The Central and Critical Purpose For My Book--"WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING":


November 10, 2009:

Allow me to address a couple of key questions as to why have I written my online book, Wolves In Sheep's Clothing. What is the central purpose? Read below:


According to Jesus' direct words in the Olivet Discourse, there is a specific, satanic deception plot headed the way of conservative, Bible-believing, church-going folks.

It is headed towards us like an oncoming train....and 99% of (especially) the American church world has not one clue.

My key purpose has been to warn Bible-believers of this specific plot.

How do we know of this deception plot? Again, Jesus has prophesied in the Olivet Discourse (a kind of "end times survivor manual" for His followers) regarding this deception scenario.

Surprisingly and tragically, He predicts this satanic scheme is going to meet with extreme success in luring millions away from the faith...permanently.

A huge number of erstwhile followers of Jesus...the vast majority in fact (from my understanding of Matthew 24)...are going to "fall away from the faith" and go to their doom.

It is admittedly astonishing and heartbreaking to think that most of the folks we would run into in the Bible-believing world...are to become future apostates. But that IS an absolute and inescapable fact: Jesus states that most "believers" in the 'end times' are going to fall away to a Christ-less eternity.

According to Jesus, most church-goers in Bible-believing fellowships will turn out, sadly and tragically, to have been only nominal believers.

Here are Jesus' very words:

"At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but only he who stands firm to the end will be saved." (Matthew 24:10-13)

So there it is--the "many" will fall from the faith...and only he who "stands firm to the end" will be saved.

Therefore, Jesus had specific purpose in mind in delivering His Olivet Discourse...and this is where I have sought to play some small part:


My hope and prayer is firstly to minimize however possible, this massive and unspeakably tragic apostasy. Personally, I am concentrating my efforts locally, right where I live in getting the word out. Also on the Internet. I am trying to pass along this divinely-ordained "heads up" to any church-going folks who would give this subject matter the time of day.

Secondly, for those few who are already bracing themselves and preparing to sidestep the seduction efforts of these false prophets...there is then the matter of surviving the aftermath of refusing the "mark of the beast":

Jesus' advice in the Olivet Discourse (Luke 21:36)--"Watch therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass"

I am certainly aiming to achieve that kind of "worthiness" in my own life...but also to get together with other earnest Bible students and with any other Christian leaders who are keeping a Gideon-like watch on these developing end time events...and put our heads together as to how we can indeed "escape all that is about to happen".

In that regard, I think many folks are incorrectly resigning though imprisonment and martyrdom during the Great Tribulation are a foregone conclusion. That is not true. Obviously, significant numbers of believers survive all the way to the
"gathering of the elect" rapture...otherwise there would be no need for such an event!

Jesus has instructed us to attempt escape. And to "pray" that we may be able to achieve such.

Obviously, "prayer" should be followed by earnest efforts and investigation into this possibility. If we "pray" for escape"...God, if He chooses to fulfill our prayer requests (some of us are apparently destined for captivity), will then add His providence to our efforts:

Our prayers may result in ideas which come to mind...discoveries might be made...strategies could be developed, and finally...God can supernaturally direct our paths...just as He does each and every day. Proverbs 16:9--"A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps."

My point though, is that Jesus' stipulated "prayer" would seemingly need to be part of some kind of a plan of action. The old saying: God doesn't steer a vehicle that isn't moving.

If America is, as I suspect, the Great Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18...the admonition from those passages is to "come out of her [Great Babylon] so that you will not share in her [punishments]" (Rev.18:4).

Does that mean we should leave America at some point? Are there other safer places in remote parts of the world? There is an interesting and almost cryptic comment from Jesus as He is describing the climactic end times events:

Matthew 24:14--"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

Is this perhaps an indication that "1st World" Christians are compelled to undergo a kind of Diaspora in the last days?

I honestly don't know WHAT we should or shouldn't attempt. I haven't had opportunity to brainstorm with various people who may have far more wisdom and insight than I. But Christian people should be discussing and thinking through these kinds of issues.

My desire is the same as Jesus'--to escape all these things and survive to the gathering of the elect, the sound of the trumpet, and the glorious appearance of the Lord in the clouds.


As I said though, the fundamental and much more important purpose for my online thesis is to simply inform folks and draw their attention to the dangers of this Apostasy Plot. Allow me then to explain this a bit more:

Just how is this apostasy deception/seduction accomplished exactly? Jesus provides many details and clues in the Olivet discourse. One of the many startling aspects to His descriptions (if you take a closer look, there are a lot of these surprises in the Olivet Discourse) the harsh reality of widespread satanism in conservative Christian leadership.

There are people on the scene who, though widely recognized as Christian leaders...are in reality devotees of Lucifer and his Antichrist, behind the scenes.

I have encountered large numbers of fellow church-goers who DO NOT want to accept the reality of high level satanic infiltration of Bible-believing church culture...but that IS the reality. Jesus' description of a large number of "false prophets"...i.e. satanic wolves-in-sheep's-clothing)...IS correct. (After all, Jesus is always correct--is He not?)

These "false prophets" (as Jesus describes them) are enormously deceptive. I can tell you from my personal experience and research into this matter (which I delve into deeply in my book)--their facades are virtually seamless. You could stand six inches away from one of these people and never receive the slightest indication.

At the present time, the vast majority of church-goers have no clue as to the satanic essence of these "false prophets". Obviously not--otherwise how else could they successfully fool church-goers into their pre-arranged traps?

From my observations of the contemporary scene, 99.9% of Bible-believers have not Clue One as to the shocking reality of hidden Luciferians in their high leadership positions, on the book covers of Christian best-sellers, on the stages of many popular Christian music concerts, in the some of the pulpits of America's most popular churches, on and on.

I have stumbled across evidence and specific information regarding any number of these "false prophets"...and go into great detail about all of this in my online "book".


Isn't it astonishing that a third of Scripture is today virtually 'off-limits' in the Bible-believing world? I have talked to many of my friends (both pastors and laymen) and have heard a strange assortment of 'excuses': The alleged "lack of immediate practicality"...or the complaint that most discussions of Bible prophecy degenerate into arguments and hurt feelings.

