Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 -

This has to be one of the best little mini-documentaries out there. A mere 15 minutes in length, produced by one of the premier "9/11 Truth" websites--Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Here is their website. They posted this video only recently, on August 16 (2011).

This is perfect for passing along to doubting (fence-sitting) family and friends. Who can't spend fifteen minutes? Your more conservative friends will have to get past the fact there are some opening comments from Ed Asner. The fact is...the majority of the intellectual leadership of the 9/11 "truth movement" have been conservative leaning. And in viewing the will note there seem to be experts represented from all across the political spectrum. The treasonous atrocities of 9/11 ought to unite ALL Americans.

Your viewers will see an impressive array of heavily credentialed experts weigh in on the specific matter of Building Seven at the World Trade Center. Of course, the story of WTC7 has been systematically obscured by the 'lapdog' mainstream media...which, in itself, ought to be a very troubling indicator.

Some have argued that though there are thousands of architects and engineers who reject the official fairy tales from the US government regarding 9/11...there are supposedly hundreds of thousands of others who do support the government's story. Really? Where ARE these many experts who support the official version? The few that have spoken up were taken to the cleaners by revisionist experts. No serious argument can be mounted which proposes steel structures collapsing at freefall speed straight into their own footprint...apart from precision-placed explosives. Much less would any self-respecting architect or engineer try to argue against such fundanmental common sense. There have been a handful of government shills who have come forward one might expect, their "arguments" have been shredded.

Virtually all the professional polls that have been taken indicate substantial percentages of the American community seriously question the events of 9/11 and would support an independent re-investigation.

Please take the time to view this documentary...and feel free to offer comment in my Comments section!

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  2. Before folks make up their mind on 9/11, please review the research of Dr Judy Wood who recently wrote the book, "Where Did the Towers Go? The Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11".

    May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the deceived wake-up, may the sinner repent, may the lost get saved and may the LORD Jesus Christ be glorified I pray!


    1. the towers went to professional demolition, then loaded on trucks and towed away. 'free' energy technology may have been used, but more like thermate and years to seed the towers with the demolition. there were always dumpsters around the place. there always were workmen around the place. after 1993 and the concourse was reconfigured, there still were dumpsters and men with coveralls all the time around the place and there always were tenants coming in and out which meant that crew may have been reconfiguring those floors and thus dumpsters, men in coveralls. all the time.

  3. Cathy Palmer-- Thanks for the comments. I've run across Judy Wood. Hadn't read too much of her work. What does she mean by "directed free energy technology"? And she is saying she is the only one to have done an effective investigation of 9/11?? Wow--pretty bold. Doe she dismiss AE911Truth, for example? Just curious.

  4. Brother,

    Please watch this video series that talks about 9/11 & other bombings.


  5. Matt, directed energy is based on Nikola Tesla's discoveries and more recently, John Hutchison's work.

    Here is her recent interview:


  6. Also, here is another Dr Wood interview from last year.

  7. Glenn--

    Yes, the "Justamessenger" guy. I had seen him before. Just enough to know he's not my 'cup of tea'. Then again, I'm not much for watching a bunch of videos...I'm more of a reader. So maybe I missed something? The problem is...I am emphatcally non-Charismatic. People who claim to be able to prophesy...I don't believe in modern-day prophets who are receiving extra-biblical revelation. But again...maybe I didn't listen long enough to get it straight. Feel free to summarize his thesis!

    I just think it is absolutely critical in the final not come under the sway of anyone who has come forward claiming access to supernatural insights.

    They better have some extraordinary signs of authenticity. If this guy has such...fill me in.

    Hope you don't mind a bit of disagreement here and there! God bless ya.

    1. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect--if that were possible. Mark 13:22

      I personally believe in the gift of prophecy (discuseed by Paul in 1 corinthians 12, and elaborated upon in 1 corinthians 13) given to individuals to edify the church. But it must be checked THROUGH scripture: The Word is the lens that we veiw prophesy; prophesy is not a filter for scripture.

  8. Cathy--

    Thanks for the link. Wood made an interesting comment about all the toilets missing from the WTC site. She's saying these rays would destroy porcelain but not paper? (I know microwave ovens are interestingly selective in this same way.) Where was this story about missing toilets reported, I wonder?

    She also reports fires still buring as of 2008...and circular holes in the windows. Is there any photographic evidence?

    I could easily imagine a combination of EM waves AND nano-thermite. The AE911Truth crowd have all but proven the existence of unignited nano-thermite bits all over Manhattan. But Wood's idea about directed rays finally offers a hint at why all those cars caught on fire. Interesting theory.

    From the looks of it...if directed waves WERE used, the AE911Truth guys may feel it is too big a leap to factor in "directed waves" evidence. Too SciFi for mainstream consumption perhaps?

    The problem we "Red Pill" Bible students well know...the entire globalist enterprise incorporates all kinds of staggering "signs and wonders". All kinds of extraordinary cooperation between humans and non-humans. In that regard, I've watched a few of the Phil Schneider seminar videos. Dr. David Adair's interviews and comments are also interesting.

    I'm convinced these guys are using non-human technology a lot of the time. The general public will never comprehend this...until the Antichrist explodes onto the scene...and THEN these "signs and wonders" will be put in front of the whole world. My two cents.

    1. the non human, ie like space aliens, is an OP, a Psi OP. these are a form of a lying wonder. and not like there arent principalities and powers which if it were not for the Lord and the Grace of God on our lives, we'd be subject to the beggardly elements and I think this is a way the word of God characterizes the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in 'heavenly' places. I also discern from that it means places indetectible to the naked eye.that is why Paul says, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood. that whichis being perpetrated in the US is nazi, both german and american. I saw the SRA, in which the trainers speak in German. I dont recall where in that description they talk about how it is the trainers speak german while in their creepy night evil practices. the nazis however have been waging their cultural war against us adn its intelligence apparatus used black Occult. notice that even though Eve probably had been instructed by Adam, she was beguiled. So this is what now we're to overcome, teh beguiling of the enemy. It is not done with carnal ways, carnal mind, 'rapture' thinking. It is done by having done all, to stand. and as Peter says in 1 Peter, he gives grace to the humble. this grace also is for victory against all enemies including death. and the nazi christian OP will attempt a crafty counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. I've heard people who I know know the Lord, but failed to discern the witchcraft that is perping them that had been targetted on them by cia/nsa.

    2. the fires burned fora while but i dont think they burned until 2008. about the toilets? these may have been stripped. i dont know that thermate would disintegrate porcelain and leave toilet paper. the site was cleared fairly quickly. steel was taken to staten island then india, china and the ship yard in alabama or mississippi that built the uss ny. not certain about teh toilets, but those materials are valuable. its more dense material than the concrete which pulverized into the find dust that floated everywhere and was in the atmosphere for months.

  9. Matt, just finished skim reading your book. Thank you for your time and effort. I have wondered and thought about many of the things you brought up in the book and they confirm alot
    of things.I am trying to warn the brothers and sisters prayerfully and lovingly.I Like your style of presenting these sometimes unpalatable facts. Aloha PK email address
    of presenting these sometimes unpalatable facts.

  10. This is Matt TwoFour. Thanks for the positive comments. Feel free to shoot over any other comments or questions. What had you previously run into, such that my blog/thesis provided some echoing?

    Thanks again.

