My 'Take' on the Progress and State of Affairs for Totalitarian Globalists:

December 8, 2009

Maybe, just maybe....things aren't going so well for the globalist vampires. There have been a number of things to observe.

Yes it's true, the bankster-globalists, with their $592 trillions in derivatives, have created an absolutely massive "Dollar bubble" which they could burst any moment at will...thus causing hyper-inflation...followed fairly quickly by the complete destruction of the Dollar...followed very quickly by a collapse of most "vital" government services, such as law enforcement, etc.

We can use the example of law enforcement to understand how this happens: If you're a police officer who is no longer receiving a paycheck (with the currency having now become worthless) there's no reason to "go to work"...and there's nowhere to go but home to see to the safety of your own family.

And if essential services were to shut down, such things as water companies and food stores...hungry, angry mobs would roam the streets. Riots and general chaos could ensue. It's the invitation card the globalists have been waiting for.

We saw a mini-version of what may lay in store for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: LINK

Senator Inouye and others have previously noted there is a 'shadow government'...a veritable crime syndicate (the "Illuminati", to be precise --recommended reading: Chapters Eight and Sixteen)...standing at the ready. They have their own finances, their own infrastructure, their own army, navy and air force. Ever heard of Blackwater, for example?

(By the way, in regard to this premeditated conspiracy to destroy the Dollar, please watch the Fall of the Republic online video if you get the chance. Or at least the first half or so.)

Yes, the destruction of US currency lies within their power and I don't know that by simply shutting down the Federal Reserve in the manner prescribed by Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul, it would stop them at this late stage.

BUT...having observed how these conspirators operate and how they play the "mind control" game with the America people, I believe they want to see a specific degree of progression in the American mindset before they take certain steps like this.

They want to see the American people descending into full-blown "sheeple-ness"...a kind of blind, mind-controlled, subservient deference for any governmental authority figures, and any government stipulations, no matter how draconian, unconstitutional or illegal.

I believe the reason they might view this mind-controlled state as a critical that if they indeed have a supreme goal of requiring compulsory injections of RFID chips for all Americans (followed quickly by all the world), they could pull this off, only if there is an extremely advanced state of Stockholm Syndrome among the populace.

I try to present evidence in my book arguing that RFID chips are the long-prophesied "mark of the beast". Read HERE.

And the Bible indicates rather clearly that the implementation of this "mark of the beast" comes immediately after the so-called Antichrist has actually emerged onto the world stage.

Anyway, the irony here is that during the Bush administration, "sheeple-ness" was at an all-time high: The weird cult of American Exceptionalism was riding the crest of the wave--"America--right or wrong"..."America, a nation blessed of God and led by an Evangelical, born again president." [questionable, to say the least].

..."Go get those commie Al Qaida terrorists--go ahead and rifle through my emails and my personal life--I don't care. This is a Christian nation, after all. And a Christian government. Amen and amen."..."Get rid of Habeas Corpus...get rid of Posse Comitatus...install 'porno' X-ray machines at the airports... 600+ FEMA prison camps all over the country...throw people in jail without due process...'rendition' them to countries that torture...and hey, let's go ahead and dabble in torture ourselves...if 'wonderful people' like Dick Cheney and Karl Rove recommend it, it must be OK"

(Additional link regarding Cheney.)

But that has changed rather significantly over the last year or so. Obama is the
least popular freshman president in US history...and the American people are balking on several fronts:

First of all, we
weren't very cooperative with the whole "Swine flu panic" scenario. Huge numbers declined to rush out in a state of terror so as to receive their (at best) utterly useless H1N1 vaccinations.

Maybe the "elites" were unable to create the real epidemic they wanted so badly. I don't know. They certainly tried to create a scare. And they have certainly fudged the statistics.

Apparently though, the American people were rather unimpressed. The hoped-for panic and chaos never ensued.


Secondly...we had this ultra-creepy Rahm Emmanuel (White House Chief-of-Staff), confidently boasting he was going to arrange for a compulsory civilian draft...dozens of millions of America's young people forced into slave labor in "government service". That doesn't seem to be flying very well either. Strike Two for the Powermongers.

Americans are not eager to see their young people taken as de facto prisoners and put into government work camps. Wow--what are guys like Emmanuel thinking about, in proposing such Stalin-esque nonsense? Such a monstrous mindset. It reminds of the labor camps set up by the North Vietnamese after the war...or of the Japanese-Americans who were forced into prison camps.

And thirdly, as of December '09, the "global warming" cult seems to have fallen on very, very rough times: The whole ClimateGate fiasco...and then various speakers at this silly, presumptuous Copenhagen Climate Conference, who are singing off-key, daring to suggest (as many climatologists already have) that global warming is not man-made...if it even exists in the first place.

A significant percentage of Americans (and others around the world) are savvy enough to notice the towering hypocrisy of a movement which awards highest honors to the likes of Al "Private Jets and Super-Mansions" Gore...and, indeed, has used hundreds of private jets to fly VIPs into the Copenhagen conference. The arrogance and hypocrisy of this whole scene...absolutely staggering. Strike Three seems to be at least in the making.

Strike Four might be socialized health care. Slowly, people are beginning to understand the madness of "buying" things for which we have no money. Who pays for this Disneyland scenario, given that our economy is in a virtual depression? Who paid for the $700 billion "bail-out"...while were on the subject? It's all part of a Fed bankster scam.

So anyway...the globalists' ultimate goal of hundreds of millions of Americans meekly cooperating with a compulsory RFID program, which I have come to understand as the "mark of the beast" scenario...isn't looking very realistic right at the moment.

