Calvary Chapel's Logo--Occult Significance?


(Recommended background reading: Chapters One, Eleven, Thirteen, Fourteen.)

In Chapter Thirteen of my book, I have previously discussed the incorporation of Crowley's satanic symbolism into the logos of many Charismatic churches throughout the land.

If you've read through Chapter Thirteen, there I relay the reports from Fritz Springmeier regarding Charismatic church circles having long been in the cross-hairs of the Antichrist occultist/globalists.

Aleister Crowley's satanic "Baphomet" logo

Trinity Broadcasting Network logo

Calvary Chapel's logo (seen below) is almost certainly a modified adaptation of this same Crowley symbolism. I believe there may be added significance behind the alteration...which I will describe in a moment.

In fairness to Chuck Smith (the leading founder of this quasi-denomination) I have seen zero evidence of his intentional involvement in this. I always keep in mind, many folks innocently copycat occult symbolism, or 'approve' of the symbolism, not knowing its true significance.

Calvary Chapel logo

But take a closer look at the Calvary Chapel logo--is there some similarity to an owl perhaps? Owl symbolism is huge in elite occult circles. Not just among 'run-of-the-mill' satanists. No, this is one of the most important symbols of "ruling class" occultists.

Given the context--the precedent of upside down bird symbolism in Charismatic church culture...which has rather obviously been 'borrowed' from leading satanist Aleister that context, I would dare say the C.C. symbol looks an awful lot like an owl in a sort of predatory posture. (You have to view the symbol as though it is 'right side up' to recognize it.)

The owl is the chief symbol of Bohemian Grove, a huge satanic "resort" for business, finance and political elite, i.e. the "ruling class":
LINK--(scroll down about a fourth of the page to read about Bohemian Grove).

You can see below, the Owl of Moloch looming over the Druid mock human sacrifice ritual at the Grove...a ritual which is attended annually by George Bush Sr. and Jr. by the way:

Satan obviously seeks to instill fear in his though he is saying: "I am the owl--you are the mice."

Survivors of occultism (the relatively few who have escaped these circles and lived to tell about it) say that Luciferians live with an overwheliming fear of their dark "lord". The consequences for disappointing the satanic hierarchy are utterly horrendous.

So much better to serve and follow Jesus! Thank God for His dramatically contrasting merciful, loving leadership and guidance:

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:28-30)

Notice also the grounds of the Capitol building which appear likewise to have been shaped into the form of an owl:

I would invite anyone to read through Chapter Eleven of my online "book" if you'd like to get a broader sampling of the evidence of secretive occult symbol insertion into our nation's capital.

Look again at the Calvary Chapel logo--is this a sneaky, subtly disguised depiction of an 'attacking' owl....with the tail of the dove now having become the 'ears' of the owl?


My impression is that Calvary Chapel founder, Chuck Smith, is a good man...but one who may be surrounded by wolves (unbeknownst to him) and whose church organization has very likely been infiltrated by undercover occultists (Satanists). 

[On edit--as of 2011:  I have hardened my suspicions as to Chuck Smith over a period of time. Reading various testimonies and the insights of others--it doesn't look too good for Smith, in my view. But I draw up short of dogmatic conclusions, as a matter of principle.]

This should be no great surprise to any Bible students: The Scriptures routinely foresee ongoing and incessant infiltration attempts ("wolves in sheep's clothing") on the part of the Devil and his followers. It's just that....99.99% of us have not thought to take these scriptural warnings quite so literally.

So...has Chuck Smith been surrounded, in a manner of speaking?

I am not outright concluding these two individuals seated on either side of Smith (who is seen in the middle, in the photo below) are "confirmed" bad guys. But I do take a very, very dim view of Rick Warren's increasingly aggressive ecumenism...and his increasing wishy-washiness and flat out false teaching on a host of important doctrinal issues...and his membership in the (in my opinion) blatantly satanic Antichrist outfit
"Council On Foreign Relations"...and the fact that his Saddleback Church website has displayed a multitude of occult symbols. (Warren is seen to Smith's left.)

Left to right: Greg Laurie, Chuck Smith, Rick Warren

As far as Greg Laurie (seen to Smith's right)--Again, I don't know what is going on with this guy: He has a logo for his church which is a dead ringer for an occult symbol...he has (last I checked) three TV screens embedded in the front of his church pulpit (!?) which continually display floating and spinning occult symbols during his sermons...and he is very tight with the Billy Graham organization, about which I have a few things to say elsewhere on this website.

Those who have read my online book know that I tend to follow the "satanic symbolism" evidence trail in trying to sort out the good guys from the bad. Certainly if Christian organizations and churches are evidencing occult symbolism on their websites, published materials, television shows, and so forth....I believe we should immediately suspect there has been some kind of occult infiltration...although not necessarily concluding the leader himself may be behind it.

