The "Dark Knight" Movie Theater Shootings: More Proof "Gun Control" Doesn't Work

I have a number of other articles lined up but...wanted to comment on the mass shooting at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater (by the way, only 15 miles away from Columbine High School):

Allow me to indulge in a bit of libertarian philosophizing. Actually,  the subject of gun ownership and gun usage in America involves some very interesting historical facts which tie directly into 'end times' scenarios.


Obviously, "gun control" has been a failure in America. Politicians have been passing gun control laws hand over fist...yet these mass shooters just keep showing up. Columbine, Virginia Tech, and now this, as just a few examples.

Consider the fact that back in the 1800's out in the so-called Wild West there were virtually zero of these crazed shooters storming into theaters, dance halls, and saloons, gunning down throngs of people.  Reason being, half the population back then was packing heat. Even a "crazy" person would be sane enough to realize he'd only get off one or two shots before departing from this earth.

If, instead of all these unconstitutional gun restrictions, people were allowed to carry the means to defend themselves...eight or ten or twenty 'heat-packing' folks at the movie theater yesterday evening would have been able to stop this guy and would have prevented 82 innocent people (at last count) from being shot and/or killed.

In fact, if we actually lived in a "right-to-bear-arms" culture, it is a virtual certainty there wouldn't have been an incident to begin with.

Same goes for the shooting of the congresswoman in Arizona along with a dozen other people: If a good percentage of the community routinely carried weapons, this psychopath (or CIA "MK Ultra" mind control victim?) would never have been able to shoot all those people.

Many folks believe (myself included) the increasing criminalization of firearms is all part of a plan to disarm the American people in preparation for a totalitarian takeover...for those who are somehow still not up to speed on these things.

Many Internet travelers have, by now, read about the US Gun Control Act of 1968...and how it was lifted directly from Nazi germany's gun control laws. US gun control is based squarely on Nazi-originated documents. This has been carefully documented by Jews For Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

This is almost certainly connected to Operation Paperclip whereby treasonous US government agents smuggled hundreds and thousands of Nazi intelligence officers into America after WW2. American and German war criminals immediately began working towards a replication of the Nazi ideas into the workings of US government:

For example, eugenics by means of massive abortions and de-population (promoted worldwide). And then, politcally correct "environmentalism", a huge favorite of Hitler's. Worldwide environmental "emergencies" would create a pretext for worldwide governing authority, i.e. one world government.  And as the years have rolled by, increasing confiscation of constitutional Fourth Amendment rights (porno X-ray scanners and sexual molestation at our airports, as recent examples). The construction of hundreds of remotely-located prison camps throughout America, disguised as so-called "FEMA relocation camps"...the only thing missing--a banner on the front gates, stating "Arbeit Macht Frei".  Relocation camps for 17 million people?? Let's just call them what they are--prison camps.

Even the Lord Jesus Himself warned of these FEMA camps (so I would argue)...when He describes (in the Olivet Discourse) how duped and/or satanic "Christian" leaders in the last days will attempt to lure Jesus-followers out to the "desert places and inner rooms"...obvious imprisonment.

When the whole New World Order, Antichrist One-World-Government, totalitarian-police-state thing goes down and the authorities are demanding compliance with their RFID chip "mark of the beast" program...millions of confused church-goers who thought they would be long "raptured" by then...and millions of  "Dominionists" who thought Christians were destined to virtually rule the world...will be frozen in panic and hugely susceptible to this offer of retreat to government facilities.

Out at these remote prison sites is where the 'boom' will be lowered ("join the New World Order, take the "mark", or else")...and that's when huge numbers of erstwhile Christ-followers (a majority of "believers" according to Jesus--Matthew 24:12) will capitulate, take the "mark", and tragically go on to split the gates of Hell wide open.

According to the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24, Mk.13, Lk. 21) texts, these remote facilities are the central, critical factor in the execution of the Apostasy Plot...a plot of which Jesus warns extensively in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21). The problem is...almost nobody among North American Bible-believers has any awareness of the Olivet Discourse. It has been systematically and diabolically obscured, going back about a century in American church history.

The principal reason for the obscuring is that the Olivet Discourse is monumentally awkward for the PreTrib crowd and the Dominionist crowd. In it, Jesus describes a POST-trib rapture ("gathering of the elect") in point-blank fashion. PreTrib leaders have steered church-goers away from the Discourse.

For Dominionists, the Olivet Discourse is tremendously problematic because Jesus indicates His followers are destined for "great tribulation" where a large number of Jesus-followers will experience worldwide persecution, imprisonment, and death. Dominionist philosophy contradicts Jesus...and claims Christians are destined to become ever more prominent, and ever more elite on the world scene, until we finally 'take over' which point the Lord can apparently only then return to earth...or so it is explained by Dominionists like Pat Robertson, Gary North, R. J. Rushdoony (et al), depending on which version they're presenting.