And without the RFID chips, they can't achieve their vision of totalitarianism.

The Bible predicts the world community WILL be mind-controlled and bamboozled into compliance at the time of the Antichrist's explosive introduction onto the scene (Rev.13:3--"The whole world was amazed and followed after the beast...") but from the globalists' viewpoint, they certainly find no comfort in Scripture passages! I would assume they are wanting to see a certain degree of progression in mass mind-control before that event.

If the Obama/Global warming/anti-socialist backlash continues, might it be an indication it is God's desire to delay these diabolical shenanigans...for ten years...for a hundred years...or more? Keep in mind though--Beelzebub will indeed have his brief heyday, whether sooner or later.

Then again...maybe the bad guys won't wait for the perfect moment. Maybe they'll poke a big hole in their Dollar bubble and commence with the final phases of their conspiracy.

In doing so, they may try to unleash another 9/11-style "false flag" event (times a hundred?) which provides a ready-made excuse for their coveted police state. Or a number of false flag events.

In any case, while none of us has a crystal ball, I have been getting an impression that, as of late, things are not going swimmingly for the Antichrist cabal.

Governor Ventura's CIA "Welcome Wagon" Experience

In that regard, the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, tells a strange story--one month into his term, his presence was "requested" for a meeting in the basement of the Governor's office in order to meet with a group of 23 CIA agents.

Ventura thought 'cooperativeness' to be the better part of valor and went to the meeting. As this startlingly large group of CIA agents sat around him in a rather intimidating semi-circle, Ventura describes how he slowly began to understand what their bizarre agenda was:

Without of course, explicitly saying so, they essentially wanted to know how Ventura had slipped past their control filters. They were not used to having "unplanned"
governors. They wanted to know how this small outbreak of freedom had occurred in Minnesota.

The 'moral of the story' for me: These people slip up. They make mistakes. They don't have all their moves figured out. See Gov. Ventura's videotaped comments about this incident.

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  1. Hi, I've read your book. Horrifyingly fascinating and alarming - my spouse and I found our respective 'watching circles' collide and garnered a rather disturbing bigger picture - which we were already aware of but has had a few more pieces added.

    In regards to RFID chips - something else that Christians haven't considered (IMO) is that taking on the mark of the beast could actually physically compromise their ability to think and act. It's entirely plausible from my understanding of the research that things can be transmitted to RFIDs. It occurs to me that with time (if not already) the chips could be used to influence say the seratonin levels to induce mind control.

    On the climate change front - I just can't agree that it is a false flag. I find it more likely that the chemtrails they are spraying are actually helping to diffuse the harshness of climate change and induce or preclude rainfall. Another reason I believe this is that you can control people when you keep them reliant and dependent upon you for their heating, cooking, travel and medicines (petrol/oil) while renewables on the other hand allow you to be somewhat more independent and self reliant - which is not something that is encouraged by the globalists. It seems to me the wanton destruction of God's creation is also MO for Satan. I do however NOT wonder that the globalists are using the climate change issue to their advantage by spreading fear and implementing crippling taxes or to cover up their weather manipulations and deliberate weather attacks but it does not necessarily follow that the issue of climate change itself is not actually happening. We have considerably deforested the earth, polluted the air and our water (including the ocean) and plant and animal species are dying out. In my part of the world, we are a country of extremes (Australia) and yet farmers are still seeing strange things from fruit they've not seen in living memory. I'm not one hundred percent on the climate change and still willing to consider any and all (at this point!) theories with cautiousness and open mindedness - perhaps I am wrong but it's just a thought for you and your readers that it may be a false-false flag.

    In final comment I thank you for your dedication to detail. The blessing of Jesus Christ, holy son of the living God be upon you and his strength help you endure to the end of the race where He will say to you well done good and faithful servant.

    1. Whoops - didn't notice this comment till now. You're probably gone by now so I'll just comment very briefly and go into more detail if you show up again:

      You comment that receiving the mark will compromise the way people think or act. I would say, of infinitely more importance is the fact that the mark would compromise one's ability to get to heaven. You take the mark, you're doomed. No longer any need to worry about mental competence! :-(

      I had written an entire article on "chemtrails" here on this blog. Check it out if you're interested. I don't believe chemtrails are being used for good. The governments of the world are not trying to accomplish good, IMO. They are kingdoms raised up by the Devil to accomplish his aims -- great harm to humanity

      You are presupposing two things that need support, in my view: You presuppose that "globalists" don't like recycling, etc. (the green movement, in other words)....and you presuppose that the devil wants to destroy earth.

  2. I see that you believe the 'mark of the beast' to be an RFID chip. But in Revelation it is stated that the Beast shall have everyone take 'the mark of the beast' OR the 'name of the Beast', OR the 'number of his name', which is 666. I fail to see how a chip can stand for the 'number of his name'.

    1. You make a good point. Maybe there IS a visible marking. Recall though...the Cabal has previously named this chip "Xmark". Potentially, one of these chips could fulfill all three descriptions: It could be 1) a mark (the chip itself) which bears 2) the name of the beast and 3) the number.

      "Xmark" can literally be understood as "the mark of the beast". So if they're calling it a "mark" and each of these chips has a number 666 along with more specific numbering that identifies that particular chip...maybe that's how we could understand it.

      What say you?

    2. If we expand a bit on the concept of a "mark"...I could see how the Cabal views these chips as "markers". They would view it as a 'tag'. An electronic tag. With multiple purposes and usages. The technology these days is advancing by leaps and bounds.

      But you also have me wondering about the visibility aspect. It would certainly make life extra miserable for believers...if they literally couldn't show their face in the light of day, without being caught.