The symbolism of Calvary Chapel and the symbolism of Chuck Swindoll's "Insight For Living" are a couple of examples where I would surmise the leaders themselves are uninvolved...yet the evidence for occult infiltration seems to be there.

The "Insight For Living" logo (with the incorporated 'infinity' symbolism) and...

...the "infinity" occult symbol displayed on a Tarot card

A "rule of thumb" seems to be that if the occult symbolism or signaling is not directly connected to an individual, it may merely indicate organizational infiltration...not involving the actual leadership.

The old Salvation Army logo (shown below) may be another example--loaded down with occult symbolism (five-point crown, five-point pentagrams, the double circle, the "X" Antichrist symbolism, the serpent intertwining the cross, exactly thirty-three 'spikes', etc.)...

...signifying infiltration of the organization but not necessarily indicating anything about the members themselves.

The Salvation Army is probably a good example of how the Illuminati/US-military-industrial-complex have painstakingly sought to infuse conservative Christian culture with war-mongering militaristic propaganda. Recall the old hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers".

The Battle Hymn of the Republic, as another example, was written to more or less glorify the US Civil War...and the song then experienced a surge in popularity during a time of US military actions in the Philippines in the late 1800's...actions which amounted to nothing short of a huge and terrible holocaust perpetrated against the Philippino people.

And yet for over a century now, Christian people have been duped into thinking this is a wonderful musical offering...and with eyes glistening and hearts bursting with patriotic pride will raise the church roof, singing through all the stanzas.

Back in the day (in the aftermath of the Philippines tragedy), Mark Twain became so disgusted with the way this song was celebrating war and death...he re-wrote the words to the hymn as a parody.

But getting back to the question of whether or not certain occult signalings indicate personal allegiances:

When Michael W. Smith, for example, goes to the trouble of climbing up on this wicker chair, using his own body to form the shape of a satanic's hard not to theorize regarding his personal involvement in the occult.

And yet...we probably need to draw up short of dogmatic conclusions other than to remind the reader of the fundamental biblical reality of "end times": Jesus has plainly stated in the prophecies of the Olivet Discourse regarding the emergence of a large array of satanic "Christian leaders" during the last days.

If M.W.Smith is not a part of this (which seems unlikely to me, quite frankly)...then certainly there ARE a large number of publicly recognized Christian leaders who WILL turn out to have been satanic.

Climbing up on a wicker chair to flash a great big fat satanic symbol (not to mentions dozens and dozens of other indicators coming from M. Smith ) doesn't bode well.

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  1. I just wanted to add that I was watching Greg Laurie last night but when I saw his Logo I had to turn the tv off. And then there is the American Bible Society to which I have contributed for years. Their logo has a sun with extended rays showing. One of its founders was a Mason and Grand Master.

  2. All roads lead to Rome, you speak a lot about Masons but never mention the fact there are far more powerful secret societies than them around.
    Anyone with as much knowledge as yourself that doesnt explain that the Vatican/Jesuits are behind all secret societies must be suspected of being a wolf in sheeps clothing themselves.

    1. If you read Matt's book Wolves in Sheep's Clothing you will find his extensive research on the Vatican/Jesuits to be more than adequate! In fact, the entire book is an eye opener!

    2. very correct

  3. According to John Todd, Chuck Smith was/is very much on the take:

    "They used the charismatic movement to establish Jesus rock. I had to deliver a 4 million dollar check that was the second 4 million dollar check that Chuck Smith that created Calvary Chapel and Maranatha Productions received from the Illuminati. And he knew it was Illuminati money before you go out of here and say that he didn't.

    "The purpose of it was to build Maranatha Industries and Productions, which started Jesus rock back when the Christian church was preaching against rock music, not knowing why, but preaching against it just the same and throwing it out of the churches. That scared the Illuminati and the occult world to death. At that time, we almost thought that their end had come because if that really happened within the Christian church, the Christian church would have the biggest mass revival of souls in the United States that this world has ever seen. That's the purpose of rock music, to make sure that that never takes place." - John Todd

    1. Did you also know he talks about "Atlas Shrugged" being a code book for Illuminati and the secret society cults, and that John Galt is actually Philip Rothschild? The author Ayn Rand was his mistress and completely anti-Christian. These people want an Atlantian type new world order under the Luciferian/Satanic philosophy, and it is clear now more than ever in this world with the homosexual agenda being perpetrated, attacks on family and Christian moral values, as well as pure marriage with a man and a woman. Look around and look closely. It is easy to see.

    2. I hadn't been able to confirm the Rand/Rothschild connection. Do you have some links?

  4. Jane-- That's some crazy stuff...about the American Bible Society. I wonder why the Devil bothers to control a Bible society.

