Toby Mac--Part Two: A Strange, Obstinate Refusal To "Avoid Appearance of Evil"

July 31, 2012

Recommended preparatory reading for this article -- Chapter One and Chapter Eleven of my e-book, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

Apparently a couple of days ago, in response to Toby Mac's controversial (to say the least) new CD ("Eye On It") someone linked my previous Toby Mac article...right onto Toby Mac's own Facebook page. A small storm of controversy ensued. Maybe I should say "huge" comparison to my little pip-squeak blog here, with its mere 100 page views per day. Hundreds of people chimed in with about 15,000 onlookers, if I am understanding the numbers correctly.

Very, very interesting and enlightening exchanges. I was certainly encouraged that almost 1 out of 10 comments expressed actual concern about Mac's "Eye On It" CD with the satanic symbolism! These were concerns being expressed directly to Toby Mac right on his own Facebook page. Awesome! In my almost ten years of looking into this phenomenon of occult infiltration in the Evangelical world...this is the first time I've seen direct communication with one of the 'suspects' .

Contrastingly, among the Toby Mac defenders who weighed in, I found it very revealing and quite sad...the "party on, Wayne! on, Garth!" sloppy, reckless, utterly glib typical of many of today's mainstream Evangelicals. Folks who were making deliberately inane wisecracks about how the "eye" was merely an "avocado"...and other such comments.

There's a mentality out there in the Evangelical community these days which views the world almost as if its all one gigantic Disneyland. Meanwhile, the enemy is closing in for the Big Kill.

Jesus has carefully and explicitly forewarned of this phenomenon, more aptly termed "the Great Apostasy" which the majority (vast majority?) of erstwhile 'believers', the bulk of the "conservative church" crowd, ends up splitting the gates of Hell wide open. It's all stated explicitly in the Bible.

Almost no one among believers today has any awareness...because the Olivet Discourse (wherein these warnings and descriptions are contained) has been systematically and diabolically obscured.


For whatever reason, Mac felt compelled or motivated to make two brief Facebook comments about the controversy. Here was his first comment:

"I've been asked what is the meaning of the eye on the new album. Running the race, eye on the goal of keeping the faith. My calling."

The very first person to respond to his remark hit the nail on the head--"the explanation is very vague". Exactly.

It seems to me...if the controversy, to begin with, was about potential indications of luciferian allegiance...why didn't Toby Mac simply offer a repudiation of Lucifer/Satan, in some form or fashion? That would've been the easiest way to deflate a lot of the controversy. dice. Why the opaqueness? Why the vagueness?

One of the arguments made repeatedly by his supporting fans...was that the "eye" alone doesn't constitute a satanic symbol. Absolute baloney. The "Eye of Ra" goes back fully five thousand years...all the way to the Egyptian pharaohs. Come on now.

And in the modern day, the stand-alone "eye" symbolism crops up in a thousand different places. The assertion that a "triangle" is required...utter nonsense. Yes, the eye/triangle combo IS a popular presentation among occultists. But there is no "rule" forbidding a stand-alone "eye" presentation. How many examples do you want?

Here is the logo for Time Warner...a lone "eye" presentation with no triangle:

 Contrastingly, here's the logo for America Online...with both an eye (modified) and a triangle:

Here's the logo for CBS...again, a stand-alone "eye"--no triangle:

This logo also has at least a dual satanic a phallus/yoni depiction. The 'football' shape being the female counterpart to the phallic 'circle' inside the "yoni".

One of the many Christian (or should I add on quotation marks -- "Christian"?) luminaries who have this bizarre penchant for satanic "all-seeing eye" symbolism--popular lecturer and author, Kay Arthur:

Note the ominous attempt at visual misdirection, whereby the "running man" (depicted twice on this book cover) is all most people would ever notice. But in fact...the uplifted arms constitute the bottom half of this stand-alone "eye". In this case, the triangle aspect is added through these modified triangular-shaped 'eyelashes'...if you'll notice. So, in this instance we have an eye/triangle combo.