Again, most Americans simply don't realize the huge Nazi influence in American affairs. LINK

In my understanding, the top echelon of the so-called 'ruling class' are all hardcore Nazis...from David Rockefeller on down.

That's why Rockefeller's bank, Chase Bank, has a veiled swastika for its corporate logo. LINK

That's why the Rockefeller company Standard Oil secretly provided oil to Hitler during WW2. LINK LINK

That's why Prescott Bush (George W.'s grandfather) played the leading role in building the Nazi war machine. (The Bush family made its original fortune in this manner.)  LINK

That's why Prescott Bush made a very serious attempt at a Nazi takeover coup of the United States...and which was only averted by the heroics of General Smedley Butler. BBC article

That's why the biblical evidence seems to suggest Adolf Hitler will literally return as the actual, prophesied Antichrist:

Nothing to be dogmatic about but...if interested in taking a closer look at this matter, go to my chapter 15 and scroll down about 4/5 of the way, until you see the paragraph heading Adolph Hitler--Antichrist? Robert VanKampen is the one who has developed this thesis. A fascinating study.

Of course, Nazi-ism is merely a (direct) descendant of Illuminism which was officially introduced in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a hireling of the ruling class cabal... a cabal mostly comprised of big bankers who are themselves not yet the very top of the chain of command. If you want to get into all of through chapters 15 and 16 of my e-book "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing". Illuminism has provided the basic blueprint for satanic global domination. Its two main descendants have been communism (international socialism) and fascism (nationalist socialism).

Whether the Devil gains totalitarian geopolitical control through the 'right-wing' fascist route (spearheaded by a Nazi-based "Pax Americana" militarism) or through the left wing international socialist movement (emanating out of the United Nations)...both are headed for the same destination. The right wing and the left wing--two wings both connected to the same predatory beast.

That's why I find it so tragic when millions of conservative Evangelicals in America these day are constantly reciting the mantra "support the troops!". It is exactly equal to saying "we support the worldwide militarization and warring of the Pax Americana Antichrist globalists".

I'm sure the Devil loves the irony that the backbone of support for his globalist militarism is coming from misguided conservative Evangelicals. did I get so far afield of the original topic...the shootings in Colorado yesterday?'s all kind of connected: I believe many (or most? or all?) of these mass shootings are arranged. A provocateur operation. If you don't know or understand the reality of mind-controlled agents who can be forced to perform such through chapter 8 of my e-book.

There is a fascistic, totalitarian Antichrist cabal that is behind such things. All of it working towards the long-prophesied Antichrist world government. Even if this particular mass shooting was not manufactured by the Cabal, as the Columbine massacre and Virginia Tech massacre almost certainly still fits into this big picture which I have briefly tried to describe here.

And by the way...the anomalies connected with the Dark Knight shooting are already accumulating. LINK

Update as of 11/29/12 --  Inmate: James Holmes Told Me He Was ‘Programmed’ To Kill by “Evil” Therapist

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  1. Yet another interesting report, indicating the shootings were arranged:

    Is Batman massacre staged terror?

  2. Hmmm. Yet another interesting bit of news: The shooter was seeing a psychiatrist (Los Angeles Times article). This could easily be a cover for mind control sessions. MK Ultra techniques being implemented.

    Many reports out there, for example, about Hollywood actors/actresses who attend "rehab clinics" which are actually just mind control torture centers. Even among some of you non-RedPill folks...who doesn't suspect Brittney Spears has been put through heavily abusive, drug-induced mind control and mental manipulation? If you take the time to read up on these things, the evidence is massive.

    So now...reports are coming (see the links above), that there was more than one shooter...other individuals there who threw smoke bombs...others who opened the door for the guy...and the shooter (assuming he even did the actual shooting) receiving a cell phone call during the shootings in which he seemed to follow instructions to change his position.

    I don't know--lots of anomalies here.

  3. Didn't they seal the hearing too?

    1. I think I heard something like that. From Alex Jones' website...we're now finding out Holmes' father and grandfather both have "military intelligence" backgrounds. I wrote on this matter of multi-generational "military intelligence" families in Ch. 12 of my e-book "Wolves" (linked at the top of this page).

      Most of the info comes from Dave McGowan who has researched the phenomenon very extensively in his "Laurel Canyon" series. Most of the top rock musicians and "Young turk" actors/actresses back in the early 60's (and onward) came from military intelligence families and/or "blueblood" families. The Mamas and the Papas, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Monkees, actor Bruce Dern, and Jack Nicholson. On and on.

      The Holmes story is stinking to high heaven, as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Putting a gun in the hands of every citizen is not the only possible answer. And the constitution is not inspired dude- it's a document created by a group of men. It's a great document, don't get me wrong, but how can anything (besides the Bible) anticipate every human situation for all time? (Unless you think it is inspired in the same way the Bible is.)