Something has gone very, very, very wrong in the 20th and 21st century church regarding this subject matter. One wonders half seriously whether some of these folks are thinking the Lord of Glory sits in the heavens, saying to Himself: "What was I making a third of Scripture prophetic? I really goofed. My people have no use for this stuff."

Consequently, the reason most folks don't know about the words of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse is that they are not being warned of these anyone.

Few Christian leaders want to touch the Olivet Discourse with so much as a ten foot pole...because it presents too many awkward contradictions for PreTrib and Dominionist doctrines.

There are so many pastor friends of mine (I am a Bible college grad and have many such friends) who feel an obligation and an allegiance towards PreTrib doctrine...even though they have a multitude of reservations and, in all honesty, cannot fathom nor clearly explain this doctrine. Isn't that the strangest thing?

In fairness, most of these folks I've encountered are very forthright in admitting there are just too many "loose ends" and issues they cannot resolve in their mind. Thus, they are reluctant to teach on a matter that isn't clear to them.

As a result, Bible prophecy (again, an astonishing one third of the Bible) has been virtually eliminated from Evangelical church-dom. Sermon series on Bible prophecy preached from America's pulpits are almost as rare as the proverbial Dodo bird.

Thus...the absolutely critical Olivet Discourse information and instruction sits there in obscurity, with Jesus' warnings remaining unheralded, unheeded, and unknown--the greatest tragedy in the history of the church, in my view.


I have previously mentioned "pre-arranged traps" being indicated in Christ's Discourse. What are these exactly? Again--look closely at Jesus' words in the passage--

"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. So if anyone tells you, 'There he is, out in the desert,' do not go out; or, 'Here he is, in the inner rooms,' do not believe it." (Matthew 24:24-26)

Notice in the above passage, by the way, the infinite difference between those who turn out to have been the actual "elect"...and those who follow Christ for a time but then fall away during the moments in which this specific satanic deception is being perpetrated...and subsequently go to their eternal doom.

Contrary to popular notions floating around the contemporary church world with its flippant, blasé notions about 'easy-salvation-ism' is not enough to "make a decision for Christ"--you need also to cross the finish line for Christ. Stand firm to the end.

Though I do believe in the technical definitions of "eternal security"..nevertheless, from the human perspective, from an earthly perpsective, we need to think in terms of making a million "decisions" for Christ...over a lifetime:

Hebrews 3:14-- "We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first."

But back the question of "traps"--notice these satanic "Christian" leaders are beckoning church-goers to follow them to the "desert places" and into the "inner rooms". Since this article is a kind of synopsis of my book...I will give you the short version:

My belief is that millions of church-goers who are de facto or committed "PreTribbers" are going to panic when the Antichrist explodes onto the world scene (as the Bible describes it) and they find their PreTrib rapture has come up missing.

(Dominionists will also become confused and panicked to find themselves in an unexpected confrontation with the they mistakenly believe Christians are "destined" to usher the world into a triumphant
'golden Christian age' at which time Christ will return to earth.)

The Antichrist will immediately introduce his "new world order" and begin to require capitulation and worship...and the acceptance of "the mark of the beast". The conservative church community will be in a state of mass confusion and probably in imminent danger from the surrounding world community which (as the Bible clearly indicates) has instantly accepted this Antichrist en masse.

At this point, the Devil steps forward with his "coup de grace"--a huge array of satanic "Evangelical" leaders who beckon seductively: "Follow us to desert places and inner rooms...".

After being lured to these remote locations, these folks will then be cornered: "Capitulate to the Antichrist...or else." Millions of conservative church-goers will then "fall away from the faith": In a state of panic, they will capitulate, take the mark of the beast, and fall into apostasy and doom.

I would love for church leaders (at least in my local area, if nowhere else) to take ownership of this crisis...and strive to stem the tide of apostasy to the extent that is within their ability.


If you've been paying attention to the emerging 'police state' here in America, you know about these "desert places" and "inner rooms":

Again, making a long story short (I discuss this in much greater detail in Chapter Nine)...there are about six hundred FEMA "relocation" camps set up all over the land...almost all of them located at extremely remote sites...literally, in desert places. Also in the interiors of various military bases and other secret facilities ("the inner rooms").

I would argue that folks who want to think of themselves as Gideon-like solid students of the Bible (with its repeated admonitions to become prayerful, careful 'world-watchers') have increasingly little excuse at this late stage, for missing the fact of an emerging police state in America...with these FEMA prison camps, the effective removal of habeas corpus, the removal of "probable cause" anywhere within 50 miles of any US border, pornographic X-ray machines now being installed at airports, the emerging Orwellian role of RFID chips (already being inserted into our driver licenses and passports)...on and on.

Many American church-goers have developed this mind-set...a virtual fairy-tale world-view that says--"America can never fall...America is blessed of God because of her great goodness"...and so on and so forth. The plain and biblical fact of the matter is that all the nations of the world, including the US of A, are going to be (and ARE being) eclipsed by an emerging Antichrist globalism.

Great evil, explicit satanic evil...lurks within the ranks of our governmental leadership...something I try to document early on in my "book" (read chapters 3 through 7).

At some point (and I believe we've long since reached that point) Christ-following Americans are going to need to wrench themselves away from this borderline 'cultic' mindset of Americanism (also known as "American Exceptionalism)--"My country, right or wrong."

Our citizenship is in heaven and our allegiance is to the King. Unfortunately, America went "wrong" long ago. Or maybe more accurately--there has been a diabolical 'hijacking' of American government, in the progression of our nation's history.

How have so many Bible students with their theoretically "superior" discernment, fallen into this strange, cultic mind set...that America is some sort of magical, morally-superior land of milk and honey...and that it is immune from an advancing Antichrist agenda?

How can American church-goers continue to cling to this counter-biblical notion calamity will befall America, the "anointed" land?

Thankfully, at this point increasing numbers of American citizens are starting to see the handwriting on the wall...and are finally becoming concerned over the increasing world of war ("wars and rumors of wars") being proposed by American government leadership
...and are becoming aware and greatly concerned over these huge numbers of prison camps.