Same with Michael W. Smith. Below: His "I2(EYE)" record album from 1988:

Notice the triangle in the background behind his photo. Then notice the dubious, conspicuous titling of his album (in red lettering at the one corner of the triangle): I2(EYE)

Another one from Smith--his 1986 album "The Big Picture:

Notice how one of the child's eyes has been obscured in the shadows (reminiscent of a number of Toby Mac photos), and how the remaining eye has been positioned into one of the corners of the picture frame. So there it is--the eye and triangle, in a modified fashion. After a while, you'll begin to see hundreds of 'creative' modifications of the eye/triangle symbolism.

Here's Joel Osteen's logo. Notice the obvious "eye" comprised of the two crescents and the "o" in "Joel".  Pretty blatant stuff. After all, what other purpose would these 'crescents' serve...than to create the 'eye' depiction?  In fact, the crescents themselves are occult symbols which crop up all over the place...including the AOL logo above.

Not to mention...the apparent "eye" presentation right inside the auditorium of his church (seen below)...which seems to be accomplished by the center stage 'arch' and the globe seemingly providing the 'pupil' for the eye. This actually is a rather over-used technique. "American Idol" stage designs have repeatedly utilized this approach.

(Click on the photo for a larger image. Then click on the "X" to return.)

So apparently...this guy isn't just a 'bad preacher' with heretical "prosperity gospel" doctrines. No, he is giving indication of being an out-and-out wolf in sheep's clothing, or so it would seem.

Just how many Christian luminaries must bring this symbolic "eye" thing into play before people begin to concede this isn't a mere coincidence? Time to wake up!

You certainly could argue that Kay Arthur, MW Smith, and Joel Osteen are unaware of the symbols inserted into their publications...but the evidence emerging from the "Eye On It" fiasco would seem to indicate these people are indeed quite aware of the symbols. 

And in any case, after you've run across the first couple dozen of these Christian luminaries and Christian musicians with their occult symbolism...the idea that there is a worldwide conspiracy of luciferian graphic artists (?) working behind the backs of all these "Christian" a little thin, it seems to me.

Plainly stated--Jesus has prophesied that in the last days a very large number of satanic Christian leaders would emerge who are extraordinarily deceptive. Is this or is this not evidence we are looking at?  As I've said many times...if you don't like my particular line-up of suspected "false prophets" then just where ARE these wolves of which Jesus foretold?? Have you spotted a single one of them so far?

Below is another satanic "eye" symbol without a triangle. This, from the televison production company, Endemol...the name, by the way, making for an ominous, sneering reference to the Antichrist globalists' murderous de-population agenda. "End them all"--get it? Jesus states in the Olivet Discourse--"were those days [the regime of the Antichrist] not shortened, no flesh would have survived; but for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened".

Yet another stand-alone "eye":

To read more about the Taco Bell logo, go to this page and scroll down a little past a third of the way.

And another one:

Notice how they present the "eye" two-dimensionally (front view) and three-dimensionally (top down view). Occultists love this stuff. Symbolism is the language of satanists.

After a while, you can barely find a major corporate logo that doesn't have an occult aspect. For Bible students, this should be a 'no-brainer'--the Devil is the designer, owner and operator of this world system. He wants his stamp of ownership seen everywhere. If you want to make it to the higher levels of business, politics, entertainment, or any other of the larger'll very, very seldom get away with not pledging allegiance to the "spirit of this world", i.e. the Devil.


After a few hundred comments were made in response to Mac's first comment, which included about a couple dozen remarks which were critical of the wording of his CD title and critical of the "eye" symbolism, Mac decided to make another comment:

"Come on ya'll :) My EYE remains on our Lord Jesus and the calling He has placed on my life. To build His Kingdom through my life and music. "Eye on it" is simply a phrase used to mean "stay focused on what really matters." To me, my relationship with Christ and the calling He has placed on my life is what matters to me and what I am trying to keep my eye on! In Love, Tmac"

Again, where is there a simple, clear and direct refutation of any and all occult/satanic significance? This would have been the perfect opportunity. So while Toby makes some syrupy 'Christian-ish' comments here, he just can't bring himself to directly and pointedly refute and reject all things luciferian and pointedly deny any occult significance to his symbolism.