    I'm guessing you're right that if everyone had a gun it would serve as a deterrant for further shootings for a lot of people. But it would also serve as a deterrant for pretty much anything confrontational. Any heated argument takes on a very dangerous tone when people are packing a loaded weapon. Someone pisses you off and you go and take a shot at them when normally you would never do anything because you're a wee little man. People generally don't punch people they think will beat them up in return. But put guns into the picture and everything changes. Guns remove the personal element from death because it can be done at a distance or by not even touching the other person. You don't have to be a crazy person to shoot someone if they're across the room or you're just driving by in a moving vehicle. It's quite impersonal. But to beat someone to death or stab them - that's a whole different matter. It's much more personal and you gotta be a bit crazy to do that. But shooting someone from across a room or across a parking lot doesn't require any connection with the other person. It's much easier. So the outcomes of a society where everyone is armed with a gun is far more violent. That, I believe, is a big part of the reason why violent deaths (by guns) is so high in the U.S. compared to countries where guns are not generally available. In my opinion, though, it is too late for gun laws in the U.S. There are way too many in circulation.

    And as far as everyone carrying a gun in the old west goes, I think you're over-stating that. You've been watching too many movies.

  5. matt, strange question: would a person know if they were being "brainwashed" so to speak? lets say, for instance, that holmes is indeed a product of MK ULTRA, would he have known what was happening to him, or would he have been caught unaware? my father is military intelligence, and i have seen 3 different psychiatrists in my life... and i get strange thoughts. like... an uncontralable rage followed by a numbness... I've been trying to make sense of these weird emotions, and nothng really added up until i read this. apparently when i was younger i claimed to work for the CIA (i didnt, btw)and ive had a few other weird stories ive told, and for the life of me, i dont know the reason that i told them... i only know that i did. and there seemed to be a similar occasion with the shooter who shot a senator/governer(?) and claimed to be a mind control victim of the CIA. any thoughts?

    1. Oh boy...I would be a little out of my depth, trying to analyze someone for potential 'foul play' in their psyche. I have written a rather large section of info...over at my Chapter 8 in "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing" which is linked at the top of this page.

      Go to Ch.8...then scroll down to a little bit before 3/4 of the way..and look for the paragraph heading "MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER—THE DEVIL’S SICK AND TWISTED "SECRET WEAPON".

      I provide links and also try to explain what I know about mind control trauma. Basically, what I've heard from whistleblowers and researchers is pretty ugly stuff...mind-splitting, personaity-splitting...horrific.

      One of Gov. Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" episodes covered much of this. They interviewed an alleged former MK Ultra 'assassin'. Link below (44 minutes):

      Feel free to shoot over any more questions. Again, I think you'll find a lot of good links and information in my Ch.8.

    2. im going to make a list of similarities between myself and your criteria on chapter 8.

      skills: near photographic memory. able to grasp complicated thought processes. hand to hand combat. firearms. knife fighting. Im also very adept in more "normal" talents, such as music, writing, speaking, sports etc. i tend to have an aptitude for whatever i put my mind to. however, these atributes do not all seem to be "active" at the same time.

      trauma: mom died of unknown circumstances when i was 1. its not as extreme as the circumstances you outlined, but it is another correlation.

      no known sexual abuse.

      sometimes i feel like im watching myself. i can see what im doing, but it doesnt make sense. now, as far as i know, i havnt done anything at all. but all this info just seems to hit home. id like to chalk it up to an overactive imagination.

    3. Best wishes to you. I'll shoot up some prayers.

      By the way, in my Ch.8 I link to a discussion board which is entirely dedicated to discussions about mind control. Many 'victims' gather there...or people who simply have questions, like yourself. I'll provide the link right here also. This might be very helpful in sorting out some of the issues:

  6. Did you delete my posts Matt? How come? I was trying to be conciliatory and explain my position.

  7. Hi Matt, just wanted to make a few comments regarding this blog. First, I would agree that there are a lot of areas where Hitler being the anti-Christ would line up very well with biblical prophecy, however I see a few holes as I don't understand how that could be possible. Reason being is that, Hitler has a VERY bad name. His name is known worldwide, he is hated worldwide. I guess I just don't understand how the whole world could possibly get behind such a man...but then again this is a very screwed up world we are living in...and as the Bible says, there will be a HUGE smoke and mirrors show, lots of miraculous signs of all kind...I guess I would just hope people wouldn't be so easily duped...but I guess such is this world's fate.