For what legitimate purpose would the US government need to imprison 15 to 17 million people?? Read your Bible for the answer--so I argue in my book.


At various places in my book, I go into detail about all the things mentioned above--the camps..emerging and late-breaking specific information about the mark of the beast...specifics about the individuals (including these "false prophets") who are part of a satanic, "New World Order" Antichrist cabal, etc.

I believe you are going to realize that most of this is not anything you have ever heard from the likes of Jack VanImpe, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye and that whole crowd. As I say in my Introduction--"hang on to your hat". For example--right away, in the Intro and first chapter, I begin presenting evidence of occultism in connection with specific high-profile Evangelical "celebrities".


I do not believe it is required of anyone to form 'dogmatic' conclusions regarding some of these Evangelical church leaders whose book covers, websites, television programs, and various published materials give strong indication of veiled occult allegiances. As I say repeatedly in my book--there is always some possibility of error. Satanists do not carry around "Antichrist I.D. badges".

But my hope is that folks will at least keep a look-out for these various "persons of interest" that when and if they do show up with invitations to join them out in the will be ready to make a good judgment call...contrary to millions of others who will exclaim--

"Isn't this wonderful. Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson
[or many other 'suspects' covered in my book] are helping to lead us to safety".

In my Introduction, Chapters One and Two, I cover some opening evidence regarding specific high profile individuals in the conservative church world whose published materials, statements, and actions give evidence of possible occult allegiances.


As I had stated earlier...because of PreTrib and Dominionist doctrines, the Discourse has become a kind of weird 'no-man's-land' in recent decades. Very few view the Discourse as an applicable message directed at the saints. It is one of the least popular passages for most preachers to preach through...again, primarily because it is so extremely awkward for PreTrib and Dominionism.

Allow me to make a few arguments at this point (I dedicate an entire chapter to these issues, in my book--Chapter Ten):

Let's state this very simply--Jesus taught a 'Post-Trib' rapture to Peter, James, John, along with the other disciples who listened in on Jesus' Olivet Discourse. Jesus described a "gathering of the elect" which occurs AFTER the "the great tribulation". (Read through Matthew 24 and see it with your own eyes.)

Inexplicably, PreTribbers claim that Peter, James and John adopted a PreTrib view...regardless of the plain fact that Jesus taught them PostTrib! It is an astounding and direct contradiction of Jesus' words.

There has been a large assortment of teachers and preachers from the PreTrib world who, in essence, are rebutting Jesus:

"No, your message is NOT for Your followers. Your Discourse is not aimed at "disciples" despite what is directly indicated in Matthew 24. Your Discourse is aimed at others. It is aimed at...uh...Jewish people".

Jesus' audience was all Jewish??  OK, but they were also all male. The Olivet Discourse only applies to males? The "Jewish" argument is nonsense in any case:

It doesn't matter if they were Jewish or not. Peter, James, John and the rest of them...were all believers. Why would Jesus incorrectly tell them they were to expect to go through the "great tribulation"...if all believers are allegedly raptured pre-tribulationally??

Therefore I would wonder on what authority have PreTrib teachers "corrected" the Lord of Glory in the selection of His chosen audience?? The text itself says that Christ's "disciples" came to Him, asking (in so many words)..."what words of advice do you have for us as Your followers, concerning the last days before Your return?" PreTrib teachers step in front of the text, claiming: "Nooo, Jesus' audience was "Jewish people"...not "disciples".  (?)

To claim that Jesus words didn't apply to His followers when the very text says His words DO apply to those who are His "disciples"'s a very, very, very serious and tragic error, in my view

(I dedicate an entire chapter to a closer look at the rapture issue.)

In conclusion, let me repeat: If church-goers are not warned of these "false prophets"....not warned regarding this attempt on the part of spectacularly deceptive "Christian" leaders to lure them out to "desert places" and "inner rooms"...millions of us are going to be completely blindsided.

If you're in any position to pass along to others the warnings from Jesus' Olivet Discourse..please do so. For starters, you could email them this very article, as an example!

I can be emailed at



  1. Dear brother in the Lord,

    I am thankful that I found your blog. I've been reading from various places the stuff that you had written in "Wolves in Sheep's clothing" and it's nice that you have compiled all the material and put in one website.

    I am eager to share the blog with the brethren that I used to go to church with when I was still involved with "Babylonish churchianity". Hoping and praying that they would heed the warnings of Scripture before all the chaos and "falling away" happens.

    God bless you,

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words. Sorry it took me so long to answer. I somehow missed this comment of yours.

    As far as "sharing" this info--it's a real "hit-and-miss" to who will take in this kind of info, and who will run away. It takes a certain degree of tact and skill to bring people along in this whole "Red Pill" business. I hope and pray you can get several folks to start thinking through these issues.

    Feel free to shoot over any other comments. Thanks again!

  3. Matt,
    Thank you for posting your book on the internet. A few months ago I was concerned about Lady Gaga's song "Judas" and then her skyrocketing popularity and googled "Lady Gaga sells her soul" and it led me to much of the same info you had posted. One thing I noted from what Svali had stated was that she did not believe in reptilian shapeshifters, that instead she felt they were all demonic manifestations. Now I have a dilemma on how I respond to my newfound information. Do I throw out my Tim LaHaye and Dr. David Jeremiah books? ( I did already toss out my Rick Warren books.) Do I quit watching the 700 club? Do I stop contributing to Samaritan's Purse? And most importantly do I remain a practicing Catholic? I suspect I will remain a Catholic. I have been telling anyone who will listen that the Marian apparitions are demonic. Also something I found interesting is that one of the key players in the "A Course in Miracles" which is a subtle occult book promoted by Oprah, was also a codirector of MK Ultra. His name was William Thetford. Keep up the good work.

  4. Anon--

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, there are quite a few sources out there now, which expose these things. Lady Gaga...big time MK Ultra, in my view.

    I don't know about throwing out David Jeremiah's books (though I'm anti-PreTrib, if you know what that is) but you won't catch me cozying up to any of Lahaye's stuff.

