believe in Jesus. Hate doesn't help us, even if we think we are hating those who are or do evil:

    Romans 12:17–21 KJV
    17 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
    18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
    19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
    20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
    21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Those who make a man his enemy with no real cause have a curse already:

    Psalms 7:3–5 KJV
    3 O Lord my God, if I have done this; if there be iniquity in my hands;
    4 If I have rewarded evil unto him that was at peace with me; (yea, I have delivered him that without cause is mine enemy:)
    5 Let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the earth, and lay mine honour in the dust. Selah.

    God bless you all, in the love and peace of our Lord (and mine!), Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel, the blameless and blessed Lamb of God; "...and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6B KJV). Amen.

  42. Thank you for your blog post. Your words echo my sentiment precisely. Every day during my drive to and from work I am forced Toby Mac crap down my throat by the misguided local "Christian" radio station. It's an abomination, really. Like you, I've yet to find a Toby Mac song that remotely even touches on the original sin, the atoning sacrifice on the cross, work of the Spirit,authority of the Bible, etc. etc., let alone even MENTION the name Jesus. It is written in the Bible that as the end draws near, sheep will be misled by false teachings and preachers. Boy is that ever becoming truer every day.

  43. Hello Matt, I've been reading through your online book, Wolves in Sheeps Clothing, as well as reading through your other articles. I also had found the Lighthouse Trails website prior to stumbling upon your site, and I heartily recommend it. So Much Deception today!

    Your comment, about why others have not come to such an awareness: I too find it very curious. In the past 10 years, the deception in the church has slowly become apparent to me. I keep thinking "wow, it's been right in front of me all along." It's truly very strange ... but I guess that's the nature of deception and delusion.

    Thank you for being a sort of watchman. It has spurred the same in me.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. For some reason, the world apparently does not hold you and me spellbound the way it does for so many others. Funny thing is...I consider it in no way to be a sign of "spiritual superiority". Just a common sense recognition of reality.

      Sometimes even my own friends and family don't quite understand me. Recently I attended an indoor football game (San Jose Sabrecats) with some friends and family. While they were all wildly cheering, I became just a bit glum. I looked around and all I saw was...thousands of people headed for doom while the Devil keeps them deceived with these silly distractions. Like the boy in the movie, sometimes I get in a funk where I only "see dead people". Don't get me wrong -- I'm usually upbeat but some things just set me off.

      Nice to run into a kindred spirit like yourself. Blessings to you also!

    2. Matt24,

      I do understand what you're saying, about realizing the real doom awaiting the masses. I finally decided to cancel our television cable service. Why put money in the pockets of the people who are using both the entertainers and the viewing/listening audience, when the real goal is mass delusion??

      I appreciate coming across believers like you, because I too am often alone in what I've come to see, and continue to learn/see. No, it's not at all a superiority issue. In fact, I have become even more humbled as I truly see the schemes of the devil. I draw near to Jesus even more. I have developed a depth of compassion for the multitudes of people, "celebrities" or not, that are being deceived, manipulated and controlled.

      I have been reading literature, like Cathy O'Brien's personal account (much of which is too much to read). Svali's testimony is ovewhelming, as well as others who now report of being involved in mind-control operatives. Seeing the blatant evidence throughout all of Hollywood; connecting Disney, the CIA and other government entities; German Doctors and Scientists; the spider's web interconnects and seems endless.

      BUT .... Jesus gives us a lot of encouragement to "not fear". We are told nothing will separate us from God's love. We are told by Paul to encourage one another while it is "today", so as not to be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. The Bible truly is the source of everything we need to walk through this life. I am so thankful that alongside all of this "eye opening" information regarding end-times signs, we have God's Word and His Spirit of Truth. And believers who see and understand the signs of the times.