    I'd also like to make a comment regarding your position on our troops. I'd just like to say that "supporting our troops" doesn't necessarily mean you support what they're being ordered to do. I myself and going into the service, I'm leaving for Marine boot camp in late November...I must admit I've had many reservations about it, but the way I see it I think I could do a lot of good. Every light in the darkness makes a difference, hopefully I can spread a little light on what is the military industrial complex. I realize that joining is risky, but I believe that the right people in the military can have a chance to do a lot of good, and that's what I want to do. I just want to re-emphasize that supporting our troops doesn't necessarily mean you support their orders, there's a lot of good people in the military.

    Lastly I would just like to say that you have done a tremendous job on these blogs and in particular your book "Wolves in Sheep Clothing", very well done. I just finished reading the entirety of it yesterday and it was very good, I was very impressed by your work. Keep spreading the truth my friend and don't be discouraged by those who disagree with you.


    1. Having been brought up with PreTrib teaching, I was always taught the notion that the Antichrist is someone who must rise through the ranks of popularity..that he will be well-liked at first. I finally came to realize this is, in fact, merely a "notion" not shown anywhere in the Bible...and it is a notion that is repeated so often in PreTrib circles that it is viewed as fact. Very interesting the way that has happened.

      My understanding of the Bible's descriptions of his instantaneous seizing of power is thst it is accomplished by means of 'shock and awe'...not through popularity.

      Rev.13:3--"One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder [shock and awe] and immediately followed the beast."

      He and his mentor (Lucifer) don't want popularity. I believe it's the opposite. The Devil wants the world to be in shock, fear, and psychological collapse.

      It's identical to the Stockholm Syndrome: Why would people give comfort, love and support to an armed bank robber who had taken them hostage (in a Stockholm bank, for 5 days in August of '73)? Answer: It's a coping mechanism. As you probably know, it's a phenomenon they have now categorized as "Stockholm Syndrome".

      Same with 9/11. The perpetrators deliberately left gigantic clues dangling out in full view...precisely because they want people to undergo a kind of self-deception and self-convincing. Many refer to it as "cognitive dissonance". It's a mind control technique--once the perpetartor has his victims arguing vigorously, literally in his defense, he now has full control.

      Apparently, the Devil isn't satisfied with grudging cooperation, as one would give a run-of-the-mill brutal dictator, for example. No, he wants his Antichrist to be so terrifying that most will suffer a psychological and spiritual collapse and become mind-controlled.

      I would guess there is also going to be some "re-explaining" of human history in the aftermath of this shocking, spectacular introduction of the Antichrist. Things like...maybe describing the Jews as a "horrible, evil race", maybe even as crossbreed aliens (nephilim) or some such thing...and that Hitler was a heroic visionary who was ahead of his time, etc.

      Again, I'm not dogmatic about this Hitler thing but it is an interesting discussion.

      Wow--don't know what to say about anyone going into the military these days. Did you make the decision before you had found out about all these things? As a Bible student AND as a libertarian, my idea of "supporting the troops" is to bring them all home before any more of them come in harm's way!

      Thank you for the kind words. And here is an email address I make available these days...if you ever want to drop a line:

    2. I hear you, that definitely makes a lot of sense. I guess for me it's just kind of mind boggling as to how someone could be compliant to such evil, no matter how seemingly overpowering that evil is. Then again, for people who are not expecting these events...for those that are ignorant of Bible prophecy and those who are going through life blindly, with the belief the government is looking out for our best interest, that the world is this "happy bubbly" place...those who go through life not thinking or worrying about these things, I suppose it could be pretty easy for these people to be shocked into compliance.

      As for me, I am trying to study and pay attention to these things...what really sucks about that is a lot of my family think it's bs, my father in particular. I've gotten in fights about it before. It's frustrating because my father is an all out Republican. He doesn't think he's a Kool-aid drinker, but he doesn't want to look past his own party. He thinks the democrats are evil (so do I) but he gets offended at the idea that Republicans are evil too. I bring up 9/11 and tell him it was an inside job, give him the evidence, tell him there is NO way those towers could have fell like that, I talk to him about how WTC 7 was NOT hit by any plane but collapsed into it's own footstep anyway. I talk about these things and it makes him ANGRY that I am trying to accuse the government of performing such an evil act, as if the government couldn't possibly do that, as if they couldn't be "THAT" evil. He uses the excuse that on the internet you can find evidence of WHATEVER you want to believe...he always uses the excuse that rumors of this stuff have been around forever, this stuff has been talked about since he was in high if that disproves it. He's a pure Fox News watcher, I try to warn him about them but he won't believe me. When I try to emphasize the importance of the end times to him, of Biblical prophecy and the importance of being WATCHFUL and READY, he says he doesn't understand the point of carrying on about things we can't change, he doesn't understand focusing on things we can nothing about. He goes about it with the attitude he's going to live day by day and when these things happen, they happen and he'll worry about it then, instead of trying to prepare for it's so frustrating!!! I'm treated as if I'm just some conspiracy theory idiot. It's just frustrating, I don't know what to do about it, maybe I'm just not very good at articulating these things, idk...sorry for ranting a bit there.