    As far as Pat Robertson and the Billy Graham Association...what can one say? It's all very tragic and sad, humanly speaking. But my hope is in the Lord and His return. In the next world all this will have passed away.

    I have reconciled to the fact that there are very, very few 'high level' Christian leaders who have both integrity and discernment regarding 'end times' issues. John Piper and Chuck Baldwin are a couple who seem to come close.

    Piper was the only guy to speak out against Rob Bell's universalism. Bell recently made the cover of Time magazine when his book on the subject was published. Apparently, the world loves universalists.

    As far as Catholic churches...virtually almost all Catholic and Evangelical churches (I have Evangelical roots) function as not much more than apostasy death traps...according to the predictions and descriptions of the Olivet Discourse.

    And yet...the Bible still stipulates that we find a place of of worship and fellowship where we regularly attend. I'm almost at a point of simply having a house church with my family and a few friends.

    I can hardly imagine what you get out of Catholicism--all that idolatrous "veneration" of hundreds of saints...the prescribed "vain repetitions" of dozens of "Hail Marys" and "Our Fathers"...the violation of "one mediator between man and God" when confessing to a priest...and yes, the Marianism.

    I would hope and pray you are able to sidestep all of that...but maybe you don't agree with me on some of those things? I don't mean to offend--just sharing my views. Feel free to rebut!

    I'll have to check out this Thetford guy. thanks for the 'heads up'.

  5. And yes, I had read about Svali's views. I'm not dogmatic on this Nephilim issue by any means. But, step by step, the evidence seems to lean in favor of this bizarre cross-breeding phenomenon. I really don't have any strong opinon on "shapeshifting" specifically. Apparently though...the Devil has been able to present himself as a physical snake...and also as a 'dragon". Interesting to theorize.

  6. Matt,
    I was raised a Protestant in a house that also was quite into the occult. I was a Methodist and also into the occult from age 13-33. Because I was into the occult I can see that in the reptilian shapeshifters and also with the UFO's. I remember attending a psychic conference and speaking with Brad Steiger. He had a book with pictures of "aliens" and although I wasn't a Christian at the time I thought these all look like demons. A book I would recommend is "UFOs End Time Delusion." The things that keep me Catholic are daily Mass and we have a 24 hour prayer chapel. I don't have anything to do with Mary, the Pope, or Saints. I consider that idolatry. I don't go to confession any more. I don't know if you have been on the Let's Roll forums but on page 41 they have a synopsis of MK Ultra with a list of certified Monarch slaves. I also like Tiffany Evans tweet about the music industry. It is really sad about Billy Graham. I always thought him to be a Protestant saint along with Corrie Ten Boom and Joni Eareckson Tada.

  7. Matt,
    I wanted to clarify that the list of Monarch slaves is under the subheading "Satanic Music Industry" on the let's roll forums.
    As far as the tribulation goes, I have been known topost on a pre-trib forum (where they don't know I am Catholic)but I am in no way certain or dogmatic about it. On the one hand it seems a little simplistic for all Christians to get a "get out of tribulation free card" but then on the other hand I don't think Tim La Haye invented pre-trib to make a pile of money. To me Matthew 24 sounds post-trib because it says the times were shortened for the sake of the elect or else no one would survive. If the elect were all raptured then why would the tribulation need to be shortened? Corrie Ten Boom believed in post-trib. Catholics do not believe in the rapture but do believe in the second coming which technically makes them post-trib. I guess we will all be finding out very soon one way or the other.
    Romans 12:21

  8. I'm guessing the last two posts are from the same person even though there's "anonymous" and "Jane"?

    Thanks for the info about LetsRoll. I'll check out the list. You sound like someone who went through some rough spots...with your involvement in occult and all. Do you feel like you're in a more stable situation now?

    I didn't quite get what you meant about Lahaye and making money. The man made about 200 million form PreTrib (his series of Left behind novels). His published materials over a period of years have been chock-full of occult indicators. Did you read my section on Lahaye in Ch.14?

    If you study the origins of PreTrib popularity in America...its not a pretty story. I had some comments at the bottom of my Ch.11 with links to let the reader study more deeply into PreTrib intrigue. Of course, I dedicated a whole chapter to PreTrib (Ch.10). Did you look through that or is it too bookworm-ish for you?

    Yes, God bless Corrie Ten Boom with her post-trib. I always tell people who say we can't know 'for sure' the Olivet Discourse about a hundred times...slowly. All the info is in there.

  9. Matt,
    I wanted to let you know that I have decided to leave the Catholic church after 21 years. Thank you for your input. I went over the basic tenets of Protestantism and found that I must have been a closet Protestant all these years. I threw out my Tim LaHaye books. I am still undecided on pre or post trib. I will have to research it more. Although my family was into the occult, it was white witchcraft and not black. The difference being that those in white witchcraft or the New Age are deceived by the Devil, often without a clue, and those in Black witchcraft or the Illuminati worship the Devil and may practice SRA. I recently read some more information from Svali about the Vatican connections with the illuminati. So sad. My husband thinks I have gone off the deep end sometimes. I am truly not a consipracy theorist. All I did was google about Lady Gaga and look where it lead. Do you think TPTB are planning a global war to reduce the population sometime soon? I read somewhere that we have been programmed as a society to expect chaos and destruction in 2012.

    1. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  10. One thing I have to add to the above, is that although I am not into conspiracy theories at all, there is one that I have believed for many years. If anyone is so inclined check out the book "AIDS and the Doctors of Death." The premise of the book is that AIDS was deliberately introduced through contaminated hepatitis vaccinations to gay men in LA, San Francisco, and NY City, and to people in Africa through the WHO. You can see a review of the book on Amazon. According to Svali one of the main goals of the Illuminati is population reduction and control.

  11. Hi, i've been reading your blog since yesterday and haven't found any info on you "matt" I'd like to know what church if any you are associated with,i noticed you said we shoud take a gideon like approch to certain things a few times and the gideons are a proven "cult", so i don't understand why you would say that? Please explain exactly what you believe and where you go to church.