      God bless,

    3. Thank you very much Matt! I attend a very well known church in SoCal. You would know the Pastor; he's on radio, tv etc. It's like they have all buried their heads in the sand and the pastor even encouraged everyone to vote for Romney - from the pulpit... like we really have a two party system. Take the Franklin thing... that's what got me to your site... wow. This was way back and look at the cover up. Come Lord Jesus, quickly please :)

    4. The establishment has grown to bloated stage... it's too late; duck, cover and roll :(
      Pray without ceasing.

  44. Hello,
    I am still reading through your book; which is excellent by the way. You have really done a great job of compiling this mess. I am sure you are aware of Plum Island, Lyme Disease etc., I am an Infowars fan myself. Someone has to tell the truth. I am not done reading so, most likely you have covered the above I mentioned.
    What's creepy is my pastor preached about Romans 13 when he insisted on everyone voting for Romney.... now that's scary. There are a lot of attendees at my church.
    Thank you for your hard work - I am noticing how many links are not available now. People have been busy.

    1. Thanks for the good words! Yes, I've read about the creation of artificial diseases and viruses. I talk about it in my "Chapter 9".

      Yes, it's frustrating sitting in most of these churches...where the pastors are just keeping everybody sleepy.

      Yes, somebody seems to be working feverishly to kill my links. I regularly try to go through and check them but...they're pretty desperate, I think.

      Thanks again.

  45. You know about Dr. Mary's Monkey right? This trail will give you the real info on Kennedy, vaccines etc. I just tried to find a video on YouTube but don't know if it was pulled... nevermind, I found it
    the men who killed kennedy the love affair

    1. I don't have comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the Red Pill world. I have only researched deeply enough to get a good all-around knowledge of what's going on in the world. My understanding is that JFK had innumerable "love affairs". But he is also the only top-level Cabal insider to have stood up to the Cabal.

    2. Sex magick is common ritual used by the occult. JFK was a womanizer, and had a very real sex addiction that created a rift between him and Jackie. Marilyn Monroe was one of his more consistent mistresses. She was also active in the occult. Marilyn and JFK's relationship was more than just sexual, they were actually in love. JFK and Jackie's marriage was arranged anyway, as most are when one comes from a multi-generational satanic bloodline. Onassis & Kennedy both came from satanic bloodlines, so they were coupled for the sole purpose of creating offspring. There's more, but I will stop there.

      Also, as far as kennedy's shooter....think about who was in the front seat.

  46. Hi! I was greatly encouraged by this post on your blog. I believe we are living in the days of great deception. I used to listen to quite a bit of dctalk and also their individual albums when they split up. But things started to worry me even before they split up. Anyways...I was a bit startled when I saw the album cover of Toby Mac's latest offering. I have seen that he has had some occultic/illuminati symbolism going on, in fact since Free at Last there has been an eye symbol on all the album covers pretty much. Jesus Freak had the DCT overlaid to resemble an eye. Supernatural had the TV shaped like an eye. But I thought, well, maybe Toby Mac will at least try and defend himself and declare that he is a Christian, and has nothing to do with the illuminati or the occult. Sadly, he has done the opposite, as many have commented before.

    Anyway, I was looking and studying the Eye On It cover, and I think I may have seen what the meaning really is (but I could be wrong of course :) ).

    The eye is very reminiscient of the eye on the Free at Last album. The eye was bigger than and over, the cross. In other words, the illuminati, the devil etc is greater than Jesus. On the new ablum cover the eye is SO much bigger than the letter T in Toby Mac. However, it is actually written 'toBY MAC'. I think the small t looks like a cross (symbolising Jesus/Christians). Why else would it not be written with a capital T? The small o (again why is it small and not a capital?) represents the earth/world.

    So, the eye (devil) will be rule the cross (Christians) and the o (world). Then the next two letters are in capitals, 'BY'. So the eye will rule over the cross and world by...

    The word, 'MAC' is written in capitals. Right underneath you have the album name, 'EYE ON IT'. The middle letter in MAC is the letter 'A'. This looks like a pyramid (if it was a small 'a' it would not look like a pyramid). So if you literally have an "EYE ON IT' (the letter 'A') it would look exactly like the all-seeing eye upon the pyramid which can be found on the back of the $1 bill.
    The two letters either side of the A, (M C), could mean Masonic Church, maybe, or Masonic Christ (Antichrist).