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  12. Thank you for your ebook. Some enlightening info some very old but relevant. Read Math 24 Mark 13 and Luke 21 and ask our Lord to take you deeper. Review the film you posted and look for the obvious signs you have brought to light. Vain babblings are there. To possibly have another perspective, based on the Laurel Canyon exposure go to SeptemberClues for a look at video fakery and possible other explanations of signs and wonders we are yet to experience. Justice is only found in the Lord not in the systems of this world, would you not agree? You have done a great work, go deeper. He will show you there is much more to the occultic nature that now envelopes us. And He will truly give you the strength to endure. Psalm 27 and 28 will come alive as never before. Be blessed. Alex Jones is dangerous see what his real name is.

    1. wow,what is Alex Jones' real name. I'm in one of his prison planet DVDs when he was in NY in 2004 for the Republican National Convention while he was taping downtown at the WTC site. I know how much mindcontrol he's targetted with, but I didnt think he was one of them.

  13. No problem brother regarding the 'Justamessenger' guy.

    Got 2 edifying videos to share with you that I think you'd appreciate (perhaps you have seen these):

  14. Glenn--

    Thanks. Both those videos are right down my alley. All watchful believers should be familiarizing themselves with these issues. Sadly...most of them are snoozing. I've learned this is mostly a one-on-one process...getting one person at a time to become aware of the oncoming apostasy deception plot and all the other events which occur just before the return of the King.

    I've never looked very closely at Schnoebelen. But what I've seen so far seems solid. I need to look at more of his stuff. I'm pretty sure it'll provide a lot of confirmation and corroboration.

    1. Brother,

      The Youtube video has been seen 780K times & counting...It seems that the Devil is using this girl & others to get people to count on the pre-trib rapture.

      Just finished skimming the chapter on pre-trib of your blog; I feel like that chapter alone plus the deceptive revelation to the young girl from Ecuador should serve as a heads up warning to Evangelical Christendom at-large. We're getting closer & closer to that day & I would put warning the brethren on par with the Great Commission at this point in time.

    2. God is not the author of confusion. In these later days, we're dealing with whore babylon and its craft, its beguiling, its deceits.

      These deceits will make believers/sons think that shadows are God. There is no darkness in God,nor are there shadows.

      The PsiOPs loves playing with 'christians' minds who think that's what the calling is on their lives and who still have that mix of babylon on their souls and minds. We're to come out of all confusion. We're to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

      We're not even called to be 'christians'. We're called to move on in the Lord Jesus Christ and know God as Father, the same as the Lord, who was/is the first born among many brethern. Paul didnt mean the other brothers by Mary. Paul means we who come into the Lord now, and who the Father gave to the Lord as disciples in this time.

      The 3 places in the New Testement that use 'christian' the world has use the word that the writer of Acts and then Peter to mean those who know the Lord. That is not what christian is.

      Jews - unbelievers who while Paul was discipling at Antioch despised him and his work and those who by Paul were coming to the Lord, those Jews in antioch ridiculed them with the insult -'christian'. Over the many yaers by the time Paul got to Rome and was before one of the Caesars giving his witness, the man said, Paul, thou wilt have me be a 'christian'. Paul said, to him, I will that you be like me.

      Notice Paul didnt say, yes, I would that you be a christian. Paul isnt christian. Peter said, if your persecuted as a christian, bear up... in effect even though you're not, but are ridiculed as if you are, bear up because the world will not understand what christian is and it's not the Lord and those who know the Lord, dont make confusion to the ignorant. Cast not thy pearls before swine because the world will not understand. Their minds are in darkness.

  15. Any recent update over there at The Murky News?

    (That is one of the purposes of having the info in cyber form, isn't it - so you can add updates and additional information as it comes to light?) I really appreciate your writing Matt24 and have studied your site(s) extensively, returning to it(them both, but mostly "it") numerous times.

    Matt, I've been wishing I could email you privately, but don't know how that could be worked out in a public forum like this... (Is there some circuitous way you can get me there? I would sure appreciate it. Thanks.)

    You may have seen my comments over at Gal4 or at

  16. P.S. Any misgivings about the Prophecy Club as a venue for truth?

  17. It occurs I can offer you this (minus the spaces):

    reaching 4 reality
    (at) g mail
    (dot) com


  18. Hello, Reach4Truth--

    I have only the vaguest awareness of "Prophecy Club". I went over to their site...quite a bit of it is not my cup of tea, to say the least. Sorry.

    The Murky News is largely a finished product. I touch up the editing now and then and replace dead links. The NJ Chronicle (this very blog) is what I try use for updates...although I'm behind on that.

    My next project is a blog called "The Great Apostasy Plot". It might be a while before that's completed.

    OK so...I have your email address. Time permitting maybe we can exchange some comments. Thanks for the encouraging words about my Wolves blog. Much appreciated.

  19. Hi, Matt TwoFour,

    Thanks for responding.

    I can't remember which came first, the discovery of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing or Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon series... I've been peering down the rabbit hole for some time now. I'd be real interested to hear about your latest work, The Great Apostasy. Any 'sneak peaks' available yet?

  20. reaching4truth--

    Sorry about the delay. The new blog will be fairly brief (hopefully) and will really just be a re-configuration of previous information...but with the intent of highlighting this disastrous and tragic apostasy plot of which Jesus prophesies in detail in the Olivet Discourse. My hope is to help at least a few folks come to realize these approaching dangers and to sidestep this trap.

    When the PreTrib rapture fails to show up...and then the Antichrist explodes onto the world, I believe millions of PreTribbers (along with millions of Dominionists) will become utterly panicstricken.

    At that point, a large number of "false prophets" (i.e. many of the most well-known and popular "Christian" leaders who are actually satanic behind the scenes) will step forward to offer false hopes -- "follow us to the desert places and the inner rooms". Once these people have been lured into these remote and hidden locations...the 'boom' will be lowered -- "comply with the New World Order, accept the 'mark of the beast' or go to the deepest dungeons...or worse".

    Jesus says "most" will fall from the faith and split the gates of Hell wide open. His statements bring into question, among other things, the Doctrine of Eternal Security. I, for one, believe in "once-saved-always-saved"...but it needs to be carefully and correctly defined. Currently, in the mainstream of Evangelicalism, the OSAS doctrine has become so warped, it really amounts to 'false teaching'. Folks can read the blog when it is completed, to get my full meaning.

    The Olivet Discourse also brings into play the question of "rapture" timing. That will also be dealt with in the blog.


    1. The meek shall inherit the earth. The word in Greek mistranslated as 'rapture' means rupture. This is when while at times when we're worshipping the Lord and more and more worshipping Him in spirit and in truth, that we're more inworked more deeply by the Holy Spirit to magnify more of the Lord in us.

      This is this inworking of His nature meshing with the 'man' part of us, but not the carnality which we're to eschew. The rupturing are these breaking us more and more out of shadows of any sort that would be beguiled in any way, more into that perfect man that defeats sin and death.

      Those caught away or who 'fly away' are those who die. The Lord would not have died had they not put Him on the cross and killed him. He defeated sin and death and that is the walk that we're to do as sons of God.

      We're to live such that sin cannot hold us, nor can death. We're to break the bondage off of creation. This isnt done while we're not here. This is done while we're here. If death can't hold us because more and more there isnt sin in us and not in our minds, then we're more magnifying Him. This is the glory into which we're to walk. The 'rapture' is part of the nazi nsa/cia Psi OP christian mind control - voodoo/witchcraft mind control done thru the tesla tech electro magnetic/extremely low frequency wave that the nsa and cia have been using on the US for 2 generations.