  12. Jane-- Thanks for the comments. It's probably good to distance yourself from Catholicism. I agree. But most Evangelical churches aren't much better in that they're really amount to nothing more than "apostasy traps"...if you've read through my above blog post. least you're getting a lot of semi-decent Bible preaching if you find a Bible church to attend. I'm almost at a point of having my own 'house church' with a few family and friends.

    If you want to take a stab at winning your husband over to the Red Pill mindset...see if you can convince him to spend 15 measly minutes watching this professionally-done mini-documentary. Preview it yourself:

    Yes, I believe AIDS was introduced intentionally. I have extended comments and links in Ch.9 of "Wolves" (my online "book"). Thanks again!

  13. Anonymous (of September 18, 2011 9:47 AM)--

    No, I don't belong to the "Gideons". I was referring to Gideon-like watchfulness and faith. Gideon started off with 32,000 followers...only had 300 left at the end.

    To me, Gideon-like watchfulness, discernment and faith means you can see past all the Starbucks, the shopping malls, the vacation trips to Disneyland...ALL the siren songs which afflict the typical comfort-oriented American Evangelical Christian...with his fantasy (among other fantasies) about a PreTrib Rapture which he believes will carry him off to the Gloryland on 'flowery beds of ease'.

    Yes, I take my family to a small Bible-believing church. The pastor and staff are slowly coming around to believe they need to snap out of their happy-happy Ken-and-Barbie approach to Christianity in these final days before the return of the King. I keep praying that my church can become a true beacon in these final hours.

  14. Thanks,It's hard who to know who to trust these days.I haven't talked to my sister for over a year since i told her i don't agree with mike bickle and ihop,(she's been going there off and on for years)my mom's a mess because of's sad but keep up the good work, you look like you labor hard at piecing this all together....thanx.

  15. Anon--You're absolutely right: The wolves are becoming more and more deceptive.

    I notice the IHOP site features with a big fat rune as their logo...the rune of Tyr. Looks like an upward pointing arrow. And the date of their Detroit meeting is featured very prominently...11/11/11. Nice occult date.

    And the buildings in the background (on their revolving page)have a suspiciously similar phallic 'flipping the bird' shape...similar to Toby Mac's CD cover...if you happen to have read my article about Toby Mac on this blog.

    Don't suppose you can get your sister to read the Toby Mac article...or about Michael W. Smith in ch.1 of my "Wolves" blog? (And Kay Arthur in ch.2.) To get her thinking about the depth and broadness of satanic deception in the church.

    May God bless you, and feel free to make further comment any time.

  16. Like i said,we haven't talked in over a yr.This is all kinda my fault.When i approched my sis.about all this ihop/emergent church stuff,i was fresh off just finding out about it and i was angry cuz our church (my sis,mom going there for on and off)was going through their 2nd split and this one was HUGE,it was in the city newspaper and it was ugly! I started to see a change in her,really strange,she started drawing/painting,nvr picked up a paintbrush in her life (she's 49)she started drinking wine and alot of it (probably to get the feeling she got when she went to ihop)and when i confronted her i was full of anger/confusion and it was not in love but i said i was sorry in a later conversation but it's still been ovr. a yr.I guess i'm wondering,since she's been a born again christian for 20 years and has loved and served christ with a love that i've nvr seen in any other christian,can the lord preserve her and protect her even in the midst of this delusion or does he see it as sinning? I know she thinks she is doing what Jesus wants and mike bickle has a way of telling you that if your friends or family don't agree with you,dump them and well she feels this is my fault because i attaked her but i know our church and evrything that started going on when the new pastor came on board is WRONG!I don't know what to do and afraid to go to church anywhere.Sorry this was a very long comment,but it's very sad. thanx again.

  17. Anon-- Wow. My heart goes out to you. I'm shooting up some prayers. James 5:16--"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."

    Call around town and see if you can find a church that is expressly "post-trib". Those kinds of churches are usually very 'no nonsense' even if they may not be fully aware of all that is going down in the world. And they certainly might be more open to info such as in my book "Wolves.." because post-tribbers EXPECT to have trouble in the end times.

    God bless you.

  18. Brother,

    Please find below a letter that I've been sending to brethren I've known in the past.
    > Greetings!
    > Just wanted to share with you some sobering things that I've been
    > pondering; things that I'm concerned about and things that I wish will
    > not happen in the near future. I'm sharing these because I believe it
    > will be callous for me to remain silent. You may disagree; I hope this
    > will spur you on to seek the truth regarding these things.
    > I believe that the greatest lie ever told by the Devil since the Fall
    > is "You shall not surely go through tribulation." I believe that the
    > pre-tribulation rapture is a trap that Satan has successfully ensnared
    > many believers with and that he will impersonate the Lord and
    > orchestrate a false 2nd coming. Then, he will persecute and kill true
    > believers BEFORE the Lord Jesus comes back (there will be believers
    > who will survive the onslaught). I believe all these things are what
    > the Scriptures have been warning us all along.
    > I have plenty of sources to cite if you are interested though I think
    > the Scriptures alone is all-sufficient.
    > Love,
    > Glenn

    1. Well....I completely agree with you on this. But I'm getting the impression from your think I am not of your persuasion? I agree--PreTrib is a deadly deception! Keep passing the word along!

    2. Not thinking that at all brother; I just wish you had another chapter discussing the fake Jesus image that's very popular around the world and how even non-Christian religions are looking for the appearance of a Jesus-like figure.

  19. an interesting point about how the religious elite will be leading the sheeple out to the desert places. Reminds me of recently, how James Dobson..openly told Obama that if he was going to make him pay for abortions via obamacare, he was going to refuse and basically said go ahead and lock me up. On one hand, I thought good for him for speaking against evil but on the other hand is this a ploy by satan to get Dobson followers to fema camps...just a thought.

    1. Well...maybe some of these guys like James Dobson will finally figure it all out at the very, very last minute. So far, these Evangelical VIPs are a huge disappointment. Not a single Christian leader who has expressed a single bit of concern about 9/11, for example.

      I remember when the Jack Abramoff emails were published in which he was snickering over how he had played Dobson like a getting him to inadvertently support Abramoff's offshore floating gambling casinos.