    So together with the large drawn eye, 'toBY MAC EYE ON IT' gives the message that the illuminati/devil will rule the church and the world by the Antichrist coming.

    This is what I saw in this album cover, but I could be wrong. Be encouraged to continue wrtitng, and speaking out against the deceptions going on.

    If you find the time, you could check out my miniscule seen blog at

    Thankyou and bless you.

  47. It was very interesting how I originally started looking into Tobymac and his luciferian connections. I give regularly to support a very well known Christian radio station. One day, a couple of months ago, I get a call from the radio station asking if I wanted them to pray for me. I told them that I wanted to have the kind of faith that someone like Tobymac has, or so I thought, to reach out and touch the masses with the Love of Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior. It was that very night that I happened upon the information that you, and others like you, share. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I have had a sensitivity to occult references and desensitization in movies for a long time, beginning with my realization, while watching The Wizard of Oz, that the movie was insinuating witchcraft could possibly be good. (What a Lie!) I believe that God/Jesus Christ answered my prayer, the night I found your website, by allowing me to see that we need to be careful what we ask for and that we must keep our (eyes) on Jesus Christ and not on men. I admire Saints like you who SPEAK OUT and help others to know and understand the signs of the times and that we are not alone who notice the demonic activity abroad. I also know that one can easily get caught up in researching such things and neglect searching the scriptures and a daily prayer life so as to remain connected to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    One more interesting tidbit. It was after I had shared my findings with my wife, who was immediately skeptical, but who later began to see, that she and I both almost at the same time said, "I wonder if Tobymac's new album will have the eye of h-rus on it somewhere?" Soon after, we were and still are amazed beyond belief that the whole cover was nothing but the disgusting, UNDENIABLY demonic, anti-Christian eye. Thanks again! Your Brother in Christ Jesus Believer 68

  48. During dc talk's Supernatural tour Toby read out of The Message, endorsed it to the crowd. I was an impressionable youth and bought it. Years later I find it to be a repulsive fake Bible. At a book signing he wrote Peace, Toby.. thank you for your blog and online book. I arrogantly thought I would be able to spot wolves, but I was blind to so much. Side note, looking for symbolism everywhere I could not find any in Taco Bell's logo today before reading this article. I was shocked that I had missed it. May I never think I am immune to the devil's lies.

    1. Interesting comment about "The Message". I think I'll take a closer look.

      And I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to spot every coded symbol or camouflaged Satanist. I'm sure I'm missing a ton of them also. Just as long as you're looking for the return of the King and braced for the short time of "great tribulation" that comes just before. And always pray Jesus' prescribed prayer -- "Pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen".

      After all, some of us HAVE to survive....otherwise there'd be no one left to rapture! Read the Olivet Discourse humble advice. Matt.24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.

  49. Reading comments about churches wanting us to vote for Romney. My church did that, too. One whole Sunday on it. Prior to that the assistant pastor said there is no recession. My Sunday school teacher told us to empty our minds. To pray scripture - don't even use our own words to pray - use the scripture. I thought how new age it sounded. How am I to communicate with the Lord if I don't use my own words? Empty my mind? I had suggested to the pastor that warning us about the new age movement and their tactics would be so beneficial since it has permeated so much. But no one is warning. Like someone stated - their heads are in the sand. I try to warn friends about stuff but no one seems to notice or care. Matt, I laughed to myself when you said feeling like you are 'seeing dead people', because I related to that. It seems that the more people are involved in the world, love the world, the less they are able to see. They cannot see the evil that is there. Christian ministries/bands dress up as zombies and demons and people think it is great they are 'reaching young people for Jesus'. Crazy. Thanks for your blog.

    1. Interesting and so many church leaders are, at this late stage, still getting their information about the world from the Ken-and-Barbie Evening News. And that is quite alarming, how they are propagating this Contemplative Prayer occult practice in the church.