      For at least 25 years there has been a huge amount of psiOP witchcraft,'christian'witchcraft perpetrated against the bride/body of christ. Remember there are lying wonders and God has to shorten the days because the elect are at risk for being deceived.

      I see this in my brothers and sisters in the Lord even myself sometimes who do and say some flaky things.

      We're to move on into the feast of tabernacles, the feast of booths. EAch feast has meaning in the Lord for HIs people.

      And by faith we're grafted in as Paul says. Abraham anyway was called a friend of God because of his faith and he trusted God. This is what God honors; for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God when it comes to measuring up to law. notice too, Abraham predated the law. The covenant of Abraham was better than that of moses, which as we see in Hebrews couldnt bring man to maturity in the Lord.

  21. Some 30 years ago I read "The Balance Wheel" by Taylor Caldwell. In that book I realized the existence of something like a "Trilateral Commission" and too, the fact that False Flags are set up. In the book, a munitions manufacturing company was involved and the blurb in the newspaper about a small war brewing was buried in the newspaper in an obscure place. Thank you for your report. I stumbled on your website and I am telling everyone who will listen about it. Thank you, again.

    1. Carolyn--

      See my comments for you further down! I'm still getting used to this new comment format.

    2. check out a book entitled "The Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzezinski.

  22. Michael W. Smith has it out for you as well.
    And It was awesome of you for putting up that KillWhitneyDead poster, it is quite fantastic, and I recommend you listen to some of there albums.

  23. Lucifer is Nebuchadnezzar. Is 14 is speaking of the chaldean/assyrian peoples and the conceit of it, its leader. notice that lucifer is never used anywhere else in the bible. even when the Lord Jesus speaks of the devil, the Lord calls those devil and minions, Beelzebub, the devil, Satan when Satan spoke thru Peter, but the Lord never uses the word Lucifer nor when referring to the devil and demons as lucifer or luciferian.

    The world seems to be too ignorant, deluded and foolish to rightly divide the Word of God and takes that name and attempts to impute something to it that neither God nor the Lord impute to it. Granted, Babylon and the Assyrian culture were quite great and Nebuchadnezzar's fall as characterized by Daniel was disturbing in any event, again, the enemy is the devil, Satan and the minions which were thrown out of heaven with Satan and/or are in chains, banished to the heavens as in the Planets, the Constellations, etc.

    What of the spirit realm that mixed with what was on the earth before the flood that was not after its own kind was destroyed in the Flood. Noah was to take only that which was after its own kind 7 of the clean and 2 of the unclean. Dinosaurs were not after their own kind and were not taken on the Ark. These wierd monkey/manlike creatures were not after their own kind and were not taken on the Ark.

    And what Noah's sons and their wives were affected by are partly what we're dealing with today and Satan and his minions. So of the 3 sons, we have that apparantly Ham and his sons were affected by the world that God had washed away, but Shem and Japeth were not as affected. Shem would carry the blessing of Noah.

  24. part 2
    The Lord said, I beheld Satan fall as lightening from heaven. Satan was a son whose character flaws the Father hated. Notice the difference between how Satan handles himself in Job versus the Lord and the beauty of the Lord's nature that we see. And the Lord Jesus said, when you've seen me,you've seen the Father. And He is the beloved Son of the Father, whereas Satan had that evil nature that God hated and booted him.

    Thus you understand the difference between Satan and Lucifer who is 'man' a man, but not the Devil although the devil and spirit minions again have been able to roam the earth and were there doing dirty work even in the garden thru the serpent. This is why now we who are redeemed in the Lord, we're to try the spirits, we're to discern the angel of light, to mature in the Lord such that no enemy defeats us, nor does any sin breed death in us. As Paul said the Lord is the first born among many brethern and we born in this era are those who declare HIs generation.

    On all the material you mention, do a websearch on the 4rth reich. valkyrie failed to kill hitler and stop the nazis but bormann knew they were going to lose the military war after loosing in russia. bormann started the 4th reich to wage commercial and cultural war against the US, britain and russia. this is still being waged; the US sanctuaried reinhard gehlen to start the cia and nsa. these are nazi 4th reich Psi OPs in the US harming us, these are treason - 5th columns to suit 4th reich interests against the us and in the US perpetrate war of self immolation, of a mediocraty, a planned obsolescence throughout all of american society, not only our production planned so that we 'loose' to the nazis.

    Germany was never denazified and has continued to wage war using commercial tactics. Its interest for fiscal union is part of the commercial war to dominate and conquer Europe and wanted to do that in 1991. WW2 was faught in vain if Europe lets itself fiscal union with germany. EU, G20 and Euro all need to dissolve and those currencies and tariffs of those countries all need to be restored. Germany has crafted and connived this current problem in sleazy and underhanded ways. 'free' trade (beginning with nafta in 1993) that the US is doing only came as a result of the US signatory to the German dominated G20 agreements after Maastricht in 1991 and german reunification in 1989. US compliance with the G20 agreements is to collapse the US economy,use 'free' ie non tariff'd trade to achieve this, with the US offshored production, ie deindustrializing into what were former colonies of the Germans and countries neutral before and during WW2 in which the 3rd and 4th reich had/has commercial interests.

  25. part 3
    Thus to suit the germans and build up its empire, we're deindustrializing and eviscerating our own economy bewitched by the occult psi OP of the 3rd/4th reich of which gehlen and other nazi intelligence are behind, doing psi OP on us and using our intelligence apparatus on us, against us.

    After 1989 and reunification, cia/nsa are and will sort of self-immolate. Their OPs often fail or were programmed by the german handler, gehlen and his ilk programmed our intelligence apparatus to fail. The heavy handedness is like proselytes 2 fold more the servants of hell than the teacher and a part of the nazi cultural war by our own against us.

    Notice too the nsa is pathological and worse than the cia. both when you understand the nazi demons, they're both very nazis. the nazis too have a serious bastard spirit/demon. the Bible calls the magnitude and complexity of the spirit-structure that characterizes the german 'bund' ishness and the demonic superstructure as 'whore babylon': beguiling, overbearing, insideious, conceited and cowardly, sneaky, sleazy. Europe too is infected by this demonic structure. notice they have a difficult time breaking away from the convoluted thinking, although i think a great deal of it is german intelligence apparatus psiOP/mind control.

    The Lord says however, to look for His appearing, even though only the Father knows the exact time and we're to be ready, not like the servant when the master is away beating the other servants. as the Lord appears more in we who know Him, the darkness will contrast and that's why in the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the whore babylon and the beast system in fornication with it all is going to contrast so dramatically and if not by the grace of God come to the Lord Jesus Christ, then will be cast out with the darkness, however Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and it appears God has provision for the world.

    1. Wow--you may be ready for your own blog! Lots of thoughts there. Can't say I agree with all of it (the dinosaur comments and Lucifer/Satan comparisons, for example) but to each his own!

      I agree with your ideas about the covert continuity of the Nazi movement in post-WW2 America...the whole Paperclip Project thing. Overall, you're saying a lot of things I agree with. Thanks for the comments.

  26. I have just finished your blog. My view of the "world" and the "Christian world" are a 180 from my original perception before reading your report. I took every LINK. Apathy is so great in our country (the world, I suppose). I can not get many folks to read your blog. A couple of them have skipped to 9-11 chapter. I will keep talking about this news I have (you have discovered for me).