    I have previously theorized it's about "leadership saturation"...i.e. making sure he fills all or most of the top spots with his own agents...and then there's no room at the top for a "rogue" and true Christian leader to have widespread who speaks out of turn and doesn't join the unified chorus of sheeple-pastors and sheeple-leaders who are (inadvertently or otherwise) leading the majority of people into apostasy.

  5. Anonymous of September 18, 2011 6:55 AM -

    You must've missed Chapter Fifteen of my online book "Wolves In Sheeps's Clothing". The book is linked at the top right corner of this blog. I go into great detail about the Jesuits.

  6. Cathy Palmer-- Thanks for the comments. I have to reluctantly agree. Since I first wrote the above article, I've come to have an increasingly dim view of Chuck Smith. I may have to add in some "edit" comments.

    The more I find out about just how rigged the Jesus People movement was...and all the connectedness between Smith and a whole bunch of unsavory characters (CIA agents and assets) including Kathryn Kuhlman and Lonnie doesn't look good.

    And how about their owl logo? Pretty ominous, if you ask me.

    I'll check out the blogspot link. Thanks.

    1. Hi Matt, another great source to vet wolves is apostasy watch dot com. I have found the information on that site invaluable as we used to attend Calvary (we went 3 times). It was more about the show and who you know than the Gospel and the Truth.
      Staying in Psalms 91 these days with a lamp full of oil and eyes wide open!

    2. Thanks for the good words! I'll check out the web site. Hard to find a church these days. If you can find one that teaches least it would be a bit less Pleasantville-ish, I would think.

  7. These symbols are displayed throughout the world. It is literally everywhere. They are just waiting for the restraining power to be removed. Those of you who have been waiting for antichrist to take over are waiting for the wrong cue. He has taken over, but is being held in check by God. Could it be the coming war in Heaven that gives the man on sin his opportunity to act?

  8. I was going to a Calvary Chapel for three years. Then I started reading about Chuck Smith's alliance with Rick Warren. I was reading about the Jesuit's diving dove and then saw the connection with the diving dove symbol in the church. . . . Jerry Boykin's connection with Chuck Smith. . . . Our church was doing a Beth Moore Bible study. Something about her was bothering me and then I saw tons of stuff about her on the interest. I approached my pastor with concerns of Beth Moore's endorsement and practice of contemplative prayer, her endorsement of Word of Faith authors, and her direct revelations from God where he calls her baby and honey, which I found rather creepy. (Lucille Ball's spirit guide called her 'honey', too). I came to the conclusion that Beth Moore is not being led by the Holy Spirit. But my pastor said that nothing she does is unbiblical. I don't go to that church anymore. I did notice that on the cover of Beth Moore's workbook of 'Believing God' it sure does look like the all seeing eye on the cover. Inside the workbook she uses a hexagram to help illustrate some verses, which I thought was odd at the time. I'd say what page it was on but I threw away the workbook.

    Thank you for all this good information on your sites. Just amazing.

    My old pastor also defends Billy Graham, and then a woman who goes there told me that they used ecumenical. I was wondering how do you "used to be" ecumenical.

    My old pastor also told me that my concerns about Beth Moore fell under the category of new age. He said that the emergent church can be tested against the Word as it is so objective, but that the new age movement cannot so readily be tested against the Word because it is more subjective. Of course the new age movement can be tested against the Word. So strange what's happening in churches these days.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yes, the sleepiness in the church world is just amazing...and sad. Maybe if more people paid attention to Jesus' Olivet Discourse? I don't know. I become flabbergasted after a while.

      I guess it goes back to the question of how Gideon's original 32,000 followers whittled down to only 300. Why some believe and follow and others fall a bit of a mystery. It's about free will.

      The big crowds all flock to the Evangelical superstars and the superpastors and the superchurches with Starbucks and Dominos Pizza served in the foyer.

      And then there is this new-fangled "contemplative prayer" occultism which is currently flooding into the church world...a fulfillment of the Scriptures prediction--"they will heap teachers unto themselves, having itching ears". I am so ready for the return of the King!

  9. you all need to stop looking under every rock for cockroaches because if you turn over enough you'll find one. Get in your bibles and keep your eyes focused on Jesus, thats all. If you find a bible teaching church then stay there. doesn't matter calvary chapel or not just keep your eyes on Jesus and not the institutions of this world. I don't care about the illuminati or what they do or what the masons do or say. I only care about 2 things: Love the Lord my God with all my heart and soul and my neighbor as myself.

    1. How can I find a "bible teaching church" unless I make sure the pastor isn't a wolf? You're saying we SHOULDN'T look out for wolves who have infiltrated the flock?? That flatly contradicts Scripture.