      Thanks for getting a chuckle out of my blog and thanks for the encouraging words!

  50. I had to erase most of our discussion. No room left. If you'd like a copy of the comments, I can email them. Feel free to continue the discussion here or by email. There's room here for about 7 more comments. Thanks.

  51. thanks for your article, i think it was helpful but i also think that you can go a litle too far. i reckon that some things that are so "satanic" could be subconciously done without understanding.
    i do think though, that it is questionable about toby being a christian, but i dont personally know him and will not judge him, but his lyrics arent very godly and dont show an amazing amount of christian faith.

  52. Is the "Tilde" symbol in our language a pagan symbol that should not be used in writing things like "~10 days left" which would mean "approximately 10 days left." I am just wondering as it is in a piece of art I have and do not want anything questionable.

    1. I don't know what the "Tilde" symbol is. My personal opinion is....if it's part of an active alphabet, it's OK to use. All the cars in my household, for example, use satanic symbolism for their logos, We're living under a world system designed and built by the Devil. He has put his marks absolutely all over the place. No way to avoid it. A deliberate signaling of occult allegiance is, of course, another thing!

    2. Thanks for your answer. The tilde is this:


      I could not find it being linked to anything pagan, but most seems to have some links to evil. I just want to be careful. Thanks again.

    3. "Anonymous July 24, 2013 at 12:59 PM"

      The "tilde" you speak of has several meanings/uses. For Spanish speakers, it is part of their alphabet and somewhat unavoidable. In music theory, it is the "gruppetto", or turn, meaning a return to to the main note, depending on placement. (Music in written form is made up almost entirely of occult symbols). As Matt said, it is almost impossible to avoid ALL occult symbols in this world. Logos featuring occult symbols mean the company is in allegiance w/the NWO. Symbols generally only have power when used in rituals, which includes writing them in sequence, but it is very specific, and one would really only be aware of this if practicing witchcraft or magick. I avoid symbols when possible, but it is unrealistic to avoid 100% of them if you are a consumer.(Matt's example was excellent-my car also has an occult symbol; I just removed it) If you feel uneasy about the item with the symbol in question, get rid of it. If you aren't sure, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

    4. I appreciate the thoughtful response! I think you said it better -- try to avoid occult symbols...if possible.

  53. Matt:

    I have read all the comments here as I frequent your blog regularly. I have noticed time and again your proclamation that you believe salvation is by faith, not works(and I agree 100%), yet you have had many accusers question your sincerity, especially once you've mentioned that one can have faith that is not a saving faith. I agree with this as well. I encountered many similar debates until one day as I was reading Matthew, it all became clear that the misunderstanding was that at times I would use the word "work(s)" when I really meant "fruit". This single word caused so much mis-communication, as it was revealed to me that when people hear "fruit", they attach it to a natural effect of a cause, the result of something, which simply came about. Contrarily, when one hears "work" it brings to mind other verbs like labor, and the putting forth of effort, the energy of which is generated by actions which we create. The realization that fruit can simply come about without our intervention or assistance, it is reasonable to concur that a truly saved person, full of the Holy Spirit WILL bear good fruit, which is the Spirit of Christ and not of themselves, which is what I interpret from what you are trying to explain.

    1. I agree -- "fruit" is a good choice of terms. Anything that might help clarify the issue. Of course...James himself in writing the Book of James, used the term "works". I don't quite understand how people get these issues mixed up.

      I always appreciate running into someone such as yourself who is supportive and in agreement on these vital issues. Yes, I think you're right though -- using the term "fruit" might help clarify things for some people. Thanks.

  54. I just wanted to say regarding your swastika comment...its basically a Hindu symbol. Every morning traditional Hindus paint the swastika or the five pointed star with a circle on their doorstep with chalk. And Hinduism is thousands of years old...