    Thanks for doing all of the research and God bless you for inserting scriptures to reinforce all of your findings. I was Pre-trib (but there was always a doubt). My prayer life has been revived and I see a duty before me that makes sense. Thank you. God bless you.

    1. Wow--God bless you. That is soooo encouraging. Any more comments or questions, feel free to come and visit. Yes, that whole Pretrib's amazing how simple this topic is compared to what I used to think it was. I have had my own children sit down and read through the Olivet Discourse. Took them 15 minutes!

      And your right about the sleepiness among Bible-believers. It's the 'Gideon few' who are awake enough to think this stuff through.

  27. Carolyn Franklin--

    Sorry it took so long to answer. The system was preventing me from commenting. Anyway...very encouraging words. Thanks! Interesting to come across folks like yourelf who were, long ago, already awakening to the 'Red Pill' world. I had read "None Dare Call It Treason" years ago...but it didn't 'click' for me until recent times. Thanks again.

  28. I've been reading a little of Wolves in Sheeps Clothing.
    Might I ask a question?
    When we see how deep and intricate and age-old the machinations of the world's luciferian masters is, when we understand the power lines of blood and kinship that extend back through time and then see the occult symbolism carried with them even into the heart of the VATICAN, when we see all of this should we not, then, examine too the BIBLE and wonder if it has been sullied by their hands.
    I first wondered if they had buried their lies in this haystack of truth some years ago in Pauls letters when he tells us to obey the rulers, pay taxes to them, fear them because they are GOD'S APPOINTED ONES.
    It just doesn't fit....
    Also I see you reference Infowars and others who are becoming now understodd to be the disinformation arm of the struggle to capture the new consciousness of humanity.
    Beware of deceivers, dear pilgrim.
    With Love,
    Olive Farmer

    1. The Bible's 'text accuracy' has been a favorite interest of mine over the years. As to the legitimacy of Rom. 13...when folks were handcopying these Pauline epistles (and any other of the NT scriptures) back in the days before printing presses...everyone wanted the most authentic and accurate copies from which to copy. Why spend weeks handcopying texts to which some joker had added his own fabrications?

      In those days, folks were very carefully and diligently cross-checking with other copies, to make sure they had an undiluted, untainted copy from which they were handcopying. In fact, from my information, there were very few if any serious attempts at text corruption...because such forgeries would be so quickly exposed and uncovered.

      Certainly, in the post-'printing press' days there have been numerous attempts at shaving and 'tilting' the Bible translations...but those efforts are rather severely limited even in the most extreme cases (the Jehovah's Witnesses' New World translation as an example).

      But yes...Rom.13 has been a controversial passage for some folks. In that passage we see Paul defending a sword-bearing government that was about to remove his head without just cause.

      My best explanation is that Paul meant his statements to be a general rule. In general...the laws of the land are meant to establish order and safety. But there are many criminals and evil-doers in government...and there are many illicit "ordinances" which have not been properly constituted.

      For example, Paul's statement in 2Corinthians 11:32,33--

      "In Damascus the governor under King Aretas had the city of the Damascenes guarded in order to arrest me. But I was lowered in a basket from a window in the wall and slipped through his hands."

      My belief is that "the powers that be" spoken of in Rom.13:1 are referring only to "duly constituted" or "duly legitimate" powers. For example, if 7 or 8 Hell's Angels members walk into a restaurant with drawn weapons and order everyone to give up all their cash and valuables...certainly these thugs have "power" but not a legit power.

      I believe it is up to each individual to make decisions on a case-by-case basis, as Paul did with the government leaders of Damascus.

      Additionally, in the case of American Christians...our leaders have ALREADY authorized us to to resist and/or throw off any government over us which has become tyrannical. Quoting the Declaration of Independence:

      " is the right of the people to alter or to abolish [tyrannical goverment]".

      If God requires us to follow the directives and advisories of our leaders...and those leaders, in turn, have given us an advisory to oppose tyrannical government, should such arise among us...we seem therefore to have biblical grounds for resisting tyranny.

      But again, as a general rule, the Bible requires we cooperate with the (legitmate)laws of the land. I, for example, would draw the line with the porno X-ray scanners that have been put in place at many airports...and the virtual 'sexual molestation' groping "pat down" procedures.

      But each person must make their own choices and their own priorities. I believe, for example, that the "income tax" has never been duly constituted. The 16th Amendment was never properly ratified and was pushed through by means of corruption and dishonesty. Filling out tax forms also violates the 5th Amendment. Yet I do not recommend withholding tax payments. Most would choose not to "die on that hill".

      Particularly in these last days before the return of the King...IMO, it becomes very important to distinguish between illegitimate 'rulers" and ordinances (such as the Damascus rulers in Paul's day)...and the legitimate, 'everyday' rulings and ordinances.

    2. Regarding Alex Jones...I don't see where he is putting out "disinformation". Maybe you could point out some examples?

      I think it IS possible he may be used as an "eleventh hour" disinfo agent...when the Antichrist explodes onto the world scene and millions of PreTrib (and/or Dominionist) believers are panicstricken and agonizing over whether to accept the 'mark of the beast" (a decision they thought they would never have to make)...people like Alex Jones might step in with:

      "OK folks...we gave our best effort in fighting for freedom but the 'bad guys have won...time to close up shop, cut our losses, and go along with the New World Order."

      Other than that...I don't see where Jones is doing anything wrong right now. But...fill me in!

  29. Matt,

    You haven't seen the websites exposing Alex Jone's Jesuit and NWO connections?

    He is another NWO 'disinformationists"

    I realized he was fake years ago realizing he never touched the Vatican or did so very minorly and made sure to change the subject really fast.

    Having Knights of Malta Pat Buchanan appear on his shows, was another marker.

  30. I wrote this some time ago too:

    and this one more importantly...

    1. Hey, Bible Believer--

      Nice to hear from you. I'll get back you in a bit about your comments.

    2. Bible Believer--

      I'm finally getting back to you. I use Alex Jones primarily as an info source. I don't know how he ISN'T a good source. From what I can see, he is constantly exposing the shenanigans of the ruling class.

      I guess you'd need to explain more about how he is actually counter-productive. A lot of people (possibly including Alex Jones) simply don't understand the Jesuit angle. I'm not sure even I understand all of it.

      For long as people are aware of the upcoming Apostasy Plot...whether they understand ALL of the political machinations or not...whether they understand all of the maze-like connections of the Antichrist's worldwide cabal, is secondary for me.

      Definitely, in the Olivet Discourse, Jesus is (in so many words) instructing us to become savvy 'world-watchers'. But I don't know that it's possible for us to understand each and every political and/or military scenario as it occurs.

      For example, in Rev. 17 it states that the "beast" (the Antichrist) will "hate" the "prostitute"....which is described as the greatest economic power the world has ever seen appears to be New York City and surrounding suburbs (that is to say, virtually all of the rest of America).

      Why does the Antichrist want to destroy New York City and America? Weren't they working in concert? Not all the 'in and outs' of Antichrist globalism are 100% clear.

      Personally, I don't HOW the Jesuits and their "general" exert actual control over the Illuminati's globalist agenda...other than that they are all luciferian devotees who view the Jesuit General with fear and trepidation as the voice of Lucifer himself.