      You encourage me to "get in the Bible"...well, that's what I did and so when I came to Matthew 24, there Jesus instructs us to become saavy and discerning world-watchers and wolf-watchers.

      So NOW...I read my Bible, I pray, AND I keep my eyes peeled and scanning the horizons, the way Jesus instructs us in the Olivet Discourse.

      99.99% of all "Bible churches" these days function as little more than apostasy death traps because the pastors are giving no word of warning regarding the Great Apostasy Plot (have you heard about this, Michael?)...nor are most of them warning about the "apostasizing" process (Matt. 24 -- "the love of most will grow cold...and only those who remain faithful will be saved")...occult practices and/or occult endorsements ("contemplative prayer") coming from top Christian leaders such as Greg Laurie, Chuck Smith, Chuck Swindoll, Phil Yancey, Tony Campolo, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Some are merely confused dupes, and many are wolves.

      According to Jesus, it isn't enough to say a few prayers, then curl up with our Bible by the fire place. It's 'game on'. Gird up the loins. The return of the King (and the Great Tribulation just before that) is about five minutes away...give or take a few years.

    2. Nice reply Matt. The problem as I see it is that there are so many cockroaches, though! You don't need to turn over very many rocks at this point. The amount of apostasy that surrounds us is incredible. I want to know what the heretics are saying and who they are. Getting into the Bible and asking for God's wisdom, common sense and good judgement helps so much. A friend of mine posted a quote on facebook and instantly I had a feeling that it was written by a new age/new thought author - after a little research found out she was quoting one of the great occult leaders of the world, the Dahli Lama. They are so subtle and sound so good to most people, it's so easy to be taken in.

      I agree Matt, gird up and be wise as serpents but gentle as doves.

    3. You're right! No longer any need to turn over rocks. They're crawling out from under the rocks on their own!

      I've reached a point where I see the entirety of mainstream Evangelicalism having gone down the river. Who among the top echelon is warning of the coming Apostasy Plot? Who is warning of the apostasizing process? Maybe John MacArthur? Or John Piper possibly?

      But even MacArthur is sticking to his PreTrib doctrine...a doctrine which plays a central role in the success of the Great Apostasy. We need to forget about these "leaders" and take our own stand and set our own course.

      If you're looking for an info source about late-breaking news in the world of Evangelical really does the job, if you don't already know about it already. They keep track of everybody...and all the latest Christian books coming out and the subtle "Emergent Church" false teachings they contain.

      Thanks for the encouraging word.

    4. There is a book available at called "Redemption Road." The author Jameson Taylor is a cousin of the late Andy Griffith. This book unfolds the book of Revelation from the correct post-tribulation position and his characters are real. One of the characters is an apostate minister named "Jeff Theevers." He's like a hybrid of all the wolves in sheeps clothing that the apostles warned would bring about the great apostasy of the last days. Check it out. It's a great read. Taylor seems to want to warn readers about the apostates, while at the same time really shares the true message of Jesus. I really enjoyed the book. As for John MacArthur, I have a relative that is a missionary out of his church and while I disagree with the pretrib position, I've heard very good things about John MacArthur, and I know my relative is as genuine and honest as they come. So I trust his judgment. God Bless!

    5. Thanks for pointing out this book. I think I'd like to check it out!

      I pretty much agree that MacArthur is a good egg...yet somehow hasn't seen the error of PreTrib. My daughter is itching to attend a Christian college. None of them look very good to me but...if I couldn't find a post-trib, anti-"EmergentChurch", anti-ContemplativePrayer Bible college and I had to 'settle', I think I'd direct her to Masters College (MacArthur's college) and then she could attend also his church. He's an excellent expositor, to say the least.

      Of course...I'd need to make sure my daughter is beefed up on post-trib/"PreWrath" before she heads there. Masters would also refute all the Emergent Church apostasies, and the occultism of Contemplative Prayer.

      One thing that puzzles and troubles his close relationship with Robert VanKampen, the man who has single-handedly revived interest in post-trib with his book "The Sign" (VanKampen has since passed on). VanKampen and Marvin Rosenthal labeled their fresh approach as "PreWrath rapturism".

      How could MacArthur spend so much time with this guy (he was extremely brilliant and a near-billionaire, to boot) and still not have moved one inch closer to rejecting PreTrib? It's a puzzler for sure.