    1. Yes, well...Satanism is even older than Hinduism. The Devil has been passing his symbols around since time immemorial! The ouroboros symbol, for example, has 'mysteriously' shown up independently...on multiple continents, among multiple cultures, and over hundreds of years. Go figure. Quite simply, the Devil has symbols and he trades them around. And if you don't realize all the false religions of the world, including Hinduism, are essentially satanic and satanically originated...then I would say you don't understand 1John 5:19...all due respect.

    2. Lol...Dont get me wrong Matt, I've been a born again christian for 23 years now. I just figured I would give you some input about Hinduism since I have lived in India now for almost 30 years. So I should know something, right?
      Btw, thanks for the website. I learned a ton of new stuff. Maybe you could do an article on devil's handsign's. I saw a guy at the grocery the other day flashing the devils horn at somebody. What I'm curious to know they know what they are doing or is it the demons in them sending a message?
      Have a nice weekend!

    3. OK -- nice to run into another believer. But what was your point? I am well aware of the antiquity of the that symbol. No harm / no foul but...I wasn't quite following you. :) The Nazis used it as an occult symbol...and Hindusim is fundamentally satanic and interactive with the satanic/demonic world, therefore everything in Hinduism is indicative of occultism/Satanism...IMO.

      As to your other question -- I think lots of people utilize symbolism without really understanding the significance. The Devil has created popularity for a lot of symbols. People get themselves all tatted up with these symbols...and really have no idea.

  55. about a year ago i went to a concert with toby mac as a performer there, it was when this new album came out, i was very uncomfortable with it all, i knew something wasnt quite right, i did what any good christian does and i stuck my head in the sand,...haha.. well every since then i cannot stand to listen to certain artists, and you named 2 of them, i wasnt sure why, but with the toby mac thing i knew that eye symbol was satanic in my gut i just knew, so my daughter who is 30 asked me the other day why Christianity seemed to be going down roads it shouldnt be going and this brought back that concert and i told her what i thought and she was amazed i had noticed this, well i decided to start investigating it myself and low and behold someone else noticed and i am grateful that i am not crazy! so without sounding crazy i would like to say that my lord and savoir Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit along with Jehovah God(because that is my God) has been allowing me to be in some challenging situations with so called "Christian" media. The Holy Spirit quickens me and I have been picking up on alot of things that seem to make no difference to anyone else, I told my daughter I feel like John the Baptist, saying repent the time is near.

  56. I have never seen such nonsense over symbolism in my life. Strike that. I have, but it is very disturbing because Christians should be better than this. We cannot afford to start becoming paranoid about Christian artists turning to satan based on speculation about alleged satanic symbols on album covers. That is nonsense. This is conspiracy theory nonsense that shows a total lack of read discernment from the Spirit of God. Just because an artist or company has a one eye symbol on something, that does NOT prove they are using the "eye of Ra" or something of that nature. This is getting ridiculous to say the least. We need to stop being silly and making false accusations against Christian artists.

    1. This is all "nonsense"? What do you happen to know about symbolism? Share with us. You are claiming there is no such thing as satanic symbolism? You are claiming there is no such thing as a deceptively disguised wolf who has slithered among the sheep? If there are indications of wolf would one go about pointing to these indicators without you crying foul? And...if you don't like the folks I have pointed to with suspicious indicators...just where ARE any of these biblically-predicted wolves? Give some names so that God's flock can take appropriate measures to protect.

  57. God bless you brother! The Lord led me to your website over a year ago.
    Thank you for all your work in this matter! I LOVE your website!!! I have been eager for some new item for some time now and check all the time. I also would love a good home church but don't know of a real one that isn't connected to a larger 'church.' I'm in San Diego. Keep up the warnings!
    ( :

    1. Thanks so much. Hopefully in the near future I'll become more active!

  58. Just noticed that you make from 'endemol' end them all. Just some clarification, this is a dutch company where they took the last names of both owners to make the company name. Namely Joop van den Ende and John de Mol or EndeMol. So end them all? I don't think so, that makes no sense.