      Mechanically, the super-bankers are the ones with the control (the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, etc.) IMO...with their control over the money, the gold, the media, academia, mainstream Evangelicalism, Catholicism, and the politicians.

      Anyway...I don't see yet where Jones is mis-directing anyone. But I previously described how he might be a last-minute disinfo agent in the days following the revealing of the Antichrist.

  31. Hi Matt,.

    I use Alex Jones for information only myself knowing only to take pieces of the puzzle and leave the rest behind. {information about NDAA, news items etc.}

    Some things I have noticed about Alex Jones...

    Absurd visit to the Bildenberger outfit--you know that camp in the woods with the Moloch statue whose name escapes me right now, while people were there. I watched the video. I realized there is no way he "snuck in", only those who were vetted would be allowed in the door. Check out the book "Them" where that author interviews Alex Jones and put the puzzle pieces in. If Alex Jones could sneak in then so could endless numbers of liberal anti-globalist protestors.

    ads for the Dimond brothers outfit {hyper-trad catholic} on his website. Seen for myself multiple times. I am familar with Dimond Brothers from my exposing Rome days...

    Many attesting that when people question the role of the Vatican and the NWO or Jesuits he shuts them down fast. Odd articles defending the Vatican--I saw one, I tried look for where it claimed the Pope did not support a central political authority.

    Interviews with Knights of Malta Pat Buchanan.

    ANYONE hooked in with ANY KNIGHTS OF MALTA, that is a problem. We have learned that vis a vis Calvary Chapel and Boykin.

    Odd recent advancement of Ron Paul, who is an 'insider" they never plan to let win. Ron Paul has made hand signs etc. He was an "insider" with Reagan. He tells a few truths but helps keep the energy of those fed up with the two parties directed. Some weeks ago I was on INFOWARS and they had endless ads/articles promoting Ron Paul.

    Other websites have exposed the ties to the Sheens {catholics}

    Hmm just found this trying to look something up, may be interesting to watch.

    If Alex Jones didn't hang out so easily with certain names, and some other things exposed I would maybe think he just does not know...but it goes worse then that.

    I will share Alex Jones links FOR INFORMATION with caveats, so there he is a source, especially for those who remain un-introduced to the NWO and some of the political machinations, so the websites CAN serve a purpose. I have linked to his website with warnings even on my own blog.


  32. I don't think we can understand everything they are up to either. Salvation depends on if you are saved in Jesus Christ not a political test at the door. Of course here, I have never heard Alex Jones admit he is a Christian or preach the gospel, yes it is a secular newsite, some have surmised he is Catholic, his own religious beliefs remain rather nebulous.

    I agree, I have asked questions about NYC and America and BABYLON. There seem to be some markers that connect Rome and the USA. That is best I can explain it. Kind of touched on it here.

    I understand what you mean about not all the "ins and outs" of the antichrist globalist system being so complex.

    You are right about the Jesuits being luciferian devotees and the power of the so called "black pope".

    With the superbankers, I think they are luciferians as well, [who just say they are other religions]

    I consider the Rothschilds etc, to be bankers under Vatican control. That one I only have begun to look at but I believe the Vatican's power over the world banking system is far more then many realize.

    I do not see them as controlling the Catholic church but the other way around.

    With the exposing websites, I got into something heavy on my blog regarding Vigilante Citizen, and how that website could have been set up for certain purposes, some claim a desensitization and "intiation" via exposure. [I posted this article after the super-bowl article. It is something troubling me.

    I do not know to what purposes they would use someone like Alex Jones. I wanted to believe he was sincere but saw too many Jesuit interactions, odd ads, and other guests, to really trust him so fully anymore.

    I think they want to direct people's energies, perhaps into FEAR? Perhaps discrediting those who ask these questions? One thing even as I showed Alex Jones videos years ago to some non-NWO aware folks and others, is some would comment, he is so over the top, screaming and some said this guy can't be right.

    Remember what I have written on the blog about the layers of deception, and how they have a "net" for everyone that moves to a certain point? Well consider what I am hinting at here.

    I am glad you consider the facts he is a disinfo agent of some sort. I believe it already. With some of the disinfo types, they lay in wait, telling truths and then do a 180 later to confuse.

    Even just even regarding facing on my own blog, how many disinfos there are out there and false discernment ministries has been mind boggling. I know there are ordinary folks out there doing what I do as well, but sometimes feel like we are the exception to the rule.

    We all need God's help to direct us. Satan has definitely set up a lot of traps. Even pondering the immensity of the entire Dominionist deception too, has been really hard.

    Well God bless, hope you are doing well. I would like to see you write more, know you are short on time but always liked what you had to share. Thanks for your kind remarks over on my blog.

  33. Matt,
    I wrote you a long note that wasn't accepted because it was too long, so I saved it on Notepad. Is there a way I can get it to you on this blog, or someplace else? I'm not sure how to break it up so it will fit.

    1. Just break it up into 2,3,4 parts or whatever you need. Just reply right beneath my reply right here. No problem.

  34. Matt two four,
    I just finished your 'Wolves' book, and I was amazed at how much of the same ground we've both covered. The difference is you apparently have done this officially and I have not, at least in the World's credentialing view. I wish I could be as diligent with my referencing as you are, but (1) I have not, and (2) I lost my entire library a few years ago when my storage was lost to auction.
    First, I wanted to say that you are VERY close to unraveling some things about scripture, the end times, and doctrines that may have eluded you up till now. I don't say this condescendingly, I followed the entire dispensational approach to the end times backward and forward. I've been in the company of many of these high profile preachers: I had been a member of Fred Price's church, William Stuart MacBernie's Church (a man very close to Reagan, who introduced his name into the California gubernatorial race in '66, and had 'The Voice of Americanism' on the radio, have met Jan and Paul Crouch, (and had at one time credentialed a ministry in support of Trinity Broadcasting when they only had two TV stations), met Hal Lindsay, lived right between John McArthur's church and Jack Hayford's church, and my wife and I were married by Jack Van Impe.
    So, I could say I've been exposed to a lot of the hierarchy.
    As a professional, I was a DJ on two radio stations in the LA market.
    I've been a student of prophecy since 1972, and a student of the NWO since 1980. I've got a million things to bring to your attention,(if the Lord hasn't inspired you already), but I'll supply just a few here to establish my position, and then you can make your own mind up as to the credibility, and if you want any more input from me.

  35. You made a valid point about the bible only mentioning a time of 'great tribulation'. Notice that any direct reference to a 'seven year tribulation period is never mentioned. This is from one fantastic misinterpretation of part of Daniel 9 that has generated more false beliefs than probably any other misinterpretation of a single set of scriptures in the entire bible.
    First, I will pose these questions in preparation:
    What does the word 'Messiah' mean?== Anointed
    When and where was Christ anointed?==At His baptism in the Jordan at precisely the end of the first 69 weeks of the prophecy given to Daniel in Daniel 8.
    How long was Jesus' ministry on Earth?==3 1/2 years.
    What happened to the entire sacrificial system that had been in place?==It had been put to an end for all time with the one sacrifice that Christ made by dying on the cross 3 1/2 years after He was baptized.
    When was the Commission turned over to the Gentiles?==3 1/2 years after Christ's crucifixion with the stoning of Stephan in Acts.