    6. John MacArthur is a major false teacher, and his organization and SBC are totally controlled by the Mason's.
      His father was friends with people involved with the Mason's, Fuller Theological Institute, etc.,
      Read the documented info on this link to see for yourselves how the man is truly and Enemy to the Cross, ad the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  10. i have to say, that i don't go to church anymore these liars have lied so much in the past. how can anyone be around them anymore? television has done more damage to Christianity than we will ever know. it taught men that they could make a lot of money doing religious stuff. and so many of them have. and many of them still want to. our nation is dying and most do not see it. idiots like these portrayed act like nothing is wrong. almost no preacher today says one thing against the government, nor says anything about why we do what we do? not one. and if they do, like this creep john hagee, they are liars and frauds and charlatans. this prosperity gospel is garbage. always was and always will be. i am sick of our so-called Christian leadership. I am sick of the leadership in this nation. they are all corrupt. it is time to take out the trash. but we won't. know why? we are too comfortable. we are fat and lazy. we are spoiled. many think that now is like it always was and it is not. this nation is dying. my ocuntry is dying. yet no one sees it. no one hears it. no one cares. does anyone care? i say we deserve what will get. mark my words. the days that are coming will be severe. hell is ocming to dinner. but i bet you will never hear some high priced preacher lying to his flock every sunday say such things. oh no. we don't want to scare anyone. we don't want to alarm anyone. it is a far cry from the days of 1775. a long time ago. in a land far far away, God fearing men threw off the yoke of bondage to a corrupt european system that had enslaved men for centuries. but now look at us. we watch our football, we eat our hotdogs. we think we are free men and women. we fight wars based upon lies and deceit and our pasters do not ever say one damn thing about it. they go along just get along. they make me sick to my stomach. the people of this country make me sick to my stomach. you know why? because for some crazy reason i love this land. the land of my birth. i love her so. i also love the God of my fathers and their fathers before them. Surely He is angry and sad that we as a people have turned out to be so stupid and immoral and disgusting. i wonder what the founding fathers would say if they came back to life for a while and walked around. perhaps they knew all along. human nature never changes does it. maybe that is why Jesus called Christians his sheep. because sheep are about the dumbest animal on the planet. hell is ocming to dinner folks. you had better get ready for it. this is no drill. you cannot spend more than you take in. no fiat system of finance has ever lasted more than a 100 years. the fed was illegally created in 1913. next year is 2013.

    1. Anon, you're not the only one seeing it. I belong to a third party. Went door to door to have folks sign a petition. People were too busy watching the game or TV to participate in our system. They practically slammed the door in my face though they knew I was their neighbor. I sent letters to our pastors begging them to supoort signing a petition for a bill that would make abortion illegal. We could not even get enough signatures in CA,though the courts would have probably overturned it anyhow. People don't get what the prophet Jeremiah knew that God judged His people for sacrifising their children to pagan idols like we do to the gods of second income and materialism while our govt schools brainwash our children to hate God and their parents and the US kills more and more babies daily. The way God first judged the nations was to bring economic crisis. Sound familiar? Yet believers are still voting for RINOs that are pro abortion because they think they'll help the economy. Our legislators don't listen because they haven't heard from Americans in years. They're busy watching the game and the globalist are seeing this as a great time to take over. I see no hope for our nation other than the church and especially our entertainment driven pastors repent and pray for God's mercy on this land as I and many others I know have and are doing. No tea party is going to cut it though it was a small start at making a stand. But the churches are dying for not being fed. Pastors won't feed their sheep with the Bible because they're feeding the sheep with purpose driven drivel in group think tanks rather than Bible studies. Pastors have abandoned their calling to feed Christ's sheep. So now churches are nothing but a country social club of elitist pharisees and the real remnant are leaving or have left the building. But no you're not the only one who sees the state of America and the Church. Every day I read comments from someone like you or me that sees this as a problem. Hopefully you won't feel as alone now.

  11. Oh come on you guys. This is a stretch. You know a tree by its fruit. The dove does NOT belong to satanists...they stole it from scriptural references. If you want to look for the devil look at the Illuminati and proponents of the NWO. Look at Zeitgeist, a total psy-op meaning to tear down the faith of many (and promoted by Bill Clinton). If satanism steals a symbol from Christianity does it suddenly belong to them? NO. When a preacher falls you know he has let the dark side take over. You want a real bad guy in religious circles? Try the Catholic church. That should give you plenty of material!

    1. I would ask, first of all...what do you point to as "fruit"...and which specific "tree" are you talking about? Because some guy can build up his "church" into 5000 members...that's "fruit"? You'll have to explain a bit more, I think.

      Secondly, all these conservative Evangelicals here in America (certainly including the Calavary Chapel crowd) ARE supporting the New World Order...inadvertent though it might be. Here in the US, it goes by the code name Pax Americana. Evangelicals have been duped into supporting every bloody war which the US military/industrial complex cooks up. A million dead Iraqi men, women and children...war after bloody war in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, on and on....every last bit of the bloodshed being enthusiastically backed by heavily duped conservative Christians in America.