Seemingly then, under very rare circumstances and in a veritable 'emergency' situation like this, where a couple dozen people have complained about his satanic symbolism on his own Facebook page...Toby will finally, at long last...use the word "Jesus".

Scour the Internet for any Toby Mac references to "Jesus". Scour Youtube. Scour his lyrics. If you check through his various public comments, he uses the dual-purpose word "God" almost exclusively. By 'dual purpose' I mean that for occultists, "God" refers to a different individual than for Jesus-followers.  But even in his lyrics, "God" is only very rarely used, from what I can see.

For what it's worth in this particular discussion, Luciferians routinely refer to their dark lord as..."God".  I think the question we're trying to answer is--which God/god is Toby Mac actually  referring to?

In the context of a massive presence of occult symbolism in previous Toby Mac publications (web sites, CD covers, publicity photos, etc.)...I will forgive myself for theorizing as to how his above  statement may actually NOT be a reflection of genuine faith in the Lord Jesus.

Again though, I would carefully draw up short of any dogmatic conclusion regarding Mac's potential occult allegiances.

Nevertheless...from his previous dozens of occult symbol presentations, he has richly earned the very, very deep concerns, and yes, even suspicions...of careful, watchful believers:

For openers, the idea that Toby would take an established 5000-year old occult symbol and then, on a moment's notice, breezily presume to re-define it to have something other than satanic significance...'absurd' is the only way to describe it.


Even more absurd is that he then has the audacity to lecture his concerned fans ("Come on ya'll") as if they're the ones who have fumbled the ball. I would say that's absurd to the point of obnoxiousness. Seriously.

It's as though Mac is counting on occult-symbol illiteracy among his conservative Christian fans...and unfortunately, the odds are in his favor. Could he have, for example, gotten away with depicting a Nazi "swastika" on his CD cover and breezily claim to have given it a different meaning? Not hardly. And the swastika is only about 80 years old (as far as its Nazi usage), compared to the 5000-year old all-seeing-eye.

So...looking more closely at the specific aspects of this statement...we certainly don't know ALL the secrets of occultists and as to what they may mean with all their slippery statements and secret symbols and signalings...and I am not yet declaring Mac to be an occultist, BUT...

...for openers, the word "EYE" in all caps is conspicuous. It's a little odd, in itself. And a lot odd, in the context of all his previous indicators.

As many of those who were commenting have asked...why not refer to both "eyes" (plural, and with no caps) being focused on Jesus??

Why not take a step away from the potentially (or should I say obvious and blatantly) satanic single-eye remark...particularly after numerous pointed complaints ABOUT the stand-alone "eye" depiction and reference? That's a rather obstinate insistence on maintaining an anti-biblical "appearance of evil", is it not?

If you think about it---this is very, very troubling:  A point-blank rejection of the biblical principle to avoid all appearance of evil. These many commenters on Toby's Facebook were not argumentative troublemakers. They were sincerely puzzled and troubled.

I noticed another notorious occult signaler, Michael W. Smith, who did the same thing with the title of his I2(EYE) album--the word "EYE" in all capital letters. It's conspicuous. It's strange. It's unexplained, by Smith or anyone else.

What does "I2(EYE)" mean? "I go to the Devil"?  "I'm related or committed to the Devil"?

If we can deduce anything from all of Smith's hundreds of presentations of occult symbols and signalings over a period of three decades (not to mention the utterly blatant satanic goings-on at his youth club "Rocketown" in Nashville)...therefore, his reference to "EYE" would then be a reference to the Devil. I'm theorizing the 'all caps' thing is an occultist's way of showing reverence...something akin to the way we capitalize the word "God"...only the satanists are apparently hoping to one-up us with 'all caps'? I'm impressed...(not).