    1. You've really wrenched this out of context. Wow.

      First of all, there is the non-too-subtle matter of Endemol's point-blank satanic corporate logo. How did you manage to eliminate that from the context?? Not only is it the age-old (going back to ancient Egyptian occultism/Satanism) all-seeing-eye symbolism...their logo is also designed with a very deliberate mean/menacing look. Coupled with the well-known elitist concept of population reduction...there is an implication of mass murder. Unless, that is, you think the menacing 'eye' is meant to be that of Santa Claus or something? You've never read about the Georgian Guidestones, as one example?

      Then there is the worldwide, globe-spanning context...of hundreds upon hundreds of major corporate logos comprised of satanic symbols. You can't derive the vaguest clue from this? Read through chapter 11 of my "Wolves" online book (linked at the top of this page).

      If you know where to look, you'll realize there is murderous talk and conspiracy all across the "ruling elite" world. Google for "George Hunt--UN UNCED Earth Summit 1992" one example.

    2. And by the way, I am fully aware of how the two individuals' names comprise the corporate name. I explain more about Endemol in that same chapter 11.

  59. Haha I have to laugh out loud at these entire posts. This is all absurd.

    First of all, musical artists are not in charge of how their album covers look. They make the music, play the music, tour with the music and spread their message. The album concept is done completely through the label that the artist is signed to. The artists who do the album concept and the photographers are all hired through means of third-party vendoring. Meaning, when TobyMac takes these pictures he is told to stand in poses that the photographers tell him to stand in and he has no input on the art of the album.

    Going back to your "Diverse City" comment, I think you miss the point of his intentions. His plan for Diverse City is to bring as many people from as many different cultural/religious backgrounds to the love of Jesus Christ as we are instructed to do in the bible.

    Have you ever been to a TobyMac concert? The presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong and present that one would literally have to be a satanist themselves to not be able to tell the difference. Even his song "Steal My Show" is dedicated to bringing the presence of the Holy Spirit into the hearts of his listeners. "So now the crowd is hyped, that you showed up tonight, anticipating, craving something more than smoke and lights, so I'll step out the way, give you center stage, alright, spotlight, give them what they came for" refers to letting the Spirit take over his show which is the main reason people spend the low-dollar ticket price to get in the door at one of his shows.

    Furthermore, lumping artists like TobyMac and Third-Day in with the likes of people like Jay-Z who claims to be God himself; or Kanye West, who refers to himself as Jesus (hahahahahahah) is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. These people sold their souls to be as famous, rich and wide-spread as they are; yet, they have no influence on the world in a positive way. Sure, TobyMac is popular and a multi-millionaire, but he was blessed by God as a preacher for spreading His love; which does actually happen to faithful believers; and he will be judged for everything he says because he is a preacher, but if you look at what he says: speak life, to coldest, darkest night.

    What bothers me the absolute most about this entire post is the fact that you warn us about wolves in sheep's clothing, yet at the same time, the only wolf I see is someone who is dissecting Christians in order to turn them against one another.

    The artists that are being condemned for bringing people closer to God through spreading the word of Jesus Christ are not the "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing". Its the people with too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than bash Christians.

    1. Yes, lots of lol'ers stopping by here -- lol.

      So...if I have concerns and/or complaints about certain people in the Christian world...I'm a wolf and a bash'er? OK so...if YOU also have concerns and complaints about someone in the church world...that presumably makes you a wolf also? Your reasoning process is a little confusing.

      Mac has put a gigantic 5000-year-old satanic symbol on the cover of his CD...and there was such an eruption of controversy, it flooded into his very own Facebook page...with fully 10% of the comments expressing concerns and complaints.

      Yet any such concerns being expressed (such as in this blog article) and one will be categorized as a wolf? Ironically, I have NEVER concluded as to Mac being a wolf.

      Even with a flood of complaints on his Facebook page...Mac would not repudiate Lucifer, Satan, satanic symbolism...would not repudiate diddly. Interesting.

      If you'd done the prep reading I advised at the outset of this article, you'd know I directly address the whole "art department" angle. You can't argue against my "disguised satanic symbolism" thesis...if you haven't at least READ through at least some portions of my thesis.

