Chase Bank's Logo and Slogan


November 8, 2009

I am certainly far from being the first to remark about the obvious (at least to us who have taken the "red pill") swastika aspect to the Chase Bank logo.

The Rockefeller/Nazi connection (Chase Bank being a Rockefeller outfit) goes all the way back to the early 20th century. In fact, Hitler was merely a 'creation' of the bluebloods (such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds) to begin with.

As one example, the Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company came to Hitler's aid when he lost his oil fields halfway through WW2. They shipped the oil to Spain where it was taken overland to Germany.

Anyway, Chase Bank is absolutely everywhere these days in the aftermath of hundreds of bank closures. Chase has specifically taken over Washington Mutual's operations. But something strikes me as a little weird--they seem to have a far greater number of branches than Washington Mutual ever had. All kinds of slithery intrigue going on in the 'bankster' world in conjunction with this monumental ($700 billion) "bail-out" rip-off.

But not only is there this rather thinly veiled swastika design for their logo--have you noticed the ominous subliminal aspect to their slogan?-- "We're here for you."

I would theorize this is classic, satanic subliminal nastiness. Of course, I only theorize regarding subliminals in context--the context of occultism among blueblood elites...and the context of a disguised swastika and of a historical connection to the Nazis.

In similar fashion to "arbeit macht frei" (translation--"work will set you free") which was the slogan posted over the entrances to Nazi death camps...we now have "we're here for you".

The public takes this to be a friendly in "we're here to help you". I believe though, there may be a sneering, hateful double meaning going on here:

What these bankster/gangster/luciferians may actually be saying is..."we're here to GET you" in "the police are here for you"..."the IRS agents are here for you"..."the SWAT team is here for you". You see what I'm saying.

And "getting" us they certainly are--to the tune of 700 billion dollars...and all the trillions they've counterfeited over the last century, by which they are literally stealing the entirety of our nation's wealth.

But of course they want more than just money--they're "here" for the American people...literally (and the whole world, for that matter). They want to 'own' people and aim to turn the entire planet into a slave colony.

According to the Good Book they will accomplish this briefly--for a number of months...something under three and a half years...possibly as little as two or two-and-a-half years. The Scriptures don't give an exact duration--"no one knows the day or the hour" (a more detailed dicussion for another post, time permitting).

Of course, when the King of kings bursts forth in a blaze of glory and with the sound of the trumpet, it'll be the end of the Devil's short heyday...and the end of Chase Bank! No 'overdraft' fees in the New Jerusalem.


This kind of subliminal reminds me of another satanic subliminal I just saw over at the Henry Makow website:

He has published a very interesting research article-- Boy Scouts -- Model of Masonic Subversion? --in which he traces the historical origins of the Boy Scouts and how it was apparently founded by a pedophile and secret society member ("secret societies" being a favorite hiding place and operating base for satanic types).

I would highly recommend reading through this material as it simultaneously illuminates several key aspects of the 'netherworld'..i.e. the Masonic/Boy Scouts connection...the manner in which occultists recruit/procure members from among the very young...the strange prevalence of bizarre and extreme perversion among the "Pillars of the Community" strata of society..and so on.

(I hasten to add--this is not to say everyone or even most participants in the Boy Scouts are victims and/or pedophile perpetrators. Not even close. Still...the report is extremely disconcerting.)

And below you see the Boy Scouts publication which Makow has posted at his site. Notice again--the sneaky subliminal 'double entendre'-- "Scouting For Boys"...and the potentially suggestive illustration.

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  1. I thought the exact same thing regarding the Colorado gunman...a govt. victim of mind control to bring on massive gun control. The govt. is desperate and this is exactly the tactics they need to use to bring citizens under subjection. Satan is getting so predictable and brazen. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. We hand in our guns and you think the criminals are going to hand over theirs...not.

  2. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall. Father God has been giving
    me tremendous amounts of insight and I knew about the symbols but I
    have wondered if anyone has checked to see if the kids that are shooting at schools, have chip implants.

  3. WTF!!! Ya'll need to stop watching what ever the hell you're watching!!! In fact stop doing anything you deem as normal, discuss changing med with your Heathcare professional, and turn in any firearms before you hurt someone with your delusions.

    1. Lol. Did you stop by for a discussion? Or are you another of the innumerable one-hit-wonders I experience here? They hit, they run, they disappear. So sad. Sometimes I feel like the Maytag repairman.