Flat Earth Debunked

I hope not to expend too much energy on this subject because, all due respect, it's not worth it! By the way, I haven't blogged here for a few years because I've been blogging elsewhere, FYI.

But as to this "flat earth" movement which has sprung up suddenly in the last couple of years: It is very easily debunked in a number of different ways.

For example: We are told by "flat earth" advocates, the diameter of the Sun and Moon are "approximately 30 miles"...and that they travel across the face of the flat earth along the equator.

Ah. I see.

OK so...Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in Alaska, is a full five thousand six hundred miles (5600 miles) from the equator.

Look below at this photo of the Moon...which was taken in Barrow, Alaska:

Barrow, Alaska -- LINK

Looking at that Moon...is that what a 30-mile diameter looks like from 5600 miles away?

Not in a billion, trillion years. "Flat-earth theorism" is a farce...and Antichrist cabalists are laughing themselves to tears behind closed doors.

And actually, since the Moon (according to "flat earth" theories) is supposedly 3000 miles up in the air, that would mean it was actually even FURTHER away than just 5600 miles. It would be more like 6400 miles!

By the way, just to run the numbers for a little fun: 6400 miles is to 30 miles what 6400 feet is to 30 feet.

And then 640 feet to 3 feet. But if we double that back to a 1280/6 ratio...that's virtually the same as looking at a 6 foot tall man from about 1280 feet (426 yards) distance...about the length of a long par 4 golf hole. If you've ever played a 426 yard par 4 on a golf course...or from military experience and/or hunting experience, know how small a man looks from a quarter mile distance...they're tiny. Teensy tiny.

If the Moon were 6400 miles away and had a diameter of 30 miles...it would barely be more more than a large dot.

So...that's it then. End of the line for this zany, crazy "flat earth" mini-movement that has recently sprung up out of 'nowhere'.

The above evidence is all that is really needed.  But...just for good measure, a few more thoughts.


Commercial airliners routinely fly from Sydney (a city on the East coast of Australia) to Santiago, Chile (a city in the southern part of South America) in about 12.5 hours. A distance of about 7000 miles.

These airliners accomplish this by flying 'underneath' the globe, skirting past Antarctica, the bottom of the world. But in a "flat earth" scenario there supposedly is no "South Pole". No Antarctica.

Look below at this "flat earth" map. A concocted flat earth map, I should hasten to add. You will notice it has no South pole. Only a North pole in the center of this "earth disk". And in place of Antarctica, there is now supposedly an absolutely enormous 40,000 mile "ice wall" surrounding the outer edge of the disc.

The Sydney/Santiago commercial flights alone create enormous and insurmountable problems for the "flat earth" pseudo-concept.

For example, if Earth actually were a flat disk, the airline pilots would no longer have the convenience of flying 'underneath' the globe on an abbreviated 7000 mile journey from Sydney to Santiago. Instead, they would need to undertake a HUGE trek, clear across the face of this alleged disk...about twice the distance! 

One of the immediate problems with this is that Qantas Airlines (as one example) publicly advertises a 12.5 hour duration for its daily Sydney/Santiago flight. If the flight were actually requiring a 25 hour duration...there would be instantaneous uproar and outrage from the flying public. Legions of irate and dissatisfied customers.

But Qantas does NOT require 25 hours. It requires only 12.5 hours...because it is able to take the Antarctica shortcut. Because Earth is a globe. Because Earth is not a flat disk. Come on, people.

And where are all the stop-over destinations? Why do we not hear of a Sydney flight stopping over in Anchorage, Alaska? Or Seattle? Or San Francisco? Or Mexico City? Or any other destinations in South America on the way to Santiago, Chile?

On a flat earth, these commercial flights would need to head due "North" out of Australia towards Alaska. Instead, and as any geography buff who has ever flown this route could attest to...the airliners head directly South out of the "bottom" of Australia. towards the alleged "edge" of the world!

But wait...it gets worse: First understand that flat earth proponents make the astonishing and unrealistic claim that all 150,000 commercial pilots worldwide, in absolute steadfast perfection, participate in a vast conspiracy to cover up the "fact" of a flat earth...by falsifying all their flight statistics -- their actual miles traveled, the actual number of hours required for a given flight, their course plottings, and whatever else needs to be falsified. And not a single whistle-blower among them. Not one. Ever. 

Keep in mind...the 9/11 "false flag" event was about ten thousand times smaller in scope compared to this alleged conspiracy to cover up a "flat earth"...and yet 9/11 has had hundreds and thousands of whistle-blowers. High level military officers. High level intelligence officers. Thousands of credentialed architects, engineers, financial analyst/experts following the money trail. Top level investigative journalists. On and on.

By contrast and not surprisingly, the entire "flat earth" movement...which has emerged seemingly out of nowhere, as of a couple of years ago...is literally devoid of a single, solitary credentialed expert...of any kind.


Truth be told, when you look at a broad sampling of these YouTube videos, you begin to see there is this ultra-strange rag-tag bunch of foulmouthed, ill-tempered, sneering, swearing, obviously godless, raggedy-looking and apparently unemployed (or barely employed) young men...who are behind a majority of the leading "flat earth" YouTube videos. From my observation, one should barely believe they could hold down a job at Burger King.

All of this is ironic in the extreme...because of all these conservative (and well-meaning) Christian folks who have come along and tried to belatedly make this into a "Christian" movement...a "pro-Bible" movement...when in fact the bulk of the top proponents and virtually ALL of the earliest known YouTube video creators...are the FURTHEST thing from "Christian"! 