      It's mind boggling to can Bible students not understand that...the major geo-political shapings in the world today are the result of the handiwork of the spirit of this world (the Devil, that is)? All these "wars and rumors of wars" are for the purpose of ushering in the eighth and final beast empire, i.e. the Antichrist empire...i.e. the New World Order.

      Thirdly, Christianity HAS no symbols. The dove is not a biblical symbol. Satanists have not "stolen" any symbols from Christianity...because Christianity HAS no biblically-authorized symbols.

      Somehow you're completely missing the point. If a group of bad people have devised a secret signal with which to communicate...then we need to be on the look-out for these signalings because of the danger they represent...REGARDLESS of who has the proper copyright for the symbol/signal in question.

      By the way, I have an entire chapter on Catholicism in my e-book:

      But it's not just the visible's the camouflaged enemy that can be far more dangerous.

    2. Anonymous said "they stole it from scriptural references". Indeed, you are meant to be deceived. You are not meant to believe these symbols have occultic meaning.

      The devil would not be a very good deceiver, if nobody was deceived.

      The great architect, the light bearer, lucifer, is hard at work, deceiving the masses.

  12. I've just read your entire e-book over the last 3 days. It was very well documented and I was surprised to see your research delving into some of the more "woo woo" tin foil hat stuff. Most Christians won't even look at it.

    I started my walk with Christ (for real this time) about 7 years ago, in rehab. I had a question about the Tower of Babel...why was God concerned about the height of a building? Look around... there's no way ancient Babylonians built anything taller than what we have now...I asked several people and they told me to stop questioning the Bible! I asked about the Nephilim...same thing.

    Then I read a book about Constantine and the formation of the Catholic Church and how it subverted real Christianity.

    A conspiracy theorist was born.

    God has led me to so many of the same conclusions as you...even before I started reading all this stuff online. I've had many a Christian tell me I was focusing too much on the world and not enough on the Word (granted, they were right in the sense that I do not spend enough time there), but Thank you for noting that Jesus told us to be aware, to look, to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

    I don't attend church anymore btw. I was waiting and waiting for a Pastor to say...Look! Prepare!...instead they put up Christmas trees and have Easter Egg hunts. It's sad.

    My people perish for lack of knowledge...wolves in sheeps clothing indeed.

    1. Thanks for the good words! Maybe you could at least go to a church for the fellowship with other believers (however deeply they may be stuck inside their Ken-and-Barbie happy-happy bubble). And probably most important of all, to be a 'missionary' to the lost who populate these churches. The majority of the mainstream Evangelicals are in grave danger of being sucked into the apostasy plot unless we warn them. Try to get people to read Matthew 24 and then discuss.

      My two cents.

    2. Matt. You are doing great work. Keep it up my friend:-)

  13. For me the logo is not important instead the teaching why is it there is a church member calvary chapel who are pond of defaming of religion,,, is He really sure that he will go to heaven God said in Matt 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 sFor with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but you do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye" be careful Brother David J. Stewart only God knows about everything and religion cannot save you it is your faith and you accept Jesus as your Personal Savior and you follow his Commandment.

    1. Wait a minute -- you're questioning others' salvation? Isn't that "judgmental"?

      Let me ask you this -- since the Bible plainly indicates the reality of deceptively disguised "wolves in sheep's clothing" who infiltrate and slither among God's do we take steps to warn others if we see evidence of these wolves...without coming under your "judgmental" ire?

      If I understand you correctly, we must tolerate (in contradiction and disobedience to God's Word) the camouflaged wolves among us so as to avoid being judgmental.

  14. Judgement and discernment are two different things. Judgment comes from unforgiveness and discernment comes from the Holy Spirit, unless your talking about God's judgment which is righteous. Discernment comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from seeking God. When we seek Him with all our heart, we find him. Our will lies within our heart. Ask God for wisdom, ask Him to show you the truth. If you don't hear His voice, ask Him to reveal unforgiveness in your heart. Each person will give account of their own lives. Thank you for hearing His voice and speaking truth. Wake up slumbering people, humble yourselves and He will heal His people.

  15. I am reading the book now, and for the most part, I am enjoying it. However, I must warn those who are saying that John MacArthur is solid. He is anything but, I had one of his study Bibles at one time and his study notes on Romans 8:28-29 make God the author and orchestrator of sin and temptation(for our good) which very clearly contradicts God's word (James 1:13-16) and His character. John MacArthur has also made some heretical comments on the blood of Christ and most recently, he has said that a Christian can take the mark of the beast and not lose their salvation. Really? I see us living in very perilous times and we better be watching and praying and I avoid lifting up any man or woman as I am seeing more and more heresy and apostasy. God bless!