  36. With that foundation laid, read again Daniel 9, specifically verses 23-27 and tell me whether those verses are referring to Jesus, or the Antichrist.
    If you concluded that the verses referred to Jesus, then it must occur to you that the Seventieth week of Daniel played out.
    There is no 'gap', as I will show you (along with a couple of other facts) ahead.
    In the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, a succession of kingdoms is outlined to Daniel, beginning with Babylon, progressing to Media-Persia, to Greece, and finally to Rome. Two things to note about Rome: it winds up in two different manifestations on the statue, (iron, and iron mixed with clay), and it exists FROM ITS INCEPTION UNTIL THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, as depicted by the stone that comes out of the sky and crushed the statue AT ITS BASE. Rome has existed in two forms: Pagan Rome, and PAPAL Rome. So, WHO is on the scene at the end? PAPAL ROME. That is who to watch.
    It then becomes obvious that the statue depicts a TIME-LINE of biblical history, and if this is the case, THERE IS NO GAP. the time-line represents history, from the time of Babylon, right up to the second coming of Christ.

  37. Now, here is something else to bring to your attention:
    virtually all of the symbols used in the book of Revelation have their origin in the Old Testament. How many times is 'the Antichrist mentioned in Revelation? NONE! The references are all in first and second John, and, if you will notice, never uses the term, THE antichrist, it either says, just antichrist, or AN antichrist. It never makes specific reference to one particular individual to be referred to as 'The Antichrist'. (Not that there won't be an extremely evil one on the scene at the end, but I'm making a point).
    Revelation makes reference to a first and second 'beast'. if you look back at the interpretations of what a beast is prophetically, a beast never refers to an individual, but to a POWER. When you see that, then it is easier to understand how a power can suffer a deadly head wound, and then resurrect.
    Rome had and iron grip on the ruler ship, politics, and religious conscience of the known world from 538 a.d.(when it defeated the last of the rogue kingdoms in Europe) until 1798 a.d., when Napolean sent his General Berthier into the Vatican, kidnapped the Pope off his throne, and exiled him, where he died. That effectively put a seeming end to the rule of the Papacy over the world, and throughout the entire 19th century, Rome was relatively silent. 1929 Benito Mussolini signed a concordat with the Pope, establishing Rome as its own city-state. And it has continued to grow ever since.
    Now, I will note back that the reign of this 'beast' from 538 until 1798 was exactly 1260 years. Prophetically, we interpret one day to equal a year (Ezek:4:6, Num. 14:34) 1260 days, equals 42 months, equals time, times, and half a time. Then, the 'beast' suffered its deadly head wound, and then came back to life.

  38. One really shallow interpretation of prophecy is thinking that all the prophecies of Revelation are crammed into a few years of the end-times. If that is true, where is the revelation and the promises of hope for all the saints that endured the Dark Ages, the Inquisitions, and the countless millions of martyrdoms, all IN THE NAME OF THE CHURCH?
    Make no mistake about it--Rome has an EXTREMELY PROMINENT role to play in the end-times.
    I really have much more to tell you, such as why Dispensationalism seems to be so accurately fulfilling prophecy (it will blow your mind), but first I want to see if I have your attention, or if you consider what I have written so far to be relevant or not.
    If you wish to correspond further, email me at:
    May God Bless you and your endeavors

    1. Wow--you catch me during a phase where I simply don't have the time for extensive discussions. A few brief comments though: The celeb pastors you've mentioned (Price, Crouch, Hayford, VanImpe, etc.) are all on my "bad" list...sorry to say. No offense!

      I would guess that, if you have also taken the proverbial Red Pill (which is how you seem to be describing yourself) you too have come to see the error of their ways, no?

      Some of your other comments I wasn't following too well. Maybe you've tried to condense too much? Your argument for a continuous 70 weeks...belief in "dispensationalism"...the idea that the "Antichrist" and the "beast" are not one and the same...I'm not following your reasoning on those things.

      If you're a PreTribber...that would certainly be a major difference from my beliefs. That's OK though...there's always room for disagreement..and my views are certainly not 'divinely inspired'.

      Maybe if you broke it down just a bit and address just one of those issues you've raised. For example, in the Olivet Discourse, the Lord is clearly describing an upcoming time of "great tribulation" which is climaxed by staggering cosmic signs in the heavens and the return of the Lord with the sound of the trumpet and a world-wide "gathering of the elect"...things which you seem to be arguing have already happened. Clarification?

      In the meantime, God bless you and thanks for the encouraging words!

  39. hi ,, i tremendously appreciate your work-
    i am shane, how can i send you my email address.
    i would value the chance to exchange a few thoughts-
    thank you for your online book , Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. Your work is precious.
    i have more to say ,, ,, will see how this goes-
    time is very very short

  40. Matt, hi , shane here, i was reading your Wolves in Sheeps Clothing , Chapter two, and , with regard to Kay Arthurs book cover, Lord Heal My hurts, something interesting here, LOL,, at first glance of the cover , i spotted the occult iconic figure- and thought , yeah , your right- but then , is i read your text, the symbol you define, i had not even spotted !! so it turns out , that art work is a double whammy of these foul witchcraft emblems. The one that i saw first , is the running person in the circle , forms an obvious 5 point , pentagram type thing. In addition to the Eye that i only realised was there after your description. shane

  41. Shane--

    I know what you mean about the visual misdirection of the artwork...such that many or most people wouldn't even notice the "eye". Pretty devious stuff. We approached the Kay Arthur people about these satanic symbols. They just shrugged us off. Quite bizarre, to say the least.

    Thanks for the nice comments. I'm a little 'shy' about email exchange--I received considerable harrassment from apparent satanists in the past. I like to keep the discussions here in the "comment" sections, if possible.

    1. That is fully ok with me too Matt-
      as i mentioned , time is a bit , at a premium anyway-
      I have been watching all the things going on over the past several years - and have seen so often that there is an intense game of deception going on. Litteraly a blizzard of dis-info- that is meant to disarm the true info- THEREFORE, i feel a sense of high value to any source of thought and discussion that feels - like it is genuinely a person who simply , loves the truth - fights for the truth, and is not a double agent in some way. So far, your work strikes me as - honest- true , and independant.

      if time allows- i look forward to learning from the issues covered in your blogs and work-
      with kind regards and with much appreciation for your book- Wolves in Sheeps Clothing --- Shane

    2. Shane--

      I appreciate your assessment about me. I agree with your implication though: It can be a tricky business telling the good guys from the bad guys. You sound a little bit like you might have a personal angle on all this. Is that why you preferred to go with email? I hate to leave people hanging if they have issues they'd like to discuss. Of course...we're all anonymous here, so feel free to fire away with any future comments!