    3. In regard to myself joining the military, there are a variety of personal reasons why I am doing so. The past year has been pretty rough on me. Long story short, I had to drop out of college last year (my freshman year) because I fell behind in classes, wasn't taking care of things and I kind of fell into some depression, which isn't worth discussing. Thing is I've struggled trying to find what I want to do with my life for a long time, I hadn't declared a major in college so I didn't really have any's just been a struggle for me to find something I actually want to do and I guess what it ultimately came down to for myself is that I needed to do something with my life, makes something of myself, as well as earn some money and with that, I decided the military would be a good way to go, DESPITE all the problems I have with the government/military. Believe me when I tell you, I am not thrilled about having to serve under our government and their orders. However, I believe that I could possibly do a lot of good, as well as get a lot of good from it. For starters, after a four year term, I will be able to go to college for free, should I choose to do so (granted the reign of the Antichrist hasn't already begun). Also, there are a lot of skills for me to gain that the military would be very good for, PARTICULARLY the Marines. It will make me far more disciplined and I will also learn a lot of combat skills that I would not learn any other way, which is important to me because I would like to have the ability to protect my family. Also, being in the military might provide me with certain knowledge as to some of the things that are REALLY going on in the world. Also, should bad go to worse while I'm in service, say we receive orders to strike against our own American people, the more men like me there are the better. The kind of men that will REFUSE to fight against American people and will also convince others that it is wrong and EVEN form a resistance with the military to strike directly the government directly. So all in all, I believe there is a lot of good to be done if the RIGHT people are in the military.

      Lastly, I would like to say that I am a conservative-libertarian (if that makes any sense). I believe too that our troops should be BROUGHT HOME immediately, that the wars we are in are preposterous and we are NOT fighting for the right things. That being said, I DO believe that serving in the military is still a noble thing to do when one does it for the right reasons and they DON'T lose sight of who they are in the process. I will not lose sight of who I am, my service will be for the right reasons.

    4. I apologize for such a lengthy reply, I didn't realize it would be so long when I began...sorry if it became somewhat of a rant.

    5. apologies are necessary. This blog is free of charge to me. I was actually moved to hear you, as a young man, struggling to convey some of these things to your dad. It IS an uphill battle many times. A number of us have eventually realized that as "Red Pill'ers" we have to convey things on a subconcious level.

      In other words, you make all your arguments, you plant all your seeds...then, even though you may experience outward rejection of your advisories...when these events actually begin to explode onto the world scene, possibly your dad will then finally think to himself--"hmmm, didn't my son explain some of these things to me in the past?"

      I've had many, many people hear me out for an hour or so...many of them have even been seemingly shocked and amazed at the evidence...but then they want to distance themselves from me and the evidence. I can only hope and pray it'll all come back to them in the critical hours.

      My heart goes out to you as a young man trying somehow to make your way in the world. When I was young (now in my 50's) you could stumble out your front door, score a decent job in half an hour, rent an apartment for $180/monthly (actual fact), enjoy a reasonable amount of 'fun money' and leisure time...and just begin building your life without any great heroics. No more. It's almost as though young people these days have to go to the edge of the abyss to try to put together a semblance of a life!

      Arguing in your favor for a moment...virtually ANY job in this world is somehow 'aiding and abetting' the world system. If you got a job even at a grocery store, for example...the world system (i.e. the Devil!) has arranged for ridiculously dangerous food items to be stacked to the ceiling in those places--all the refined sugars, refined carbs, sodium nitrate and other deadly preservatives, growth hormones in the meats, fluoride in the bottled water and soft drinks, pesticides in the fruits and vegetables...the average food store is pretty close to a 'chamber of death' unless you know how to pick your way through it.

      Therefore...should Christians take a job in a food store? Or with the military? Or with a company which has a satanic symbol for it's corporate logo (if you've read through my e-book)? All these things come under Romans 14. Some could eat the meat offered to idols with a clear conscience...some could not and did not. We each make our own decisions, one step at a time, one moment at a time.

      By all means, feel free to delve into the subject of what caused you to go into a 'low'. You can also use the email option if you like. But if it's already behind you, then good. Many have noticed a HUGE upswing in recent years, in the number of people who struggle with depression. My health info sources indicate much of this probably has to do with the (aforementioned) contaminated foods and drinks we're consuming.

      Anyway, may God bless you and keep you in the coming years.

    6. Yes, it certainly is a struggle...the most frustrating thing for me is that my father IS a VERY smart man...and we do see eye to on most things...but things regarding "Illuminati" and secret societies, things like 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination...and "conspiracy" type stuff, it's hard for me to get him to listen. If nothing else I wish I could get him to see what a scam the two party system is, that Fox News is full of lies and the Republican party is no better than the democrats. But I will keep trying, as you said, plant the seeds and hopefully the seeds will begin to grow at the appropriate time. And just so it's clear, it's not like my father isn't a "Godly" man, because he is. He reads the Bible (sometimes), he's a Christian, believes in God...but for some reason I can't get him sold on this stuff. I think he's grown skeptical of this stuff simply because of how long it's been around and he finds it easier to just ignore it.