    1. The only thing I give MacArthur credit for is...standing against "Contemplative Prayer" (a craftily disguised occult practice which is hugely infiltrating the conservative church world these days)...and also speaking against Rob Bell and his universalist teachings.

      Yes, I know about his :mark of the beast" beliefs. Crazy stuff.

      No, I give no endorsement to MacArthur. In fact, I can't even think of a single top Christian leader who has (for lack of a better phrase)...taken the Red Pill. Somebody who is fully aware of the satanic dimension to today's geo-politics...the massive wolf infiltration of the church today. I know of no one among Evangelical luminaries who isn't snoozing away!

      And most people in the Evangelical mainstream live and die by the edicts of these luminaries/superstars. They have "heaped teachers unto themselves, having itching ears...".

    2. I should clarify that it was in the comments section of one your blogs that people were lifting up praise for John MacArthur and John Piper, and not in your E-book that I am reading through. I thought I should throw that clarification out there.

    3. And even though Piper (to his credit) was quick to call out Bell for his universalism...he has NOT kept his eye on the ball with regard to Contemplative Prayer...if you use the search engine over at

  16. First, I want to thank you for your work and your diligence in warning the flock of what is going on in our world today and throughout history. Great job! Someone told me once that one sign you are dealing with a witch or warlock is that the person will wear all black. I didn't think too much about it at the time, nor did I do any further research into what that person said; however, I cannot help but notice, since coming across your blog and especially the CC articles, that every picture or teaching of Greg Laurie I see, he is wearing all black. What are you thoughts on this and do you think it has any significance at all?

  17. Thanks for the kind words! I wasn't aware of the 'black' thing. I do have grave concerns about Laurie. I notice that all my video links which showed his pulpit with the three TV screens imbedded in it and which had these continually revolving triangle shapes...all those videos have been killed...the triangles are no longer revolving from his pulpit...and I haven't been able to find a single older photo of his pulpit with the triangles. Interesting the way the whole thing seems to have been 'scrubbed'! Honestly, I can't help but have grave concerns about the death of his son, a year ago or so. Add to that the death of Rick Warren's son.

    1. You know, I was just thinking the same things last night about the deaths of their sons, and could it have been tied together, possibly punishment or some kind of retribution if they attempted to get "out of line"??? Very strange things are occurring and if we have our spiritual eyes and ears open, we will see many more strange things in the days to come. Please let me know if you come across any information on the all black dress as my time is limited and I do not get to delve much into research as I would like to. God bless!

  18. It seems the Lord is revealing these things to many of us who continue in his word.
    so thankful to God for your ability to put it forth so clearly and graciously.
    by the way have you noticed how Adolf Hitler and Billy Graham are speaking the same thing with their arm/hand gestures, and body postures, and how the media fed documentaries showc ountless hours of Hitler and his gestures with no audio.
    i dont blame anyone for not wanting to touch on Graham with a ten foot pole, but here is another thing i admire John macarthur for, he calls Schuller and Graham on their new age jesuit filth talk.
    Grace and Knowledge in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Yes, I appreciate MacArthur calling out Schuller and Graham...but MacArthur stills signs off on the deadliest false doctrine out there -- PreTrib Rapturism! Have you read Chapter 10 of my e-book "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing" (linked at the top of this page)? Thanks for the kind words.

  19. Not to mention John MacArthur believes you can be saved even after receiving the mark of the beast. As far as Chuck Smith goes, I think he knew right well what was going on. His whole organization is corrupt, most of the pastors are abusive and corrupt, and he was the ring-leader. His whole "ministry" was filled with corruption, abuse, and cover-up. I unfortunately attended CC'c for years, and it was the same thing at every CC. Thank God, He delivered us from the deception.

    1. I can see how MacArthur could end up with such a crazy notion. Trying harmonize all the contradictions of PreTrib will create such nonsensical stuff.

      I've heard enough about the cultic abusive aspects of Calvary Chapel to finally come to theorize this was a bad operation from the very beginning. I've seen numerous testimonies of how the whole "Jesus movement" was a CIA op. Unfortunately, people who haven't taken the proverbial Red Pill can't conceive of such things.

  20. Just how is this blog bringing glory to God, building up the church and sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the unbelieving world?