  42. hi Matt,
    i've been saving the chapters of your book - Wolves... , and i converted the p[ages to a pdf. Hopefully i'll find time to read your assembly of information more thoroughly- i find your book interesting and , just ,, worth it !!! : )
    of course, at the same time, totally unfortunate that any one could even live in a world were such a report as yours could be written.

    so , i guess i'm saying thanks again , LOL, thrid time now for your book.
    With regard to the christian faith world, i appreciate your work that highlights the fact that Christianity is an infiltrated territory. So many christians who , innocently think they are being a devout born again - need to realize this.
    Matt, i myself , have a very solid view on this- I know beyond the slightest doubt , that the Bible is true. I hold to the King James translation. I found a book the other day in an old book store , and i almost bought it, - big illustrated bok about the Holy Grail and the bloolines of its family er something- i thought, cool , i can maybe learn some things- but, then , the chapter about the 'virgin birth' which i read, explains and shows , why 'the concept of Jesus, born of Mary who was a virgin' was axplained to be one of those 'religious hyper something er other' in other words, this authoritative book tries to teach us that the idea, of the virgin birth of the Lord Our God- the Saviour of the World, is just a fairy tale. !!! Now, if Jesus Christ was not born of the miraculous birth , in which Mary was 'overshadowed by the Holy Ghost and , by a divine process of our Heavenly Father, she recieved the fertilization of embryo in her womb- if that , did not happen , and the Mother of Jesus was pregneant by contact with her fiance , Joseph, or some other man,, then what does that doctrine do to the precious and sacred truth that Jesus is the Son of God- the only begotten Son of the Father in the flesh- well , if Mary , was pregneant from a mortal intimate encounter then the whole divine situation of Chrsit is thrown out the window- and is all crumbled. I , Shane, do bear testimony to the world of the truth - that Mary, was truly , physically a virgin- and her preagnancy , was indeed from Our Eternal Heavenly Father. through some miraculous means. The world , ,and more specifically , Lucifer, would love to convince all people that the virgin birth of Jesus , was just a detail of religious fancy.
    Sorry Matt , i've typing too much here in the wrong thread probably.

    But, some of my thoughts here , may show you more why i find your contributions meaningful and , of value to my own knowledge.

    gotta go

  43. Matt two four,
    Hooboy! I know I dumped a load on you to all be at once! Sorry...I just get so energized when

    discussing the Lord!
    Let's see...first, all those pastors I mentioned are 'way in the past; my viewpoints have

    changed totally since I was around them. I had been puzzled as to why the Lord would allow me

    to travel so far down a road of so many false interpretations on prophecy, and I concluded that

    He let me go there so when I came out of it, I would have an understanding as to why others were

    following it and how to explain the differences.
    I'll see if I can address some of your statements.
    first, the 70 weeks of Daniel are "cut off" of the greater prophecy given in Chapter 8 about the

    2300 days. The prophecy commenced to stqrt clicking off in 457 b.c. with the third command to

    rebuild Jerusalem (see Ezra, chapter 2, I believe.) Since the 70 weeks was part of a greater

    prophecy, it had to play out all the way; it was 'cut off' of it.
    483 years brings us to 27 a.d., when Christ was baptised. There was still 7 years left that was

    promised to Daniel concerning the Jewish nation, and the scripture states that He affirmed that

    there was that last week left for the Jews to accomplish all the things stipulated in the

    scripture that says, 70 weeks are determined on your people, and then goes on to list the things

    needed to be done.

  44. This was the last chance the Jews had as a nation to continue to carry out their commission. But

    instead of ushering in the Messiah, they killed Him! (in the midst of that last week). After

    Christ's Crucifixion, there was still 3 1/2 years left of the 70 week covenant God had made with

    the Jewish nation, and it wasn't until 3 1/2 years after Christ's death and ressurection that

    the great commission was taken from the Jews and turned over to the Gentiles with the stoning of

    Stephan in Acts.
    So, what I am saying is that the whole 7 year tribulation period is an erroneous interpretation

    of the prophecies given in Daniel. Yes, there IS a time coming of great tribulation, but it is

    not based on 7 years. Might be longer, might be shorter, but not a prophetically fixed period,

    with some 'trigger event' that signals the start of it.
    The first major wake-up call that staqrted a complete paradigm change for me was realizing that

    the 'rapture' and the second coming of Christ were all the SAME event. Study who concocted the

    whole rapture doctrine and why (if you haven't already--I know you are a deep researcher) and,

    again, it leads right back to Rome.

  45. No, I don't believe all these events have already occurred. One of the points I was making that

    you mentioned was about the beasts. As you notice in Daniel, all the 'beasts' mentioned

    basically were referring to 'kingdoms'--powers, not individuals. The lion was a kingdom, the

    bear was a kingdom, etc., and what I was pointing out was, the Bible interprets the Bible. If

    you have symbols in Revelation, the Bible will interpret the symbols in other areas. So, you

    have two beasts in Revelation, the first beast comes up out of the sea, the second beast comes

    up out of the Earth. I don't have my bible with me as I write this, so unfortunately, I don't

    have all my references on hand, but it says that when a beast comes up out of the seas, it comes

    up from the nations and peoples. So we know the first beast comes up from the populated areas of

    the then-known world. It also says that when it comes up out of the Earth, it is coming up out

    of a land mass that was uninhabited, and this then describes where the second 'beast comes from.

    So, Revelation is discussing with these terms two kingdoms, or powers that are on Earth during

    the last days. I'm not saying there will NOT be a 'man of perdition' that will appear, only

    that the two beasts described here are not referring to him.

  46. The last thing to cover your inquiry is, if you consider '2300 evenings and mornings', or 2300

    days, it is referring to 2300 years, if you consider that one day equals one year. (By the way,

    if one day is interpreted as one year in one place in prophecy, as it does in Daniel,(70 weeks

    means 70 X 7, or 490 years), it has to consistantly be interpreted the same way throughout all

    prophetic interpretation), then the 2300 day prophecy given refers to a time period from the

    starting point of 457 b.c. through 2300 years, bring us to 1844 a.d. A lot of that description

    of the fourth beast of Daniel (Rome) gives an accurate description of how Rome acted during this

    whole period, persecuting the saints, blaspheming God, etc. (see Dan. 7:25). This is the part of

    prophecy that I believe has already occurred. And the prophetic time period takes us right

    through the time when the beast is said to suffer its deadly head wound. By the way, it is

    during this specific period of time when the second beast of Revelation appears on the scene for

    the first time.

  47. I realize this is a ton of info to dump on a blog, but I assure you, if this starts to make

    sense to you, I will be sure to steer you to a wealth of information that will make it all

    clearer. I don't think that I am inspired either, but the Lord promises us that He will reveal

    Himself to those who diligently seek Him. I DO believe that He inspires us to come in contact

    with other true seekers, and I don't believe that we came into contact by mistake.
    There is so much more, but very hard to put into a blog. I could do so much more by email. Use

    the address I gave you in my last post. Create a separate email address for yourself if you

    have concerns.
    God Bless,

    1. I think I may be missing something: I get the impression (no offense taken) that you think I have hugely overlooked critical prophecy issues. But I haven't been able to discern what you think those issues might be.

      You believe Daniel's 70 weeks have already been completed...and that the two "beast" individuals which are described in Rev.13 are NOT individuals.

      OK, fair enough. But having differences on those issues is not heart-stoppingly critical, I don't think. And I'm only seeing these as mere assertions on your part. All due respect, I don't see where you were presenting any argument or biblical evidence.

      By that I mean, all the 'math' you're presenting about Daniel's 70 seems to have a lot of logic/evidence leaps. Or (as I said) I'm not understanding it.

      If you personally believe you will have to enter the events of the "great tribulation" with (as you say) no idea of the length of this 'end times' phase...I don't think you're right but I respect your view.

      Some of these assertions were a little puzzling: Stephen was stoned exactly 3 1/2 years after Christ? The leap from 2300 days to 2300 years. The year of 1848 supposedly having prophetic significance...etc, etc. It's just getting too far afield for me. I only speak for myself.