      In regard to the military, I know that I can handle it. I understand it's a huge part of the world system, but at the same time I know that with the right people positive things CAN be done. Plus being in the military can potentially give me some pretty valuable insight into what is going on in the world.

      As far as my "low" goes, I am over it now thankfully. It had a do from a culmination of different factors, problems that just seemed to be stacking up on my at the time which made me feel hopeless and useless. It was just a bad time.


    7. I'm trying to think of a couple of videos to propose. One of my articles here links to a fifteen minute video "Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 -"

      My other favorite video to pass along to the hard cases..."From Freedom To Fascism" by Hollywood moviemaker Aaron Russo.

      You should preview both of them and simply challenge (or invite?) your Dad to view them at least once, if he's willing to do you any favor at all.

      One word of warning about your military career: I suspect my own brother, as one of many examples, was "procured" (shall we say) into compulsory mind control...based on his absolutely bizarre behavior of the last couple of decades. He was in the Air Force, flying spy plane missions and seems to have become ever more deeply embroiled in intelligence work.

      From a number of reports and testimonies, I have gotten the impression that if you're too much of a stand-out and the uppers want to "promote" you to more elite assignments (special ops, etc.) some point you may therefore be in danger.

      Supposedly, there are entire outfits, such as Delta Force and Seal Team Six (and others)..who have all undergone compulsory 'satanic ritual abuse' MK Ultra mind control procedures.

      If you're "too good" at being a your back, is all I'm saying. The Illuminati are skilled at 'flattering' people into promotions...just like that "ex" Marine, Austin Tice, supposedly now a "journalist" who was recently taken captive by the Syrians and who was probably (99% odds) simply sweet-talked into becoming a CIA agent. The world (the Devil) uses people up like Kleenex. I know, I know...I'm starting to sound like your Mom.

  8. Hi Matt,

    Wasn't sure which blog to respond to but I guess this one is as good as any. A friend of mine has been caught up in conspiracy theories the last number of years, quit going to church entirely, and he passed on this link to me. Just curious, do you still attend a church?

    I recently just finished your online book, Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. I didn't click on all the links so it is quite possible i missed some things. But you present a lot of disturbing information about the infiltration of the occult into Christian circles and about the deception of masses in world and american affairs (9/11). So thank you for pointing out all of this! It was quite an eye opener. I have some comments about part of your information so I thought i would list them as I think you are looking for responses even though i do not consider myself an expert on any area.

    Gun Control:
    I would tend to more agree with Ken's comments above that you are a little off track on this gun control thing. I dont' think it would be better if everyone was packing a gun. I am from Canada and i don't agree that we have less gun problems because we have less control. We have more control and my experience with the US is that it is way to easy to pick up a gun (they practically sell them from the local 7Eleven store). Also, from a non-Christian perspective, it would make sense to arm yourselves from a 'evil' government. But are you suggesting that Christians' take up arms to defend themselves? Where in the new testament is that supported?

    I have never really been a supporter of pre-trib doctrine. I think it stems from some pentacostal preacher i heard on the radio 30 years ago repeating over and over again that the 'come up hither' statement to John in Rev 3 means that the church was raptured at that point. To me that is very weak theology as John is not a symbol of the church, even though Revelations is very symbolic.
    I would agree with your Olivet discourse. What i found was more clear was the references in 1&2 Thessalonians where Paul is answering exactly this question of when Jesus would come. I don't know how anyone can read this without coming to the conclusion that the rapture can not come until after the AntiChrist appears.

    Don't know much about the Catholic church at all. But I had a question. How do you know that the Jesuits are at the top of the 'evil pyramid'? How do you know they are calling the shots? Could the illuminati or the kabalasts be in charge?

    1. Thanks for the supportive comments. The "gun control" issue is an interesting one. I am 100% libertarian (small "i") therefore, for me the fundamental question is...who gets to say "you are not allowed to carry adequate means of self-defense, nor can you have the right of reasonable parameters in exerting self-defensive force" ?

      My view is utterly immoral for one person to demand of another person that they not be allowed adequate means of self-defense. For one thing, the presumption is bizarre. For another thing, if you understand the biblically-based "conspiratorial history" of the world, there is obviously an ongoing satanic scheme (conspiracy) to create a totalitarian, satanic police state/regime.

      Rule One for such conspirators: Take away the means of self-defense. I don't know how ANY discerning student of history can fail to note the utterly cynical, brutal motives behind the "take the guns away from the community", PARTICULARLY Bible students who have taken the proverbial Red Pill!