Yes, in context, I find it quite dubious that Toby Mac uses all caps. If the 'all caps' signifies the Devil, a kind of grammatically tortured way (similar to Smith's awkward "I2EYE"), he is saying that his lord Lucifer is dominant over the Lord Jesus.  Sort of like when the linebacker taunts the offensive halfback before the game -- "I'm going to be 'on' you like white on rice!".

The luciferian folks (and their heavily manipulated captives, of which Toby Mac may be one, very tragically) have a very arrogant outlook on the Lord Jesus. If you look more closely at their actual doctrines (much of it provided by ex-occultists, if you know where to look on the Web)...they literally believe Jesus to be merely the "brother" of Lucifer...the inferior "99-pound weakling" brother, no less.

Luciferians see themselves as spectacularly dominant over Jesus-followers. Their confusion is understandable: The Devil has arranged for his earthly followers to have all the high positions in this world. Thus, Satan's followers are deceived into thinking they are on the winning side.

Look at all the occultists who are world leaders, captains-of-industry, top-rated entertainers and musicians, etc. By contrast, look at that Jesus-follower driving around in a banged-up '99 Chevy.

Oh, the surprise that awaits these folks someday very soon.

[By the way...some might say--"What about George W. Bush? He was a US president and a devout Christian."  Hmmm. Read through chapters 6, 7, and 8 of my e-book...then see how you feel about that. may need to look through chapters 3, 4, and 5 to understand what led up to chapter 6. Sorry about all the 'reading assignments'!]


It is interesting to me that he didn't say "my" Lord Jesus. Given the context of his previous innumerable occult symbol displays, I dare to wonder if this is a way of staying one step removed from a point-blank personal pledge of allegiance to Jesus?

A satanic "double agent" would probably have a similar philosophy to any other kind of double agent. For example, an anti-Nazi German citizen during WW2 who was secretly enlisted by the Allies for espionage...would probably produce a "Sieg Heil" Nazi salute if absolutely necessary...but if you were to observe closely over time...the signs of his true allegiances would accumulate.

Keep in mind, Luciferians will lie. That's right there in the Bible! But I can imagine, as a point of pride, they like to get as 'cheeky' and coy as they can possibly get away with. Recall the occult-originated (and rather silly) idea of someone 'crossing their fingers' behind their back when telling a lie. If you've read my e-book and some of the articles on this blog, you'll know this is the kind of stuff I've been seeing all across the evangelical landscape from these infiltrating wolves.

I can tell you from 10 years of researching Luciferian culture...there seems very much to be a kind of 'bragging rights' competition among occultists, to see who can be the most blatant in the occult allegiance signalings...and get the closest to the edge of being revealed.

If Toby Mac is indeed a member of the Illuminati (i.e. the Antichrist cabal) as his "ILL-M-I" song claims...then I would imagine his latest "Eye On It" CD along with a rather significant degree of public making him some very nice brownie points with the upper echelons.


If I am theorizing, for the moment at least, that Mac may be a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing or a captive of the "Cabal" would certainly explain the odd mutedness...the way he keeps drawing up short of clear, point-blank comments...even though dozens of folks on his Facebook page were all but crying out for him to make things crystal clear.

I would imagine that elsewhere in his music career, he may have very well made references to "my" Lord. But in the current context of an official introduction and presentation of his new CD to the world, with the blatant satanic symbolism...he just can't seem to (or isn't allowed to?) come out publicly and clearly against occultism and/or the so-called "Illuminati" (as a number of commenters complained) order to eliminate the concerns and suspicions in direct fashion.

There's something strangely conspicuous in the way he seems to have missed hitting the proverbial nail on the head at every opportunity in this scenario.  First with the wishy-washy opening comment...and then with this second comment. Is this by design?

Mac has about 10% of his Facebook fans here...just waiting for him to knock it out of the park: A resounding pledge of allegiance "to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ"...and a direct repudiation of ALL things "occult" well as a direct repudiation of Lucifer...a direct repudiation of occultism/luciferianism/satanism in all its forms. can do.