      For the life of me...where is the discernment from these top Evangelicals?? I have read recently how Chuck Swindoll has swallowed "Contemplative Prayer" doctrines...hook, line and sinker.

      Then you've got David Jeremiah with his great big fat satanic stained glass window placed right behind his pulpit. Apparently, his church has had to grapple with innumerable complaint letters and emails. They deny everything.

  20. Thank you for a place to post! I have been so fascinated with your online book because so many researchers have a worldly view and miss the true satanic agenda behind all of it. So, thanks again for a great online book.

    Now, I wanted to point out one thing you didn't mention in your online book. You said in Chapter 15 in discussing the occultists in the Catholic Church: "By the way, I don't necessarily intend to portray Pope John Paul II (seen in the above photo) as a 'bad guy' here. Many times it is unclear, who has been part of the criminal occult element inside the Vatican. I have had the general impression, Pope John Paul II was not a part of that."

    My understanding from a study on the Catholic church years ago is Pope John Paul II is none other than "Polish ex-cyanide gas salesman Karol Wojtyla"...."In the 1940's, the former salesman not only sold cyanide gas to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz concentration camps, but also worked as a chemist for I,G. Farben Chemical, the then largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world and the manufacturer of this poison gas. Yes, the very same poison used in conjunction with Malathion and Zyklon B by Nazi Germany to kill millions of Jews in the gas chambers of extermination camps, where they were burned to ashes in the ovens."

    This, of course, makes perfect sense in the context of the subject matter.

    1. I imagine this story could very well be true. I couldn't tell exactly where Cooper has gotten the info but he was in Naval Intelligence after all.

      I am EXTREMELY dubious about anything having to do with Eric Phelps. I had a brief and violent email correspondence with the guy about his proud dedication to hardcore racism. When he was unable to answer my Bible-based challenges, he sicced his "pastor" on me..and that guy's emails were five times worse. Absolute and utter grinding racism and seething hatred.

      Phelps is definitely on my "suspected wolf" list. What better way to discredit and 'poison pill' all the facts surrounding the Jesuits...than to have a hardcore racist as the main and leading proponent on the Internet?

      Anyway...don't get me going. :) That was a horrific experience...encountering Phelps and his "pastor". Wow. They did NOT like the fact that my little daughter's two best girl friends at the time were hispanic and black.

      As to Pope JP2...I think my Catholic readers are already suffering enough through my chapter 15! I do find this Cooper report interesting though. I had always thought maybe JP2 was something of a good guy. Maybe not quite the standup guy which JP1 apparently was. Nevertheless, it seems the 'powers that be' did try to knock him off. Then again...when one faction of the Mafia tries to knock a member of another faction...that doesn't mean the guy is a saint. So...maybe Cooper is onto something.

      I was a little curious though, about the concept of a "Zyklon B salesman". That's not something you would sell door-to-door. And there was only one customer for this stuff, right? The Nazis wouldn't use a middleman for their Zyklon purchases, it seems to me. I'll have to take a closer look.

      Thanks for the encouraging words.

  21. I have read that same story about Pope JP2 in several places (all referring back to the quote from Cooper). I think I first read it on the from David J. Stewart, but that website is not for the weak in heart/mind. It's a very "in your face" look at a lot of subjects. So, I didn't give the link to that page. I also read the same information on another website from David Malmo-Levine (an apparent marijuana/freedom activist) about the history of "petrochemical pharmaceutical military-industrial trans-national fascist corporate elite...." as he puts it. It goes into more specifics of IG Farben, but only briefly mentions Pope JP2 quoting Cooper.

    However, the fascinating tidbit is that he notes "This information is backed up by various sources, including the Vatican's own website." Now, this was apparently written in 2003 and I tried to go to the Vatican website and search for anything related with no success. So, either that information was scrubbed at some point or there's somehow he was uninformed. I do not know.

    I agree that Catholics would already be suffering from finding out such devastating reports within their own church's organization. Of course, I lived in Tulsa for many years and have many friends who attended either ORU or Rhema there so I "feel" their pain. You never want to believe that you trusted an organization that has satanists within the leadership. But, as your online book shows, Satanism is in everything throughout our world. We shouldn't be surprised when it's in our own backyard, but expect to find it there.

    Whether Cooper is a reliable source or not, I don't know, but I did believe it is possible as it would fit the profile of the people who were Nazi's that slipped into other legitimate roles after the war.

    Again, thanks so much for putting a great online book together.

  22. I do have a couple of questions about mind control that is puzzling to me. When a person is under mind control, do they flash these hand signs unknowingly or knowingly? Do they place the signs on their own books or is it a handler? What are they aware of in the process? When certain songs contain triggers, does the artist singing it know that or just those mind control victims who may hear it? It's very puzzling to me what the victim of mind control may be aware of and what they are oblivious to. I ask because on the one hand they are worshipping Satan, yet not in complete control of their own mind. Thanks.

    1. For some reason, your comments were put into the "spam" category and I never saw it until this evening when, by chance, I decided to check my spam...and found your comments. Sorry 'bout that.

      Anyway...I don't think there are definitive answers for those questions. My information is that awareness levels are absolutely all over the charts...all the way from completely subconcious, to 'fully aware'.

      In one sense, these people are always 'fully aware''s just a question of which of their personas are in operation. You're probably asking about levels of awareness which they are experiencing with their "front personality" or "daytime persona".

      Apparently, it varies. I think "Svali" has said the more elite cabal members are subjected to less dangerous and less extreme mind control and that their daytime personas are therefore generally more concious of their various personality splits, and aware of what they are doing.