      Just from the libertarian perspective alone...the whole idea of removing means of self defense from community members is just outrageously impractical, in my lowly opinion. For example, the guns carried by police officers are utterly useless 99.99% of the time...because at the time any violent crime is occurring, the closest police officer is ten minutes away. Thus, the police really aren't "policing" anything. They get there only in time to put up the yellow tape. They're really just "yellow-tape-putter-uppers...not police!

      Now...if everyone were afforded the same "privilege" as these police state representatives...there would be almost NO rapes, no violent robberies, no home invasions, no bank robberies, no kidnappings, and no mass shootings. Many millions of tragedies averted every single year.

      There are many 'lovely' theories out there about how we should remove guns from the community. The deadly oversight in all of this is...who is this all-powerful group that is to be trusted with the forcible removal of self-defense means?? Answer: None other than the police state. It's the fox guarding the hen-house.

      If "police officers" can be trusted with deadly force, why are not OTHER humans trusted with deadly force? We're all made of the same 'stuff', after all. Some would say - "well, they have had training". OK, so...let's stipulate training...if that's the "difference". Truth be told, in a truly free world, the "market place" would determine these things.

      We libertarians are big believers in the dynamic sorting process of a free market. In other words, in the event that these immoral restrictions on self-defense were removed, insurance companies would almost certainly step in and, indeed, stipulate "training" if any of their customers opted to own and/or carry guns.

      Right now, we have (what I consider) a very evil scenario in place. If a huge thug emerges from an alley and attacks me and my young daughter with a baseball bat (or something), I can defend with deadly force only if I'm willing to risk a likely 15-25 year prison sentence.

      Bottom line: The presumption of taking away one's right to self defense is just mind boggling. Not to mention...the automatic 'knuckling under' on the part of millions of conservative Christians in North America these days (who, it seems to me, should know better from reading their Bibles!) to an emerging Antichrist police a tragedy of incalculable proportions.

      Obviously, you've hit a nerve with me! Hope I'm not bowling you over. And feel free to come back strongly if you wish to rebut anything!

    2. A few comments on the topic of the Jesuits.

      By the way--on the question of where the Bible allows for defense of life and family: I would tend to believe the ball is in the other court. In other words, where in the Bible does it stipulate that if one is attacked with potentially deadly force, we must simply stand there and allow ourselves to be beaten, stabbed, or shot to death?

      The Bible makes the statement "as much as is possible, live in peace with your fellow man" (Romans 12:18). If I have waited until it is clear my fellow man is about to kill me, I have certainly gone as far as I am going to be able to go, in avoiding defensive violence.

      And that is, I believe, the intended message of Matthew 5:39 ("turn the other cheek") a passage which requires something less than a fully literal interpretation. Otherwise...if a murderer takes my loved one's i to offer another loved one for him to murder? Common sense should easily prevail here.

      I'm certainly not looking to join a militia. And for a number of practical considerations, I'm not proposing we resist some fascist SWAT team which has come to our door, such as may increasingly be the case in the near future as the police state is closing in for the kill.

      But yes, if certain scenarios emerge, whether now or in some sort of future chaotic societal collapse...yes, I would want to defend myself and loved ones from physical harm if at all reasonably possible.

      Are the Jesuits the top of the food chain? It appears so but it's certainly possible I may have gotten it wrong. To get your answer, you may need to re-read more slowly my chapters 15 and 16.

      You ask if the top level may be the Kabalists. The Jesuits ARE originated by Kabalists! British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (from the 1800's) astonishingly reported that ALL the original Jesuits were Marrano Jews, i.e Kabalists...from Ignatius Loyola, on down.

      Did you notice in chapter 15, all the quotes from all those world leaders who were recognizing the immense powers and intrigue of the Jesuits? They seem to have obtained world supremacy by their (literally) diabolical methods of infiltrating the governments of the world. Through assassinations, savage blackmailing methods, and other techniques.

      In fact, the very structure and agenda of the Catholic church seems diabolically designed to achieve political supremacy.

      Not only do the close-up details of the Jesuits' political intrigues indicate supremacy (they are apparently the originators of the CIA, as one example)...but also from a 'big picture' perspective, we Bible students can (I think) recognize the reality of a satanic hierarchy that extends all the way down into the human race among Lucifer's minions.

      Elitist Luciferians abide by the dictates of the Jesuits because they seem to be the highest 'spiritual' authority. The Pentagon and NATO are the military power, the super-bankers are the financial wing and the Jesuits seem to be the spiritual authority.

      And the whole super-banker movement (if you recall) which originated in the 1700's, was a Kabalist/Jesuit creation to begin with. All the connections are there:

      The Rothschilds, Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt (who promoted the Jesuits' world domination schemes through his Illuminati movement) and his direct philosophical descendant, Karl Marx...all one big happy family of psychopath monsters.