And the fact that the foundation of support on YouTube has come from this raggedy bunch of swearing, sneering, spitting misfits...is all very, very strange...unless...you understand the reality of the "lost boys". MK Ultra mind-controlled slaves who have been taken since early childhood and enlisted against their will for the purposes of satanic globalists.

Of course, that is a HUGE mouthful for any pedestrian "mainstream media" consumers who may have accidentally stumbled into this article. Those folks are now thinking "wow - this is nothing but crazy people arguing with crazy people".

I sympathize. You would need to read through substantial portions of my e-book in order to get up to speed on these kinds of things. Or at least read through my Chapter Eight which talks about former newspaper boy Jeff Gannon being kidnapped off the streets of West Des Moines, Iowa and inducted into slavery, prostitution and various other chores for the globalists.. The chapter covers numerous other related matters. 

But back to our Sydney/Santiago story.

In the case of the Sydney/Santiago flight, flat-earthers have a huge problem:

They have to explain why this flight doesn't head out of the northern top of Australia, then brush past Alaska, cut across the bulk of the continental USA, large portions of Mexico and Latin America, and any number of countries in South America...on a path to Santiago or Buenos Aires, Argentina. Notice the white line on the " flat-earth map" depiction below, going from Sydney, on the East coast of Australia...all the way to the southern part of South America.

Of course they have no good answer for this but...what some of them try to argue (nonsensically, I must add) is that these pilots who are supposedly cooperating in perfect compliance with a worldwide cover-up conspiracy...are dutifully flying roughly along the latitudinal lines that connect from Australia to South America...all of this so as to keep the 'illusion' of a globe intact (so they try to argue).  

This, they hope...explains why the airliners are not flying across Alaska and much of North America (and so on).

Notice on the flat earth map (see below), how there are two or three latitudinal lines that run from Australia to South America and take the shape of a giant half circle. Flat-earthers are claiming the airliners unfailingly travel roughly along those lines on their journey from Sydney to Santiago...for the purposes of deception.

So instead of what was already an enormous 13,000 miles (if the airliners were to fly "as the crow flies" on a straight line across the disk)...they now want us to believe the planes are traveling this absolutely staggering (estimated) 18,000 mile semi-circle along these latitudinal lines...so as to uphold the "globe myth". 

And now we would be looking at a 30-32 hour flight.  The "complaint department" for Qantas Airlines would be overwhelmed, to say the least.

(There are a handful of these "flat earth"guys who try to obnoxiously argue these airliners...unbeknownst to the rest of the world...can fly at well over MACH 2, over 1500 mph, in order to achieve the correct flight durations! Of course, they have not a shred of evidence nor a single, solitary credentialed whistle-blower who supports any of this.)


These assertions about flying along latitudinal lines, by the way, are nonsense because, as you can see on the globe depiction below, airliners must travel in roughly a longitudinal direction in order to arrive at Santiago.

And so, again...if we were actually on a "flat earth", these airliners would obviously fly off the "edge" of the world and into the void...or the abyss...or the "dome wall"...(many flat-earthers make the arbitrary assertion that the "earth disk" is covered by a huge dome).

Below, you can see that on a globe, the shortest distance between the two cities is to head almost directly South out of Australia:

Notice above, how the flight pattern is well to the West of New Zealand, heading almost directly South and then virtually brushing by Antarctica on the way to Santiago. LINK

Again, the problem for "flat-earthers" is that they need to have SOME kind of explanation...as to why passengers on these Sydney/Santiago flights (with any number of amateur geography buffs among them, presumably) are not seeing the landmarks one should see on direct flights from Sydney to major cities in South America:..if Earth were a flat disk.

There should be glimpses of Alaska, or at least the Aleutian islands which jut out from Alaska towards the West for a thousand miles. These flights should be crossing over large chunks of the northwestern and southwestern United States, and/or virtually diagonally across the entirety of the USA, large portions of Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. 

Scroll down a couple of inches to yet another "flat earth map" depiction...and simply draw a straight line across this 'disk earth'. Those are the countries you would need to travel across to arrive at Santiago.

Instead, what passengers have noted on these flights is...passing over Macquarie Island, a geographic location that, on a globe, creates a straight line to Santiago as these airliners are passing directly 'underneath' the bottom of the globe!


And what about all those adventurous amateur pilots setting out on a self-styled journey from (again) Sydney to Santiago? Why would they have any inclination  to follow these invisible latitude lines on a gigantic semi-circular path...if they weren't in on the "flat earth cover-up" conspiracy? 

No, these guys would simply head directly due South out of Sydney, headed towards Antarctica. Notice below, the longitude line heading directly South out of the Sydney area...and right into the 'edge of the Earth'! 

If anyone were to fly on a straight line directly South, they would fly off the edge of the world and into oblivion (or crash into a supposed "dome wall" which, as I said, many flat-earthers talk about)!

The whole subject is such craziness, pardon my frankness. It is hard to believe anyone takes this seriously. And yet...I have received so many emails in which people are buying into this and are asking me about it...and I have also run into quite a number of people on various discussion boards.


What about all those amateurs sailors who set out to cross the Pacific ocean...or the Atlantic ocean...or any other long-distance route?? 

If you plot your course on the assumption you're on a globe...when you are, in fact, on a flat disk...you would obviously never plot your course correctly. It goes without saying. And yet...time and again, all these amateur sailors plot their course on the assumption of a globe...and arrive at the correct destination.

That's all for now. I may edit in further thoughts, time permitting. There are many more readily available evidences. God bless.