      In fact, that's a good article to read--Svali's article "A day in the life of a trainer" provides huge insight. You can just google for the article or here's a link:

    2. Yes, I read her page. Very interesting. Now, it seems I'm seeing this everywhere after reading the book. It's very confusing seeing one mind control victim trigger others (and crazy). So, today I was reading another website and came across criticism of Kirk Cameron's "Monumental" which now in the context of what I know makes perfect sense. This website wasn't accusing Kirk of any misdeeds intentionally but questioning some of his choices of friends and associations. For instance, the fact he went to the Glenn Beck show to promote "Monumental". So, I was watching the clip again and then I saw Kirk Cameron flash a devil hand sign. I was stunned. If you can pause this video at 3:17min, you'll see it. I also saw comments on this post at the bottom of the page where several posters were saying they've seen both Ray and Kirk give hand signs in their videos on Way of the Master and Living Waters. Of course, we know that Kirk did the left behind series, but I just thought he was naive at the time. But, it would make sense since he was a childhood actor in Hollywood. I just wonder is there any way people flash some of these signs without realizing it unintentionally and not because of mind control??? I know I don't accidentally EVER make a devil hand sign, but just wondered if it is possible???

    3. Oh, I think it's entirely possible people can make such a sign accidentally. I looked at the 3:17 mark of that video. I don't know...I'm looking for signaling that seems more deliberate. But you could be right. One thing's for sure---there is no shortage of people out there who are flashing occult symbols and signals.

      Having said that...I would not be surprised if Kirk Cameron were mind-controlled and the whole nine yards.

      But I try to be conservative with my "suspects list". I see "dupes" out there (Chuck Swindoll, as an example, with his hearty endorsement of "Contemplative prayer" occultism, as of recently) and I see "wolf suspects" like Michael W. Smith or Toby Mac.

      I don't know which category fits for Cameron. But I haven't looked very closely. Yes, his huge participation in Lahaye's "Left Behind" project puts a very big black mark on his record, in my view. One could argue it's rather unlikely that Lahaye would select anyone other than a 100% reliable spokesman for the movies series based on his books. But...I don't know.

      Yes, there are very few professions in the world more incredibly dangerous than "Hollywood child actor". I'd rather change light bulbs at the top of radio towers, or something.

      I know nothing about the movie "Monumental" but if it can get reviewed on Fox News, what more would we need to know? :) I'll have to look it up though.

    4. After I wrote the above, I did also notice how when Kirk flashes this sign, he's got 1/2 his face in light and 1/2 in darkness (one eye?). Just a question - like you said I guess I should conserve judgment for when/if I see it again in any of their videos and looking more deliberate. I did mimic that (the devil hand sign like Kirk did) and is seems unnatural to me to make that sign when pointing at your head to indicate "hearing". My initial study was trying to look into Joel Rosenberg because his fiction books come true a lot of time (which fits this telling you before it happens scenario) and his connections to people like Netanyahu. It was actually his pro Iran war that was the reason I started looking into it because he has studied Bible prophecy extensively and is an expert in geopolitics. So, he should know better. Your book sure opened my eyes to the world around us.

    5. Rosenberg? Oy--talk about "false prophet". Or monumentally duped. Yes, I have to admit...the frozen image at 3:17 is quite creepy and potentially significant, with the single eye. If these guys are pre-planning these kinds of ultra-subtle signalings...that's some crazy stuff. Some folks have been pointing out a similar scenario for years: Pat Robertson supposedly flashing the horns during a televised prayer. It looked pretty deliberate but...his Time mag cover pose was enough for me. Thanks for the kind words about the e-book.

    6. Okay, I've been watching "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and unless my eyes deceive me, they are flashing signs all over the place. I'm taking screen shots here: I especially notice when one of them is speaking, the other one holds a sign for minutes at a time. I'm sending this to you because you have more expertise then I do and can decipher if each one of these is a true sign. I'm continuing to watch and upload as I go. If it's true, I'm really sad about this one. My husband got saved through Way of the Master.

    7. Yes, I looked at your photos. I just don't know. If either of those two men have websites in which occult symbolism is displayed...or book covers...THAT would be strongly indicative.

      I'm sure you know this but...people can convert to the Christian faith through heretics and apostates. The old saying--"God's word does not return void". Even those who teach/preach out of spite (as the Bible says)...are used to draw people to salvation. My dad and mom came into the Christian faith through "Youth For Christ" in Chicago...which was run by Billy Graham in those days.

      I have always viewed Kirk Cameron as someone who has been duped...not as a satanic agent. But if I find anything on any of his websites or book covers, I'll pass the word along.

    8. Well, I certainly hope I'm wrong about him. But, the video clip from the Glenn Beck show really worries me. I guess I should see Monumental too and consider what he "finds". Did you notice during the interview with Glenn Beck (which he barely speaks), Kirk Cameron's head is in the middle of the "V" of GBTV and you never see the GB or the T fully - just the "V" behind his head. Maybe planned, maybe not?

      I am thankful God can use even heretics to draw people to him. My husband also doesn't know what to think either. It would be nice IF Kirk Cameron and his ministry is a "front" to something else that he really get saved and get out if he can. I did add a few more photos which includes some book overs. I do have a few concerns about some of them. Although, some I posted because I'm not sure and thought you might be able to tell more from them. "Hollywood Be Thy Name" and "Two in One: Hell's Best Kept Secret & True and False Conversion" cover seem obvious to me. The "180" movie has me questioning the colors used and if the .com is to indicate to read the 8 as an infinity. Several others have me questioning them. Then, the conspiratorial side of me wonders about the timing of Ray Comfort coming to the states with Kirk Cameron's conversion. Who knows.

      I also recommend listening to Kirk Cameron's testimony from his own website ( There may be clues there too - things I didn't notice before about him crying out to God to know if God is there and boom - something changes inside? That's not usually how I hear someone describe salvation. Also, he makes no signs (that I see) until he starts talking about God's existence. Then, he says toward the end, "when you're born again, you have the resident truth teacher that comes to reside in your heart..." That is an odd way to describe the Holy Spirit, don't you think?

    9. Hmmm. The "Feed Your Faith" logo...looks a lot like a modified "666" thing. Not to mention, the yoni-shaped "fish" is also an occult symbol even though many folks unknowingly put one on their car. But that, that's hard to dismiss. And Cameron does an awful lot of this "666" A-OK signaling.

      The picture design on the cover of "More Than Just Comfort" is rather dubious...if we're putting it in a context of other camouflaged signalings.