    1. Did you read the article? You didn't find it helpful? Pointing out indications of wolf activity in the church?

  21. I have been researching the NWO order for just a few months now and I came across your book. I read it and it was a real eye opener! I am just blown away. If you look at the "BIG" picture and see how everything ties in, it's kind of scary! I grew up in church and have been saved for the past 22 years or so. I grew up and was raised to believe in a Pre-Trib rapture. After reading your book and then doing my own investigation I am now a firm believer in a Post-Trib rapture. I don't know how anyone can see it any other way! It's as plain as the nose on our faces! I am also blown away by the amount of deception! WOW! They way EVERYTHING goes together is just amazing to me. It almost reads like a work of fiction! I am now trying to tell everyone I know about the post-trib rapture and the NWO etc. But most look at me like I am a raving lunatic. Which I can't blame them really, they have been raised on lies just like I was. I can feel the pace picking up ( if that makes since ). It seems that things in the world are moving a bit faster then they have been. Looking at music and movies we are being saturated with the occult. These are dire times! All we can really do is pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. His perfect will is always best. I will admit I am scared to a degree. I know God has His perfect plan for me. But knowing that we are going to go through the 7 years of tribulation makes it a bit daunting. Not for myself, but for my friends and family. Can they resist the mark of the beast? Can they refuse the mark and choose death? Questions I am trying to inform them about. The "What If's" are no longer what if's they are "When is it's"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks a million for your encouraging words!

      I am right now trying to finish up a new blog which lays out the Olivet Discourse. This may become a more effective way of introducing friends and family to some of these startling realities. After all, it is hard to argue with the concept of...the study of a Bible passage!

      I have put my email address at the bottom of all my blog articles ( you would like to send me a request for an email alert when the article is done.

      By the way...the time of "great tribulation is only two or two and a half years in length. The troubles begin when the Antichrist explodes onto the public scene (at the time of "the abomination of desolation")....which is at the middle point of the seven years.,,

      ...but then the troubles end sometime before the end of the three and a half years,,,when the Lord Jesus interrupts the Antichrist's "festivities" with His return as the Lion of Judah, the King of the sound of the trumpet!

      SOME of us have to survive to that time...otherwise there would be no one left for Jesus to "rapture"! In the Luke version of the Olivet Discourse, Jesus instructs us to pray a specified prayer of protection: "Pray that you may be able to escape all that which is about to happen" (Luke 21).

      I have wondered if....since there are so absolutely few church-goers who are paying attention to ANY aspect of the Olivet Discourse's instruction...if then Jesus is so pleased at those who honor His words enough to heed them...that they may then significantly up their odds of survival! I don't know for a fact but...I wonder and hope!

      We should also do whatever we can (within reason) to prepare for the troubles. I would tell people to meditate upon Matthew 25....which discusses and describes those who prepare and those who don't. The "oil" in the lamps is, to me, an obvious reference to spiritual preparation...but spiritual prep might also encompass any OTHER kinds of prep. Anything we can think of -- extra food, water, transportation, forethought as to "escape" planning...or possibly remaining stationary. Whatever is within our possibilities. For some, that could be very little. Remember, Jesus pointed out the little old lady who had only one penny to put in the offering box!

      Later! Blessings, Matt

  22. Matt:

    To my knowledge, the downward dove is the satanic reverse of the Christian dove of peace, and when pointed downward symbolizes chaos.
    I have never heard of the dove interpreted as an owl before, but that could be one accurate explanation, which wouldn't surprise me considering the ambiguous nature of symbolism.

  23. The Calvary Chapel dove was an artist's rendition of a descending bird that also looked like fire. It was supposed to symbolize the Holy Spirit. To anyone that sees an owl- well, all I can say is you've got my four years in art school beat.
    There is so much evil that exists in our daily lives that it makes no sense to search for it in the shadows. This whole thing smacks of the way Christianity was in the 70's, scared and reacting to everything out didn't understand. I still remember people saying the Peace symbol was an inverted cross with broken arms used in satanic rituals. Unfortunately, people still believe that today.
    Folks, find yourselves good churches, read your Bibles and spend less time on the internet.

    1. First of all, you are absolutely 'jack-hammering' my blog with junk comments. I have received maybe 200-300 nonsensical comments from a "Debbie Culver". Do you know anything about this? Please stop this if you are responsible for it.

      Secondly, we can have any kind of discussion/debate you like once the problem of junk/gibberish comments has been taken care of. Thanks.

  24. Michael Connelly, You make it sound as if we may as well stay home and read our bibles.

  25. Not sure I'm understanding the comment.

    If by that you mean that I seem to be saying there are precious few churches which are refuting all the false doctrines floating around these days...and are not warning of all the diabolical "false prophets" who have infiltrated the church world...then you're right:

    There are virtually NO major churches that are doing such. There may be a small church or fellowship group here or there. Elijah at one point thought there were NO followers of God left but God revealed to him that He had 7000 faithful left in the land. Well below 1% of the population of Israel at the time. That's about the same math I would estimate for today's church world - mostly a bunch of spiritually lazy, spiritually undiscerning 'fair weather' pseudo-Christians who expect church leaders to cough up "bread and circuses" each Sunday service. I'm surprised they're not selling peanuts and popcorn during church.