One could easily theorize that, if he is indeed a captive of the Antichrist cabal (or "Illuminati" or whatever else they like to be called)...then he is under some kind of 'obligation'.

It's OK apparently, according to his "Illuminati" overlords, to 'blabber' about Jesus during random comments made in interviews or concerts...but in the immediate context of having introduced his latest CD where he has been made to present satanic symbolism yet one more time...his behind-the-scenes controllers (and who doesn't yet realize the music industry is a totalitarian regime?) want this statement of occult allegiance to be set apart. Thus, an explanation for the bizarre reticence from Toby Mac?

I have to say though...this reticence seems to permeate throughout Mac's songs. I have now read through about thirty of Toby Mac's lyrics...and have not found a single solitary reference to "my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ" and/or "who won the victory at the cross"...and/or "Lucifer's going down for the count"...or anything such thing. (I did see one song referencing "the Devil" but proper Luciferians utterly reject any "devil" designation for their lord Lucifer.)

If Toby's having trouble with the rhymes, I'm willing to step in with some offerings, bad grammar and all:

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...
Be returnin' to earth to have Lucifer iced
Me and my homies are pullin' a bank heist.

Or something like that.

So far, I have found nothing even close to a Gospel presentation among Toby Mac's lyrics.

Personally, I would love to see one short Youtube video..with Toby Mac making a number of clear-cut statements..something like "I completely reject and repudiate Lucifer, the biggest loser in the universe. My Lord and Savior, Jesus has utterly defeated Lucifer/Satan at the cross of Calvary, and Lucifer is now headed for the fires of Hell where he rightly belongs."

Some people might think that's a little 'corny' but...firstly, I find it very sad that folks today think a recitation of powerful biblical truth is hokey...and secondly, after presenting innumerable satanic symbols and signalings in so many of his publications, Toby Mac really needs to step up to the plate in a big, big way.

Not just an industrial stength 'pledge of allegiance' but...explanations for all his symbols and signalings. Toby--what were you thinking when you did these things?  What about the blatant "Lion's Paw" salute?

And the numerous stand-alone "eye" presentations...along with eye/triangle after the other, after the other, after the other, on and on?


toby mac__one eye
This photo (immediately above) even looks like they went to the trouble of "photoshopping", darkening the shadows over the right eye in order to create yet another 'one-eye' presentation, for the umpteennth time.

By the way, if TobyMac is creating a deliberate "eye" presentation in the above photos and he is understood to be signaling occult allegiance...what is the significance of the Disney castle? Disney is absolutely notorious among MK Ultra and occult survivors.  Think about it: What other individual in modern American history has done MORE to popularize the occult and popularize witchcraft…than Walt Disney?

Have you noticed the programming line-up on the Disney Channel, for example? I would challenge you to find a program or movie that doesn't have some sort of occult theme. The Disney people have presented occultism and witchcraft in a ‘cute-and-cuddly’ context for decades on end. It's time for Christian folks to use some discernment.

Meanwhile, sadly...I do see Mac seemingly boasting of "the Illuminati comin' through". In that same ILL-M-I song, he goes on to say--

“One day, I’m'a make the whole world pay” and “...if I miss with my missles you’re still gonna sizzle.  ‘Cause I frizzle fry radiation style worldwide”.

My, how heart-warming. He's right though. The Antichrist cabal (the Illuminati) is going to make the whole world "pay" in a manner of speaking. And if they don't get everybody with brute military force...there's always HAARP and all the other creepy EM technologies they're going to implement...exactly as TobyMac seems to be boasting.

These kind of lyrics make me wonder if Toby is merely a captive...or if he is an enthusiastic supporter of Antichrist globalism. I imagine he could easily be compelled to write such lyrics.

I'm sure this is mind boggling to Toby Mac fans but...quite clearly the lyrics are suggesting he is looking forward to becoming a hands-on mass murderer:  "I frizzle fry...worldwide".