      The bottom line: I think as long as people are prepared for the apostasy plot in which numerous satanic "Christian" leaders attempt to lure us into a doesn't matter an awful lot that we exactly identify all the wolves. It will become plenty clear who is who when these leaders come forward with their invitation to guide us to the "desert places and inner rooms".

      It's the folks who have absolutely no concept of "satanic Christian leaders" who are vulnerable. It's interesting and very ironic to me that the most opportunistic, target-rich 'mission field' in the world right the local Bible-believing church.

      All these people who are otherwise going to be drawn into apostasy...if we can only get them thinking just a little bit about the possibility of extraordinarily concealed wolves, maybe that will help them sidestep the deception in the critical hours. When I'm talking with my church friends, I always like to pull out that Pat Robertson Time cover photo...or the Rocketown evidence. Hard to deny there is something wolf-ish going on there.

      Then again, Jesus (in the Olivet Discourse) seems to indicate it takes a rather active and sustained awareness. In Matthew 25, He gets into the whole thing about the ten virgins--5 had made preparation, the other 5 had not. I think the "oil" refers to spiritual (and therefore also emotional/ psychological/ mental and even physical) preparation.

    10. Slowly this is sinking in with me--Yes, that "Feed Your Faith" logo is a real attention-getter. A good 'find'. Makes your blood run cold.

      Why would they display three fishes? Just a coincidence? No, it's hard to deny that's a point-blank indicator. It's funny how I STILL have difficulty whenever I run into another of these potential wolves. I'm thinking--"Kirk Cameron?! No way?! He's too wholesome and clean-cut."

      There IS a possibility he's merely surrounded by wolves who are creating the logos. But...when he seems to be continually flashing that "A-OK" deosn't look good.

    11. My mind is going through the same process. I must be reading too much into this. It can't be. Kirk Cameron is so "good" and "nice". Maybe he doesn't know about hand signs and those are his typical hand gestures. I'm making all the excuses I can find for him.

      I should mention some other find that I thought was notable. Did you know that a few years BEFORE "Growing Pains", Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold were in a McDonald's commercial together AS siblings? If you listen to his casting story on Growing Pains, it was pure accident how he got the part (don't know Tracey Gold's story). Is it just another strange coincidence? I don't know but I found that odd since it seems nothing in Hollywood ever happens by accident and many "stars" knew each other before stardom.

    12. BTW - I do keep adding images as I find them from old videos. I probably have missed many because the pointing ones are ambiguous to me sometimes and I'm not sure. So, I've erred sometimes with caution. I'm not an expert in recognizing all the symbols either so I'm sure I've missed a few as well.

    13. I've also got to add that in watching Kirk Cameron's videos and interviews, he's either just highly animated OR highly calculating. If I just listen to the words he speaks, I believe he's animated, but if I just watch his hands, I think he's calculating. I don't know which one is true. I captured a LOT of screen shots in the last 2 interviews. Some may be signs, some not, but I wanted to capture them just so you could potentially look and see what you think. It's quite a few for such a short amount of time. You can find these videos on youtube if you want context.

    14. I still like to think maybe he's duped or something. But that "Feed Your Faith" logo is a chiller...along with his constant "A-OK" flashing. I have a number of people on my "dupe" list--David Jeremiah, who seems to have been bamboozled into putting that gigantic "all-seeing-eye" stained glass above his pulpit...and Chuck Swindoll, enthusiastically backing "contemplative prayer" as of recently.

      I'll be checking out your photos. By the way, I now have a dedicated email another way of communicating if you ever find some interesting stuff.

    15. Oh wow--look at the "all-seeing-eye" on the cover of "Hell's Best Kept Secret / True and False Conversion"--

      Of course, that's why you included it among your images. Duh. Wow--this Ray Comfort guy could very well be a wolf-slash-handler assigned to Cameron. Or they're both in cahoots. That "eye" is a slam-dunk. It gives much more significance to Comfort's triangle flashing.

      It's funny--I've collected enough of these...more than I would ever have wanted to. But it's still very startling and riveting to run into another of these scenarios. You wonder about the backstory with these people. Do Comfort or Cameron come from multi-generational satanic families? Many other such questions. Satanists (if that's what we're looking at) are absolutely bizarre to me.

    16. I thought the same thing about Ray Comfort because like I said the timing of his coming to America and Kirk Cameron's conversion being both in the 80's. It's funny you mention Chuck Swindoll. I also heard Kirk Cameron in the latest interview say that Chuck Swindoll was the Pastor of the church he went to when he first was introduced to the gospel. That's the first time in a testimony that he mentioned the pastor's name (that's I've heard).

      Some of the timing of the signs indicates to me a deliberateness about them especially when he's referring to the "source" of our country's founding and all that we know about that. I have also caught him looking away from the interviewer for just a second and if I were guessing I'd say he was looking at a monitor to see if the sign is visible. I could be reading something into it, but I found it odd when I'm trying to catch the sign and find his eyes looking off somewhere else.

      I would be interested to know about the family history too. I question Kirk's story about his mother's friend in Hollywood telling her she should take her kids out to auditions, yet, I know she was an agent. I don't know the timing of when she became an agent so I question the official story there. It's also very coincidental that her daughter Candace would be on a hit show at the same time as Kirk is on one. Kirk also did mention in the latest about going on auditions with River Phoenix.

      Thanks for the email. I'm going to continue this study for some more solid evidence and see where the study leads me.

  23. this is an indication of something seriously wrong with our world today.who in their right mind would look at those hideous posters and still go to those concerts

    1. The carelessness, glibness, sleepiness these days...astonishing to me.

  24. Brother,

    I would like to draw your attention to a document that was once considered part of the NT canon and was conveniently "lost" for centuries. Please read it, especially the last chapter which describes the deception you've written about.

    God bless,

    1. 'considered part of the NT canon' by whom? God preserved His words as promised, through the suffering saints, not by disobedient 'fathers' and nicolaitans. Matthew 23. 1 Tim 4. Rev 2&3. 2 Peter. Hebrews. 2 Timothy 3. Matt 5. Matt 24. Mark 13. Luke 16 & 21.

    2. Amen, brother! So much confusion these days.