      Not to mention, I can't even fathom the mindset (such as yours) that can read through some of the alarming indicators of hidden Satanism in this very article...and come up with no better reaction than "lol".

      In any case, you personally have not a clue as to exactly how much or how little input Mac has had with his album cover artwork. I would say your assertions are an awkward dogmatically claiming Mac's complete un-involvement. It also suggests you recognize there are problems (to say the least) with the placement a well-known (at least among to the somewhat literate) satanic symbol on his album cover.

      Where was his rush to explain and/or apologize? What about the basic principle of "avoid appearance of evil"? And why your silence on the same point? Instead, you dogmatically categorize those who express concerns about a "wolf"? Again though... I would say you're having the "shot-with-your-own-gun" problem.

      I don't know which "Diverse City" comment of mine you are referring to. I certainly DO know that none of his songs or CDs are "bringing the love of Jesus Christ" as you claim....quite simply because he never MENTIONS Jesus Christ but on the absolute rarest of occasions.

      There is absolutely no way anyone is being saved by reading or listening to the lyrics of Mac's songs. There simply is no Gospel presentation anywhere in his songs and virtually zero mention of the name of Jesus.

      Interestingly, you quote "Steal My Show" and somehow fail to notice there is (as usual) no direct mention of the Lord Jesus. Ask this question -- if a satanic wolf were conducting a concert like this and who had successfully passed himself off as a Christian...if he were conspicuously failing to directly mention the Lord Jesus in his song...who might he then actually be referring to? Answer: If he were a satanic wolf, then all those lovely lyrics would secretly be referencing Lucifer.

      You can "lol" all you like but there ARE wolves in the flock...and they ARE diabolically and ingeniously disguised...and such HAS been explicitly warned of by the Lord Jesus Himself in the Olivet Discourse. If you'd like to LOL at Jesus and His warnings regarding spectacularly deceptive wolves, please allow me to get clear of the area first.

  60. An avocado? sure it looks like an avocado taken out of the rest of the visual context. But it looks like an eye, he says its an eye "eye on it" so its an eye. duh!

  61. Um, hi, he does say on his website that he is a follower of Jesus Christ, check again,

    1. Yes, and I believe those mentions of "Jesus" are a relatively recent thing in response to the occult symbolism backlash. Up to then, he and a number of other prominent CCM'ers (Michael Smith comes to mind) seemed to have prided themselves in mentioning Jesus almost never.

      In my view, he is 'scrambling' in his FAQs. Doing a little back peddling. Wolves (if Mac is truly one of them) have no problem talking and preaching about Jesus. As far as I know, ALL wolves who have infiltrated the conservative church world mention Jesus innumerable times in their sermons...except for a lot of CCM'ers who can get away with foggy, murky, meaningless lyrics, by the ton...under the cover of "poetic license".

  62. Also have you ever been to a concert? I have, many times, he lays out the gospel and what it takes to become a Christian and how to do that. A satanist would never tell people how to come to Jesus

    1. I would argue you do not correctly understand "salvation" nor the "Gospel" and are therefore in significant danger.

      Jesus stated in Matthew 24:12,13 that only those who "stand firm until the end will be saved". Mac, similarly to how the Graham crusades have operated through the years, is just a "dog and pony show" that pulls into town , creates a lot of hoopla and excitement, then disappears....leaving behind all his responsibilities to nurture any new "converts" who may have emerged from his show.

      Assuming there are ANY who pray a salvation prayer in connection with a Mac concert....they're only being set up (99% of the time) for apostasy: The initial excitement wears away with the everyday pressures of life and they forget all about Jesus. Matthew 13:20,21 talks about those who...

      "hear the word and at once receive it with joy. But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away".

      Mac seems to be one of those who is merely 'rocking the cradle'...keeping people cozy and comfy and sleepy....just in time for the arrival of the Great Apostasy Plot which I describe from the Olivet Discourse information THROUGHOUT all my blogging:


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