I suppose if he was confronted directly in an interview about this (not likely in the discernment-free world of contemporary Christian music)...he would claim poetic license. So..."frizzle fry" simply means he loves his fans so much, he wants to buy them all an order of fries?

Toby, Toby, Toby. Do you dream and fantasize about mass murder? Or are they forcing you to say these things?

EDIT as of 10/15/2018: Did you notice, by the way, Mac's follow up CD after The Eye? First take a look at the stage design of the VMA music awards (looking down from above) with the "666" symbolism:

 666 MTV-VMAs-666

And below, we see TobyMac's latest CD release with three sixes incorporated into the design. And this coming even after all the controversy over his previous occult symbol depictions! These luciferian minions (if that is what TobyMac actually is) are foolhardy, if nothing else. Give credit where credit is due:

TobyMac EyeM All Mixed Up

Note how the design carefully distinguishes the three 6's - first, the inner "6", which is the white "6" ... then the black "6" ... and finally the yellow highlighted "6". This TobyMac guy ... will ... not ... quit ... with the satanic symbolism.

Another example below (thanks to the observation powers of a friend): The particular blatant incorporation of "666" into the logo of UBS AG (a global financial services company). Notice how each "key" has a "3" in the handle and a "3" incorporated into the design of the teeth. Each key then equals 6. And these three keys therefore seem to be presenting a 6-6-6.

666 UBS logo

In regard to this "33" business, notice how Bank of America in stealthy and creepy fashion incorporates this occult number into their logo ... by means of those three 11's (if you look closely). Where do they get the nerve to slip these things under the noses of their own customers?


I'm not going to get into it any more deeply right now but suffice it to say, there is a wide variety of creativity with "666" symbolism.


Many of Mac's defenders at the Facebook discussion were claiming he presents the Gospel. Where? How? When? If he is preaching the Gospel somewhere out there in cyberspace, it's harder to find than a six-leaf clover--I'll tell you that. I'm not saying he hasn't. But...the overwhelming trend throughout contemporary Christian music (CCM):  Shallow, shallow, shallow..glib, glib, glib. All surface, all facade, little substance. I've watched a number of his interviews...and the discussions revolve around his shoes, his pants, his hair, his hat, etc. You'd think it was The View.

Go to his official web site. Is there at least a "Gospel" link?  A corner of his web site you can go to, to get a summarized Gospel presentation?  Zip-zilch. Why in the world would a top CCM artist NOT have a Gospel link, at a bare minimum?  Much less is there any hope of finding a "doctrinal statement" page...on Toby Mac's site or ANY of today's top CCM artists. Are you kidding me? Easier finding hen's teeth.


One more observation...about Mac's "building the kingdom" comment: Proud luciferians literally DO believe they are building the kingdom of their enemy. But they see themselves as building something...only to then knock it down.

If you look'll notice there are super-churches all around the country (and through much of the Western world, for that matter) which are filling up with huge numbers of pseudo-followers. In that sense, luciferians lay claim to building up and filling up the church world.

They are so confident and arrogant, they are packing out the big churches with erstwhile Jesus-praising and (temporary though it might be) Jesus-loving  'fair weather' followers.

But Jesus has already foretold of the tragic cessation of this temporary "love". He states "the love of most will grow cold...and only he who stands firm to the end will be saved".

Meanwhile, satanists would proudly claim they are indeed packing out super-churches around the globe. At a peak moment, they plan to then trot out their ultimate 'boogeyman', the which time they will implement this foretold "Great Apostasy" plot...and the entirety of pop Evangelicalism will then collapse, according to Jesus' Olivet Discourse descriptions. Only the 'Gideon few' will continue to hold to the faith.

Hopefully the "few" would include many or most of those who have simply read through a few blog articles here. That's my hope and prayer, anyway. The Devil has a huge and critical reliance upon darkness. Only a very little light can remove a great amount of that darkness.  I believe that by simply becoming aware of these deception strategies, it will bring someone 90plus% of the way to successful avoidance of the Devil's pitfalls.

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