      It's my best understanding, at this point.

    3. Hi Matt,

      What is your opinion of Eric Jon Phelps book, 'Vatican Assassins'? He seems have a lot of the same ideas about the Jesuits, except that he seems to blame them for everything bad that has happened in the last 400 years. He is also strongly against gun control in the US.

    4. I had an extended email exchange with Phelps a few years back. Unfortunately, the man is a fire-breathing "white supremacist" racist. I've never read his book but I would strongly theorize he plays the role of a "disinfo agent". In other words, a favorite tactic of the cabal is to take a legitimate body of information and then tie it to a completely discredited individual. Thus they 'poison pill' all of that info. Connecting the whole "Jesuit globalists" concept to a wild-eyed racist is the perfect way to discredit the information. I'm not sure if Phelps knowingly plays the role...or has been duped.

      I've briefly watched a few Phelps Youtubes. He seems to prefer presenting a long list of unsupported assertions...instead of presenting good solid evidence. If you go to Chapter 15 in my Wolves e-book (linked at the top of this page), about halfway down I get into a presentation of historical evidence about the Jesuits as a satanic, predatory, globalist operation.

      So yes, I would agree that the Jesuits are probably at the top of the satanic food chain. I just never got that from Phelps. I could never follow nor understand his "unsupported assertion"-based argumentation. You'll see my sources if you go to Ch.15.

  9. Hi Matt,

    Almost done reading your Wolves in Sheep's Clothing book. Very well done. Quite a few things came to mind when I was reading, but I'll TRY to keep this short by only mentioning a couple. The Jim Morrison info reminded me of a video I saw re: the satanic influence in rock music back when I was still in high school (Won't say how long ago that has been.) In it there was a sound bite where JM was talking about his interest in the occult and how it started when he was a child. Story goes, he was in the family car and they passed by a truck accident where some American Indians had been killed. He claimed that he knew at that moment that the spirit of one of the Indians entered his body. From that time on he felt that he was possessed. My question is do you think he was possessed or was this a product of mind control that he mistook for possession?

    My next question is do you think the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson family was related to Laurel Canyon? I just couldn't help but make that connection when you mentioned Tate and Manson in that section.

    Thank you in advance for your input.


    1. I don't know where demonic control/possession ends and mind control begins. I have had ex-occultists tell me that the two are interwoven much of the time.

      As far as Manson and Laurel Canyon...absolutely was Manson tied into the whole Laurel Canyon crowd. You should sit down and read Dave McGowan's 20-part Laurel Canyon series of articles (fantastically well researched on his part). He has much to say about Manson, and Manson crops up in a number of his other articles:

      As I said in my chapter 12...Manson was almost certainly an MK Ultra mind control agent.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I always thought there was more to the Sharon Tate story than what the news was saying. The official story was that he thought someone else was living in the house at the time. Terry Melcher I believe. But anyway.

      Mind control/demon possession going hand-in-hand would make sense. I've read much over the years about the dangers of mind-altering drugs opening a person up to demonic influence. Also the Eastern religions and their teaching about emptying the mind during meditation and how that can lead to demonic control. Thanks again!

  10. I would like to know your thoughts on Hurricane Sandy.

    1. Of course, from my "chapter 9" (in my above linked e-book) you would know I strongly suspect any major weather events are artificially created.

      I don't know exactly why this is happening...but I suspect one of the purposes is to observe and measure just exactly how a major city 's population behaves when things are unraveling into chaos...maybe the Cabal is practicing for when the Dollar collapses and the US economy goes down.

      When the US economy collapses, there'll be mobs in the streets, armed gangs, food stores shut down, water delivery systems in critical condition. Long story short, through a domino effect, if and when the US economy collapses, it'll be TEOTWAWKI...the end of the world as we know it.

      I believe shortly thereafter, the so-called "New World Order" will be ushered in...a short-lived hey-day for the Devil just before the return of the King of Kings.

      According to my understanding, the Antichrist's "New World Order" hey-day will only last 2-3
      + years. Jesus in the Olivet Discourse (in Luke's version) instructs us to "pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen".

      Either way, God will see us through..."for there is no trial or tribulation that has taken us but such that God will provide a way of escape that we may be able to bear up under it and through it".

  11. Matt:

    Just finished your online book and, although I was aware of many of these goings-on, you filled in huge gaps for me and included some awesome links. Thank you!

    As regards the Aurora massacre: shortly before the first appearance in court of the man being represented as Holmes, the local media showed a college photo and the police photo side-by-side. These are clearly photos of two different men.

    The poor patsy was so drugged in his first court appearance he could barely keep his head up. And, if not dead, we can only pray for the real James Holmes being held by the perpetrators of this hideous crime.

    Blessings on you.

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