      My thing get folks to read through the Olivet Discourse. The Olivet Discourse is the "survival manual" for believers who live during the end times. I believe it is meant to be the proverbial "Rosetta Stone" for NT believers.

      And like I state in Ch.10 of my "book" (Wolves In Sheep's Clothing), a 12 year old child can read through the Olivet Discourse in 15 minutes and know all the essential facts and info regarding the end of the age and the return of the King.

      For me all of the rest of Bible prophecy falls into place. I believe the starting point for latter day believers who wish to become better to read through the Olivet Discourse

      Again though...yes, I got the impression you think I have hugely overlooked something in Bible prophecy...I just don't know what that would be. I am wondering if you read through my Chapter 10? That was where I addressed prophecy issues.

      Anyway...short on time these days.

  48. Matt,
    It's not that you have overlooked something (heaven knows, from your book no one cannot accuse you of not being a diligent researcher!).I think it is just that as the world has a blue-pill paradigm of how things are in general, there is a certain Christian paradigm that has been so pervasive that to consider scriptures is a different manner can be difficult. I don't think I have to tell you that wolves have crept into the very inner sanctums of the church, and have perverted the interpretations of so many doctrines to further their own agendas. Some of these perversions are so huge that virtually few in the Christian world even notices the error, and subsequently they invent many sub-doctrines and interpretations to rationalize their main doctrinal heresies. We are in the end times, so I don't believe it's a far stretch to consider that Satan it turning up all the burners in an attempt to "fool, if it were possible, the very elect". If we as Christians are told to "come out of Babylon", it may come as a shock to realize that God considers us to be IN Babylon in the first place. And to come out of Babylon, first we have to know what Babylon IS.

  49. (Continued)
    It may not be particularly evident how some of these subtle (and not so subtle) heresies will play a part of being a snare in the end times, but my point is that there may be some heresies where one, at this point, may think not, and may have the result of playing a Christian right into the enemy's camp. Even at this point if you may have a tendency to disagree with some of what I have posted about prophecy, I am sure you will agree that the danger I have posted is real.
    There is just so much to study and discuss, it would be impossible to pay it any justice in this blog, so what I would like to do for now is suggest to you that you might watch a video series that covers this so much more in depth and accuracy than I ever could. It is both educational and entertaining, so you won't be bored to death watching it. It's a series of videos that covers prophecy, secret societies, a lot of things I know you are already interested in. The website is, There is more I can suggest, but I want to make sure you are interested in it first.
    I would pray that you approach this with an open mind, the mind of a researcher. You don't seem to be one of the, "don't confuse me with facts; my mind's made up" types. Sometimes I have to fight that within myself, but if the Lord is endeavoring to reveal something to me, some way He finally gets through.
    I admire your efforts. Please keep up the good work. Maybe some day we can talk.--G.P.

  50. Matt,
    the website I sent you focuses specifically on secret societies and Christianity. This other address (from the same site) focuses more on prophecy.

  51. Hey, first off i want to apologize for my antagonistic approach the other day... I spent all last night pouring over your 9/11 articles and you've left me questioning the whole thing... "ouch" is right.

    I just had a quick question for you, if you dont mind answering a more personal inquiry... what is your story? like, why do you know so much about the occult, what drives you to expose them, how do you find out so much about these "secrets" that arent known to the general public?

    1. Tyler--your reasonability is a pleasant rarity--thanks. Not to say we won't have more 'antagonism' between us somewhere down the road! :) These are, after all, pretty emotional subjects--the end of the world, the return of the King, reports of a globe-spanning satanic crime syndicate. background--I'm a Bible college grad, my Dad was a Christian leader and pastor. Am married, have two teenage children, own a business here in the San Francisco bay area.

      I'm a HUGE bookworm. When the Internet came along, I eventually ran across 'small voices in the wilderness' so to speak. Ex-occultists and other folks in their proximity...who were testifying to 'wolf infiltration' in the Evangelical church world.

      There are many folks who are more skilled at uncovering these camouflaged occult signalings than I. But I find my share. I was certainly impressed recently with the guy who noticed the three 6's in the Taco Bell logo. You can google that if you like. It's also presented in my "More Occultism..." article.

      Just a few days ago, I noticed the Joel Osteen logo with the "eye" sneakily incorporated. I am startled every time I run across another one of these. The most recent one: I notice now that the back side of Toby Mac's new CD is yet another occult signaling. He's posing in the shape of the "Tyr" rune...Tyr being an alias for Lucifer. It's the same thing Michael W. Smith did for his 1998 "Christmastime" CD cover.

      I don't know that I'm an expert on the occult but...I've certainly developed a habit of spotting occult signaling. I think a lot of people are doing that these days.

      I'm trying to help aspiring Jesus-followers prepare for the "apostasy deception plot" which is the ultimate goal of these satanic CCM artists and all the other wolves in the top echelons of conservative Evangelicalism. Jesus describes in detail about this upcoming the Olivet Discourse.

      As far as the "general public" not noticing or knowing about these things...I have immersed myself in a world of 'alternative' information sources. And I provide all my favorite sources right at the top of this page, by the way.

      I think my contribution has been to piece the info together into a kind of 'big picture'. Satanic CCM artists are tied into 9/11...9/11 in turn, has given "license" to worldwide militarization and warring...which is tied into satanically-inspired Antichrist globalism...which, in turn, is run by a huge cabal of satanic, psychopath pedophile "elites". Crazy stuff. Thanks God the King of Kings is going to interrupt the festivities.

    2. Thank you, i just like to know a little about who exactly i might be paying attention to, and im sure youll agree that you cant be to careful (especially if what you are saying is true.)

      I will be looking around all your links, and your own work before i comment much further... It seems to me that you spend most of your time pointing people to work you have already written about, so ill see what youve got.

      until im finished though, im wondering if you ever feel like all these occultist symbols popping up in logos is a little far fetched? like, either coincidental, accidental etc. I feel like if you look hard enough, it probably possible to find something wrong with almost anything. you do a good job of showing the same thing happening multiple times (eg one eye obsucred in shadows), id just like to know if you are completely certain that "illuminati" was the intention behind these perticular graphic designs.

    3. Well sure...there's no doubt that maybe a logo here or there has been mis-identified.'s the 'big picture' I'm focusing on:

      Satan is vying for global domination. He has an army of darkness, comprised of both non-human and human. His followers are apparently obligated to 'fly their flag' in some form of fashion.

      If occasionally someone appears to use occult symbolism but it was actually not meant as such...that doesn't change the big picture, IMO!

      No, you never get absolute certainty in this 'business'. For example, I don't actually conclude dogmatically about Toby Mac. But he's certainly a 'suspect'.

      It's a bit like being in a dark alley and three very sinister-looking guys are approaching. Do I know for certain, they are a danger to me? No. But am I going to wait for a blue chip congressional investigative panel to deliver official findings on these guys before I develope at least a 'working theory' that I need to remove myself from the alley? No. I'm not going to wait for absolute and official confirmation. It would take 10 months. I have 12 seconds. (If my analogy makes any sense.)

      Honestly, I'm not waiting for the 'big shots' among church leaders to tell me the end is near. They're too busy getting a tall Cafe Mocha at Starbucks, and planning their next luxury junket to the Christian Leadership Conference, probably at a resort hotel in Hawaii. lol Seems like everyone in the church world is snoozing. No one paying any attention except you and me and a handful of others (give or take a few thousands). The Gideon Few.